Friday, 21 September 2018


Another life is coming to an end here. There's that pressure to make the right decision, and the mind games are horrendous. I truly believe the last act of kindness is to help them along with dignity and not let them suffer for hours or even days. Better a week too soon than a day too late. But of course knowing exactly when is so hard. It's not as cut and dry as people say, they don't always "Let you know," and with two people you need to always agree on the decision, sadly that is currently not the case here. 
Tia has hardly eaten all week, other than bits and pieces. I've tried everything I can think of and she won't have anything in any sufficient quantity. I refuse to force feed an old cat and last night for the first time in 15+ years she has left me alone to eat my dinner.
Tia has not been taken suddenly ill, she's hasn't passed out or developed a new illness. She has been fighting an illness for almost three years and has fought it bloody well, but now she is an old cat and her system is slowing shutting down, there is no going back, no recovering .. decisions need to be made. Whether it's today or the next day for the love of the animal it needs to be made.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

It's Raining Ross

It's pissing it down, all the "Blaniks" are indoors - but not the Silkenwood boy, he's quite happy to be out messing about in the rain. 
 Photo Taken yesterday - Watching Kaiah
Photo taken in July - He's looking so much better isn't he

Tiny Tot Perry

How many week since he's been here? Six maybe? (I'll have to check)
Wow time flying past, that makes him about 15 weeks . 

Song Of The Day

As I said I don't like killing anything, but sadly needs must. But even in this situation with hindsight  you have to laugh at the memory of seeing Jezi running around the yard with the trap and the rat in her mouth. Steve unable to catch her was lucky to have the hose pipe in his hand. I went flying out and she dropped it. I guess we'll have to reset incase "Judy" had friends eating our dog food with her!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Walking Part Two

Well we all got out. The vertical rain stopped the winds dropped and even the sunshine poked it's head out for a while. I do think the temperature has dropped from this morning but it was still pretty pleasant to walk. I didn't go far, around our field down the track and into the fields that adjoin our property for a change.
The state Scottish power have left the walls in is totally unacceptable and though we have complained numerous times nothing has been done about it. I took more photos today .. Maybe the threat of Social media well get some action! Seriously it is dangerous for us here, the sheep just climb the ramp they've left and hop over the wall into our fields. Our fields are no longer a safe haven for our dogs, collapsing walls and sheep shit! I did consider attempting to do some dry stone walling myself today but I'm still aching from moving all the bags of food yesterday, anyway they broke it, they need to fix it! 

One Blustery Walk

 Having missed the walk yesterday, despite the wild windy weather I had to venture down to checkout the situation in the trailer today. I've been pretty coy about what I've said online as I wasn't sure what I was going to do next. Anyway thankfully by today the farmer has removed all the dogs, but I will be checking again, regularly. 
I took the three youngsters as it would benefit them the most to get out. It wasn't cold, the wind was mild, but the gusts so strong.  I was lucky to get back when I did as the rain has now set in too. Looks like a lazy day ahead then. 
Oh and apparently this is storm Ali, I'm still waiting for Helene because we didn't see her, it, him! 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Ross Says ...

"Awww Tank u so be much Anti Rachel and my mate Story for finding missing Kong. I be such a happy boy and will come be getting it later."

It's A Rat Trap Judy ...

There Are Watching You Jezi! 
Six and a half cats but it takes a GSD to let you know you have a rat in the dog food shed. After Jezi spending two days obsessively watching the shed we knew something was afoot and this morning I set to emptying the shed whilst Steve went out for traps and plotted his next move. The hole was right at the back at the bottom, thirty nine fecking bags I had to shift out of the shed and then sort them into damaged, damaged beyond use and undamaged. We have been really lucky that Jezi alerted us to the intruder or we could have lost a lot more.
I had to leave the dogs in the house whilst I cleared out and disinfected the shed. The danger to dogs from rats is known to every dog owner, and though the rat poo is revolting it's the urine that causes the danger. As normal everyday routine any water containers left outside are washed out daily here. There is a risk of giardia from smelly green water bowls and all you need is rat urine in the dogs drinking water and you could have a very poorly dog.
I believe life is precious and I hate killing anything but I do draw the line when my animals could be at risk. Of course we can't use poison but this rat has to go. It would be so much easier if Isla had dealt with it for me, but of course once the rat had got into the shed through her "door" there was no way Isla could get in. So now the hole is blocked and there is a trap set in the shed and another will set up overnight behind the shed.
So our wellies are disinfected, we've both had a bath and our clothes are in the washing machine .. Yeah, quite an unpleasant morning really but I guess it's the first time in 8 or so years of storing food in bulk so maybe we've been lucky to date. Here's hoping this is soon over and done with.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Walking Before Helene Arrives

The situation that upset me yesterday has changed, though improved in not the right description. What I saw today made me more unsure of what to do next. I guess I'll be walking the same route for a while ... 

Lost Toys

Well the Kong if gone! Steve and I both went back yesterday but the water was too deep, today the water has decreased to ankle height and I went back with a rake .. but the kong is not there. Lucky dog whoever has it. Poor Ross, he loved it. I'm really pissed off as it was the toy I was using to get Ross' focus off Kaiah on a walk. Loki you really have cachu yn y parlwr!!!! (something my grandfather use to say when someone had offended him - "he's shit in the parlor" not sure it's quite as effective in English but you get my drift)

Loki actually lost the orange gundog dummy too. He just leaves it places and forgets where it is or he can't be arsed to go back and look for it. Working line bred my arse! In fairness though Mikey was the same. Nikki would never have come away without her kong and also she made sure Blade had his toy too. Kai was quite intense with his "purple banana" believe you me if that mouth closed on anything there was no getting it back. Louis had his favourites and Asha had a pink ball that she took everywhere with her, it was made from the same material as Kai banana and we got it for her at Crufts, but sadly that was lost and we never found another like it. So over the years lots of lost toys on the mountain and even more shredded cheap toys a home. I guess we have learned a lesson that with this generation there is no point buying cheap and even less point buying soft toys. 

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Following Choo

Up the bloody tree!!! 
 This little man is going to be quite a climber 

Mission Impossible

 A lovely walk ruined by Sunday walkers, children and dogs, so a change of route for the other walks.
I also saw something that upset me greatly and I hope the situation is resolved by tomorrow or I will be doing something about it. 
A bit of water on the lens, thank god it was the old camera
Again another walk avoiding people. I know it turned into a lovely afternoon, but people having a picnic in the quarry? .. well yeah today they were. 
Bit pissed off with Loki, he bullied Ross into giving up the kong and then lost it in a deep ditch. I looked for ages but it was not to be found. Steve and I went back an hour later, but still no luck! 
I think we'll go back tomorrow with a rake! 

Late Night Photos

Mr Jamie it's a Perry size box, I don't think you'll get your botty in there. 

Sammi's convinced her disguise will work, no one will know it's her! And no dogs on the bed eh Nico! 

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Perry And The Dogs

Perry is doing so well in so many ways but he still hates the dogs. To be part of our family here he needs to get over it. Poor Loki has never known so much abuse from such a tiny tot. Loki was just perfect, as I knew he would be. He showed no nervousness, no aggression and was not overly interested, the girls will be very interested and I'm not sure how they will respond to the aggression from Perry. I think my best bet is to try and get him confident around Loki first and maybe then try Nico .. or maybe even Ross, though that's an unknown quantity for me. 
Loki sharing his dinner with a young Choo 

Lovely Morning

 Jezi and Nico 
A 2019 calendar photo maybe? 
 Sammi, Asha and Ziva
Down the quarry where the boat was dumped a few years ago
Yes it's still there!!
Not the best photo of these three that I took today. The others are on Facebook, but this photo makes me smile .. Yes Loki we can see you. 

Friday, 14 September 2018

We All Did Get Out

But I left the camera in the bag until I could resist no more. 
 The Stand Off!
Can you see them? One on each edge of the photo 
I Zoomed in ....
Photo are a little blurred because of the distance they were take from and Ross took his eyes off Kaiah for a second as I took the photo. With neither breaking the stand off, in the end Loki and I got fed up and walked away, they soon caught up! 
 I would never have believed that as a 50 year old woman I'd be on my hands and knees in boggy grass with my arm elbow deep in cold dirty water looking for a kong. So pleased there was no one there with a camera!


Having worked with cats for so long I was aware of "Chimeras" (Pronounced Kaimera) but never had the pleasure of seeing one. Often described as the most beautiful accident that happens in nature, a Chimera cat is a cat whose cells contain two types of DNA, caused when two embryos fuse together, genetically it is it's own fraternal twin.
I have never either seen a male tortoiseshells cat, they are almost as rare as hen's teeth, but they do exist and are usually sterile, most male tortoiseshell cats are indeed said to be chimeras.
So knowing that Chimera cats existed it never crossed my mind that this could also exist in dogs, I just never though about it, until last night. The power of the internet is that we continue to learn every day .. fascinating!  A GSD and a BSD.

Poorly Paw

Leaping out of the van when we got back from our walk at the beginning of the week Kaiah caught her paw on something. No idea whether it was the edge of the van or whether she landed badly being hindered by an excitable Ross. Anyway it doesn't bother her and it's dried out a treat so I'll just check it after every walk.
It's raining here this morning, but forecast to improve after lunch so we'll go out then. Just hope I can stay awake, I'm not at my best after lunch and I'm usually collapse in a heap on the sofa by 1pm ish.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Some Colour Changes

One of Perry's first times outside - 30th August
He has predominantly a grey saddle joining the white back legs, but look at him today with tabby stripes coming through the grey. What a stunning little chap he is. 
We see you little chap!