Thursday, 30 April 2020

In Between The Showers

Chilli and Ginger 


Beth and Basil


Biscuit and Fudge

Come On Ken

 Biscuit celebrating a two testicle day 
Awww don't be sad little Ken, I'm sure it'll come and if it doesn't 
.... well who cares? 

Late Night Cuddles With Fudge

Considering his options
Get the hair
Pull the hair 
Ok I'll look at the camera!

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

On The Move - I Mean Ears

Miss Beth of course showing off her radars, Ginger has one almost up and another considering it and Biscuit's have moved sideways 

Spice and Basil both have one going up, Chilli like Biscuit has hers a bit to the side and Fat Fudge has movement in both.
Ken managed to stay awake long enough for us to see he's got movement in both and I just had to include this of Basil, he is just such a fun guy.


I'm not 100% just yet but I think there is two, one a little bit behind the other which leaves me uncertain ... here's hoping
Not posting this just yet! 
Not only are ears on the move here, but other bits are too. Fudge now does have both .. Ken has one on the way ... and Biscuit?  I'm not sure if he has one behind the other like Fudge had a couple of days ago - so yes progress! 
Everyone's ears are moving too, I will try and get up to date photos, (This is 2 days old) but sadly we really have lost the weather now. 
I do apologise to the non show people on the posts re boys bits, but for show dogs - "Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum...". 


Ken and Ginger flaking out 
 Yesterday was the shittiest day for us and the pups .. shit for them because it wasn't the right weather to get out ... and therefore more shit for us! Well we can't complain can we, we/they have had the most wonderful weather and this morning though it's chilly it dry and bright so I've put them out for an hour or two.
I have pages and pages of lists of names here, but most are for females. As you know I hate the "same old" names .. I like something different, I could never have envisaged the popularity of the name Loki when I used it in 2014! Ross may not be an unusual name, but I know few others, and with his registered name being Poldark .. well it had to be done! Sammi again is not an unusual name, but I don't know any others ...
Fudge discovered Luther 
If we keep a female there are dozens of names to choose from, if we keep a male there are less that we both like .. we have to think carefully on sounds and letter so as not to confuse the others, and ourselves. (Let's face it Jamie, Junior and Jimmy for the cats was not my brightest move .. hence Jimmy became Jimmy Choo and now usually just Choo)  Anyway we found a few nice names to add to the list but Steve cam across Orin.  Unusual, doesn't sound like anything else here and the Greek meaning is "Of The Mountains," considering where we live it's a little apt .. hmm yes top of the male list ... for now!
Of course I've been googling other meanings ...
"From the Hebrew name for the pine tree or ash tree, often spelt Oren or Oran."
"The meaning of the name Orin In Gaelic is "light; pale; pine tree; fair, pale" (don't like that so
 "The name Orin is a boy's name of Hebrew, Irish origin. Orin is one of a variety of similarly-spelled names that have a soft and sensitive image.People with this name tend to be idealistic, highly immaginative, intuitive, and spiritual. They seek after spiritual truth and often find it. They tend to be visionary and may inspire others. If they fail to develop their potential, they may become dreamers, or misuse power."
Now it get's even more interesting, LOL .. "Orin (an alias for Aquaman) is King of Atlantis, Poseidonis and the Seven Seas. He is a founding member of the Justice League, the former mentor of Aqualad and Lagoon Boy." Well now we all know!

Tuesday, 28 April 2020


I've just been reading an article about why back to back breeding is better for the bitch than missing seasons between breeding. Apparently the uterus is never more healthy than after a litter, or maybe that's their excuse for excessive breeding? They tell us that with every season that is missed the uterus becomes less functional and fertility drops. Well ... no one told Sammi! She has been mated twice, approaching her third birthday she had three pups and then just after her 6 birthday and she had nine pups. Now I take on board what they say, I do, I'm willing to learn but there must be more to living with bitches and breeding than the condition of the uterus? 
I totally understand that the uterus has to be fit for function, but what about everything else? What about the mental state of the bitch? What about her quality of life? Her walks in the park? Her swims in the lake? Do they not count? There must be more for a female than producing puppies. Generally Blanik bitches have one litter, Sammi is the first to have two litters since Krizzie in 2003/05. To be honest it was only late last Summer that I decided I would breed from her again - after all she hadn't exactly flooded the market! She has been an excellent mother, but I do hope she will be firmer with the pup who stays this time than she has been with Kaiah though, she has let her run riot!
Talking of the mini Angel, she is in season. Obviously no trip to Suffolk for her this time .. but she'd be quite happy to settle for Ross. Odd isn't it, she wants to kill Loki for his advances but fancies the pants off Ross! Mrs S says NO Kaiah!

Monday, 27 April 2020

Last Day Of Sunshine?

I bet everyone can pick out Beth now!
 The forecast is set to change and we sure are going to miss this weather 
 Chilli wasn't in the group pics - she was at the front of the pen at the time
So here she is 
The vets have agreed to do the chips and health tests .. though sadly I can not be with the pups and will have to wait outside. Ah well needs must, but glad we are going to get it done, not that I envisage any issues but better for all to know!

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Boys Bits

Please allow me this moment of negativity without giving me a lecture ... I need to write about it as I'm thinking it and it's getting me down, playing on my mind as things do. I always feel better for writing, so here goes. I'm getting really worried about the boys not having their testicles yet. I have to make my decision within a week, two at the most and at the moment only Basil has both his testicles. As beautiful as Basil is he lacks the coat and substance that I want for a show dog.  Size wise he has caught up, actually he's passed Biscuit, but his huge coat hides that fact.  
I wouldn't even be giving it a second thought if it wasn't for Kyle and Jethro .. and then the disappointments as I tried to search for a sable boy and came across the problem in other kennels over and over again. Not including this litter I've bred 10 litters, 39 where male pups and only 3 have not been entire to date, but of course 2 where Sammi's sons from her Merlot litter.  
I'll be honest if the males are not entire by 8 weeks then I'll have to let them go, I'll be devastated, heartbroken, but I'll have to! I know the testicles can drop later but I want a dog to show so I'm not willing to take the risk. Of course I have the option to keep a bitch, Ginger is still top of my list but Chilli is now a close second, again that could change. Being without a puppy from this litter is not an option ... but I really have set my heart on a boy.
On a positive side .... in a weeks time we could well have a full set and then I won't know who to choose - now that would be a great dilema! 

Saturday, 25 April 2020


Someone left the paper in the Puppy pen ... 
and some puppies where naughty
It wasn't us say Ginger, Chilli and Fudge
I have to confess the only one with paper in his gob was Ken, but I think he had assistance!


From Baby Beth 
Doesn't she just look adorable with those ears up!
It was a double celebration too as I went looking for testicles last night (as I do!!) Basil has both... Now come on the rest of you! 

Friday, 24 April 2020

Five Weeks

Biscuit and Fudge 

Ken and Basil
Beth and Ginger
Chilli and Spice


Well the new bedtime set up went well. The big crate takes about a third of the space for them to sleep and there is a bigger area covered in newspaper for them to use to play and go to the loo. The crate is covered on three sides giving it a safe deny like feel, and obviously the front door has been removed. I was dreading finding a crate full of pee and puppies asleep on the paper in the morning .. I think it was the "F" litter who did it, and that would make sense because I did struggle to get Tali clean in her crate over night. Anyway to try and help them get it right after setting it up I climbed into the crate (Yes it is that big) and we all snuggled together till they fell asleep. A coupe did stir when I got out but soon settled again. I took this photo just before going to bed .... Blanik K kids say ... "we got it! "

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Today's Report

 With Steve pottering in the garden today we left the pen out there for the pups ... they had a great time and collapse in the shade when they got tired. I've put them in again now but have extended the pen in the kitchen to include Ross' mansion ... he's back down into the double bed! We'll see if it works, if not then they'll have to go into the utility room. 
Weight's were good today; Fudge still flying ahead but Basil and Ken have now over taken Biscuit.
Little Beth is now only a couple of ounces behind Chilli and Ginger, though Spice is still heavier. 
And there I though Granddad Nico was being a sweetheart 
I should have known he was only after the pink pig!

Where Is Your Collar?

Little Ginger was naked this morning - the first collar pulled off.  Now I'll have to watch them, hope to god nothing gets eaten. Pups have also got to the stage of eating their own poo, god I hate it, but it happens with every litter. It's now a race to clean ever poo before they eat it, impossible obviously overnight!
This morning we changed the routine and all went out after breakfast, the weather is good so why not?  But of course house training really can't be taught till 10 - 12 weeks when voluntary control of urination and defecation begins.
I can't help but worry about their future, they are missing out on so much socialising. By 4 weeks we usually have a queue of visitors on a daily basis. The lack of human contact early on must surely affect the character and confidence? I fear the owners will have more work on their hands than I usually like to give them, but what can I do? These circumstances are beyond my control. If I knew this was coming I would never have mated her, but we can't send them back can we!
The conversations re Biscuit continues, I've now changed my mind, I'm almost certain he's a LSH ... but as I said before he's a lovely pup so I'm happy to be proved wrong one way or another. I'm just so fascinated by people on Social media who KNOW he's a S/C .. and the others who KNOW he's a LSH ... when really I'm here with him and and I didn't suspect him till he was about three weeks. Other who really are knowledgeable are also happy to say "I'm Not Sure, " .. but know it alls always know!

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Everyone Out

 Asha, Sammi, Ross, Loki, Kaiah, Ziva
Jezi and Nico 

Ken and Fudge

Basil and Biscuit 
Puppy Party

Spice and Chilli

Ginger and Beth