Monday, 24 October 2016

Blog Views

Maybe this doesn't help Tali! 
Yesterday this blog had 512 views - 373 from France -  Love to know your here, but who are you? Since the pups where born it's been a lot busier here with over 250 hits a day, but consistently over 400 this last week, yesterday being the highest I've seen. Note to self, check spelling!!!!!
Jimmy seems OK today, neither Steve nor I can feel any kind of lump, so hopefully just a sting but I'll checking him daily now.
Sammi is improving too, though still a little sore and not best pleased at being "Washed" four times a day. With her too I'll just have to see how it goes and contact the vets mid to end of the week if I'm not happy with her progress.
So just as other things are settling here, poor Tali is in the wars. She has a rash which seems to have flared up badly and quickly. So what's changed? Well only the herbs that I'm adding to her diet for the IBS. Could it be that? I'll be really disappointed if it is as she's doing so well on it. I've sent the manufactures an e.mail and no doubt Tali will need to see a vet to get this settled.


Lin said...

Such a shame about Tali as you say it's a shame if it's the herbs not agreeing with her but glad Sammi and Jimmy are improving x

Ian Turner said...

glad to hear that sammi and jimmy are on the mend hope you can sort talis problem out soon