Thursday, 28 February 2019

No Food Today

The Dog Food (CSJ) delivery arrived as expected late morning, but it also left on the wagon. The driver would not come up the track and this time I refuse to cart it up 10 bags at a time in the van. The couriers are reminded with every order that the track is narrow and has a tight bend .. No dinner for the Blanik kids next week then.

Short Walks on the last day of meteorological Winter, but actual most of the dogs had never been here so short, but exciting. 

Do Not Disturb

Steve and I have giggled so much about this over the last few months. At first we thought it was coincidence, now with it happening daily, well it just can't be. Today the weather has changed, and Perry has taken to his bed and closed the curtain. You'll hear one of us asking, "Have you seen Perry?" The other will reply .. "The curtain is closed!" Clever little character ... 
I took a peak in!

Caernarfon Critiques

"GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG What a pleasure to judge this great breed and once again, I was delighted with the quality of the dogs being shown. No signs of exaggeration or weakness in any of the exhibits and places in all the classes could easily change on another day. The breed is certainly in good hands in North Wales, many congratulations." 
2. Stanley & Bibby’s Silkenwood Poldark of Blanik Another very pleasing young male, who has many virtues and is well balanced front and rear. Has a very lovely head and expression. He is strong in pasterns and hocks and moved extremely soundly in all directions. Just would have benefited from a little more body on the day 
1. Stanley’s Lokean of Blanik ShCM I loved the size, substance, proportions and the great ring presence of this very impressive male. He has the most delightful of heads with strength throughout, but with absolutely no signs of coarseness. He has super bone throughout and very strong pasterns and hocks. He is well angulated front and rear with excellent chest and body. He moved so very soundly and with great reach and drive in all directions. I was delighted to award him BOB and Pastoral Group 2. Well done.

Is Ross a little lean? .. you know I think he is and I will give him a small supper again for a while! No point trying to increase his meal size, though to be fair he's eating well these days. Supper it is then. 

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Another Sequence Of Photos

Asha fast approaching her 11th birthday ... as fit as a flea,
But I did tell her not to go there! 

Weather Set To Change Tomorrow

But today is just perfect. Not cold or windy, not stupidly hot, just perfect!

A Sequence Of Photos From Yesterday

Watch him go ... can you see the kong in the photos? 

 Kaiah watching, she paddles but doesn't swim
Nothing better than a knackered cuddly Ross in the evening!

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Frogs And Toads

Nature is precious to me, I love the countryside and all it's beings .. well most of them. I adore the big birds, the Kites, Buzzards and Ravens .. and of course I love frogs and toads. I always get excited to see them at this time of year, and later I love watching the tadpoles turn into the tiny amphibians. I thought I was lucky to see the "threesome" earlier in the week .. I'd never seen this sight first hand before but today I think took the biscuit. I have never in my life seen so many frogs and toads, Llyn Cop was over run with them. They where along the bank and they littered the edge of the lake, fantastic sight to see and wonderful to hear them call.
My photos are not brilliant, I guess a top of the range camera would be needed to catch these clearly and after Saturday I fear mine will never be the same again ... anyway here we go.
Click on the photos to enlarge 

LLyn Nantlle (Lake)

So there it is in a photo taken earlier this Winter when I was on route to Llyn Cop. The beautiful Nantlle Lake. As far as we where concerned there was no access to it at all, but yesterday Steve stopped and asked at The Trigonos Centre in Nantlle and they told us of a path on their property where you could get to the lake. It was just wonderful, a short distance for Steve to walk, stunning views and a safe enclosed area for the kids to play. Honestly I've seen some wonderful places but this spot simply took my breath away! 
 Snowdon at the far left and the Nantlle Ridge
 Kaiah watching Ross swim
What a wonderful place for any dog to play!

Our Usual Morning Walks


Look at those stripes!
He's really enjoying the weather. Finally he's being a "proper" cat.
Though he still can't figure out the cat flap!

Monday, 25 February 2019


A 15 minute drive followed by a short woodland walk along the edge of a stream to a gate ... and then
Where am I? I'm not telling!
But tomorrow, weather permitting .. I'll be taking the youngsters back to swim and explore! 

Stunning Weather

Sunday, 24 February 2019

And Three .... Llyn Ffynhonnau Here We Come

 Hang on that's not Llyn Ffynhonnau, or it's shrunk! 
Again I found myself avoiding people and staying off the paths. Instead I followed the wall down to behind Castell Caeronwy (The house we call the lonely light) and turned left back towards the lake. But again - People and a yappy small dog. Ah well we'll stay at the little lake then, actually it's one of the pools close to Llyn Ffynhonnau  and it was still good enough for a splash and a swim. 
 Ross was chuffed it was deep enough for a swim anyway!
Love this of the three of them. 
A photo of Llyn Ffynhonnau taken from the far side - the pool where we were today can be seen at the far side. I don't visit it often, the last time I was there was early January. There are a couple of boggy streams to cross to get there, but sometime you have to go don't you! 

Cwm Dulyn with One And Two

 In trying to avoid the Sunday walkers I opted for Cwm Dulyn, but instead of avoiding them I found myself among more people than I have ever seen there. I tried to avoid as many as I could, but that was not always possible there; though I have to confess everyone I saw was pleasant, chatty, and  enjoying the day. 
 After completing my two first walks I decided not to go back for walk three and thought I would give Llyn Ffynhonnau a chance with the Young Guns. 

Win With Pride

Loose with dignity!
Yesterday at Caernarfon Canine Society it was another successful day for us in the show ring. Ross was second in Grad and consistent as ever Loki was BOB and group 2. We where delighted that Kasey also went BPIB and puppy group 2, but I have to say she will have stiff competition in puppy breed classes from baby Ania. This morning I was thrilled to see the words of the judge on my Facebook page .. Karen Fitzsimmons wrote "Many congratulations and thank you for bringing your super dogs under me. Once again I was thrilled to have such great quality GSDs to judge. The breed is certainly in excellent hands in North Wales"
Sadly as ever the day was not without it's sulking and tantrums in many parts of the show. I was delighted to see my friend win her class. I realise the dog has a distracting feature on the move, but this is one issue, all dogs have faults, there is no perfect dog out there and it's down to the judge to consider what he or she considers to be most detrimental in their opinion. Judging that class yesterday I may well have done exactly the same! But what ever, how ever the class was placed I would not have caused an atmosphere or challenged the judge .. loose with dignity.
I came home feeling quite upset about it all, especially as  I was told that asked "Who got BOB in your breed?" The reply had been "Who do you fucking think!" Well, what happened to friendship? What happened to the support we use to show each other? I suppose it all went out of the window when my dogs became harder to beat. As a friend said in her own breed, if you want to beat me get a better dog! One thing is for sure, I will not stop campaigning my dogs to please others. I will not leave Loki at home to give others a chance ... and if I feel the judge would favour Kaiah, then sod it I will be taking Kaiah! I will not be pushed out or made to feel bad just because my dogs win ... and when they don't I do hope I will loose with dignity ... as I do win with great pride!

Friday, 22 February 2019

My Tabby Boys

 Jamie and Junior
They all look so different - well to me anyway!

Spring Is Almost Here

Nico and Jezi 
Sammi, Asha, Ziva
Ross, Kaiah, Loki
Kaiah "almost" forgot to wait! 
The things you see in the countryside. To quote my hero "Let's go outside," but I doubt this threesome will be accused of a lewd act .... "back to nature!" 
I'm so chuffed to have had the opportunity to see this and get this photo. 
I love frogs and toads and I've never been lucky to see anything like this before, doubt I will again.
Actually it made my day. 
(Though I'm still jealous Steve saw a fox last week)