Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Llyn Cop Walks

I'm really late posting these due to sky broadband being down in the area all day. OMG what did I do before the internet. I've been so lost, at least I can Facebook on my mobile, 4g isn't brilliant but it's better than nothing. 

Night Thoughts And Judging

Again a sleepless night, this time I stayed in bed, or on it as I was uncomfortably hot. I was so knackered but just couldn't sleep, this morning I'm more knackered but need to function for half the day at least. I thought about the last two shows and such contradiction in the judging, especially for Kaiah. To be last in WPBW and then third in a good class at WELKS makes you wonder what some judges do see. Neither of the bitches that beat her at WPBW have ever beaten her before and both where behind her again at WELKS .. actually the first bitch from WPBW was 6th at WELKS.
Then there's Ross, why is he almost always over looked? What did he do to justify his place on Saturday? A lot of the ringside judges disagreed, and from the messages I've received since so did a lot of people, including his breeder who is as straight as the come and would tell me if she thought he deserved the class position.
Anyway I have two photos that show me all I need to see. So whether I come home elated after a win or deflated after a loss one thing is for sure I wouldn't swap for anything that was in the ring with them on those days. I really do prefer what I've got. All I can hope is, however they are placed that I have an honest judges opinion of them on the day.

Monday, 29 April 2019

As Victor Would Say

I Don't Believe It!!!
Sammi has come in season, her last season was the 1/1/19 - so only 4 months since her last season. What the bloody hell is going on? She usually goes 7 months at least between seasons so this is totally unexpected ... mind you so was the moult or I would never have entered her at the shows. 

Nico and Jezi
 The girls, The boat and the quarry
Fun in the sun

Sunday, 28 April 2019


I was so happy to get a photo of Enya a couple of weeks ago, well I'm equally happy to be sent this photo of her sister Danni today. One special lady who's departure broke our hearts. I guess there is nothing better than knowing she is so loved and so happy. 


The morning started as I woke up just minutes before the alarm at 4.30 am. Funny how that always happens. Still it gave me the opportunity to sneak to the bathroom without the whole house waking up .. I thought! But as soon as I opened the make-up box miss Kaiah heard and sounded the alarm. Thank god we don't have neighbours.
Ross and Kaiah had breakfast and due to their ridiculous behaviour where in the van by 5am. Following the weather forecast I envisaged fighting with doors, crates and vet beds in the wind and the rain, but the wind was nothing like what had been predicted and not a spot of rain. Ian arrived, loaded Kasey and we were all set to go...
The first hassle was the Sat Nat - it froze and no matter what we did it was doing nothing! Well we kind of hoped we'd know the way without it, and maybe later put the phone sat nav on if needed. We bickered and argued all the way down .. as we often do, he's so grumpy in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!! Having avoided the recycling and their boxes that were scatted through Carmel, we eventually got to Penygroes which looked like a war zone of wheely bins and recycling boxes .. honestly it really wasn't that windy in Fron.  Though the 3 and a half hour journey went well we did get some horrendous rain and scary spells and gusts of wind. The road was covered in twigs, branches and green leaves and Ian was worried I wouldn't see them and felt a need to point each obstruction out to me, only for me to scream at him .. "I can fecking see it!" I swear if I'd had an ejector seat on the passenger side I'd have used it. You can only treat your friends like that can't you.  In Dolgellau the Sat Nav decided it would work, but you know I think we would have got there without it!
We arrived at the show in plenty of time but personally I was not impressed to be showing in a large rattling tent. It was bloody scary and a huge credit to the GSD's who showed well in difficult circumstances.  They certainly showed more strength of character than some of their owners.
There's so much I'd like to say about yesterday but with the spy in the camp I feel it's better if I curtail my opinions somewhat. It's a shame when I can't be honest here but the last thing I want is bad feeling and confrontation so if you want to know ... ask me! I was really disappointed to see Ross where he was. I don't know what more this lad has got to do to get some recognition, maybe he too needs a "Face" at the end of his lead!  I don't mind being beaten by better dogs, but where ever Ross goes no one consider him worthy of top placings. I do wonder if maybe it's me that doesn't see it?
Considering everything Kaiah did so well, but honestly thoroughly deserved her place. She is really looking that part these days.
The weather in Malvern was bright and sunny, but windy. On the way home we again hit the most awful rain and flying branches. Still I spent a lot of the journey home looking at the fantastic countryside and observing that sadly a lot of the bluebells roadside are the intrusive Spanish variety and not our beautiful native plant. Despite out bickering over who speeds the most and who hammered the Blanik bus the most it took us 3 and a half hours there and the same time back .. strange that yeah!!!

Saturday, 27 April 2019


Roll reversal for my guys at the show today. Ross worked hard but was 4th out of 4, as we call it in our house ... last, but Kaiah saved the day by gaining a 3rd in PGB. Rose tinted glasses maybe but I think she looked wonderful

Friday, 26 April 2019

Think Dog

Sometimes I'm shocked at the mistakes people make with their dogs. Sometimes we all humanise them too much or expect too much from them. In dealing with problems we really should think dog not human. Don't get me wrong I often make dreadful mistakes, but at the moment every night I'm stopping myself from making a mistake. Loki's behaviour in an evening is totally unacceptable and what I really want to do is loose it with him, but I know it would be totally the wrong thing to do, it will only escalate the situation and I have to try hard to remain calm. I have to admit Ross doesn't help and seems to find it amusing to follow him around and wind him up. Am I humanising?  What is Ross really up too then?  Is it a subtle power game?
Anyway it's been almost a week since I stopped messing about with his food, it was back to eat it or loose it. Today he's eaten the first breakfast of plain dog food in weeks. I will never give him supper again, it really did put us back so much and with him looking so good I didn't want him to loose condition before the shows, so yes I played the game. Anyway after WPBW I though f**k you mate ... I'm not pandering to you any more .. Think Dog
Great photo of Ross this morning with his collection of Chuckit balls. I think I'll see if they want a model at Chuckit?

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Thoughts Before Welks

The forecast for Saturday is dire, I don't mind driving in the rain but gale forced wins are forecast too. It's a long journey that we usually do several times a year, usually a pleasant one though through rural Wales and East to Malvern in Worcester, but the forecast for this show is a little like deja vu for 12 months ago.
Now to be honest I'm wondering if I want to go at all? I've entered under the judge before, years ago and all four that I took were last, including Nico just months after his Crufts win. OK a different generation of dogs but still the same line as Kaiah. I can't get enthusiastic about it and my memory of being so defeated that day has come back to haunt me, the weather forecast has added insult to injury I guess.
Here's hoping tomorrow I can get some enthusiasm together eh ...

The First Post

Nico and Jezi in the Nursey in Tremadog. Such a shame Jezi was so excited that she forgot how to listen!!!

Wednesday, 24 April 2019


Kaiah seems more herself today. I will still keep a very close eye on her and if this turns out to just be hormonal I'll have records of when it occurred after her season for future reference.
Loki's issues continue and due to a little carelessness and a little chaos this morning we missed the perfect time to get a sample.
Ross didn't touch breakfast - I took it off him after 2 - 3 mins. Not playing the game Mr Poldark.
The camera is not covered by house insurance - gutted. I have the bridge camera and bashed white one  to just get on with things for now!
The old laptop and new one (well refurbished) are off to the man who can this morning to transfer the data over. What shall I do with the old laptop?
Luna is coming back at lunch time - I hope it goes a little easier this time!
Dog club meeting tonight - here's hoping for peace and harmony.
Hope to get the laptops back tomorrow - for now, thanks to this machine for years of pleasure and hard work - but it is time to join the next generation ... it's an Asus Vivobook (Refurbished) - just incase you are interested!
HP  Pavilion g6 on Windows 7 signing off.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Kaiah Concerns

Kaiah has had me worried the last few days. At the show on Saturday she didn't put the same enthusiasm into her gating that I'm use to seeing. I still feel she did enough, but if the judge wanted more drive from her, well he didn't get it!  On the way home from the show we were talking about our dogs eating habits and I was telling Ian that Ross is really frustrating me again with his refusal to eat. With a Champ show coming I'd played the game last week but this week I'm not! Eat it or loose it my friend. I went on to say that if Kaiah didn't eat then I really would be worried, she's never left a morsel in her life.
On Sunday morning I noticed that Kaiah was slow tucking into her breakfast, when I went back later I saw that she was just picking at it, really not like her! On the walk she was fine and in the evening she seemed fine. I have to admit I didn't notice yesterday but this morning she really didn't want her food. I have to admit my stomach churned over and when I went to check on her she had left a small portion of food. This is not normal for Kaiah, Kaiah is usually on a par with Asha in greed and speed of eating. When they where out in the yard I noticed that Loki was paying her extra attention. Again panic, I checked for a discharge, but there was nothing to be seen ... I took her temperature, it was normal. On the walk Kaiah was very normal but my obvious concern considering her timing after the season is a pyometra. (A serious uterus infection)
Of course this could simply be hormonal .. I pray it is, but I'll be keeping an extra eye on her over the next few days. With a Pyometra bitches are very ill, but it took a few days for it to be diagnosed in Kiri and Seffe too, both first went off their food and had the males sniffing around them. When checked by a vet Kiri did not have a temperature on the Saturday but was seriously ill by the Monday ... it pays to be vigilant now.

Ross Out With Ruby

A lovely extra walk for Ross with young Ruby the Malinois. (Noya's daughter) It was a great adventure for her, though she was sensibly wary of some of the larger sticks and twigs that he went flying past with. Seriously he was great .. they were both great.

Perry - 11 months (Ish)

Little Perry is still a small cat really. His bone is more petite than the other cats, his coat is shorter and denser and his head a little more wedge shaped than round. He must have some oriental breeding in there somewhere? His greed is still ridiculous, he shovels his food down and then goes to steal off poor Junior or Jamie. He's learned not to try it with Choo as he's equally greedy and guards hi food. Isla is occasionally worth a short but he usually has to wait patiently for her to leave what she doesn't want, he can simply push poor Junior out of his food.  Due to Steve taking the piss of Perry's round belly I weighed him yesterday .. he was 3.8kg, so yeah he's put on a little weight again, but not a huge amount. Mind you Jamie has lost half a kg and it makes a huge difference to him so I guess I'll have to keep an eye on my little thief's eating habits now. 

Monday, 22 April 2019

Nico's Girlfriend

Luna came to be mated today. I have to admit it was the hardest mating we've had in a long time. But with patience and some rescue remedy we did get there eventually. I worry poor Nico is getting old for such difficult matings. I have to admit she was a lovely bitch, more grey sable than Ross but with similar coat type and a cracking character. They are bringing her back on Wednesday, I personally think she will be more ready then and she may be more willing and he may find it easier to hit the target .. so to speak!
Memory of the day, other than the usual silly dirty talk that occurs at matings has to be Jamie coming over and siting on the bench watching what was going on!


Now you remember how chuffed I was when a stalwart of the breed wrote about Loki following photos of me and him at St Helens show?
"Good to see a dog alert but relaxed,attentive to his handler,showing his natural lines and not waiting to dash to an attracter! Well done Rhianne" I replied "Thank you so much for your kind words Brian and Susan. I have always handled Loki at open shows like this, it works for us and I believe it's great for GSD to be seen at these shows" And again a positive reply from him. " Absolutely right! Every GSD at ANY dog show should be a positive representative of our breed in both physical and mental attributes. Dogs like Loki promote the reputation of our breed and today more than ever we cannot be indifferent about that."
Last week I was again taken aback at his lovely comments on this photo of Ross. "Natural stability! not a hand near to steady him into a manufactured shape. A working build!!" With so much negativity regarding this breed it is so nice when someone takes time to say something positive. I was equally chuffed when Helen, Ross' breeder commented and shared the photo of him taken at Builth. She said it was probably the best photo she'd seen of him in stance. She said he looks so well muscled and that he was maturing beautifully now. It really means a lot .. and yes I do see it and I''m glade he's doing it slowly, give him a year and he'll be awesome. (Like Amazing that's not a word I use lightly!)
Well this morning Brian's words have almost moved me to tears. On the photos from Llyn Ffynhonnau yesterday he posted ..."Hi! Rhian,your photos have provided me,and I'm sure many others who love our breed,with so much pleasure that I'd like to thank you so much.To see our dogs not just objectified as assets to boost our egotism but as gifts embodying the energy of creaturely life and beauty against such an impressive landscape! May your Shepherd's continue to gladden and Madden your heart in the years ahead.Thanks again."
Wow, honest I'm emotional. On Facebook unless people choose to comment you don't know who's looking at what, but believe me not a lot is missed. As I've said here as well as on Facebook the comments mean a lot; but I don't take the photos just for people to comment and coo over or to boost my ego and make me feel important. I take the photos because I enjoy it. I love capturing moments and memories with my best friends in this stunning place I'm blessed to call home.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

An Extra Walk

With my man and the boys

Two Dog Days

 I really don't want to move the town into the countryside. I love rural Wales as it is with a passion. Yesterday the drive to the show was breathtaking, though it was interesting that not all share the experience! "I cannot understand the logic of anyone travelling to such a remote and difficult place, on such a weekend as a bank holiday. To also experience such an anti climax and to suffer such a return journey."  To be honest I think the journey took us no more than 10 mins more, considering we where travelling between 8 - 10.15am and not our usual start time of 6.30am .. and it was Easter Saturday. Give or take the odd slower moving vehicle who where unsure on the rural roads it all went well.
The anti climax he mentioned was the poor entry, just 65 GSD's in all made some classes very poorly supported. But when we enter these shows we don't know who else will be there, we have no idea what the figures will be till 2 weeks before the show .. and again we get a total entry and have no idea of figures in classes. A show is what you make it, in it to win it, or not in Kaiah's case! I had a great day with lovely friends and my wonderful dogs in a stunning location. The poster continues to point out that people are boasting of class wins when they stood alone or where first of two. Again I've replied .. Ross was first of 2, I haven't hidden it, why would I when the information is available for all to see? Funny how many do forget to post when they stood alone though and I've been reading all the congratulation posts this morning giggling to myself ... BUT YOU STOOD ALONE and where dismissed in the challenge, at least Ross had one behind him!
Today I was being optimistic when I hoped to have Llyn Ffynhonnau all to myself, but it was big enough to share. Now I honestly understand why on days like today people flock to this "remote and difficult place;" I'd sooner they didn't but I understand it and I guess everyone has the right to admire this beautiful place I'm blessed to call home. I understand why someone would want to pitch a tent at the foot of Mynydd Mawr and I would never begrudge them a good time. But, in such a peaceful and tranquil spot, why, just why did they need the boom boom music?

Saturday, 20 April 2019


In The Ring
Ross winning his class
Kaiah 3rd of three - I must admit I don't get it, but there you go
another day another dog show!
Out In The Sunshine
Is this "The Best" photo of Ross to date? 
Lovely Kaiah 

Friday, 19 April 2019

Camera is Dying

No photos on the walks as the bastard camer wouldn't come on.  Now the old camera has come out of retirement to see if it works. The photos look Ok, though I've had a bit of trouble loading them onto the PC. Off the other they use to load straight to google photos via the WIFI.  This one first  said they where invalid files, then it said they where of insufficient quality?? No idea. Different camera yeah, but just an older model of the now dead one!
I'm thinking of finding out if the camera is covered by the house insurance, after what I've just spent I sure can't afford to replace it now. I don't think I'd cope without a camera though, walking and talking photos gives me so much pleasure. Whilst the phone photos are good there is no comparison with the quality of the photos taken on the camera, especially ones taken at a distance. These look OK don't they?

Missing The Cats

Life carries on, we eat we drink we socialise we walk dogs, we would take photo .. but the camera doesn't work. Then something small causes the heart to break and the tears to flow again. My three old cats gone in less than 12 months, my lovely little Billy in June, Mad madam Tia is September and precious Oliver just a week ago. Feeding times when everyone got together is just so hard ... there are just too many bowls and not enough cats!

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Restoring My Faith

Remember the lady who wanted to use Nico at stud last year on a sable bitch, and I said no as the bitch was too young? Well I'm chuffed to say she took the advice and has now contacted me again to get the bitch mated. See there are good people out there! As the bitch is a sable when the lady asked me the stud fee I coughed and spluttered before giving it to her ... my hesitation .. well a sable Nico son. OMG .. a dream come true for me. Still sanity prevailed quickly ... I want to breed from Kaiah this year and that's top of my priority list!


Despite being told by a vegetarian that because I eat meat I can not be a lover of nature, I can't see the correlation myself, I believe that I am. I'm never happier than when I'm walking the dogs in the heart of rural Snowdonia. I love the fresh air, the views the animals and plants. The colours of Spring and Autumn are magnificent and the bluebells are without doubt my favourite wild flower. I love flowers but I don't like cut flowers, I believe flowers should be out in the garden .. not stuck in a vase on a windowsill ... just my opinion of course!
As Linda and I traveled to NWGSD a couple of weeks ago I saw Bluebells on the side of the road, my first sighting of the year, Linda commented that they where a little early. Then during the next week to 10 days I saw others posting photos of bluebells. Our bluebells don't flower up here till May so in April I always go down hill looking for them. I can't say there was as many in Gyrn Goch this year, maybe there will be more in a week or so but .. After the Easter hols it'll be the perfect excuse to go back. Anyway here's a few of my favourite "Bluebell" photos over the years!  
Jezi and Nico - April 2019
Sammi and Loki - May 2017

Sammi in 2014 and Louis in 2008
Kai and Kiri in May 2011

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Poor Choo

Choo came in yesterday morning for breakfast as normal and then came to settle in the living room. I noticed his ears where twitching and he was very very unsettled. On closer examination I could see small black flies running around on his ears. Too small to be fleas, and definitely not classic ear mites. I had no idea what they were but luckily I had some advocate which I put on him ... and all the other cats. 2 hours later and poor Choo was still besides himself , he was so stressed. Steve suggested we smother his ears in vaseline to stop them running around, hopefully suffocate them and stop them driving him insane. It worked and I took dozens of the dead and dying critters off his ears. His poor ears where so sore he was getting quite stressed as we tried to help him, his ears felt all bumpy, like a nettle rash. I guess they had bitten him to buggery ... bastard things.
Today Choo has a couple of sores on his ears but the bite swellings have gone down. Some patches of hair have also come off the back of his ears. I have no idea what these things where, like I said definitely not fleas, over 12 years at Freshfields I've seen enough of those to last me a life time but they where pretty obviously nasty little things.  I've no idea either where he encountered them .. where ever it was I hope he doesn't go back there in a hurry!


Poor Loki has got diarrhea again. Things have been unsettled for days but last night he got us up twice and this morning he's no better. It's only a few months since this last happened - hopefully I can get a sample this time and the vet can check out what is going on ...