Thursday, 31 July 2014

Thank God Some One's Making Some Sense!!!!

"There have been some mixed messages from the George Michael camp this week. The weekend was full of reports of friends' 'concern' for the reclusive star - so concerned that they phoned newspapers? - as he was, according to them, tucked up in his beautiful North London mansion, refusing to see anyone, embarrassed by apparent weight gain, and scars on his head sustained by his tumble onto the M1 last year.
And they point to his continuing silence on Twitter as evidence that all is obviously not all right in his world. Further, that the only person he will apparently let in the door is his old school chum, David Austin.
The thing 'they' forget to mention is that David also happens to be the exec producer on George's latest work, the live album 'Symphonica' which went to number one when it was released back in March. Could it be, dare I say it, that George is doing what he promised at the beginning of the year and concentrating on his music rather than satisfying the curiosity of the masses?
Belying this aura of Howard Hughes seclusion helpfully highlighted by these 'friends', George has, in fact, given two in-depth interviews both published in the last few days - both given to pedigree music magazines, Q and Mojo, not the tabloids rejoicing in this latest rumour of doom and isolated gloom.
In these pieces, despite his increasing distrust of media over the years, he gave as honest a response as always on a variety of subjects - regrets that included splitting from Wham! and buying Chris Evans' London mansion only to sell it again a month later, though not necessarily in that order, his pride in the longevity of his music, and reflections on his legacy, including, heavenstobetsy, being remembered as a nice person who wrote songs that touch people.
So, from a man in his sixth decade, third as a global superstar, some nostalgia, some reflection, and a weighing up of the good and the bad. How unsatisfying all this must be to the anxious hordes, waiting for his next kamikaze expedition, his next trip to Snappy Snaps.
Of course, all of this could be clarified in a single blow by George himself, if he would only do the honourable thing and lay his soul bare on Twitter. George joined in the platform in early 2011 but, after an initial burst of enthusiastic chit chat to his half a million followers, seemed to conclude his thoughts and words might be better saved for his lyrics. A studio album is promised later in the year. Even with George's talent, those songs don't write themselves and, as the recent Symphonica documentary showed, his enthusiasm for controlling every aspect of production, honing every note, is as keen and no doubt time-consuming as ever.
In the meantime, then, what do we have? A bunch of rumours about a bloke who seems to prefer to work, not party his way through his 52nd year, and his latest release, a buoyant, contagious, show-stopping version of Nina Simone's Feeling Good. Message received.
Perhaps we should, just this once, take George at his musical word and ignore the other (careless?) whispers about him coming our way."

Back From The Vets

Just home, Nico was a model patient. The vets said that plan a is we treat it as a sting. He's had a steroid injection and antirobe antibiotics. He's temp was high at over 104, but he's not showing any signs of pain from the swelling, (which obviously we had noticed) so she thinks it highly unlikely to be an abscess. She can't rule out a foreign body and we have to see how he responds to the treatment before we decide if we need a plan b. Whatever happens, it's back to the vets Saturday morning.
This photo shows some of the swelling on his neck and under his chin, but really doesn't show the true extent of the amount of swelling that's under that rough.
My poor precious boy .....

Panic Stations

Nico has a huge swelling in his neck. Must have come up slowly during the day yesterday and it was noticeable by 6 ish last night. It's quite hidden by his rough, but this morning it's huge. Nico doesn't seem too bothered by it, but he struggled to eat this morning.
As I look back at the photos we took yesterday afternoon I can see he looks a little uneven even then ... and we thought he was lacking spark on this walk because Jezi wasn't with him!
Anyway I'm waiting for the vets to open at 8.30am, and writing this really to keep me distracted and keep me from looking at the clock ever 10 seconds! I hope to God I can see a vet I'm comfortable with, makes such a difference, really don't want to see "him!"  I've no idea what's going on, maybe a sting/bite or a foreign body, but what ever it needs sorting asap.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Todays Group Photos

Jezi, Finlay and Nico
Asha and Mikey at the back
Tali, Sammi, Ziva
Proud parents Ziva and Nico with Sammi

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Devastating News

Poor Milli has lost her babies. Probably due to their only being the two of them the pups had grown quite large. The first pup made it's way to the vulva hind feet first, about half of puppies are born this way but it makes it more complicated when it's the first pup as the widest part of the pup is not pioneering the way. Basically the puppy got stuck and sadly died before he could be helped successfully.
Due to these difficulties Milli was taken to the vets, a scan reveled that there were no further heartbeats, and sadly Milli had to have a cesarean to remove the dead puppy. Luckily there was no damage to her uterus and she did not have to be spayed.  In my opinion the second puppy would probably have died because of the complications with the first birth, but of course we will never really know.
I'm so very very upset, and not afraid to admit I cried at the sadness of the situation. Obviously her owners grief is tenfold ... I feel for her from the bottom of my heart. What a rollercoster ride of emotions it's been, especially for Milli and her owner. All we can do now is wish Milli a quick and successful recovery and mourn the death of the little ones who were too special for this world.

Sunday, 27 July 2014


We all know, don't we, that we should never reprimand a puppy/dog who is returning after being recalled? Always praise, no matter how long it takes you to get them back, how frustrated you are ... always praise.
Yesterday as we got to the lake I saw several tents and several people with kids hanging around the "campsite," so I went the other way. Suddenly Sammi saw them and started running back towards them. I imagined her joining in with the fun .., eating their breakfasts and soaking their bedding. I called ... "Sammi come ... Sammi, Sammi come and she came to a halt. The other four dogs were with me, and I could see her brain ticking over. "Shall I or shan't I?" Thank god she did... she came running back towards us. I continued to call her enthusiastically ...."Sammi come ... good girl, good puppy dog." She was almost smiling as she returned to the pack. I was ready to give her physical praise on her arrival ... but just before she got to me her mum intervened; Ziva threw her to the ground and growled aggressively in her face, keeping her "down" for a fair few seconds before allowing her to get up and continue with the walk. I didn't say a word, sometimes mummy knows best! But didn't she just do exactly what we have been told never to do? Didn't she just reprimand the puppy on her returning to the pack? That's how I saw it .... but one thing was for sure it worked and Sammi didn't think of going back that way again!

Happy 11th "Designated" Birthday Day!

I guess we are "failed short term fosteres!"
Looking good there Blondie
Out with his "gang" yesterday

Saturday, 26 July 2014


I can't ever visit Cwm Dulyn without thinking about you. It was without doubt your favourite place. I pray you were there with us today; splashing about and refusing to come out of the water to go home, like you always did. Kai your never far from my thoughts, when someone has lived with a guy with such huge personality and presence you just never forget!  

It Must Be Love

Nico and Jezi
Always together
 I've never had two dogs so devoted to each other
Nico is the best thing that has ever happened to Jezi, 
he has helped her shine. 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Beautiful Bonnie at 7 months

Isn't she just stunning!
So proud.

Great Critiques ... but.....

I question a few thing. I'm not complaining, just saying! ... Asha is not narrow in Skull... is she??? I've always though of her as having generally quite a broad head, feminine but broad!
1 Stanley’s Blanik Georgette, 6 years bitch. She excelled in movement, effective movement from all angles. Would prefer slightly broader skull & she was also a little down in her front pasterns. Good length of neck leading into well laid shoulders. Level topline & good depth of body with strong short loin. Well angulated hindquarters with strong hind pasterns & the best hind movement in this class. Soundest here today & hence BOB

Mikey has Wide set ears??? NO! NO?? And he's not low on his pasterns either ... though Asha is a little, that I can't deny ... but only a little not like our Louis was! 
O (3) 1 Stanley’s Blanik Georgios, lovely strong head, ears wide set, little low on pasterns, good muscled shoulders, low set tail of good length, scissor bite, good overall shape, good sound movement. BOB;

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

'Twas A Bit Too Warm

 Everybody waiting for Asha to grab the hose pipe and spray everywhere! 
(as she always does)
Sammi having a great time
But we three don't lower ourselves to such behaviour
It's off to the lake for us! 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Milli's Secrets!

Milli has been keeping us guessing .. is she? ... isn't she? And with only about 10 days to go it was time to find out .... Scan time. Woohooo ...Yes she is! Milli is pregnant! Definitely 2 babies and always the possibility of a third hiding away somewhere. Both are even in size, with strong heartbeats and plenty of fluid around them. 
I have to confess that Milli looked less pregnant to me today than she did a week ago ... just no abdominal enlargement at all, but her boobies are huge. I honestly really feared she was having a I'm over the moon with the news. it was well worth a trip to where every we went ... even if it was like a ride on the waltzer at Cricieth fair!!!!
Cross fingers now that all goes well .... looking forward to seeing more baby Nico's. 

7 Months Tomorrow

My beautiful naughty angel is 7 month old tomorrow. I have to update today as it seems I have to go to Birmingham with work tomorrow. I adore Sammi, she's a star, a huge character .. definitely one of the best "Blanik" mating's to date. Of course there are things I would change to make the perfect show dog, aren't there always? But I am more than smitten with "who she is!" 
Today Sammi was 27.85kg and 59.5cms at the wither. Great weight, but really pushing the boundaries on the now stricter height limit.  Ah well what will be will be! 

Oswestry Show

Well what a day. We followed the Sat Nav along the A55 (had honestly not considered that route originally) and got there in great time. Ok so we did end up on a very posh estate, but only a stones throw from the venue. I hadn't been there in years, last time I had Blade, but it hadn't changed at all.
We parked up, went for a wee before getting our lunch and then sat in the van with the dogs to have something to eat. I then took Sammi for a 10 min walk, went back to the van and took Mikey for a walk. Leaving the dogs in the cool van (Doors open) Lin and I went to sit by the ring. Within 5 mins there was a call from the secretary to say there was a complaint that my dogs were barking. I stood up and pointed to the van ... it was silent in there ... so she said but there has been a complaint that they are barking when people passed. I ask you! I refuse to bring them out into the intense heat and opted to sit with them instead. What is wrong with people? They are complaining that a dog is barking at a dog show? I just don't get it! We sat with them for about an hour before some space was cleared in the shade. I then took both down and plonked my bum on the grass in the cool with them. Going to the loo was fun, we had to take Mark to hold the dogs outside as there was no way I could risk leave them in the van again. (Well when I say "them" we do know who barks don't we Mikey!)
Our classes were suppose to start at 12.30pm, I think we got in the ring at 3pm ... There were no GSD breed classes so  Sammi was entered in Not Separately Classified Pastoral Puppy: she was second of 2, but didn't put a foot wrong and the class winner went on to win the puppy group. There was then NSC junior and PG before Mikey was in in NSC Open. With 6 in his class I was delighted that he won it and then went on to win Best NSC out of the 4 classes. The judge was clearly unaffected and amused by the complaint as she made quite a witty remark about it! Mikey was then qualified to challenge for the pastoral group .. he won that too! So by winning this group, the noisy German Shepherd beat you all didn't he ... now stick your complaint where the sun don't shine!!!!!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Jay and Krizzie Babies

Happy 11th birthday to the Blanik "E" litter .... Jake, Max, Arko, Klaus, Gelert and Ella. So sad that Nat and my precious Louis didn't make it this far. Louis - my heart still aches for you. You were my Mr Amazing, you were always "The One!"

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lots To Say ....

But I'm knackered .... so another day! 
Sammi was second in the class ... 
the dog who beat her was Pastoral Puppy Group 1

Mikey Mikey ended up on a high
1st in NSC Open, Best NSC and Group 1.

Babies One Week Old

Black and Tan kids
The Sables
All looking wonderful - I Can't wait to meet them

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Stud Enquiries

Yesterday morning I had a stud enquiry for Nico, it came via a friend and was for a health tested bitch, I was initially interested, but then I was informed the bitch was white. I said, sorry but no, it goes against my principals! I'm not a hypocrite, Finlay is a rescue dog, colour doesn't come into it where rescue is concerned; but I totally appose to breeding from Non Standard coloured animals.
Later in the day I had another enquiry via text. My answer was honest and simple, Nico is available at stud to health tested, standard coloured bitches who are sound in mind and body. The reply was rather strange ... "LOL ...Would you like to ask me anything?" I said, "No, should you consider using him then I would need to speak to you." It went silent.
Then this morning I had another text, could I send her a photo of Nico, I told her to look online but I also sent her a photo of him piss wet through on his walk. The reply was "He's lush, and is he proven?" I said yes and asked for the registered name of the bitch. When she told me the name I immediately recognised the affix as it's from a well respected Scottish kennel. I told her I knew "Jim" the breeder and she replied, yes "Jim from Edinburgh." I didn't question it, I wouldn't know, but I decided to check out the bitch, her breeding and her health tests on MYKC. Guess what? The bitch doesn't exist! I contacted the breeder, Jim ... not from Edinburgh but from Dalkeith, and he informed me that she has been looking for a stud dog for this imaginary bitch for years. He has never sold her a dog ... and yes the KC are right .. this bitch does not exist!
Jim informs me that the lady is manic depressive and I'm not the only one she has contacted ... apparently it went on for months last time. Kind of sad really!

Monkey day

Funny how these toys are swapped over. Today Monkey is flavour of the month. (so to speak!) He still squeaks, but he has less hair than he once had!
 Does he need this ear?
 Rose tinted glasses taken off, and she is still so bloody pretty.
Now Sammi, it really is time to stop growing upwards and put some effort into growing more coat! 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Not Sure What You Mean???

MPB (4,1) 1 Stanley’s Blanik Ivana, a pretty bitch to view, but not the type I was looking for, very steady mover on gaiting around, feminine head with an alert expression. Firm hocks, presented in good clean order; 2 Withheld; 3 Withheld.

Not the type he was looking for? What ever could he mean? I really am at a loss. She's "German bred" and of "Germanic type" in appearance. The same as everything else that was placed there on the day. Someone suggested maybe she's not extreme enough in overline for him, Maybe? But I don't do extremes. Someone else suggested the face on the end of the lead was not one of the faces he was looking for ... if that is true then that is really sad. But on what he placed on the day, no one seems to really understand what he means ... ah well let's not dwell on it, otherwise a nice critique. (and I can i only thank god I didn't go to Blackpool - the judge there has absolutely slaughtered some of the dogs in her critiques - so hurtful, some upset owners, no need!)

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Set Up?

What ever makes you think it was me? 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Junior is Growing Up so Fast

So inquisitive - (can you see the bee?) 
Full of Fun
 And so, so handsome! 

Blanik Astra

My first home-bred baby
My special friend
10.1.96 - 15.7.07

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Hopefully Finished?

But you never know!!!!!
Kia looking so pleased with herself ... rest now cariad! 

Excitement ... Updated

The first two of Nico and Kia's pups have arrived. 
They look Sable to me :)
I'll update later ...
2 sables, 2 black and tan ... and I'm not sure in the bottom of the pile!
Since this photo was taken numbers 6 and 7 have arrived .... 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Sammi's Still Socialising!!!

"I know you" 
Yes she does. 11 year old Jerry-Lee has been a sweetie with her since she started coming to shows. As a young dog he played with my darling Seffe, Tali's grandmother. Some memories there! 

"Pleased to meet you Cappi" 
A new friend who was young enough to play the same games! 
Thanks Bethan for capturing a special moment.