Thursday, 30 April 2015

Two Fat Tabbies

Jamie and Junior 
Playing in the sun!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Thinking Aloud!

With everyday that passes Loki seems to get taller and thinner. I'm honestly not quite sure if he's a tad taller than Mikey now. I'm trying not to fall into the temptation of measuring him again until Monday, when he will be 8 months. Surely to god he can't get much taller, can he? What makes him look so much worse is that he has chucked his coat now too, so he has no undercoat or feathering. Sammi did chuck her coat at about the same age, I guess she was about 9 months by the time she starts to look coated again!
I have decided not to take Loki to many shows for the time being. I will still do the local shows that I have entered but I doubt I'll be bothering with many others. He needs the continued experience, but looking the way he does now I have to be prepared for them to be nothing but experience. From the side profile he still looks reasonable, and some judges will be forgiving of his age and condition, but as I said I have to put it all down to experience and not spit my dummy out when/if we don't win!
I guess Loki will be slow to mature and I'm sure his day will come. I'm the first to be critical of his flat overline, but his angles are good. His movement is steady, but beautifully far reaching. He has a lovely head and a kind expression, great colour and his coat will return. Logically he can only improve as he fill out as he matures.
To be honest at the end of it all, with Noya still so ill at the vets there is nothing more important today then healthy and happy dogs. Come on Noya. fight it baby. This world is a far better place for having you in it.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A Lyric That Made Me Think Of Sammi

Listen honey, to every word I say
 I know that you don't trust me 
 But I'm better than the stories about me
 Everybody messes up some days
Ain't got no rhyme or reason
All I know is I'm yours, yours, 
yours for every season

No Memory Card!!!

Those of you that are sick of my photos will be pleased to hear that I forgot to put the memory card in the camera today. Ah well just a couple of photos with the phone then, but if you are sick of my photos, then why are you here??? lol
Loki, Ziva and Sammi

Monday, 27 April 2015

Stunning Place For A Short Walk

but can you spot the GSD's? 

Back At Gyrn Goch

But This Time With Sammi And Loki
Naked lady! 
Semi Siblings! lol
Mr Loki
Just the two of us

At My Wits End!

God knows I've had some challenging bitches over the years, Tali refuses to listen, Jezi was fiery and awkward as a youngster, (and I still need to be one step a head of her) and Krizzie of course, dear Krizzie! Too clever for her own good I think I could write a book about her adventures, but we got there, eventually! So now I have Sammi Belle, beautiful, loving and precious beyond belief, but shit I could kill her sometimes!!!
Over winter things had settled down so well with her on the walks, she was listening and responding well, but In the last three weeks the devil in her sure has returned. On Easter Sunday as we walked up the back a couple appeared on our walk, we were too late to avoid them, they appeared as if they had been dropped from the sky! Ziva barked, but listened and went nowhere near them, Sammi went towards them but did a brilliant recall, I was so proud as with all the others we continued on their walk ... but my pride was too be short lived as Sammi changed her mind and went running back towards them. She jumped all over the woman as if she was a long lost friend, the poor woman froze to the spot ... and because Sammi went they all went! The pack of 6 circled the couple with wagging tails and no obvious threat, Sammi still jumping about like and idiot, "Hi I'm Sammi Belle ..Hi, hi ..." lol I apologised and the man was lovely saying it was no problem and for us not too worry. But as I said to him at the time, it really wasn't good enough! We walked away, thankful the people had been so nice, only to see Mikey running back towards the couple, followed by everyone else! Mikey was simply going back for the toy we left behind! But we had no chance to breath and compose ourselves as 2 runners came from behind us, Sammi was off again, this time with Asha in hot pursuit! Sammi did return, eventually, but Asha I think decided to finish the race before coming back to the pack. Disillusioned and very disappointed it could have been so easy to not go out the next day ... but we did! With hindsight the incident makes me smile, at the time it was simply traumatic!
A few days later as we walked I could see walkers in the distance. Too afraid to take a chance now, Sammi went on the lead. Her air scenting ability is phenomenal, and as soon as we were down wind of them her nose went into the air, though they were a huge distance away had she not been on the lead she may well have gone over to introduce herself! Sammi is by nature a very sociable bitch, and as a youngster I've done my best to encourage that, unfortunately at 15/16 months the word sees an adult dog .. an "Alsatian" and therefore something to be feared! Sammi will never understand that, and I do hope that bubble is never burst for her.
Last week as we went up hill for our walk a tractor and trailer passed us on his way down from the quarry, it was pretty close but at a safe distance! The walk was without incident and pleasant enough in the warm Spring sunshine. As we returned for home the tractor and trailer was coming back up the track, but it was far away. I was stood, gradually loosing it with Tali and Asha as they lagged behind eating shit! This gave Sammi too much time to think, and like a flash she was off across country after the tractor, I called and called and for an age I got no response, she was almost at it side when she decided to turn round and come back. I could have killed her, but know too well you don't scold a dog on it's return to the pack. (Though her mother does!)
And then yesterday, another pleasant walk but as we got close to home I saw a lone sheep. I put Sammi and Loki on the lead and as ever trusted the others to obey, which they did! The sheep was well gone and I let both off the lead, after all I was safe wasn't I? Wrong! The little cows nose went up in the air and without questioning anything she was gone! Five out of six remained at my side, for that I am thankful! I was so close to home that Steve came out and took the others in whilst Linda and I went looking for her. I swear they are the scariest moments of my life! We saw several lots of sheep who were not running and as we got over the the brow we could see no sign of Sammi ... I called and called feeling sicker by the moment. Then we heard a voice in the distance ...  "She's here!" Where was she? Next door! And very proud of herself she was too, again I wanted to kill her, but the relief of finding her was immense! Had she chased sheep? Steve was convinced that she had, I'm not too sure but the benefit of the doubt was not given and I took her out later and did some "work" with the sheep. It's the only time in dog ownership when I do believe in harsh handling, after all where sheep are concerned it's kill or cure here and I will not loose this bitch!
Sammi - Cwm Dulyn with Loki 
So have I bitten off more than I can chew with Sammi? I really do feel pushed to the limit with her. She's just too bright, too strong willed, too mischievous and too confident in her own skin. Yeah she's a lot like a young Krizzie was really. All I can do is work on her, and maybe, just maybe we should do some tracking or something with her. Something that will let her use her unbelievable scenting powers and tire her out mentally and physically in the process. One thing is for sure I will never give up on my Naught Angel, through thick and thin I adore her! She's my pride and joy, after loosing Louis she's the one I had been waiting for...but I could still kill her sometimes!  Anyone fancy going to hide up the mountain?

Saturday, 25 April 2015

That Was Then ....

.... But This Is Now
Loki and Mikey - November 2014 and April 2015

Sadness In The Dog World

Two young GSD have died in the last couple of weeks. Both have just dropped dead. One was in a pet home, one a show dog and at a show. How utterly devastating for the owners. I'm not pointing the finger, I know all too well that it happens, but the father of one of these youngsters also dropped dead in similar circumstances a few months ago. No one is to blame, no one can see into the future, but looking for a suitable stud dog is becoming a mine field. 
A litter of 6 seven and a half week old puppies have been stolen from their "kennel" overnight in Essex. Reputable and well know breeds, they must be in pieces. 
To top it all I've just heard that Loki's best mate Noya is seriously ill and on the drip at the vets. The vets have x.rayed and found grit in her bowel, but as yet nothing else has come to light. Noya has charmed us all, stolen our heart. I can't stop thinking about her so god only knows what her devoted owners are going through! We pray for good news and hope to see our delightfully little friend again soon. xxx 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Puppy In Training ...

Ok, Just Hanging About
But looking good!!!

Another New Place To Walk

Thanks to Mr S for spotting it. 
"Parc Dudley" in Waunfawr - stunning. 
Can't wait to go back when the bluebells are in full bloom! 
Mr Loki
Tali - having an extra walk after her vet weigh in!
She's doing as well as I am!!!! ( must try harder)
Love this pic of the three of us.
Little Legs towering over Tali, 
I think he needs a new nickname. 
He seems to be putting all his current nourishment into his head size and length of leg,
hopefully at some point he'll fill out!! lol

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Evening Walk With Friends In Cwm Dulyn

Sammi Silhouette 
Loki Loving it 
Me And My Precious Youngsters 
Sarah with Daphne, Linda with Sammi And Loki 


Recently I've been looking a lot at Loki and thinking I've only had one dog that looked like this at this age before ... and that was Blade! All head and legs with no body. Had a few tears and a look through treasured memories today... this was Laecor Mikhail, this was Blade, this was the beginning of it all, this is the "Bla" in Blanik!  
Blade at 7 months
Mid 90ies and BOB
 Blade and Nikki - Blanik! 
Stunning boy - 1999

Long Coats

An explanation from a Breed Council member.

..., nothing has changed apart from the fact long coats have now been recognised as being different which is a big step towards being allowed their own shows etc hopefully some time in the future . The application has now gone in to register the GSD Long Coat Club due to this announcement.
There may not be separate registrations because this has to be managed and the KC do not have the resources to do this ie in Germany they have Breed Wardens who see the litter before the point of registration to identify the different coats which come from the normal coat matings. As far as being shown in the normal coat classes already in WUSV/SV Germany the FCI and Ireland KC they are all shown in their own classes and not mixed. The KC are aware of this .

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Coats In GSD's

At its recent meeting the Committee approved the following amendment to the GSD Breed Standard coat clause, as previously agreed by the Breed Council: Coat Two separate varieties of coat. Outer coat consisting of straight, hard, close-lying hair as dense as possible; thick undercoat. Hair on head, ears, front of legs, paws and toes short; on neck, longer and thicker; in some males forming slight ruff. Hair longer on back of legs as far down as pasterns and hocks, forming fairly thick trousers on hindquarters. Mole-type coats are undesirable. In long Coats, outer coat longer, not always straight and frequently not lying close and flat to the body. Thick undercoat. Coat distinctly longer inside and behind the ears, forming moderate tufts. Longer hair on the back of the forelegs, through to the loins, and dense feathering on the hindlegs. Tail bushy with light feathering underneath. This will become effective from 1 June 2015. An announcement will be placed in the June edition of the Kennel Club Journal and the Kennel Club website will be updated from 1 June 2015
*** Photo of long coated Dino and brother Nico***

Counting My Wishes!!!!

Someone said to me recently that "if you have a hundred dandy lions in your garden, then depending on how you see life, you either have a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes!"  Yeah, I really like that!
So I've had this conversation with a couple of friends recently; if you split me into two different people, then you have on one hand person one who is the GSD/show enthusiast, the person who want to improve on the breed and sees nothing outside the box of "Breed Standard!" The second person is simply the lady who loves her dogs!
So hand on heart person one is feeling a little deflated, she know that at this moment in time Loki is not making the grade. She knew he was out of his depth at the champ show and should never have put him in the ring for all to see. She sees it all as it is today and doesn't look into the future, and she regrets her decision not to have waited and mated one of her own instead!
Person two absolutely loves this young man. She could never have wished for a more delightful, sweet natured boy to share a life with. Because she loves him so much she was worried sick that people would laugh at him at the champ show, as she knows they do. But she will wait until the pup is mature, give him time and enjoy every minute she can watching him grow up.
God am I going round the twist?  Na, I guess not. Unlike some show enthusiasts I guess there is enough of both people in me to strike the balance. But do excuse me if person one occasionally shows her ugly head, after all she is very much a part of what make me who I am.
Right I'm off now to count my wishes in the garden!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Loki's First Trip To Llyn Ffynhonnau

But of course everyone else went as well!!!
 Finlay Enjoying A Paddle 
 My Photo Of The Day - Nico 
Jezi And Nico
First Photo Of Loki's First Time In Llyn Ffynhonnau
I Think He Liked It!!!
 Ziva, Loki and Sammi Loving It
Mikey And Asha 
Love This Of Linda And Tali