Monday, 31 October 2016

Feels Like Summer

 Nico & Jezi
 Ziva, Asha, Loki & Tali
 Our lovely home above the village
A short walk for the Angel 

Blanik j litter 18 days - Video

 Kyle and Kito - a bit of rough and tumble. Kaiah not in the mood.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Last Nights Feed

Look at the size of these puppies!!!!

Kaiah and Kyle did really well with the Arden Grange yesterday afternoon, but young Kito was fast asleep and though I tried to wake him, he didn't have that much interest in it. It was role reversal last night with Kito doing well and Kyle too sleepy to bother. I think Kaiah likes her dinners ... and even "Sniffed out" her mothers supper last night!! I'm not too bothered how much they eat, lets face it there's still lots of milk to be had, all I want is for them to get the idea now! 
I'm quite amused with people on facebook who are picking their favourite pup, shit I can hardly tell them apart especially now as the whites toes have almost gone. I guess it's natural, they pick up on a photo they like and then just watch for more photos of that puppy. They really don't have personalities yet, but in a couple of weeks I guess we'll know who they are.  Steve wants me to put photos on without adding the names, or putting the names on the wrong puppy, I guess it could be quite amusing, but I won't. 

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Lovely Time Out

When I set off in the mist and drizzle I never expected to enjoy my walks so much. It was such a wonderful morning to be out, not a breath of wind, and quite mild. The Autumn colours where breath taking and the unsettled mist gave it such a magical feeling.
So down to my favourite place - Llyn Ffynhonnau 
There's only one thing better than a walk with a GSD ... a walk with a pack of GSD's. I have to giggle as I look at this photo ... so how many said Loki's head would not be masculine?
My lovebirds - always happy together
Poor Sammi had to cope with a whiz around the field, but at least she get's a break. 
The pups are now settled with a David Bowie CD on to add a bit of early culture to their young lives. Their first meal is in soak for later today .. be it only a grain or two each, well we have to try and start somewhere don't we. 


Now there's not much between these photos - but I'm trying to pic the best photos for the pedigree. One in stance and one headshot
Shit I can't choose, but maybe the first headshot? 

Friday, 28 October 2016


Everyone is sleeping

Thursday, 27 October 2016

A Change Ever 24 hrs

God the pups are changing daily now, they are up on their feet, be it a bit of a wobbly walk but they are getting about. They are starting to play and their front teeth are cutting through. We cut their sharp talons this morning, before they start ripping on Sammi's boobs. I haven't noticed that their ear canals are open yet, but no doubt they will be within the next 24 hrs. I still have the puppy socialisation sounds cd that someone lent me for Loki, so apart from a bit of George I'll play that daily for them now too. Tomorrow I'll have to pick up the dreaded first lot of worming paste, a necessary evil I'm afraid!
Sammi is doing well, her bottom is almost clear, but now she has a
sore ear. This has happened here with bitches before when they are with young litters. I blame the heat lamp and I've switched it off today and put a free standing oil filled radiator in the room. I will have to put it back on over night I think, but at least it gives her a break from it. I've tried bringing Sammi into the living room several times, she's thrilled to be here, but after about 10 mins she gets agitated and want to go back to her pups. Fair enough .. her call.
A couple more pics from today, as someone said on Facebook, Kito and Kaiah maybe laughing, but Kyle doesn't seam to get the joke! Funny yeah!!!

RIP - The Last Of The "E" Litter

Blanik Extrovert
21/7/03 - 27/10/16
Such sad news this morning. What a wonderful life he's lived.
Naturally, his owners are devastated. 

2 Weeks Girls

 Asha, Ziva and Sammi at 2 weeks old.
And Kaiah the same age today

2 Weeks Old

Kyle & Kito

As expected the pups are well over a week in front of the last litter in weights

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Last Season

Finally Ziva is in season again. If it all goes to plan I will get her neutered at the beginning of the year and hope that Kaiah ... or Sammi will now keep the future of Blanik safely between their paws. 

Dilys Dog

Who would have thought that the early morning mist would have cleared to such a beautiful morning. Yes I know, Jezi needs a brush!  
We'd had a lovely walk and where making our way back to the van this morning when a Labrador came over a bank and started running towards us. The owners shouted "Dilys ... Dilys, I'm sorry she doesn't listen." I managed to grab Ziva, Loki and Asha but there was no way I had time to put them on the lead. I kind of hoped Tali would have stayed with is .. Wrong! She trotted off towards "Dilys" and it was obvious quickly that this was a friendship in the making. The woman panicked "She's in season!" "It's Ok" I reassured her, "I have hold of the male!" So now I knew I couldn't let go of Loki! Ziva was trying to pull her head out of her collar, Asha was screaming, Loki to be fair was being good, the woman was running up hill calling and calling and hoping Dilys would follow her and I was hanging on to the three dogs by their collars. In the meantime Dilys and Tali ran around, bouncing, play bowing and generally having a good time, totally oblivious to the rest of us! I wish Linda had been there to take some photos of them, though I was pissed off with Tali, I was equally amused and it was nice to see her playing. Eventually Dilys and Tali went their separate ways and Tali joined her crew. Dilys' owner must have thought I was odd not calling Tali, but what's the point? Even if she could hear me, and at that distance she definitely couldn't, she wouldn't have taken any notice anyway so why waste my breath?
Good thing I didn't have Nico, crossbreed puppies are not on my agenda!!!

J litter pups - 12 days

This was last night - nothing brilliant, but a great memory to treasure
 Background washing dishes sounds by Mr S!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Choo Choo

 Little Jimmy back out and about
The flowers are over, the grasses are dying
But the dragons will stay out and wait for the next Spring blooms. 

Two Sleeping

Kyle and Kaiah are sleeping
Kito licking his lips and thinking about his tea!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Tea Time

Blog Views

Maybe this doesn't help Tali! 
Yesterday this blog had 512 views - 373 from France -  Love to know your here, but who are you? Since the pups where born it's been a lot busier here with over 250 hits a day, but consistently over 400 this last week, yesterday being the highest I've seen. Note to self, check spelling!!!!!
Jimmy seems OK today, neither Steve nor I can feel any kind of lump, so hopefully just a sting but I'll checking him daily now.
Sammi is improving too, though still a little sore and not best pleased at being "Washed" four times a day. With her too I'll just have to see how it goes and contact the vets mid to end of the week if I'm not happy with her progress.
So just as other things are settling here, poor Tali is in the wars. She has a rash which seems to have flared up badly and quickly. So what's changed? Well only the herbs that I'm adding to her diet for the IBS. Could it be that? I'll be really disappointed if it is as she's doing so well on it. I've sent the manufactures an e.mail and no doubt Tali will need to see a vet to get this settled.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

10 Days Old

And these buggers are filling the box. Asha had 9 in here! 
Kyle, Kaiah and Kito 

Puppy Update

Kaiah on top of Kyle - Kito asleep
The little guys are changing daily now. They must have some sight as they now seem to be showing awareness of each other. Kaiah and Kyle were mouthing at each other for a few minutes earlier, Kito, for a change was asleep! They are almost up on their feet, they manage to stand, take a couple of wobbly steps and topple over. They have also noticed the entrance in and out of the box and put their heads up towards it when Sammi is outside the box. At 10 days old there is still very little for us to do, other than stand an stare .. and we do.
I'm still sticking to the decision that I made last Tuesday when they were 5 days old, there are no long coats in this litter. For me obviously that's preferable, I get my S/C bitch and it gives Jackie a choice on the male for showing.  (Sorry Steve)
From about 3 weeks old I will be happy for people that Sammi is comfortable with to visit the pups, on a strictly look but no touch basis of course! Only Steve and I handle the pups till they are about 5 weeks. After then it becomes important that they meet lots of new people of all sizes and shapes, and yes I guess I have to allow a few children into my home! As important as the socialising is, it's equally important that people think of hygiene and the risk of carrying anything to the pups must be considered. When I visit pups I always go in clean clothes and go straight to my destination, never stopping for shopping or anything on my way there. I also think of where I last wore my shoes, never using shoes that I use for shows or walking through town. It's OK Linda you can come in your slippers! Maybe I'm being over cautious ... but this is how I was taught and I expect visitors here to equally respect my wishes, my puppies, my rules ... simples!!!

Still No Rain

 Jezi and Nico
 Tali, Loki, Asha and Ziva
Waiting for Tali ... and getting annoyed!

A Better Day Ahead I Hope

Little Jimmy is up and about, he's had breakfast and been out - though he's currently on my lap being annoying. I'm convinced the lump is smaller and maybe softer but if it's still there tomorrow then we'll get him over to one of the vets and see what's going on! I can't help but think that there is a smell to his breath, no idea what that could be though he is teething. Maybe the lump is a bite or sting, but Steve, who's pretty good at these things thinks it's a swollen gland.
Sammi seems to be more comfortable. I'm convinced she looks a little less sore, so hoping by Tuesday morning that it will be obviously improved and we don't need to take her back to the vets. The best plan would be not to look at it for maybe another 24 hrs, but to clean it 4 times a day I have to look!
Sadly today there is no bright sunshine and a definite feel that Winter is on the way .. still no rain yet so hopefully we can all get out in the dry in an hour or so.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Day Gets No Better

Jimmy has spent most of the day in his bed. I've now pulled him out and carried him into the living room. He has a swelling on the left side of his neck! Shit what next! 

Panic Stations

During the run up to the birth Sammi had "released" her anal glands. Not a pleasant experience for us to be around her, but these things happen when you live with animals don't they. Anyway I kept an eye on the situation and washed her bottom as an when. The day after the pups where born I checked and saw that everything was OK, and I must admit gave it no further thought until last night. For some reason it crossed my mind and I decided to check. OMG .. her bottom was sore and swollen and had a puss like liquid around it. I cleaned it immediately with warm water and got Steve to come and help me look and clean it further. Though Sammi had shown no signs of discomfort prior to this she was obviously sore and agitated as we cleaned it. We had to study carefully as holes/lesions around this area are indicative of a serious condition called anal furunculosis. Currently we can see no holes or lesions but as is always the case panic set in and I was prepared for a sleepless night.
This morning we cleaned the area again checking for holes but saw nothing. As soon as the vet was open I was on the phone. My predicament being, I need Sammi treated but with as little as possible disruption or risk to her or the puppies. The vet was happy to give me medication on my description of the symptoms and give Sammi till Tuesday to respond before they would insist on seeing her. Hopefully this is just an infection and it can be cleared up easily with antibiotics a wash and a cream, the last thing we all need now is for a serious condition to rise it's ugly head.

Well Hello ...

First set of eyes open last night - Kito. 
Kaiah had hers open this morning and Kyle is winking now!
Kito continues to confuse me on coat type. One minute I think he's definitely not a long coat and then I have to be honest I'm not so sure!
The other two are much more obvious to read, my gut is telling me he's a S/C, there's just still that element of doubt occasionally. 

Friday, 21 October 2016

Tali Resting

No she's not ill .. just being awkward. I was changing the throws and she got onto the sofa in between me putting on the two layers. Ok I guess I could have moved her, but decided to cover her up instead. I must admit I thought it would annoy her and she's move but instead she fell asleep!
Yesterday we walked to Llyn Cop and Tali was full of fun. She did paddle though again she didn't swim, that's the second time recently that she's not swam. Today we walked up the back and she was frustratingly annoying. I think her plan today was to clear up all the sheep shit on the walk ... and that's a lot of sheep shit! I opted not to put her on the lead but to not let her go behind me at all, it kind of work. And Tali went on and said ... "Feck off!"

All Out

Just as the neighbours go home the beautiful Autumn sunshine comes out! 
Stunning morning.
the four on home ground with the Irish sea behind them
Jezi and Nico looking for Smurfs! 
Sammi  by Twll Braich with Mynydd Cilgwyn behind her,
 you can just see Llyn Cop on the left nearer the top of the picture.