Tuesday, 18 October 2016

4 Days Old

.. and she's already got herself in a pickle! (Photo was taken last night) Little Kaiah seems to be stuck. Is she screaming and shouting? Is she distressed? Is she hell, she's fast asleep with most of her weight on her brother! These bars are so important, they are life savers but with such big puppies they do have their down side!
These puppies are so warm, so comfortable and so content. They get around the box with easy, vet beds are such a wonderful thing.
I often think back to my first three litters and how much harder it was for them.It was drummed into me back them, "no bedding only news paper, puppies suffocate with bedding." I didn't know any different and did exactly as I was told. Yes, like these they were under a heat lamp, but they were cold and struggled to get about, their little legs unable to grip on the newspaper. I do understand the danger of bedding and we have found that even with well fitted vet beds they still somehow manage to get underneath. I guess the danger then is if  the bitch went into the box and lay on the pup. All we can do is be vigilant. Generally for safety and comfort the bedding is well worth it.


carrie said...

well, she IS a Blanik ~ an what gigantic 4 day old pups ~ Sammi sure went for quality, not quantity:~} yes, i think vet bed stuff is great an love how fast it dries. Sure u got it all under control with some help from Sammi of course,

Lin said...

That's one chilled out little girl and such a lovely pic, get used to that camera Kaiah your Mum has !!!!