Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Little Belly, Big Boobs

Well you can't help but smile can you? 
Today is day 52 ... ...  45 - 55 days -  "Rapid growth of the foetus. Folding of the uterine horns occurs when a bitch is carrying an average or large litter, creating a dramatic change to her outline. This change will not bee seen if only 2 or 3 puppies are present. A waxy plug can be expelled from the teats, followed by a watery fluid. Calcification of the bones of the foetuses  now occur and the puppies can be see by x.ray." 
Since I started measuring her belly I have continued - 33" today. For interest, and education, a friend who has a bitch mated the same weekend as Sammi and caring 8 is also measuring her's. At the time of Sammi's second scan - day 44 they were both 31", but now the other bitch is at least 2" larger! There is no doubting the scan, Sammi only has a small litter, but as long as they arrive safe and well then I'll be happy. 


carrie said...

not long now then ~ good luck Sammi, love to u for a safe delivery of your puppies Cx

Lin said...

Not long to wait Sammi and as Carrie says hope you have a safe delivery of your precious pups x