Wednesday, 28 March 2007

My Greek God



George Michael

What is it about George Michael?
Well where would like me to start?
His Music.... His lyrics are meaningful, they tell a story, expressing his innermost emotions leaving a window open for a true admirer to meet the real George Michael,if they should choose to look hard enough! There's a George song for ever mood of everyday. He meets me and comforts me in my darkest hours and dances with me through the highs of the good and happy days. He writes the lyrics, writes the music, sings the songs, and plays most of the instruments, not content with that he also produces the whole "package." Not many of todays artists have the ability or talent to equal that.
His Looks.... Simply he makes me go weak at the knees,like a fine wine he simply improves with age. Those eyes, the teeth, wow what a man!
His Personality.... I can only say what I see. He's funny, charming and in my opinion very deep. His sense of humor is fantastic, he has an ability to laugh at himself, a rare and wonderful trait in any man.
Over the years George has been of so much comfort to me that really I can not begin to put into words the love I have for him. All I know is that without him/his music my life would be in a different place now. George really has been my sanity in what has sometimes been a cruel, painful world. I do thank God for George Michael.