Monday, 17 October 2016

Does It Become Boring ..

.. if I post puppy pictures everyday? 
... and no, from this angle I don't know who they are!
I'm still non the wiser on coats. I have my thoughts but I'm not willing to commit just yet.
I usually know by a week old so hopefully give it a day or two! 
Thinking about things during the night, as I do, it was 2005 when I last had a long coat male in a litter. There was 2 in Krizzie 2003 & 2005 litters. Since then and not including these, we have had 3 litters, 21 live puppies in total with 2 being too special for this world. Of those puppies, 8 where S/C bitches, 7 where long L/C bitches, and only 6 males in total. I guess that made up for Krizzie having 2 litters, total of 15 males and 2 females.
It was actually the year 2000 when we last had a litter with no long coats, Seffe's kids, and to date (again not including these) it's the only litter we've had without any! Anyway time will tell if my thoughts of the day are correct! 

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Lin said...

You'll know soon enough and you're always right x