Saturday, 29 April 2017

Puppy's Parents

 Sire - Larro
 Dam - Alexin 
The breeders know I'm interested and will keep me posted on the little guy's progress. 
So now we wait and hope but also continue searching 

Sable Pup

Well my head is truly spinning. This little guy is 3 and a half weeks and available .. should I want him. The breeder is happy to hang on to him for a few weeks for me and see if he has "potential." What the feck do I do now? This is earlier than planned.
OK plan of action is to check out his pedigree and see if it's compatible to Kaiah and or Sammi. Well I've been trying to do that for the last hour but have been in tears here as I can't remember anything .. I need to refresh my brain on my pedigree's so often these days. It's so frustrating, I use too remember everything now I can't store anything beyond the second generation. Honestly I think I may have to get pen and paper out!
I know of his sire and import called Larro Team Gaudi and he has no common ancestors within 5 generation to Kaiah which is great ..  I don't know the dam and I must now do my homework. She does carry one line to Quenn and 2 Zamp lines, but i think they will be far enough back .. Her sire is also a long coat, which is great news as Larro doesn't seem to carry the L.C gene, so hopefully the coats in the litter will be reasonable.
Right going to sit down with pen and paper now and see if I can figure out this pedigree!
And don't forget .. what's written on the blog stays on the blog, not for sharing on Facebook .. yet!

Friday, 28 April 2017

Loki and Kyle At Llyn Cop

 Loki with Iris and her lovely Kyle
 The boys having fun
 I said "Sit!"
The very handsome Blanik Jackson - Kyle

It Sure Looks Like ...

... The English Are Coming To Anglesey.
The Judge at Anglesey C.S this year is rumored to favour the English type of GSD. When he judged at St Helens last month he gave Bella BOB, but there were no English type present on the day.  Most of the GSD folk had opted not to enter Anglesey this year and go to The National in Stafford instead. I didn't, I always try and support the local shows as we need them for our youngsters. Today the entry for Anglesey has gone online, without doubt from the figures the "English Are Coming!"
So what do I do? Well I will go to the show, the experience at the moment is invaluable to Kaiah, but they may not go in the ring, to have my kids beaten by the type grates on me. Hell, I'm not scared of them .. I just can't see how anyone can consider the type correct. They are over long, low to the ground and have dippy backs. How can such an animal be appealing to the eye, how could they ever do a days work? I know mine are pets but they could keep going all day if necessary ...
I did have photos of Kaiah in the ring at Builth with the one English pup in the class, but it seems I have cropped her out! Ah Well!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Jamie's Looking Better

After his visit to the vets yesterday dear Jamie is looking better today. He has another eye infection and bless him has been feeling very sorry for himself. Where he get's it from I just don't know but I don't want it to spread to the other cats. Typically he was quite stroppy and let us all know he was none too impressed with his trip out. I'd sooner take a dog to the vets than a cat any day!
Whilst we were there we discussed his weight. Seriously I do worry about it as it's not a health weight, and because he's so special to me I do actually feel it when people take the piss out of him. He's my mate, so I can take the piss out of him, but you can't, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I asked whether they thought a blood test may be a good idea, I wondered about his thyroid etc. But the vet felt it was unnecessary and that there was nothing wrong with him that a little less food and more exercise wouldn't improve. Well I can't drag him around the field on a lead can I?  None of my other cats are this size and he gets the same as everyone else to eat, and to be fair he doesn't always finish his meals anyway. (Though he will steal Loki's dinner if Loki is taking his time over it)
Anyway I guess I've come away knowing that Jamie is not ill,  basically he's just a lazy fat twa .... er I mean cat!

Beautiful Day For Walking

But feels like February out there! 
 Shame I didn't notice the camera lens was a bit smudged and Nico's not clear.
 The girls still walking together
After about 10 attempts we finally got Kaiah to stop rolling about in the reeds and keep still for one photo .. and yes it was just the one! So wish I could mute the click on the camera! 

Puppy For Sale

To A good home of course!
It's not often I complain about Miss Kaiah, let's face it she has been an easy puppy. Her personality is very Louis (ish) in that she is mainly a happy bubbly girl who bounces around taking it all in her stride and enjoying life. Maybe she's had a double dose of "happiness" with that Blanik line and Nico, who's also a very happy cuddly guy. She's also very obedient, as obedient as any 6 month old puppy can be, but as I said has a good teacher there in Loki. And here is my first problem...
Kaiah is obsessed with Loki, whilst mainly it's quite funny, a little endearing even, last night and on previous occasions at club it has been an absolute nightmare. She can't concentrate on doing her "thing" because he's not next to her, I can't move her around the hall as she drags me towards him and I really don't want to get cross with her. But where it all falls apart is when she and I sit and watch and Loki takes his turn with Ian. She screams, she shouts and fidgets, yes I can put up with that, but the longer he's away the higher the volume becomes and the more stressed she gets. For god sake's he's only the other side of the room, I see no need for such stress! It was suggested last night that I separate them more during the day, hell with Sammi's never ending season poor Loki has spent most of the last three weeks in the kennel, she's only seen him on walks. Alone at club Kaiah is perfect, but I honestly don't know what to do about this. For Champ shows and breed shows it will make no difference as there's time between classes, but at local shows I can see it will be a bloody nightmare!
Kaiah and her hero! 
For sure, Loki is not going to miss out because of Kaiah, but he and Sammi may have to share the shows in future. With his CC he will now have to go into higher classes than his age .. if that makes sense, a class that Sammi is already in and I can't shows 2 dogs in one class!
My other problem is that with the extending days, Kaiah wants to get up earlier and earlier. I really don't think 8am is a bad time for them or us, but today she was shouting at 6.45am. No sorry I'm not getting up at that time. I understand she sees bright sunshine, she sees the cats coming and going and probably just want to join in, but no .. sorry, I'm not having it. This morning I got up and put a blanket over her crate, covered her like a bloody parrot, and yeah at least I got an extra hour out of it.
So puppy for sale/rehoming ... well we know of plenty that get moved on for less!!!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Kai - Kaiser Vom Conbhairean
9.30am -  My hunt for a sable puppy seems to be getting me nowhere. Last week I had several offers and suggestions, but all going back on Conbhairean lines. As much as I love the kennels breeding, (my god how could I not, look at what it has given us at Blanik), I do now need to move away from this line. Kai and Nico both came from Conbhairean and share one breeding line through Kiara (Nico's mum) and Kai being siblings. Nico also has a line back to Conbhairean's foundation which Kai doesn't have. (His parents where German - an import bitch and his sire based in Germany)
So Sammi and Kaiah carry the doubled up imported Conbhairean line through Kai and Kiara and the foundation line through Nico's sire Uno.
This week a lovely litter are born in Scotland out of a lovely L/C Sable bitch, so I check out the pedigree of the sire, it's not suitable!
A litter born down South, the sire a  Sable British
Nico - Conbhairean Danko Of Blanik
Champion who I admire, the mother an import .. for the same reason it's not suitable. The reason being a dog called Quenn who seem to appear everywhere, he is Kaiah's great grandfather and care must be taken when doubling up on him too close in a pedigree. He is also the great grandfather of the puppies that are down South, which with research maybe doable ... through the sire he appears twice in the 5 generation pedigree of the Scottish pups, sadly because of what he has been linked too I fear having him in any future pedigree 3 times within 5 generations. (If all goes to plan the idea would be to mate pup to Kaiah - health tests provided of course!)
A friend has a lovely young sable male, just the type and colour I'm looking for, but I can't even use him at stud as his sire is the stunning CH.Conbhairean Freddie who through his sire is Nico's half brother ... too close!
I knew this would be hard, but I'm feeling a little disillusioned at the moment. There must be something out there somewhere .. where are you Mr Sable Pup?
Berti At Home With A pup 
12.45pm  - STOP
Just as I was going out this morning I had a call from a friend. They have plans to mate their B+T bitch in September to the sable boy Berti Vom Zoarhoff. They want to keep a bitch, therefore pick of males will be available. Well that's me getting excited! Of course it's all ifs and buts, the bitch may not conceive, she may not produce any sable males, she could produce L/C's etc etc. So I guess the best thing for me to do is not put all my eggs in one basket, keep this bitch in mind and keep looking. At least I now feel a little bit of positive about things.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Gold Star

I just made it back before the rain this morning, it wasn't as cold as I expected it to be, but with the afternoon came sunshine and a bloody cold wind. Another Gold star ⭐ for the Angel for a recall away from a sheep and lamb who seem to appear from nowhere today! Of course Asha a Ziva ignored it, nothing more than I expect of them, but where Miss Belle is concerned one never becomes complacent and her initial slight hesitation made me think that more work is needed again this Spring. I could almost see her thinking it through, chase or listen, listen or chase ... she chose to listen for that I'm proud!
Today I've also achieved something, I've had my hair cut. Well it's the first time since my brain blip and I was really starting to look very unkempt. I had had an issue with my head being touch, I think purely psychological, but it was all just fine! Mind you there's no drastic difference to my appeance, just of course that now it's bloody curling again!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Llyn Cop

Jezi and Nico
On the top path after surviving the attack of the Westies
The valley of Cwn Dulyn where we were earlier in the week just to be see at the top of the photo. 
The Ladies by the nearside of the lake 
Just love this photo of Sammi, Asha and Ziva
Kaiah, Tali and Loki at the far side of the little lake.
This is just a a wonderful place. A magical, tranquil place in the heart of my homeland. 

Saturday, 22 April 2017

A WeeK Ago ..

... They Were Show Dogs Winning At A Championship Show
Today they are just friends having fun!
 Playing Chase
Man Down ... Man Down
 What Can I Say! 
 Miss Mucky Legs
Beautiful Even When Wet!

Beautiful But Breezy

Lights not great on this one due to position of the sun, 
but damn it it wouldn't move! 

Friday, 21 April 2017

Morning And Afternoon Walking

Jezi and Nico
Sammi, Asha and Ziva
Loki and Tali
The puppy cropped out for being annoying!!!
 Kaiah and Loki in Cwn Dulyn this afternoon
Hopefully the little bugger will sleep this evening

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Another Day Another Lake

 Anything Loki does Kaiah has to do. 
Like Mikey was for him he is such a great teacher for her. 
 Ziva off for a swim
Run boy Run

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Critiques From North Wales GSD

Judge Suzie Barnes 

Post Graduate Dog 3 1st Stanley Mrs R Lokean Blanik Sh.CM 3 males of very different breed type in this class, but my 1st place went to this 2 ½ year old correct size, med strength male. Blk and gold, expressive head and alert intelligent expression, would like to have seen a darker eye but good shape. Took my eye as he came in the ring with a look at me attitude without being over excited. Good length and angle of neck, correct wither into a clean overline made from a straight well-muscled back and well-muscled loin into a good length and lay of croup. Correct height to length ratio’s and well balanced front and rear, correct forehand and super hind angles with good turn of stifle in no way overdone. Sound away and back with a well-coordinated side gait at all speeds. Feet ok. Lots to like about this moderate male and was very pleased to award him Best of Breed over a very nice female.

 Limit Bitch 2-1 1st Stanley, Mrs R, Blanik Ivana Sh Cm 3 ½ year old blk and gold very feminine bitch, med size, med strength, good head planes, well set and angled neck into correct wither. Lovely overline, fur at tail set can detract but hands on proved a well set tail, correct height to length, slightly steep but good length upper arm with well placed shoulder, correct underline, good hind angulation. Good away and back and super side gait showing correct extension, shame we never had a larger ring as I am sure she comes to life on the move. Pleased to award this lovely female Res Best Bitch.

 Veteran Bitch 7-2 1st Stanley, Mrs R, Blanik Georgette. 9 year old paling black and gold female, feminine head, good height to length, retained her topline whilst on the move producing a strong well coordinated action away and back with steady side action. Looking great for her advancing years, pleased to award her best veteran in show.

The Stunning Cwm Dulyn

With Nico and Jezi 
Photos to capture views as well as dogs
 Go on Linda just a couple more steps back! 
 Stunning isn't it
 Right at the far end
Beautiful Nico

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Walk Three

 Tali, Loki and Kaiah
Lets get a lovely pic of Loki on his own by the lake I thought, 
not only has Kaiah photobombed it but she's pulling tongues at him
Tali loving the paddle