Friday, 29 September 2017

Ross 4 Months Weights and Measures

Ross is 4 months old tomorrow. 
Today he weighed 19.4 kg and was 51cm at the wither.  
Loki was 21.10kg and just over 51cms at the wither at the same age. Whilst Mikey was 19.55kg and 52cms. So the same height as Loki, but the same weight as Mikey. No reason not to be pleased with that. 
Anyone who's interested in comparing or just seeing what they looked like (and Louis) at the same age, click on the link (in pink) and scrawl through the posts.

Tali Update

 Looking down river and no doubt thinking of going back!
Doesn't our old lady look well. I think she's now banned from Gyrn Goch though. She jumped into the river and couldn't get out. I had to drag her up the bank by the scruff of her neck which didn't go down well at all, but once I had hold of her I was too scared to let go and adjust my grip to her collar incase I dropped her. 
Whilst most people are asleep I think and come to some of my best decisions, providing I can remember them the next day that is! Last night I was thinking about Tali and could only think of 2 ideas for her IBS, she either has a continued smaller dose of the pills or we try 3 days on them and 3 days off. I discussed my thoughts with the vet and she  agreed to try her on a 3 days on 3 days off. On metranizadole tablets Tali's IBS  is controlled, without them she soon returns to having diarrhea. I know having Tali on antibiotics full time is not ideal, but at her age does it really matter? As long as she's comfortable, happy and doesn't put any more weight on then that suits me. She was 27.3kg today, so a KG heavier than a few weeks ago and for her own well being shouldn't be heavier .. it's a lot to pull out of a river as it is! Anyway here's hoping this works, and as the vet said if we can push it on an extra day or two between courses then we go for it... I'll keep a close eye on things and update soon.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Kaiah Being A Cow

 Quality is not great as I've zoomed so much, 
but you can see where she is and what she's doing!
Kaiah let's Loki past, she's waiting for her Mother
Poor Sammi's pretending she hasn't seen her
Ready To pounce

Kids On The Bridge

All walked but the battery went flat after our walk and a half in Cwm Dulyn. 
I left Ross in the van and walked the the "Young Guns" first. Then I left the girls in the van and did a short walk with my "Bad Boys!" 
As usual lots of photos on Facebook.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Sammi Belle

The Most Beautiful Girl In My World! 

Monday, 25 September 2017

Four Mondays

Now I think the main colour change is over so we'll maybe go for a photo a month not a week!
Watch this space ...

A Touch Of Summer

Finding the thought of four walks on top of this mornings housework just too much I opted for just doing three again today; keeping Ross on the lead for most of the last walk so he didn't get run over by Kaiah. But of course the little man needs his freedom too and I did makes sure he had a spell off the lead. I really don't do well with leads, I find controlling dogs so much easier without them. Though of course there are places where I would never risk walking a dog without a lead! 
I had to laugh at a post on a GSD group on Facebook last week, the guy asking when should he start letting his 16 week old pup off the lead? Err .. 8 weeks ago! The longer you leave it the harder it gets. Of course you pick sensible/safe places to start off with, even if it's just a friends garden. The sooner you do it the quick the two way trust forms and strengthens. There are always nerve wracking moments, always the time when your stomach churns over as they venture too far or too deep .. or in Kaiah's case .. too bloody high! But you know for the sake of the dog you have to get over that,they need their freedom, when possible then need to run, and mooch and sniff and discover the world around them. Hell I had Nico loose on the mountain with Louis and Finlay 24 hrs after picking him up, I knew he wouldn't go anywhere, and now because of that I still know he won't go anywhere!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Raining But Close

 Nico and Jezi
 Tali, Sammi, Ziva and Asha
Photographer will alcohol related shakes maybe? 
It wasn't me!
 Soggy Youngsters
Ever had the feeling your being watched?

Ross Had A Day Out Yesterday Too

Ross did really well yesterday. Though he barked at his first sighting of a black Labrador he did settle and relax around the breed. I was impressed with how well he coped with everything really. He was relaxed and happy around most things, even if he did get squished by an over enthusiastic Great Dane! I think he found a Bloodhound in a snood a little worrying, but again by the afternoon accepted the young lady was just keeping her ears clean! Onward and forward now dear Ross!

I love both these photos of my young man. They are taken just 5 days apart but even in that short time you can see an improvement in coat growth. Here's hoping by the weekend he has even more "furnishings!" 

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Pwllheli Dog Show

What a bloody day .. I'm still buzzing! Loki was BOB, Group 1 and Best In Show, Kaiah BPIB and Pastoral Puppy Group 1 and Asha was best Pastoral Veteran. Huge thank you to breed judge Carron Jenkins, Group judge Mrs E Anne Orzel, and BIS Judge Mr Bill Orzel. All the "Blaniks" showed their socks off with Loki as usual giving a paw perfect performance. Thanks to my lovely friends for all the support - emotional day eh!
Loki with the show secretary, the Group judge and BIS judge
 Darling Asha in her pastoral veteran class
Kaiah standing for the judges critique after winning her class.
A Picture for the paper? 
Loki and Kaiah after their group wins

Friday, 22 September 2017

Unofficial Weigh In On Route

Takes a bit of getting use to when one of you're closest friends moves away. It's been 3 years now and I still miss her. Having been 5 mins down the road for most of my adult life it's not great when she's now 50 mins away. Anyway a lovely drive, which only the weather could have improved and a couple of hours in each other company was the order of the day. 
Ross and Kaiah had a lovely time running around the fields in the rain and as we were passing we stopped at the vets for a weigh in. Ross is now 18.1kg so on target to get to 20kg (ish) by 4 months. I had Kaiah weighed too. She's still 26.6kg. She's not heavy is she, but I think she looks ideal for a young female.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Visiting Friends

and ransacking their homes!

"Thanks to Auntie Carrie for having us over and continuing with puppy Ross' sociamilsing. Puppy Ross was vevy vevy bad making a swimming pool with de water bowl and running riot a round and a round of the sofa. I of course be a mini angel and was vevy vevy good!"  - Kaiah

Walking Before The Rain

The forecast is for 2 inches of rain over the next 24 hrs. I'm glad I've got everyone out early at least we'll have a peaceful afternoon!
 The difference in colour between these two looking quite striking today 
 Poor Sammi must have half the ditch in her ear! Haha
 Kaiah still tied to a post
Little Ross looking quite big next to Tali 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Sable 2

I was really chuffed to get this photo today. I was so emotionally involved with this pup that it broke my heart when he didn't get to come and live with us a few weeks ago. But it's funny how things work out and he was obviously not the right one for me. He still has no descended testicles, but anyway by now my friend feels he'd have little show prospects. Apparently he's very big for his age, his ears are weak, his coat is wiry and his hocks are awful. Though of course it's early days for his ears and his hocks will strengthen with normal moderate exercise, but I've never come across a wiry coat in a GSD.I love his dark head, his eye colour is correct and he has a lovely expression, but I would be doing my head in over those ears, they would be worrying me silly by now!
I think sable 2 is about 3 weeks older than Ross and you can see normal difference in size and coat growth.Though of course the way Ross is growing I can't imagine he'll be far short on size and substance in 3 weeks. It will be interesting to see how dark Ross' head goes with maturity .. I do love a dog with a dark head!
To be fair, I'm really happy with how Ross is coming on. He's growing up quite tidily, he has plenty of bone and substance, great angulation, a tidy overline though hopefully his tail set continues to improve. He's a tidy mover with straight hocks, though his front movement could be better .. and may well be as he grows into himself. His character is strong and he has super colour. With correct dentition and some normal coat growth over the next few months I reckon it'll be one smart little puppy making his appearance in the show ring at the beginning of December!

Monday, 18 September 2017

The Best News On Facebook


Three Mondays

The change is amazing isn't it! 
I wonder what the next 2 weeks will bring. He'll be 4 months on the 30th. 
Had to include this in the post. 
No ear jokes, we all know better don't we!!!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Blanik Jeevana

Edit .. Wow .. what can I say? Huge Thank you to Bethan for the editing. Kaiah is of course untouched but we now have a much better background!  


I love this picture of Kaiah who's now 11 months old. I had no camera with me at the time it's just taken with my phone. I gave no consideration to the background or anything as we were just messing about... shit I wish I had now. Must be one of the best photos of her yet, a great one to share and show off how beautifully balance this little bitch is. 

Tali Took Ross Swimming!

 Down the stream and into the lake
 Come on puppy Ross I'll teach you to swim
 Think I'll drown the bloody idiot!!!
I ffink I be staying here!

Good Walking Weather

 Nico and Jezi at LLyn Cop
Ziva, Sammi and Asha by Smurf bridge
 Back at Llyn Cop with Kaiah and Loki
Tali and Ross also on route to Llyn Cop
More photo of his first trip to the lake later