Friday, 31 October 2014

Rebel Without A Cause!!!

Our Sammi's a star, we all know that, she's bright, intelligent and a tad naughty. 
She's so beautiful I can't stop looking at her, Steve says "Take the rose tinted glasses off!" But I don't, to me she's stunning in looks and character! She has to be one of the most beautiful "Blanik" bitches ever ... Fact!
BUT .... every evening recently she's been driving me insane! She won't settle, she paces winges and pants. Whats her problem? Simply she wants the door open! To be fair I guess that's all she knows, so maybe that the weather is changing and the fact that door is now closed confuses her. She bangs on the door, I get up and let her out, if I ignore her she opens it herself. she goes out for 5 mins then comes back in, I close the door. No longer than 10 mins later the whole thing starts again. If I leave the door open she's happy, popping out ever 20 mins or so to check on her domain! Tonight I lost it and shut her out, 10 mins later she let herself in! I can't win!!!
Loki has helped a little, he plays with her, but the little guy lacks her stamina and soon crashes. Her mum will entertain her for a while but she prefers to "chill" through the evening. I have no answer, other than to put my PC away and play with her, or make her lie down. Hopefully she'll soon get used to the new routine ... or we will be rebuilding the kennels!!!!

Fun And Games In The Sun

My beautiful Nico kids having a great time in the garden together!
Catch me if you can shorty 
Flying Loki!
It's my ball
Play bow

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mixed Results

Looking up at the bird feeder at my parent's house
Today we had a guy working on the property, a guy who has and likes dogs. I took Loki to meet him, the guy knelt down, but Loki wouldn't go near him. Again I felt disheartened.
Later we went shopping and called in at my parents house, Loki wagged his tail at both of them, took biscuits from them and settled so well that after exploring the house, yard and shed he settled and fell asleep. So we plod on... lots of visits and trips and hopefully he'll come on a treat!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Our Calendar Photo ...

For Anglesey Canine Society 
What do you think?
"Blanik Kids"
Top Group Photo - Blanik Hippy, Georgette, Georgios, Frankie and Ivana in front.
Bottom Group Photo - Our Rescue boy Finlay with Blanik Hettie and Conbhairean Danko Of Blanik
Single shots - My Naughty Angel Blanik Ivana (Sammi) and introducing our new "Danko" son - Lokean Of Blanik.

Thanks Sandra and Misty For Having Us ...

... We had a bloody great time!!!!!

And I may need to retract my earlier statement 
Loki was happy, confident and playful at Sandra's!

One Week On!

 Loki - enjoying life at "Blanik"
Things are going brilliantly. Far better than we could ever have wished for. The girls all love him, with Sammi, Jezi and Asha spending most of their time fussing over him or playing with him. Ziva and Tali are great too, but somehow less demanding of his attention. Mikey and Nico are really good, though Nico is still too exuberant a little jealous, and like Sammi, all the toys are his! Finlay tolerates him, but Loki doesn't pester him so it works well. 
We've sorted out the feeding and now he's eating near as damn it what he should be in a day ... I've learned that as food is not a priority to Loki he won't eat whilst there's things to do or watch and he won't eat if he's sleepy. Unlike my lot who'll eat anywhere, anytime! So at times that I've found appropriate during the day I pop him in his crate with his meal and leave him there for about 15 mins ... the last couple of days he's eaten 4 full meal. Loki's clean and quite at night and only has accidents during the day if we are not concentrating at the right time! 
Will he make a show dog? Well time only will tell, he certainly hasn't the confidence that Sammi had .. mind you not many do!!! I would like it if he had better angled hind quarters ... but I know Louis was a little straight in hind quarters at this age, Mikey too ... so maybe it'll come? 
And yeah .. I still stick to my original statement from years ago, especially as I have re cent experience of both ...
Boys are much easier than girls!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Yogurt Face

Nothing like a bit of yogurt after your tea is there!!!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Early Weigh In At 8 Weeks

 Today Loki is 8 weeks old and he weighs in at 5.7 kg. 
For one from such a big litter it's not bad at all really, just a week behind Sammi and Cal from my litter who were 5.8 kg at 7 weeks. Stella (Little Ivy) was 4.28kg at 7 weeks so maybe she would be roughly the same as Loki at 8 weeks. I think I'll weigh him weekly now to make sure he's catching up .. I know Sammi was a big strong pup, she was 8.70 kg at 11 weeks so that at least gives me something to aim for. 

Llandudno Critiques

Honestly I don't know what to say. Jezi does fidget but Asha has never been unhappy in the ring in all her life!!! Maybe she was looking at the wrong dog!
GSD – J (3,2) 1 BP, Stanley’s Blanik Ivana, 9 month old bitch showing great potential for the future. Promising feminine head, nice eyes & correct dentition. Moved very well. PG (1) 1 BOB, Stanley’s Blanik Hettie, 3 year old bitch with correct construction all round. Nice head. Slightly unsettled in the ring but moved with drive. O (3,1) 1 RBOB, Prydderch’s Strco Tainted Love at Droyale, an attractive 4 year old bitch showing good clean lines with correct head. Very good feet & good bone. Moved very well; 2 Stanley’s Blanik Georgette, not too happy in the ring but a nice bitch with good outline, moving freely.

Luna at 10 Months

Out and about
Cuddled up with her friend "Oreo"

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Some Sweet Moments With Sammi

Click to Enlarge 

The Positive And Negatives

Out With The "Other" Gang
I'm so pleased with how things are going here with Loki with both packs. Finlay is still the one to watch but everyone else is doing so well. Nico and Sammi are over exuberant, Asha just needs to wash him and play with him, Tali, Ziva and Mikey give him more peace but are equally nice to him. And Jezi? Well she's relaxed and even thought about playing with him this morning. Of course we keep an eye on the whole situation and I found myself outside in the dark between 9 and 10pm last night as Loki was full of mischief  and Jezi and Nico were intrigued by his behaviour!
A Baby Louis At 7.5 Weeks
Loki reminds me of  a little Louis in a lot of ways. He's very cuddly and waggy tailed with us, but then so is Nico ... but he's not as substantial or heavily boned as the litter we had out of  Nico, and physically looks a little like Louis. (No, I'm not complaining, how could I?  ... I'm just observing) Loki's not overly foody and hasn't yet finished a single meal here, he's easily distracted from his food, any noise or movement and he's left it and gone. He likes treats, but has to lie down with a bit of toast or a crisps and take his time over it ... sounds familiar?
Sulking At Annie Beans House1 
I use to say Louis needed his napkin and cutlery! He loves cheese and seems to get excited around a cup of tea, I'll have to find out if Tracy and Ian gave him tea!
Anyway he's no where near as confident as Sammi was and he's a little noise sensitive. I know I'm comparing to Louis and Sammi but I found him quiet and subdued at Ann's this morning, so now we'll be after places to go ... at first homes, shops and pups to visit. (I hear Luna the Frenchie is up for it!) Anyone got any time for a visiting puppy? ... and possibly a Sammi Belle in tow, he may well benefit from her confidence  and we can't put the naughty angles's nose out of joint can we!!!

Friday, 24 October 2014


Looking beautiful at 10 months old 

Highlights Of The Day

Mikey posing on the green carpet after his filming work!
Group photo number one Jezi, Finlay and Nico
Group photo number two has been deleted due to dog snot on lens!!!
My beautiful Sammi was 10 month yesterday, it rained all day so no photo. Beautiful day today but no one here to help me get photos in stance! Still we got a nice one at the show on Saturday and this today!
Loki's paper work is now all through, so he's official and legally mine. I'm amazed by how many of the dogs I've bred are still registered to me, most recently 2 of the "I" litter, 4 of the "H" litter and 4 of the "G" litter. I find it really strange when people don't transfer ownership and leave the pups in my name. There you go each to their own. 
Anyway Loki had his first run around in the front garden today ... he loved it. Lots of photos on Facebook.  

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Sammi and Loki's First Game

Click to enlarge 

The Introductions Part 2

Loki and Daddy Nico chilling
We decided to leave it till yesterday evening for Loki to meet the second gang. As I expected Nico was over the moon to meet and greet his son, he may not have had the character to be a Sch dog ... but as a pet/show dog he now has the perfect character! Jezi was very unsure, she is never comfortable in the company of strange dogs, she sniffed him and then went and sat by the door. It was obvious that she was uncomfortable, but she did nothing wrong in deciding to avoid the situation. I'm sure as he grows she'll be fine. Big fluffy Finlay that everyone loves and sees as a cuddly goof was predictable too ... he growled! But after he bit Jezi when she was a pup I'm very careful with him around pups. I know he's old now and that makes him less tolerant, but what was his excuse in 2011? Actually I do blame him for Jezi being uncomfortable in the company of dogs ... I know too well an early incident like that can affect a puppy's character for life.
Well we had a great first night, no noise! I got up around 4.30am and took Loki for a wee .. put him back to bed and he went straight back to sleep. I got up this morning at 8am took him out and again he wee'd .... so a clean bed! Not bad going eh!
Today he's a little more confident, but the girls will not leave him alone. I guess the novelty will wear off with time!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Thought You'd Like to know!!!!

Loki is the Norse God of trickery, mischief, and change; a major character in Norse Mythology. Blood-brother of Odin and traveling companion and friend of Thor; his wife’s name is Sigyn, his children’s names are Hel, Fenris, Jormungandr, Vali, Narfi and Sleipnir. Loki is pleasing and handsome in appearance according to the Eddas. He is renown for his cleverness and for helping the Gods out after he has gotten them into trouble as well as his great ability to make them laugh and cheer them up.
He has domain over fire, and is a master magician, conjurer as well as shape-shifter (In some cases changing gender). Loki is bisexual, having sexual relations with both male and female in mythology. Bearing in mind Loki’s dark side as well as his good one, he is most valuable as a witty, entertaining friend, and a God to call upon.
Loki is not an evil malevolent being or the Norse version of Satan or some fallen angel. The later influence of Christianity on Norse culture resulted in changing the mythology portraying Loki as evil incarnate. This is not uncommon, Christianity often demonizes other religions gods.
Loki represents both our divine intelligence and also free will whereby we can choose for good or ill, and if we make a mistake to correct it. He typifies the human mind: on one hand clever, foolish, immature; on the other hand, he personifies the elevating, aspiring traits in human intelligence.
Loki is still worshiped today and one who worships or is dedicated to Loki as their primary God is called a Lokean. Compare to Odinist

So Proud Of The Baniks ...

The first group introduction went so well. We brought the "Blaniks" in one at a time starting with Asha who is always predictably nice. Tali was the second in and she was a star. Both girls were smitten with the new baby. My spoiled brat Ziva was next and though she was a little tense at first she accepted him with no problems. Sammi was exactly as I thought she would be, but doesn't understand why she can't play chase with him, or why she shouldn't keep wacking him with her paw. Mikey too was far better than we expected! 
The girls are like a bunch of clucking hens following him about and constantly washing him. At first he found it a bit much, but by now he's taking it all in his stride and with his fan club following him about he's exploring his surroundings. Yeah great start ... here's hoping things continue going as well. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Last Night At Home

Loki having his last night on the sofa with his mummy Tasha.

A Shock To The System?

 Stunning Sammi 

Tomorrow my naught angle will no longer be the baby of the family?
How will she cope? Honestly I have no idea, but my dream would be of an everlasting friendship. For her to have the bond with Loki that Jezi and Nico have would be more than wonderful. 
Mostly Sammi is great with other dogs; she's happy to play with any size or shape but she's a typical bitch and she does hold a grudge. On a few occasions that other dogs have had a go at her, without fail the next time she see's them she has kicked off. I can't really complain as she has never started anything, but she sure doesn't forget. 
Anyway watch this space! 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Only The Two

Mr Red has now been reserved leaving just Mr Brown and Mr Light Blue to find their forever homes. Must say with the power of the internet they have done so well in managing to find so many nice home for their babys. Your turn will come boys ...

This Is How I Feel Today ....

"To Be Forgiven"

I'm going down
Won't you help me
Save me from myself
I hear the sound of a memory
Maybe time will tell

Suddenly my life is like a river
Taking me places i don't want to go
But like all good men who swim too well
It takes all that i have just to cry for help
Then that voice in my head
Tells me no

I'm going down
Won't you help me
Save me from myself
I look around for a fantasy
Who can tell?

Let me live my life beside the river
Take me to places where a child can grow
And then
Maybe the boy inside will forsake me
The child in me
Will just let me go

I'm going down
The cold, cold water is rushing in
I'm going down
And i would beg to be forgiven

If i knew my sin

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Loki 7 weeks

Nothing in stance, we did try but he was not playing! 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Llandudno Canine Society

Over the moon with Sammi's wins
Best Puppy In Breed, 1st In AV Puppy 
and Reserve Best Puppy In Show.
She's such a star! 
Our Jezi behaved like a twit outside the ring today
But she was ace in the ring and went Best Of Breed.
No Photos of Asha - she's embarrassed, she was beaten by an "Alsatian!" 
I had to share these. This is the wonderful "Luna."
A three and a half month old French Bulldog 
And now Sammi's new best mate!!!

Friday, 17 October 2014


"George Michael is rumoured to be planning a worldwide tour at the end of 2015. When contacted, a representative had no information on a new album, or any of the singer’s future plans. This isn’t the first time in recent memory reports have surfaced about George Michael recording sessions. Fans will be anxiously awaiting.."

Truth or just a dream? I can only pray and
Time will tell!!!!


Lokean Of Blanik 
It wasn't quite smooth running but within 5 mins of my second e.mail to the KC it was sorted. Can't complain about the service really! Roll on Wednesday now! 
I've been amused to the response to his pet name. I'm surprised by the amount of people who have never heard it, It's actually a name I've used a couple of times at work. I have to confess that I didn't know the meaning to it then, it was only as I looked for a name for this little guy that I decided to check that out. What is important to remember is that Loki Laufeyson is not evil, just mischievous and misunderstood ... apparently! lol 

Vet Check

Yesterday Tarcy and Ian took the little ones to the vets for their Health tests, Microchips and Vaccination. It will become law in Wales in March 2015 that all dogs, young and old, must be microchiped. I think it's the responsibility of every breeder to assure their little ones are done in the nest. What ever we think of chips, it will have to be done. Well I will only have one to do and that's Tali. I had that litter tattooed as at the time as I felt it was the way forward ... now I disagree, Tali's tattoo has faded and is very difficult to read. I think I'll be taking up Cibyn vet's offer of free Microchips, and taking her there very soon.
Anyway the pups ... it went well mostly, but two had small heart murmurs. Your stomach churns a little doesn't it? But the vet had explained to them that this was very common in puppies and may well have disappeared by the time they get their second jab. Coincidentally it's Red and Brown who have the murmurs and neither are sold yet.
Heart murmurs are graded from 1 to 6, and both these pups are graded 1. "In puppies, there are two major types of heart murmurs. The most common type is called an innocent “flow murmur”. This type of murmur is soft (typically a grade 2 or softer) and is not caused by underlying heart disease. An innocent flow murmur typically disappears by 4-5 months of age."  So something to know, but nothing to worry about!