Tuesday, 31 January 2012

All Ears!

I've put a brave face on it but no use denying it, as my friends know I have been worried. They have been slow teething and slow getting their ears up, but finally we have a full set. And don't they look lovely!!!

Monday, 30 January 2012


....And I'm not greedy, I just like a lot more than this!!!
Still it was great to see the pups having fun. Lots more pics on "Winter 2012" on Facebook or on Flicker!
Jezi - "See I Can Look Sweet!"
Ziva - "Who made the world go white?"
Danni - Great ears, wonder how long you'll keep them that way!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Girls In Stance

I think when looking at these photos you need to consider that maybe the best photo in your eyes is not necessarily constructionaly the best puppy, and seeing them on the move is an eye opener. The other thing to consider was that there was only the two of us here, so Steve was taking the photo whilst I stood them and threw toys out in front of them to try and get their ears up. The ground is also very uneven ... finding a "flat bit" in Fron sure isn't easy! Another pair of hands would have been ideal, but as is often the case with me, I want to do it NOW!!!! Anyway hopefully as they approach 6 months we'll get some decent ones but these at least give an idea of what they look like today!


Friday, 27 January 2012


A conversation with a friend today made me re-visit the "other" meanings of the word "Blanik." For me my kennel affix was simply a combination of my two first German Shepherds pet names, Blade and Nikki. I remembered there was a montain in the Czech Republic called Blanik,  and there was some connection with airplanes, (but that bored me a bit) Anyway I found this quite interesting and though I'd share it with you.
"Blaník is a mountain in the Czech Republic. Its height is 638 meters above sea level. The surrounding area is a small natural reservation.
Ancient legends are associated with this mountain. The legend says that a huge army of Czech knights led by St. Wenceslas sleeps inside the mountain. The knights will awaken and help the Motherland when she is in great danger. According to legend there will be signs: trees in Blanik wood will get dry, but old dead oak under the mountain will be green again and a small spring by the mountain will become a river. Then during an epic battle between the Czechs and their overwhelming enemy the Blanik knights will come to their aid led by St. Wenceslas on his white horse. The enemy will retreat to Prague where they will finally be defeated.
According to the legend, Good King Wenceslas and his knights will arise from their slumber when the Czechs are attacked by a number of armies equal to or greater than four (from four cardinal directions). In the Jára Cimrman's play "Blaník", it was proved that this legend is not true because in 1968 at the end of the Prague Spring Czechoslovakia was attacked by five armies of the Warsaw pact and "in Blanik not a single leg moved".

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Jezi's Dilemma

She's a dedicated follower of fashion,
So Jezi just can't decide how to wear her ears again today!!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Weights and Measures - Again

Well I finally got round to taking the girls to the vets to be weighed. I was very surprised to find that Ziva was the heaviest today at 24.2kg and 56cm at the wither, Jezi was 23.9kg and 58cm, and Danni still the lightest at 23.3kg and 57cm. It proves that the eye can be deceiving as Danni seems far bigger/chunkier and heavier than the other two, and Ziva sure does look the smallest to me. Ah well, we live and learn!! I guess Danni would benefit from eating a little more, but getting two meals a day into her at the moment is hard enough!
Jezi - no ears again today
Ziva -What do you mean I can't sit here when I'm wet?
Danni - I'm with Mummy Asha

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sadly Not The News I Was Hoping To Give You Today

Kai's "wife" Tara had a Cesarean this morning. 3 bitch pups sadly all dead. I'm so sad, just gutted for her owner and mostly of course for Tara. With hindsight things could have been done differently but I guess we put our faith in the people who are suppose to be "In The know!!"
3 little lives gone, I'm so sad to have never have had the pleasure of meeting you little ones. Hopefully you are free and playing at the bridge, maybe you were just too precious for this world!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Just One photo

Of my Stunning baby
Ziva David! (Pronounced Daveed)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Happy 13th Birthday

Blanik Connor (Sharpy)
Nikki's last remaining son out of Chanask Jamiroquai
Loved and owned by Ken and Norma Townhill
Sharpy has had a successful career taking Ken around the agility course.
Happy Birthday Old Man!

One fine Night In The Witch's Castle

Jezi-Baba Witchy-Poo puppy's got no teeff!!!

Well she has, lots of large new ones just pushing through.
Just looks like she hasn't in this pic!


****It's Almost Time****

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Manchester Champ Show

Mikey Mikey was 6th so one place out of the cards but he gave a great performance. My beautiful Asha was 4th in limit bitch loosing her third place as the judge felt she was a "tad" overweight. Ok I can't argue, but she allowed as she's just had a big family to bring up!
Thanks to Sharon for her great company, we had a great day!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Looking Good Mr Michael

Lovely to See the man in my dreams looking so well, and hard to believe he was so poorly a month/6 weeks ago that we almost lost him. Looking forward now to the rescheduled dates, but really still happy to wait as long as it takes to have a 100% health "George Michael" back on stage again.

Monday, 16 January 2012


******* 7 Days And Counting*******

One For The Album

Well we knew it would be impossible to get everyone, but we tried! To be honest I thought it would be too much for Kiri as she doesn't really like the other bitches so I left her in the house.
 Sadly as you know the other boys don't like Kai and Jezi buggered off!!!
Finlay, Asha, Mikey, Danni, Me, Ziva, Louis and Tali
Jezi - I'm not playing!
Kiri and Kai - Happy in each others company!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

TJ's Visit

It was wonderful to see Mark, Ro and darling TJ today. She looked lovely and gave us both lots of hugs and kisses. I often do wonder what they remember when they come back here? Is it just a familiar smell or do they actually remember "us?" Another question I guess we'll never really know the answer too!
Ro and Mark got to see all the family again and Danni and Ziva made themselves comfortable on their laps! Jezi as ever a little more aloof, said hello but choose to sit with Steve.

Just a quick one of our girls under mummy's watchful eye!
Ziva, Danni and Jezi

Ziva's Been On FaceBook

Yesterday at the show
Message from Ziva
"For all yous people who did the laughing at me hears yesday ...
 be lwking at me now!!!!
So piss puppy bottoms and cat poo to you all!!!"
Disclaimer - Rhian Stanley takes no responsibilities for this message. :)))

Saturday, 14 January 2012

First Show Of the Year

Welsh Northen Counties
The pups are still too young to compete but I took 2 with me for the experience!
Asha - Second to her brother..
Go on Asha fans, all together BOooooo Mikey Mikey!

Baby Ziva - Had a great day and coped well,
even when Mark Williams tried to pinch her!!!

Danni - What's this all about?
 I think I'll do what grandad says and just bark so they all know I'm here!!!

Mikey - Best of Breed!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Weights and Measures

Seren, Asha and Mikey at 5 months old
There has been a bit of discussion between us regarding the puppy's weights and heights recently, anyway I went back through my records and decided to print these ... the girls here now are not far out though at 52 and 53cm they are not as tall as Asha was at the same age. (Thank God-at 61cm she's just over the max height for a bitch!) At her new home Enya was weighed today and was 19.5kg, the same weight as the day she left, Gail said she had been leaving the odd meal, but Gill Hubbard assured her her weight was ideal. I was also pleased that she told Gail she was a lovely and that Enya was full of confidence there.
Sire- Kai - 40kg - 68cm  -  Dam- Tali 30kg 59cm
Weight at birth---1lb 7oz
1 week ---2lb 6oz
2weeks ---3lb 3oz
3weeks ---4lb 9oz
4weeks ---6lb
Pups got to heavy for the scales after 4weeks
4 months - 18.45kg and 50cm
5months - 55cm
6months - 28 6kg and 58cm
7months - 59cm
7.5 months - 60cm (25th Feb)

Weight at birth---1lb 4oz
1 week ---2lb 5oz
2weeks ---3lb 2oz
3weeks ---4lb
4weeks ---6lb 2lb
4 months - 19.55kg and 52cm
5months - 56cm
6months - 32. 2kg and 60cm
7months - 61.5cm
7.5 months - 63cm (25th Feb)

Weight at birth---1lb 6oz
1 week ---1lb 14oz
2weeks ---2lb 12oz
3weeks ---3lb 12oz
4weeks ---5lb 2oz
5weeks ---6lb 5oz
4.5 months - 18kg and 48cm
5months - 19.5kg
6months - 23. 6kg and 54cm
7months - 25.3kg and 57.5cm

Thursday, 12 January 2012

5 Months Old Today

Can't believe it ... My babies are 5 Months old ...... Bloody Hell!!!

Holiday in Amsterdam???

George and Fadi

Or as Sally Turner reported, back at work!
The 48-year-old star who suffered a bout of pneumonia in December, had returned home to the UK following a month-long stay in a Vienna hospital He was seen walking through Heathrow Airport en route to Amsterdam where he is having discussions on his disrupted tour.The singer who looked fit and healthy was pulling his own luggage.Michael had performed 45 dates in his concert schedule before being forced to cancel the performance in Vienna.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Enya Update

Enya With Asha On Saturday
Gail just phoned to let us know that all is going well with Enya. She is full of energy and fun, though isn't eating too well. Enya and Larni are getting on a treat, playing together in and out of the house ... and Larni is even willing to share her toys with Enya. (I gather Enya has taken "Everything" out for a look - no surprises there then!) Though try as hard as Enya does for a cuddle so far Larni refuses to share her bed!!! She's quite at night and clean in the house, as she was here.
Bless her ... Still my little star!