Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Happy Birthday big boy

You may no longer be here, but I will never forget.
Stolen from us far far too soon
Thinking about you Kai, now and always xxx

Monday, 29 July 2013

Phone Photo

10 month old Isla with 18 year old Abi last night.
 No tension here ... well that's because Tia's out!
Isla has finally figured out how to go out through the cat flap, shame she doesn't realise she can get back in too, she's been like a wet rag the last two morning.
I'm sure she'll learn!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Beautiful Baby Ziva and Handsome Hunk Jamie

Sorry about the overdose of photos the last few days...
I finally spent my birthday money (Over three months later) I've got myself a new camera, it's a Fujifilm S6800 Bridge Camera. Very similar to the one I got for my 40ieth all those years ago! Sadly getting XD cards for that camera was proving more and more difficult and they seem to malfunction on a regular basis with a loss of data. Very sad really it was such a great camera. Just getting use to this one, I'm loving all the programs, the zoom is ace, but I can still just point and shoot! 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Everyone today

Happy Designated Birthday Day Finlay

6 years to the day since your arrival for short term "fostering" at Blanik
So now you must be 10 years old?
Well close enough anyway.
Happy Birthday Sunshine

Friday, 26 July 2013

Sleep In A Deep Deep Sleep

I was woken up in the middle of the night by Steve reassuring me, "It's Ok, It's Ok, I've got you." Apparently I was sat up in bed screaming "OMG No, OMG No. I remember snuggling into his arms and I remember the fear, fear like I'd never known in my waking hours. I was physically shaking and my heart was racing, but I have no idea why, I have no memory of any kind of dream. He asked me numerous times where I was and what was wrong? But I didn't strange but by no means a new experience for either of us. Over the years I've had regularly similar episodes, occasionally finding myself half way out of the bedroom, but there has always been one obvious difference, I've always known what I was dreaming about.

Seffe - 2005
Before Steve and I got together Blade would occasionally wake me up at night; for no reason, in my mind anyway, he'd be nuzzling me till I woke. Later this role was taken over by Seffe. Seffe would seem distressed, squeaking and licking at my face. Steve realised that Seffe reacted to the distressed I was experiencing in my sleep and she always woke me up before it escalated, usually around the time he realised something was wrong. It's strange these days, Finlay never bothers, just leaves me to it! He's such a different character to the standard coloured dogs. Certainly that extra something that gives total dedication from dog to owner is missing in the white gene, well it is with Finlay anyway!!!
So I'm going to bed in a few hours .... let's hope the night terrors don't return tonight!

Not To Be Out Done

Steve telling Tali what to do

Off she goes

Little Ziva flying through the hoop
Asha and Mikey cheating!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Nico Having A Bit of Fun

Coming Through

 Over He Goes

Easy Peasy

Cuddles Now Please

Ok A Bit Of The Serious Stuff!!!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Is He Out And About Then?

After months of silence rumour has it that Mr Michael has been seen out and about. But when the "Rumour" comes via the sun it does leave you doubting!  The photo is suppose to be new, is it?  Would he be wearing a long sleeve shirt in this heat? If he has scars following that strange accident earlier this year I would imagine he would be far too self conscious to show them ... so yeah it could be!
"GEORGE Michael looks like he’s on the road to recovery as he takes a stroll — the first time he has been pictured in public since he fell from a car at 70mph.
The singer, 50, was out walking near his home in Highgate, North London.
In May he was treated for head injuries after plunging from the passenger seat of a Range Rover on to the M1 in Hertfordshire.
A source said: “He knows he is lucky to be alive.”

Sunday, 21 July 2013

And The Old Wheel Still Turns

When Tia arrived at "Blanik" back in 2003 Abi cat was a force to be reckoned with. A hiss and a swipe kept everyone in their place, and the young tortie was easily kept in line! But as Tia matured and developed her temperamental tortie temperament, Abi was ageing and was soon knocked off her pedestal. Tia continued her reign of terror with Billy and Oliver avoiding confrontation at all costs, until it was that Jamie arrived. As a kitten he too got the brunt of her aggression but he soon decided he was not having any of it. The bully became the bullied. Unlike Tia, Jamie does not bully the other cats, but he seems to take the greatest of pleasure in tormenting Tia.
Early this year Isla arrived, Tia treated her with the same discontent that she see fit to treat everyone else with. (including us!)  Honestly the young female was quite scared of her and did everything to avoid confrontation. But it must be hard to keep turning the other cheek and this morning she took a leaf from Jamie's book, walloped Tia and to a lot of hissing and growling Isla chased her out of the kitchen. I doubt Isla will develop the aggression that we've seen from Tia over the years but I'm really pleased that she's finally stuck up for herself.
Jamie never bully's Abi, and I've never seen Isla take much notice of her. Jamie and Billy wrestle like kittens, and Oliver and Isla played a lot during the winter months. Really these days there is only one bad penny in the pack and I fear now that the old wheel is not turning in her favour anymore!


Where ever you sleep tonight my precious boy
I hope your not far away from me.
I miss you so much my darling Louis
Everything about you was special to me
Thank you for everything.
Happy Birthday
Never Ever Forgotten.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

BOB But No Point For Mikey At Ruthin

Embarrassed of his cooling wet "Pink" towel!

The judge was pleased to have "Alsatians" to go over!!!
Don't ask ... long story.

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Over the moon to see Harley today. He looks wonderful; though nothing like his mum or dad, my god he looks like a male version of Tali.

I don't think Ziva will be best pleased if she sees this!!!!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Kids Today


Monday, 15 July 2013

I Remember You

Your the one that made my dreams come true

 When my life is through
 and the angels ask me to recall
 the thrill of them all,
 then I will tell them I remember You,
So much for celebrating the positive, remembering with a smile and not a tear ....
This one, this anniversary rips at my heart.
My first home bred baby
Not the top show winner, she left that to her brother.
Not the top brood bitch, she left that to her sister
Simply my best friend.
Seffe, I will always "Remember YOU"
Blanik Astra - 10.1.96 - 15.7.07
Always in my heart
You Have Been Loved

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Black Smoke Cat ... again

Beautiful Isla
Many of us cat lovers think that we really know our cats well enough. But by taking the time, we can actually communicate with them on a whole new level. This can be easily done by paying closer attention to their eyes. One major way cats communicate is by using their eyes. This is helpful because we have eyes, too.
Cats’ eyes are not exactly like ours, however. Experimenters at the University of Oregon Eugene and other bastions of great learning have wasted vats of federal funds and countless cat lives trying to put to human use knowledge gained from interfering with cats’ eye movements. It can’t be done.
According to veterinary ophthalmologist, Dr. Ned Buyukmichi, “Humans have a very specialized region in their retina with which they see and almost all their vision depends on that specialized area. Cats don’t have that specialized area. Also cats have a much greater ability to see at night. These and other reasons make the information from vision experiments on cats worthless if it is to be applied to humans.”
Veterinarian H. Ellen Whiteley reports that cats can see in light only one-fifth as bright as the faintest light we can see and that their complex ears contain 30 different muscles, whereas ours have only six. But no set of figures or charts can convey the anger, annoyance, bliss, love, and subtler emotions your cat’s extraordinarily expressive eyes hold. So don’t think I was scrimping on design costs when I left out the chart.
Cats’ pupils dilate when they are angry or on the attack, and cats smile at us and other cat friends with appreciative eyes by squinting.
Your cat will slowly, almost, but usually not quite, close her eyes and reopen them while looking at you. When almost closed, the eyes are held at the lowest point for a second. You can return the sentiment by gently squinting back, mimicking the cat’s pattern. It would be rude to do anything less.
If a cat closes her eyes all the way for more than a split second, that is absolute trust in action.
If your cat “smiles” when looking at you, you are observing a private contentment, expressed publicly in the same way you might give a happy sigh in an empty room.
To read eyes, you have to watch closely.
When your cat sees a bird outside the window and that tail starts twitching, compare the look in your cat’s eyes to the look that accompanies a different tail-twitching experience-the appearance of a strange cat. Although your cat’s eyes will dart back and forth in both cases, the first look is reserved for interest in prey, the second for interest in a potential marauder. Although the two looks are different to the seasoned cat observer, both hold elements of annoyance, keen interest, an awareness of the potential for action, reserve, and the need for vigilance.
Annoyance is commonly expressed in joint eye and tail action. If you are not attentive, you can get swatted at or bitten, simply because you missed your cat’s polite warning that he or she was in no mood to be petted or picked up.
Ingrid Newkirk

Friday, 12 July 2013

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

"H" Litter Standard Coat Girls

Darling Danni with her neighbour and best friend Poppy
Looks like Enya may just loose her ball!
Going out to get photos of my girls now .. will edit and add one later xxx
Here they are not more than 5 mins ago
Ziva and Jezi

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Too Hot

Just had to pinch these photos from Rowena's Facebook page. This is Max from the "E" litter cooling down his own way, what a star! Max who will be 10 in a couple of weeks looks great and shares his home with Choccy Lab Harli.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Leo - Jay's son

Meet 7 year old "Leo." He was bred by and lives with Mark who handles for me. Leo was sold to a pet home but went back to live with Mark 4 years ago. Not sure I see much of his dad in him, except maybe in colour. Such a shame he's been neutered as I have been trying to find a male that goes back to Dexi to re-introduce him into my line ... Ah well maybe one day!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Never Forget ...

... But remember with a smile instead of a tear. Remember the good times and be forever grateful for everything that was and has since followed.  
Nikki 9.6.93 - 4.7.05

Robbie lyrics playing on my mind today .....

.............I know it’s not the heathen in me
It’s just that I’ve been bleeding lately,
Don’t turn to me,
Bite your tongue, the torrid weapon
You could learn a useful lesson

What’s so great about the Great Depression
Is it a blast for you?

Words cut like a knife through Vaseline
You can’t really mean what you mean
When you say what you say
So tourettes make them come out that way,
Wish I was here well I wish you weren’t
Your gift of anger’s better burnt
If nothing’s said then nothing’s learnt
I though I wasn’t but I’m really hurting
.......I can't behave
I know it’s not the heathen in me
It’s just that I’ve been bleeding lately,
So turn to me
Bite your tongue, your torrid weapon
We could learn a useful lesson
In a greatness great depression
It’s not a blast for me,
It’s blasphemy

Maya Enjoying Her Birthday Cake


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Happy Birthday Beautiful Kai

The first born :)
Kai, Asha and two of the other girls.
Before Mikey arrived -
he was born on the back seat of a silver escort on the bridge in Chwilog on the way back from the vets, one bitch was born later!