Tuesday, 31 May 2016

What's Going On Loki?

There's lots of you who read this blog, 68 views yesterday, so come on I'd like your thoughts ... Following my SAH last year I still have spells of fatigue. It hits like an express train, I become weak, I feel exhausted, I get a headache and sometimes feel nauseous. Oh hell don't feel sorry for me, It's an awful feeling but it's usually easily sorted with rest or better still sleep. Over the last month or so, every time I get one of these spells and take to the sofa, Loki does this. He never lies down, never relaxes, never moves, just sits next to me, ears back and has a somewhat worried expression. So what do you think is going on then?

He does struggle to stay awake though!!!

Another Male?

Meet Vito Von Bad Boll
A couple of days ago I was sent the pedigree and photos of this beautiful boy. He has been imported in partnership - one of the partners being Heather, Kai & Nico's breeder. I had previously discussed with her that I was looking for a male for Sammi and that I needed to be careful with my bloodlines. I guess this boy's pedigree is another that would be ideal. The "Bad Boll" kennel is very well know and I've had/have dogs in previous generations from this top class kennel. So yeah one to consider! 
I had made my mind up .. it was Ole all the way, but we are only human and we  are entitled to change our minds aren't we? But not in this case, as beautiful as this male is I'm going with my gut instinct .. and my gut is telling me to use Ole! I was so impressed by the boy, I can only hope he produces to type! He's a young dog and without progeny in the ring I know I'm taking a chance, but I figure it's a chance worth taking! This morning David has posted on Facebook ... Ole's first pups are being born in his kennel 2 girls and one boy so far ... exciting times ahead! 
The Beautiful - Ole Vom Pendler

Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Others Out At Llyn Cop

 Sammi, Mikey and Loki 

 Dirty Jezi and Nico in the background 
Finlay, Jezi and Nico

Ladies At The Lake

 Love this "natural" shot of Tali 
 "Someone" threw Ziva's ball out into the lake. Ziva loves water, but doesn't swim! 
Thank God for Asha! 
 Go Asha Go 
 Ziva sitting in the lake .. as you do!
Keeping her ball away from "someone."
It was so nice to have "someone's" company and I so understand his need to get there!

RIP Little One

Sadly one of the puppies died on Friday. The little female had had to be rushed to the vet soon after birth, but at the time she seemed to be doing well. It's seemed that during birth mum unfortunately pulled too hard on the cord and chewed it off too close to the puppy's body, and then pierced the intestine. The vet had put a stitch in but said the first 48 hrs would be critical ... sadly she didn't make it, Kevin and Angela are devastated!

Yesterday At Welsh Northern Counties

Baby Boy Loki manages another BOB 
Sammi was entered but now chucking her coat - so she stayed at home!
She's too precious to loose because of coat! 
This time Loki also managed Pastoral Group 3
That's 18 points total  now - so 7 to go! 
Asha in the pastoral veteran class 

Following someone using one of my photo in such an unkind manner on Facebook last week I had thought of not taking the camera, but then why should we all suffer? More care will have to be taken as to where we point the lens, and more so what I eventually put online. The photo was used in such a derogatory manner and I can only hope the owner of the dog does not use social media. Anyway thankfully following backlash from others it was eventually taken down, but I do doubt the person in question realises how hurtful her post had been.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Warm Walks

 The light today was a bit hit and miss, one minute bright sunshine the next some cloud cover. Whatever it was a very warm day! 
 Sammi keeping the dirty boys in the dirty ditch! And no the "angel" didn't go in!
 The Ladies - Ziva, Tali and Asha
 So I'm Calling "Tali ..... TaLI .... TALI ..... TAAALLII" 
But there is no point at all! 
If you can't see her click on the photo to enlarge.
Splitting this walk is working well. I load all three into the van, do a 15 minute walk then pop Finlay back in the van and do another 15 - 20 mins. I'm careful to leave the van where I can see it and try to do a circle around it or something. In this weather I have to leave the van door open, though the crate is padlocked. 
Nico has made a big post on Facebook complaining that Finlay had pooed in the van and was not even told off! The pleasure of an old dog eh! 

Been Sitting On Bad News

Earlier in the week we had a call from a friend to say that Gelert had died. Gelert was from the "E" litter and approaching his 13th birthday. (therefore brother to my Louis.)  I was asked not to put anything online as Gelert's owner Ivan was in hospital having suffered a stroke a few days earlier. Janet was at her wits end and really didn't know what to do as Ivan was not well enough to be given the news that his beloved dog had died! Now that Ivan knows I want to pay tribute to Gelert on my blog!
He always reminded me a little of a long coated Louis.

RIP my mate - Blanik Ewan 21/07/03 - 24/05/16

Thursday, 26 May 2016


All the little ones are doing well, though there has been some difficulties in sexing them! Last night I was told ...4 girls 3 boys, 2 sable (both bitches) 5 black and tan, but by today it's changed ....2 sable boys 2 black and tan boys and 3 black and tan girls. So funny when a paramedic can't sex a litter of puppies! His excuse was he was tired, their willies are small and he didn't have his glasses on! I told him it's a good thing women don't need their glasses on to find willies isn't it!!!! Honestly so funny!
The dreaded call came today ... I'm to be admitted to Walton on the 4th of July for my stent operation/procedure on the 5th. I know I need the stent, it will make the coiled aneurysm in my brain safe for life, but the thought of more brain surgery sure does scares me!
There's a show on July the 2nd ... Shall I go?????

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Huge congrats Nico and Kia on the birth of 7 beautiful babies. 
Looking forward to watching them grow and eventually meeting them! 

Manchester Ch. Show

Great critiques for Loki and Bella from Manchester Champ Show in January!!!!
Well at least they have finally gone to print!
JD (6) 1 Stanley’s Lokean Of Blanik, lovely boy of 16 months of nice size & shape with a good head, dark expressive eyes, firm high set ears that he used to advantage, powerful wedge shaped muzzle & good mouth with correct dentition & bite. He had a good neck & shoulder, super forehand assembly with straight strong legs down to firm pasterns & well arched feet. He had a super shapely well covered body with deep brisket & was well ribbed up. I liked his rearquarters, topline, tailset & carriage & he was in good coat & condition. This boy stood on good legs & feet & he showed & moved very well;
 JB 2 Turner’s Tuna Com Mit Tasella, lovely smart looking girl of 16 months with good head, nice eye & expression, nicely formed cheeks & powerful wedge shaped muzzle. She had a strong neck, shapely body, pleasing forehand assembly & excellent rearquarters. She was in good coat & condition & she moved well eventually

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Mikey's Lump

Mikey's lump continues to annoy me, but as you can see from the photo of a muddy Mikey taken on the mountain today, it's really not restricting his life style at all. We are not sure if it's growing now or not, at least we are not seeing it grow at the speed it was a few weeks ago. Last week we decided to measure it, not just the distance side to side but taking the raise of the lump into account as well. We need to be aware if it's growing upwards as well as spreading outwards. I make it 7.5" x 6.5" - possibly about 4.5" x  4" in distance across his body. I will try not to measure it again until next Friday, then it will be a week since the first measurement!
We are having a training session in the field tonight and a couple of people will be here who have not seen Mikey in over a week, their opinion will be useful. Seeing it all the time doesn't really help and we have 2 weeks till the next vet visit. Here's hoping the people who see him tonight will now see an improvement since the last time they saw him eh!

Out And About And ...

...Trying to avoid the cattle
God those bloody things scare me! 

Monday, 23 May 2016

Rhostryfan Walk

 Mikey and Loki go out with Lexi

Llyn Clywedog

This is a fantastic place that we found by chance a couple of years ago on the way home from Builth. The Sat Nav had been trying to take us off the road we knew and for long enough we had ignored it. I realised that as we past the junction it readjusted itself adding just 3 or 4 miles onto it's calculated route. So it's route was shorter than ours! Anyway on the way home one day we decided to go the way technology wanted us to go! 
The road was not as good, but theoretically faster .. but when you just have to stop and look at the view it adds time to your journey! We have now come home this way several times .. stunning, just stunning, thanks Auntie Sat Nat! 
"How do we get in that water?"
"Maybe we could jump?"
"Well come on ... let's go down there!" 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

No Smurfs On This Route!

 Walk Three
 Walk Two
 Walk One - Part Two
Walk One - Part One 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

At The Show

Loki wins BOB at The Royal Welsh .. a first EVER BOB for one of my dogs at this show. Though Sammi and Nico have managed a RBOB and Loki BPIB last year, in all my years of showing this is our first BOB here. A super day be it a soggy one at times!

Loki was also shortlisted in the group, but sadly not placed! 

On The Way Home From The Show
 a quick stop to admire the beauty of Llyn Clywedog
Loki and sister Bella

Friday, 20 May 2016

No One Missed Out!

 Mikey and his Mummy!
 Ziva, Asha, Mikey, Tali 
 Nico, Jezi and Finlay
Asha in the photo, Mikey and Ziva behind me, 
And Tali? 
Yeah she's down there somewhere, one of those black blobs!

Moel Smytho

Exploring with Linda, Sammi and Loki
 Loki and Sammi with Waunfawr behind them
 We'll come up to decorate it at Xmas
Miss Sammi Belle - and no I didn't put her up there! 
 Below three photos of the stunning view off the top of Moel Smytho 
We hope to go back when the weather is better and the skies are clearer. I should have known better than let Linda plan the route, after all if you turn her around twice she's lost!