Saturday, 31 October 2015

Boys Went Out

With a lovely lady 
Mikey and Loki
Loving The River
Beautiful Boys in a stunning spot

Just Phone Pics

You never know who you'll see when your out walking ... 
Asha discovers Jamie on route!
No Boys on this walk
Ziva getting a taste of her own medicine as Sammi runs off with her ball! 


Awkward Annie is doing well. 
Some days I spoil her walks by putting her on the lead for part of it, but surely there can only be so much sheep shit you can eat before it has a detrimental affect on you?
She still worships her kids, particularly Asha, but has little patience for anything younger than them these days! Mind you she has no patience with Finlay either, you can almost read her mind "Bloody bumbling blonde idiot!"  That's one thing about Tali, she's very expressive, there's no hiding anything, her face always says it all. It's hard to believe that she's almost 11 now, well in January, currently she's as awkward as ever so doing pretty well really.  (touch wood) . 

Friday, 30 October 2015


What's a Ziva to do when she looses her treasured toy in a deep ditch?
Well look for it of course, 
 but if she can't find it, there's no need to stress
She can always steal Tali's!!!

All Three's

Steve and I loved watching the mist rolling in over The Nantlle Ridge this morning. The sun trying to break through the dramatic sky!
An almost perfect day for walking, just a tad less breeze would suite me, still it is almost November!!!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Shopping In Aldi In Porthmadog

And the perfect opportunity to get to the Nursery, the woodland of my childhood in Tremadog. Happy Bunny 
Yes I bloody made it to the top!
 Just the one posing pic of Sammi and Loki 
 Spot the GSD's???
 Love this place so much
Caught on Camera - Baby boy's first time on three legs... PMSL

Preparing For Puppies

According to my calendar, and going by her previous litter, had Ziva been mated puppies would be due today. Ziva loved being a mother, and she did a fantastic job. She now has a large under carriage but no milk, she has been pick with her food for days, but continues to scrounge for tit-bits and steal cat food as if she's starving. Last night she refused her tea and in the evening she started digging on the sofa and chucking cushions about. She has again refused breakfast but after sharing my toast she found it necessary to take all the cat bowls off the unit and into her crate. Now she's sat on a chair with an expression of contempt as Sammi and Loki are play like a couple of hooligans.
Poor Ziva I feel so sorry, so sad that her expectations will not be met. It must be so hard when the body prepares for babies, but they don't arrive. Or am I humanising too much here? She's had a litter so it's not like it's a new to her, she must surely think she knows what's to come? I also hate thinking that she must be in a degree of physical pain, or at least discomfort. After all the digging and throwing stuff about is not nesting, (though we still call it that) it's a normal reaction to normal pain related to pregnancy, some say pain relief. Bitches in abnormal pain, (In trouble) don't do it!
Anyway a couple of days and I guess it will soon be over, for Ziva luckily for about 8 months and if all goes to plan with Sammi then hopefully Ziva can be spayed early in 2017... here's hoping eh!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A Bit Of Self Indulgence!

I feel so bloody guilty, my poor dogs are not getting half the exercise they need and deserve. Oh hell I know they adapt, that's the beauty of the breed, but it's still not fair on them is it! They need mental and physical stimulation. Today I'm frustrated, tearful and feel very restricted; I would so love to go off with the kids every day and see the Autumn colours, but I get tired too bloody quickly! I love woodland at this time of year, I want to go to the Nursery, I want to go the Glynllifon, ... but without nagging someone to take me I can't! Now let's face it I only have to ask and Steve would take me anywhere, but that's not the point .. I want to jump in the van and go, get back and take the others out. Before my so called "life changing event" I was walking for 2 to 3 hours most days, now I can't do 30 mins without feeling exhausted, and if I get extra walks like I did on Sunday then I suffer for it for days. Maybe if I had scars on my head it would be more of a reminder for me and make me think. Maybe if I was the type of person who likes to sit and watch TV it would be easier .. but I'm not I want to be out, go walking and not feel like a cabbage for the next few days.
Yes it's photoshopped!!!

She Loves Me She Loves Me Not

Jezi and Nico back to their old tricks 
So nice to see them together.
Love is eh! 

Monday, 26 October 2015

Mr S Took Us Out

We had a lovely afternoon in Dorothea Quarry
which thankfully helped heal the wounds of yesterday evening. 
Me and the youngsters
Great bit of shadow, I always wanted a beard!!!
Sammi Belle wants to go into the tunnel 
Great place, as soon as I'm driving I'll be going back

In The Fields

In Autumn sunshine 
Sadly the majority will have to settle for home turf today


I'm hoping shortly to get back to work. My employers have been great and are more than happy with the phased return to work suggested by Walton and my GP. They are even happy for me to go out with another driver for a couple of weeks incase I get tired. But there is still one big problem, the DVLA have still not given me clearance to drive .. without that I can go no further. I've phoned a few times and been told that "I'm on the system," when I pushed it last time they said that currently my driving license is valid, but it may not be after they have assessed the info. I may not be allowed to drive from 6 weeks to 6 months after the SAH. But 8 weeks later and no one has let me know, so I could I have been driving for the last 8 weeks? Well I guess not as my medical recommendation stated I had to inform the DVLA and wait for approval, but again my licence is valid ... make sense of that if you can! Anyway the minimum of 6 weeks is over and I think, considering I've had major brain surgery that I'm doing quite well ... it's now a waiting game.
Seriously people have been fantastic, when the chips are down you really do see the true colours of people around you. Though I have been surprised at some of the people that haven't called/phoned, and I have to admit I'm somewhat disappointed that one special person in my life didn't make it up here ... but I guess they have their reasons!
Yeah, recovery is good, but I guess last night I did find out just how fragile I still am/can be. A lovely conversation with a great friend turned into something unexpected and I found myself extremely upset. To a point that Steve took the phone off me and ended the conversation. The stressful situation causing the headache and neck pain to return quickly, and I found myself feeling useless and vulnerable. I don't know how the conversation got to where it did, as we both know we have differences of opinion, but a strong friendship, this morning I'm still extremely upset by it all.
I'm all for promoting a correct type of GSD and therefore I'm not a fan of non standard colours and their small gene pools. But that is my opinion, and I'm entitled to it, I don't force my opinion or expect anyone to agree with me. I love Finlay for who he is, he's a very easy dog to live with, but I have never said that he is the easiest dog I've ever owned and I've never said he's the most intelligent. Louis/Nikki/Seffe/Asha/Loki to name but a few must be the easiest dogs I've ever owned. Kai is easily the most intelligent male but that really only putting him on a par with some of the bitches who always have the edge! Poor Finlay does not and never has had the same intelligence level, but that's him and I guess that's what makes him easy to have around! Would I have another white? Well never say never, as in the same situation I would do the same again, but from choice, No!
My bitch lines does go back 7 generations but going back to the first litter I bred back in 1996 I have been careful to use either German Imports or their sons as stud dogs keeping my line strictly "German!" Yes the litters are bred in the UK, but they are on German lines and I steer clear from the weak character/construction of English type breeding. I have owned dogs like Kai who would have excelled in the schutzhund ring, and Nico who due to his character failed at it! Nico has the ideal pet dog character, he's territorial, but not sharp, willing to please and will do anything for a cuddle! As the puppies I breed go as pets this is exactly what I want in the character of a stud dog. Saying that Sammi is more like Kai, over intelligent, determined and more feisty. Care will be needed when choosing the stud dog as repeating myself, I sell my pups as pets and their character need to be fit for that purpose!
Anyway now I need to try and forget and relax, the knock has hit me harder than I expect leaving me mulling things over and wondering what exactly the "people from Caernarfon" have said about my dogs. Damn it you can say what you like about me, but slagging off my dogs (if they did) is quite another matter!!!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Loki And Noya's Date In Cwm Dulyn

The first friend Loki ever made outside of his family, is still his best friend! 
Just Wonderful! 

Handsome Hunk

Super new photo of my lovely Mikey Mikey 
... Still full of fun and energy, only a little grey belies his age!  

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Critiques From Way Back In March ....

Bootle, Crosby and South Liverpool
Loki on the day ...
. J (1,0) 1 Stanleys Lokean of Blanik. Upstanding 7 mo b/ g male puppy. Correct planes to head, dark eye, erect, alert ears, full dentition, excellent length of neck and forechest developement, high wither, hard topline, strong loin, good length to croup and good tailset. Well angulated with good return of upper arm in front and sweeping stifle behind. Sufficient depth for age. Stands on sound legs and close feet. His scopey stride was evident once he became used to the small ring, kept his topline, straight towards and sound but slightly eratic behind. A pleasing prospect who only needs maturity to look at his best. Sympathetically handled.
Sammi in the ring
L (3,1) 1 Stanleys Blanik Ivana. Quality 15 mo b/g bitch of excellent proportions, good head planes, would prefer a slightly darker eye, full dentition, alert expression, harmoniously put together with good angles fore and aft, good length of upper arm and medium bone. Shown in hard condition and good coat. Coped well with the small ring, keeping her topline and covering the ground. Straight coming towards, not as strong behind.Well handled.

After The Rain

Thank god it cleared to a bright, but blustery afternoon. Sadly short walk for everyone, but it keeps them happy. The guys were so happy to find mother nature had built them a few new "lakes" and all the ditches were full to bursting.
This will probably have all drained away by tomorrow! 
Sammi, Loki and Mikey
Asha and Ziva
Nico and Jezi
Finlay - "let's go back to bed!"