Thursday, 31 December 2015

Playing with camera settings

Brother And Sister
Asha and Mikey

Ziva and Loki
Yes there is a difference, problem is I can't remember which photo I took on which setting! 


Some good news to end the year .. Bella's hip score has come back at 6 +8 and her elbows are  0.
Great news for breeders Ian and Tracy, and also for us with Nico being the Sire. Nico's had three progeny scored to date - hips 4+7 - Sammi, 6+6 - Will, and now Bella's 6+8 - all super scores. Dead chuffed! Will give some serious thought to scoring Loki, but maybe I'm best saving my £250 to add to Sammi's stud fee - I hear Uran is £500, and others won't be far behind I guess! Maybe time to increase Nico's stud fee now! 

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

After The Storm

R. Junior was glad to get out!

 Others of course where quite happy to stay in! 
Princess Velcro - Isla
And Jamie doing his usual! 

What A Fecking Night!

The destruction of mother nature once again hit North Wales. There was heavy rain but this time the power of the wind was phenomenal. I would love to know exactly how strong the gusts where up here last night, it was surely among the worst we've seen here. We have lost 4 ridge tiles off the roof and have 2 broken slates. There is a small hole in the flat roof due to flying ridge tiles. The kennel roof is completely off and the side gate into the yard has been ripped out of the wall .. will have to watch Sammi Belle or she'll be off down the field. We are all ok, and just normal "Fron" wind and rain followed by mid morning ... Everything is fixable, my heart goes out to all those people flooded out of their homes. Frank is not welcome back in Fron!
Due to the noise and my fear of the wind I had little sleep last night. I sat up for part of the night, I felt safer in the living room but I was back in bed and actually sleeping when the ridge tile landed on the flat roof and gave us a very rude awakening. Believe you me the first words out of my mouth this morning were not for the ears of the innocent.
Having realised that Tia was not about during the night I was really pleased to see her return home at 7am. To be honest though it was necessary I was nervous of letting the dogs go out, yes it really was that bad, and I guess more so as we didn't know then what was flying around and what had landed on the bedroom roof. But with daylight came the answers ..... I'm nervous of being too optimistic but I think Tia is improving. As she had gone out overnight I couldn't tell this morning how things were, but so far today there has been no mess. That Vit b12  is fab stuff, it kept Louis going for a couple of years, let's just hope for Tia this is a one off treatment. Anyway for ours and the other animals sake we are still keeping her out of the living room. Those of you who know her know that she is a lover of heat and spends her day by the fire .. we'll she's now found an alternative source of heat!

 So funny .. the blanket was on the radiator to dry, but, well if it's there then use it eh!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Things started off badly on the Saturday before Xmas. First thing in the morning there was a pool of diarrhea in the utility room, but with 6 cats we had no idea who'd done it...and then the same thing again on the Monday. But over The Xmas period it became obvious it was Tia having problems, she quickly became incontinent .. sloppy poo everywhere! Since then we've tried to keep her in the utility room, but it's been hard going. She's not ill and wants to come into the living room all the time. We did try with a blanket on one chair but it didn't work. With the vets being closed it's been a long week for her and definitely for us!
I rang the first Vet Surgery at 8.30am this morning to find the receptionist most unhelpful. She told me there were no appointments today or tomorrow, she didn't once ask if there was a serious problem or offer any alternative. I gave up and rang Cibyn and got to speak to bubbly receptionist  Ffion, who offered me an appointment  at 3.30pm .. when I asked if she possibly had something earlier she said, "No Sorry ... but what is the problem with Tia?" I told her and she ask me to hold the line coming back and saying if you come now there may be a bit of a wait .. but we can fit you in at the end of the emergencies! Shoes on and off we went!
I was so grateful they had fitted us in and even more thankful to see Rachel. She gave Tia a B12 injection, oxythingys (you know the yellow ones - like Louis use to have) and panacur for 5 days incase she has picked up a parasite like giardia. We are to give her a week, then get in touch and reassess the situation.
I feel so sorry for poor Tia, and equally sorry for the other cats who's bedding is almost constantly full of shit! My poor washing machine! I do hope that things can be sorted, as this is not a situation anyone could live with long term. Tia is a grumpy vile tempered cat ... but what's important is that she's "our" grumpy vile tempered cat!

Monday, 28 December 2015

A Lovely Winter Walk

With a lovely friend.. and No Linda you haven't been here either! 
 Asha, Sammi and Loki out with Gail in the "low lands" so not a bit of wind 
 No access to the river ... Thank God!!!!
Nico, Finlay and Jezi in Windy Fron

Sunday, 27 December 2015

A couple Of Pics

The big gang in the field on a lovely Winter's morning, 
but yeah, you've guess it, it's raining now!

He and me at mum and dad's today! 

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Raining Again

We woke up this morning to the sound of running water in the yard. On investigation we found the water was flowing down through the farmers field which is adjacent to the gable end of the cottage; it was then flooding the small garden and running through holes it had made in the wall and joining the already flooded yard.
I've lived her for over 20 years and have really seen some extremes of weather, but I've never seen the place flooded like this. I've seen snow drifts of over 6 ft, temperatures of below -12, I've experienced winds strong enough to lift and carry a static caravan, and cooked in days of baking sunshine... and yes we have seen some rain, but never, ever like this. Two weeks ago we visited a friend who told us it had rained for 41 days ... well therefore it has now rained at some part of everyday for 55 days, and some days have been relentless. We are lucky, there is a step of about 6 inches into the living room and somehow the water is flowing away from the lower back door and going towards the gate. But honestly I'm not sure how much longer it can keep doing that for as the yard is like a swimming pool.
The dogs were so good yesterday, give or take a little madness every now and again they were settled and well behaved. To be honest I doubt they wanted to be outside anyway! But a second day of confinement may leave them, or at least the youngsters, a little stir crazy!
I hope the rain eases soon ... and my heart goes out to the poor people who's Xmas, indeed their lives have been temporarily ruined by this horrendous weather!
Both photos of me in Xmas t.shirt and Pj's messing about with the "selfie" button on the new phone... top - a rare cuddle with my lovely Asha, and the second a reluctant Loki!

Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Xmas

Love From The Blanik Kids!

Double Trouble - I think it could be mine
Can You Fix It?

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Elsa's Xmas Visit

Fun and games with Loki, a lesson in respect from Junior and a chat with Jamie!  

A Little Sunshine Yesterday

 The Sunshine, dramatic skies and colours of walk number one
 Still Sunny but the sky looks calmer
Walk number three and cloud cover, I'm sure it'll soon be raining

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A Dry Hour!

I know I'm not the only one getting fed up of this weather .. it's just the same shit day in day out. I love cold, crisp dry days ... just saying! 
Tasha and Bella came to visit Loki yesterday ... Fun and games for the boy with mum and sis! He took uncle Mikey Mikey with him too! 
Tasha, Bella and Loki at the back
Tasha, Bella, Loki and Mikey

Monday, 21 December 2015

Nico's Facebook Post!

LOOK! I just did find all this stuff and she who thinks she must be obeyed .. said "Shhh and leave them Nico .. they are Sammi Belle's birthday pressies!" Well I think that's just poo!!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Is It Wrong To Laugh???

Well I though it was bloody hilarious!!!!!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Yesterday's Hospital Update And Today

Long long day at Walton Hospital little brain was truly knackered. The flashing lights on the "Janbulance" was broken and we declined Gail's offer of shouting nena nena through the window. We got there with 15 mins to spare to see there was a waiting time of 11 mins, Great news! Having booked in we waited and waited and after an hour I went to ask at the desk. A nurse came over to speak to me and told me that I had been booked in with the wrong consultant, I would get to see someone but it would take a while!! At this point boredom set in and Jan resorted to making loud popping noises with her empty cup whilst Gail giggled and encouraged her! So embarrassed!!! An hour later I was called in. I was shown the scans of my MRI and angiogram and it was confirmed that I will need a further procedure/op in 2 to 3 months to fit a stent near the coiled aneurysm ... Hopefully then it will be "safe" till I'm in my 80ies!!! No I'm not a happy bunny, but I was told about it in September so no shock really, Gwynedd Hospital had left me so long without treatment that it was too dangerous for them to do it then. With the risks involved I will be shitting bricks nearer the time, but needs must I guess!!! We had a fantastic giggle on the way home, I think we may be banned from Maccies!!!!
This morning in wind and rain I was all set to go out with the youngsters. I had almost forgotten an important birthday, after today it would be too late to post. So a quick trip to the post office, Eifionydd Ffarmers and then a visit to Freshfields before a walk in Cwm Dulyn was on the cards. Just as I was leaving the phone rang, the dog food delivery wagon was lost in the village. What? He was delivering today? I was seething and as I ranted, words like they always call a day before hand .. it's not good enough etc ... came the confession .. "they did call yesterday .. I just forgot to tell you." Ahhhh. That left us with 60 bags of food to carry .. not the easiest of jobs with us both a little under the weather. In fairness the driver did help but as he left he lost all his brownie points, firstly he drove into our gate, then reversed backwards to square up the wagon driving off and ripping our post box off the gate. I'll never forget Steve standing there with his left hand on his hip and the mangled, squashed post box in his right hand as the wagon went down the track.  He was not amused and I was doubled up with laughter!
They didn't have a post box in Eifionydd, but I got my bits and pieces and went to see my lovely Scamp at Freshfields. It was great to receive such a welcome, and I guess he was chuffed with his Xmas pressie! It was lovely to see the staff that remain too, and I must admit I stayed longer than planned!
The walk started well, but as I got near to the lake out from the reeds came a sheep with Sammi right on it's tail. I swear if she'd stretched her neck she'd have got hold of it. I screamed "Sammi come, Sammi come!"  OMG .. she bloody came! I couldn't believe it ... she bloody came! I never expected that of her, I praised her, but knowing her as I do popped her on the lead to get away from further temptation. I then thought .. where is Loki? Where he always is ... by my side!
We arrived home windswept and soaked, I dried the two off and opened the door to go through towards the kitchen. Sammi strikes again, she pushed through with me and found herself in the company of daddy Nico and Auntie Jezi .. not her best move! Luckily with only a grumble Steve got Jezi through into the kitchen and I pushed Miss Belle back into the living room. Funny that .. the other girls didn't half grumble at her when she came into the living room. Maybe they felt the need to tell her that she was not suppose to go through to the other pack!
Well that's me done for the day ... time to rest, something I don't do enough of ...... apparently!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A Nice break From The Routine

 My beautiful babies
Loki - "I'm not letting you in my water!"
 Sammi - "That's Ok, I'm not letting you out!""
Stunning Even In Winter 
Steve - Love of my life, my rock, my world, my everything.
So we had chips in the van in the parking area, followed by a lovely walk.
We didn't go to the lake - just over the bridge and far away.
Loved it, just what the doctor ordered! 

Those Difficult December Days

With the last anniversary they come to ahead today. This is the most painful of all. This is the one that ripped out my heart, tore it to pieces and finished me off by stamping on it! 
Mostly these days the memories of Louis bring a smile instead of a tear, but not always. As I said three years ago I felt/feel cheated of the years we should have still had together, hell 2 of his brother are still alive today. Not that I begrudge them that of course, it's just ... 
What was it about the "E" litter boys that made them so special. Krizzie's kids ... and their father was Jay, a bloody idiot, a lovable idiot, but still an idiot! Krizzie was amazing, a fun girl, as bright as a button with a wicked sense of humor. She was also the dam of the "F" litter, and though in that litter to Arko she produced lovely conformation, somehow in my eye that "magic" was missing in the males. They were "harder" dogs, where as the "E" litter where loving, just fantastic pet/show dogs. I see it in Tali too, though she does look like Krizzie her character is much harder, more defiant and determined. Thank god she doesn't seem to have produced it in her offspring! 
Simba was from my first litter, Dexi and Seffe's brother .. returned as a three year old as they couldn't control him. He was apparently aggressive with men and would not tolerate other dogs around him. Within a few months Carrie and I took him to Merioneth show, where he mingled with other dogs, a male judge went over him and we ended the day by walking through the agricultural show with him. I was never complacent, and though in the early days we did try and rehome him the right home never came along. So Simba stayed here with us until we lost him at almost 13 years old.
I've tried this year not to dwell too much on the past, I've tried to be more positive in my posts . But we don't forget the ones who have been and gone they have all been such an important part of "Blanik," they have all taught us valuable lessons that makes us better dog people. I have never tried to love some more than others, but it's only natural that some worm their way further into your hearts. Louis was my world .. in him I still truly believe I've had "The dog" in my life time!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Walking In The Rain..Again!

Someone has extended the lake! 
 Sammi, Mikey and Loki
 Tali, Asha and Ziva
Finlay, Nico and Jezi