Sunday, 2 October 2016

Free Standing?

 Mr Loki in the breed class
Asha was second in Veteran 
The new rules of free standing are subject to interpretation I suppose. I've decided I'm going to put my dogs in the stance as normal and then "Free Stand" them - loose lead, hands off. Until I'm official told otherwise then that what I'm doing. To be honest It's not alien to me to show this way. It's how I use to show my first GSD Blade. At the time it was frowned upon by other GSD exhibitors who were either stringing up their dogs on fine chains or had attraction from outside the ring. Blade only had eyes for me and I refused to string him up! Thankfully the judges have never penalized me/us for it! I haven't shown all my dogs this way, I'm changed the method to suite the dog but it does feel now like things have gone full circle!


Lin said...

Lovely to see the pics of now and past, both look so much alike in how they are standing but that's all credit to you and the special bond you have with them all x

Ian Turner said...

I think asha and loki where brilliant the both of them moved brilliant and looked stunning well done rhian