Saturday, 31 May 2014

Puppy Cal

Doesn't he look great. :)
Photos stolen from Facebook.
Can't Wait to see him again on Monday.

Show Time

Ok the grass is cut .. 
So no excuses - let the training commence!
Sammi - "Now tell me again why I should move?"

Friday, 30 May 2014

Sammi Out With Granny Asha

The bond between these two is amazing, it's almost like Sammi has 2 mothers to look after her. Asha does tend to put her in her place more than Ziva does, but she plays with her, washes her and generally fusses over nice :) 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

I Spoke Too Soon

His spokeswoman said: "In response to newspaper reports today, we can confirm George was admitted to hospital on May 22. He was discharged last weekend and is well and resting. He is very much looking forward to the release of his new single in July. Given the personal nature of this matter there will be no further comment."

So David Austin his life long friend says he's mixing an album, but the "Spokeswoman" says he's resting! Can't even get their stories straight can they! Who are we suppose to believe then?

Poorly George?

"Friends of George Michael are insisting he has bounced back from his ambulance drama – and is already back in the recording studios.
The star, 50, was taken to hospital for mystery “tests” after a friend raised the alarm last Thursday. But friends entering his home has insisted he has bounced back from illness.
Earlier today music producer David Austin arrived at George's home in a Land Rover. Mr Austin, who is also a close friend of George, said:  "It is just ridiculous what is happening. He is not ill, he has been mixing his record over the weekend, he is perfectly fine.
"We've been working down at Air Studios round the corner at Lyndhurst, Hampstead, we've been working there at the weekend, that's where we do all the recordings."
A courier parcel then arrived from Virgin records, Mr Austin added: "Look, here's the demo. We'll be having a look at this now."
Two emergency ambulances were sent to the star’s north London home early on Thursday last week, the London Ambulance Service confirmed.
Former Wham! star George is reported to have suffered a 'mystery collapse' and a worried friend called 999. "
What do I believe/think? Hell I've no idea, but as we've said countless times an official statement would surely put our minds at rest and put an end to all the rumors and speculation ... as ever there nothing!

Beautiful "G" Litter Boys


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

At 5 Months

Four generations looked Like this .... 
Tali and Asha
 Ziva and Sammi


Nice Walks

But only phone pics so nothing special

Someone little refused to pose!!!!

Nico's Not Impressed!!!!

Get Me Out Of Here!!!!!!
PLEASE don't drop me!
I'm afraid the hydrotherapy was not a hit, but with 6 weeks paid for, 
he'll have to get use to it!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sadness ...

1995 - 27/5/2014

Abi had seen it all, every GSD I've ever owned, every litter of "Blaniks" ever bred, and both my husbands! 
Nineteen years is a hell of a long time to share with someone, but to give her the dignity and show her the respect she deserved it was time to say goodbye. Sleep well my little one, I hope you find your sweet sister Gail, she's been waiting a long long time for you .... You Have Been Loved. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

I forgot ...

Just something else that the gentleman also mentioned about Sammi yesterday. He said "she only has about another inch of growth in her knuckle, which is fine, but I doubt she will go any taller!" Interesting, as I always thought she would possibly be Asha size, which is top size for a bitch, any taller and at Champ show level there is a risk of being penalised for being over size. Anyway if his years of experience is correct then she will be bang on middle size like her mum. Actually it was quite nice to hear after previous quite hurtful comments of how large and masculine she was!  One things for sure as much as I like to mull it over... only time will tell.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Another BOB for Asha

Me with my girls - Jezi and Asha
Another great day's showing, Jezi was 2nd in PG and Asha won Open and BOB at Welsh Northen Counties. We didn't stay to challenge for BIS; at 3pm the judge still had 25 classes to go, and having been there since 9.30am I was sadly loosing the will to live!!!! Proud of you girls. 
We had compliments galore for little Sammi again today, some for obvious reasons mean more than others. A Champ show judge who gives CC in the breed gave me a verbal critique, which I've tried to remember .... " beautiful head and expression with lovely dark eye, excellent reach of neck with super over and underline and correct croup. Balanced angulation front and rear which is not overdone in anyway. Lovely coat and colour. Slightly cow hocked and loose which should improve with age and strengthening of muscle tone .... Can't really tell on dentition as her mouth is sore, Lovely baby, now can I take her home?"
Errr nope!!!

Friday, 23 May 2014

5 Months Pictures

Stella - caught you!!!
Hopefully the other pics will come???

Some Recent Show Critiques

(Asha) Anglesey -1 Stanley’s Blanik Georgette, super alert powerfully built bitch who showed reach & drive without putting any effort in, well off for bone, excellent head, moderate ears & intelligent expression. BOB;
NWA - Stanleys, Blanik Georgette. Lovely bitch, good feminine expression. Good angles both front and rear, correct topline which she maintained on the move. Handled well.

(Jezi) - NWA - Stanleys, Blanik Hettie. Lovely feminine bitch, fantastic expression and oodles of ring presence. Good shoulder and upper arm placement, correct topline and croup, good rear angulation. Good depth of chest and spring of rib, moved soundly with a far reaching side gait, covering the ground with ease. BB, RBIS
(sadly there has still been no critique for Jezi's bob from Llandudno - but we keep hoping)

(Nico) - NWA Stanleys, Conbhairean Danko of Blanik. Masculine dog of 3 years old. Black and tan. Correct angles fore and rear, correct topline with well moulded croup that was maintained on the move, good depth of chest to leg ratio. Ground covering side gait, correct movement away and back. RBD.

Royal Welsh - Open Dog
1st R Stanleys   Conbhairean Danko of Blanik
3 year old Black and Tan Male, Upper med size,  med strength, excellent type with correct coat, masculine head and dark mask with dark eye giving a calm expression, would have liked to see him use his ears more to complete the picture. Good wither and clean correct topline with long but well moulded croup, having good length of upper arm and good lay of shoulder, well developed and correct depth of chest. Good width of thigh but just a little long in hock but not over done in hind angle, stands very true in front but would like to have seen more strength in rear. Good side gait showing excellent forward reach at a faster pace, unfortunately not so clean behind, although sound would have liked to see a truer action but a small ring and smitten with his handler did not help on the day. Excellent temperament  RBOB

(Mikey) NWA  Stanleys, Blanik Georgios. 5 year old good sized male with pleasing masculine head. correct angles fore and rear, correct topline, moved ok, handled well.

Caernarfon OPEN (7,2): 1st. Stanley’s BLANIK GEORGIOS. A judge can always pick holes in any dog but I strongly believe it is the whole animal that is being judged. So, yes I would have liked a tad more length for perfection, a bit tighter in front feet would have been nice and just a fraction less steep in croup. That said, what a super dog. Great head, so masculine. Superb, depth of chest, ribbed well back and very strong in loin. Superb front assemble. So strong throughout I couldn’t get over the feeling that this dog really could go all day and still be ready for more. BOB and a strong contender in the BIS ring.

5 Month Weigh in!

My pretty baby Sammi was 20.80 kg and 54.5cms at the wither today. Still pretty close to Asha on height, but Asha wasn't weighed at 5 months. Tali was weighed and was 19.50kg, but not measured, but yeah we are there or there abouts.
Ziva and Jezi were 52 and 53 cms at 5 months, but only litter sister Enya was weighed and was 19.50kg. The sister were weighed and measured at 5 and a half months and I remember  I was very surprised to find that Ziva was the heaviest at 24.2kg and 56cm at the wither, Jezi was 23.9kg and 58cm. My god didn't they spring up in 2 weeks!!!  Jezi is still taller than Ziva, but Ziva is of stockier build.
Just out of interest, by 6 months Asha was 28.6 kg and 58cms at the wither, Tali 23.4kg and 54cms at the wither so quite a different there.
Luna weighed in at 18.40kg a couple of days ago, so at 5 months she's also pretty close to Tali and Enya.
Don't worry I'm not obsessive about it, it just interests me greatly. I know it's not a science, but other than Jezi is a touch taller than Asha all the others have remained in order .... if you know what I mean!!!!!!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Ziva And Her Daughter

 What a funny face your pulling Ziva
and for god sakes ... get up!
I'm walking Sammi with Ziva more and more these days, my train of though being that Ziva is the most obedient of the dogs (Probably the most obedient dog I've ever owned really) so hopefully she'll be a good influence on her busy, inquisitive daughter. Mind you as Linda pointed out, all the dogs are very obedient, there's just the one "older lady" who's as stubborn as a mule! I doubt she'll ever change, Tali has ignored me for 9 and a half years, why would she change now? Don't get me wrong, she doesn't run away or anything, just does everything in her own time. I may be calling but she's got sheep poo to eat so I can wait!
I'm looking forward to getting Sammi out with the crew, it won't be long till she can come out with the rest of them. Maybe a month or so and we can start to introduce her to the group walks. I have enjoyed our trips out though, it's been an absolute pleasure exploring with her, it's wonderful watching them experience the world for the first time, and there's still so much to do. I think we may carry on on the odd trip out, it really has been great fun, especially when Mr S comes as well :)


I was over the moon to receive these today. 
This is Seren, Asha and Mikey sister. 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Growing Up So Fast

2 days till she's 5 months old and even if I say so myself
She's looking great

Got Them

Huge thanks to Tony Mullard for these photos from the Royal Welsh. 
Asha beautifully handled by Claire Thomas was 2nd in Open bitch
Nico was 1st in Open Dog and RBOB. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Today's Walks

Jezi, Finlay and Nico
Ziva, Mikey, Asha and Tali
Today I took 91 photos ... lots but not all on Facebook. 
I'm still waiting for photos to be posted from the Royal Welsh. 
Will add details with the photos. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Battered Billy

 Well Snowflake is well and truly in the dog house. He's been in the cottage again last night, and after pissing in the house again he beat up little Billy cat. Billy had 4 puncture wounds in his leg, 2 are deep and close to the joint. He's had an antibiotic injection and is feeling very sorry for himself. Poor Billy is getting older and has never been a fighter .. Snowflake ... action will have to be taken!!!

Some Of The Little Ones ....

Barney yesterday - so like his dad
Bonnie - not the most flattering of photos, 
but god it made me smile
Stella - cooling off on holiday
Cal - Having a great time out and about

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Royal Welsh

News from the judging tomorrow, but had to share these tonight....
Me and Baby Sammi
Blanik Isko aka Barney
Sammi and Barney with proud owners. 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

My Words Got To You?

Paranoia setting is? "Is it written about me?" Could be, maybe, maybe not!
If the cap fits then feel free to wear it!
Moving on .... 

A Tad Cheeky

Those of you on Facebook will know about Snowflake. (Sorry bad choice of nickname!) He has been visiting regularly and even taking to sleeping around the property. This week he has crept nearer, as close as the wall by the back of the cottage. But with our own 6 cats part of the family, the dogs are not really welcoming this guy onto the property, but Snowflake does not seem in the least bit bothered by their lack of welcome.
Last night, shortly after midnight all hell broke out in the middle room. As quickly as I was awake I ran through to find Oliver fluffed up to twice his size and Billy and Tia nervously staring at the cat flap. On the step (Inside the house)there was cat pee ... I opened the door, and there he was, Snowflake, about 10 foot away from me. He had obviously been in the house but Oliver had sent him packing. There was no sign of Jamie or Isla and I would imagine Abi would be fast asleep somewhere else.
I don't mind the guy hanging around, but I really don't want the fights. This is the second time that he and Oliver have had words now and I don't want my cats hurt. I would imagine that Snowflake is an entire male and to be honest I'm really pissed off at his owners for not doing the sensible thing and having him neutered .. taking it of course that he has an owner. Though I wish him no harm, I do hope his "words" with Oliver will make him think twice before coming into the cottage again or I will really have no options ..... those balls will have to come off!