Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Dilys Dog

Who would have thought that the early morning mist would have cleared to such a beautiful morning. Yes I know, Jezi needs a brush!  
We'd had a lovely walk and where making our way back to the van this morning when a Labrador came over a bank and started running towards us. The owners shouted "Dilys ... Dilys, I'm sorry she doesn't listen." I managed to grab Ziva, Loki and Asha but there was no way I had time to put them on the lead. I kind of hoped Tali would have stayed with is .. Wrong! She trotted off towards "Dilys" and it was obvious quickly that this was a friendship in the making. The woman panicked "She's in season!" "It's Ok" I reassured her, "I have hold of the male!" So now I knew I couldn't let go of Loki! Ziva was trying to pull her head out of her collar, Asha was screaming, Loki to be fair was being good, the woman was running up hill calling and calling and hoping Dilys would follow her and I was hanging on to the three dogs by their collars. In the meantime Dilys and Tali ran around, bouncing, play bowing and generally having a good time, totally oblivious to the rest of us! I wish Linda had been there to take some photos of them, though I was pissed off with Tali, I was equally amused and it was nice to see her playing. Eventually Dilys and Tali went their separate ways and Tali joined her crew. Dilys' owner must have thought I was odd not calling Tali, but what's the point? Even if she could hear me, and at that distance she definitely couldn't, she wouldn't have taken any notice anyway so why waste my breath?
Good thing I didn't have Nico, crossbreed puppies are not on my agenda!!!


Lin said...

Oh what fun you had and yes wish I'd have been there !!!!!

Ian Turner said...

lucky your dogs at well behaved and listen to you as you had 4 dogs the other lady only had one and couldent control hers.lucky the other dog only wanted to play