Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Sheep, Walking And Seasons

Steve and I are at our wits end with the sheep. It all started after Scottish Power knocked the wall down between us and the farmers fields in the Summer, now nothing seem to keep them out. One thing I will say is that they are not the dim creatures they are made out to be. They know there is good grass over here and come what may they are coming over. As annoying as they are in the field we have been coping but now they are coming over into the front garden and have done damage to Steve's plants, he's gutted. The garden is his escapism, his pride and joy and I really feel for him. I have messaged the farmer for help but had no response, sadly by law it's up to us to keep them out and not up to the farmer to keep them in. A little unfair all round, especially as we often use to let the dogs out without giving it much thought!
My walking routine has changed a little. I find going out later in the morning more beneficial.  Mind you I dislike being told "we are going now" anyway. I like to go when I'm ready and not to a set time in the morning these days, actually it's working well and they are anticipating my routine a lot less. Though of course there are still triggers that send them all into a frenzy, but it is nice to decide at a moments notice that "We'll go now then!"  To be honest with life the way it is, there really is no need for such routine and planning is there .. just go with the flow ... and the weather forecast of course!
Our Crufts passes have arrived today. Two dog passes and 2 helpers passes. Ideal. I'm not sure If Kaiah will be in season or not by then though. I had her down as due last week, and the last couple of days the boys have started to show mild interest in her and where she has been. I'm hoping against hope that she pushes it on to the beginning of March, not for Crufts but for the timing of her next season. Coming in at the beginning of March would hopefully push the next season on so she would be ready for mating at the beginning of October. That would mean, should we be lucky, that puppies would be born in December and not ready to be sold in December. Here's hoping .. but everyday closer to the end of the month is now a blessing.

The Troops Out

Monday, 18 February 2019

Little Loki

When I sent the above comment I had just been to see the litter, Nico and Tasha's kids. I had taken 5 photos - 2 x 2, yes ten puppies. Two male puppies impressed me the most, Mr Orange who became Loki and Mr Purple. In my post here I am asking Tracy for more photos of Mr Orange.  At this time I had no intention of having a puppy from this litter, to have one would mean I could not breed from Jezi and mating Nico to Jezi had always been the plan. But every time I saw the litter, one puppy stood out, one puppy got under my skin. Mr Orange had potential to be a show dog, his conformation was moderate and unexaggerated, his colour was good and his coat seemed promising. I didn't need another male puppy, but this boy got under my skin. With Ian ringing telling me he was there for me and Gail telling me it was fate, eventually I made the decision to have Mr Orange and spay Jezi!
It's been one  hell of a ride .. after the initial concerns and character issues it just got better and better. Loki is currently the top winner here since Dexi .. though there's a way to go to catch up with him and Aria, the boy has done me proud from puppy classes through to the current day. He has his fans and his admirers and of course, quite naturally people who don't like him. He is not without fault, and I see them I guess more so than others do, as it should be. We must never become kennel blind .. we must always see the good and the bad in our dogs.  
 2019 has started with a big bang, here's hoping it continues and the boy goes from strength to strength. I'm really looking forward to campaigning him further, at the helm at open shows and watching him flow around the ring with Sarah or Ian at the breed or champ shows. Here's hoping for continued success this year.
Watch out guys we'll probably be last at the next show!

Out With The Ladies - And Causing Trouble!

 As soon as Ziva dropped the toy Nico grabbed it and was off with it
 Ziva followed, but failed to get it back
 Ziva has been for back up, her daughter and her mother
but naughty Nico just laughed and kept the toy for the whole walk! 

All Weather Walking

Strange dark skies and moody lights, then sunshine, then came the showers followed by wind and hail and to finish it off we got a right bloody soaking. 
Nico and Jezi
Asha, Ziva, Nico (yes again) and Sammi 
Kaiah, Loki, Ross
Well it was going to happen and today it did, Loki has lost his toy somewhere near the empty lake.
I did look but with him making no effort as usual and the wind and hail bouncing painfully off my face I thought "Sod it, sod you, why should I look for half a fecking toy when you can't be arsed to look yourself!" So yeah, I left it and came home. 

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Yesterday At The Show

Loki and Ross in the challenge 
I really was kidding myself when I thought I could do two shows in one week end. Today I'm beyond knackered, you know when you're so tired you feel ill. My poor dogs have had to have a PJ day and they are being just great. It's a little breezy out there though so Ross at least wants to stay out. Anyway I've promised to make it up to them tomorrow. They don't miss out often but sadly today is just one of those days.
The entry yesterday was 431 dogs, so if you like Loki was second of 431 dogs. Quite an achievement. We had a change of judge to the judge scheduled and we where informed of that via Facebook mid week. One person told not to bother as this judge would not be suitable for our dogs. Glad I didn't take the advice!!!! Loki has now 30 of the require 50 points for his ShCEX - a new certificate that will eventually replace the ShCM. (He had to collect 25 point for that and had to start afresh for this one)
Loki and Kasey
I was showing Ross yesterday as well, he showed really well, but unfortunately stood alone in his class. Sadly he still looks devoid of coat and it's so obvious when you look at photos of him in the ring. All I can do is hope it improves with adulthood.
Ian had little Kasey at her first show yesterday. She also did really well and was first in her GSD puppy class and puppy group 4. Not a bad day for Nico's kids eh!

That Means So Much

Even if you did miss spell my name!!!

A comment on a photo of Loki from the show yesterday sure has warmed up my heart. This is one of the big guns in the breed, a well respected gentleman of many years standing, he's written books on the breed and is  member of the Breed Council. I consider this high praise indeed
"Good to see a dog alert but relaxed,attentive to his handler,showing his natural lines and not waiting to dash to an attracter! Well done Rhianne"
I replied 
"Thank you so much for your kind words Brian and Susan. I have always handled Loki at open shows like this, it works for us and I believe it's great for GSD to be seen at these shows"
And again a positive reply from him.
" Absolutely right! Every GSD at ANY dog show should be a positive representative of our breed in both physical and mental attributes.Dogs like Loki promote the reputation of our breed and today more than ever we cannot be indifferent about that."

Saturday, 16 February 2019

The Boy Did Good!

BOB - Group 1 and Reserve Best In Show At St. Helens today.
Proud Of The Boy

Friday, 15 February 2019

Nico and Jess Kids

One long coat bitch and two short coat dogs

Boys And Their Toys

Ross flew into the water, as he does, swimming strongly and purposefully with his treasured Kong in his mouth. Ideal, I would shampoo him and blast him when I got home.
I threw Loki's toy in for him to retrieve, and that's where it went wrong, Loki just looked at it and wittered "get it yourself." I tried to persuade him to fetch it, but he was not having it, and I was not going for it! Ah well I decided it was bye bye toy! I set off back but then realised the toy was now close to the bank on the far side. I wondered if I could get down the steep bank and get to the toy, but back on that side of the lake I couldn't see it and had no idea where it was. The old cogs started churning and I thought, I'll go back round again and count the trees, that would give me an idea of where the toy was. Just as I was setting off there a man came up the track to the lake and I decided to take advantage of him!!!
Me - "can you see an orange toy in the water?"
Him - "A what?"
Me - "An orange dog toy .. somewhere along the edge of the lake."
Him- "A what?"
Trust me to get the village idiot, no seriously only joking. I dragged Ross' toy out of his mouth to show the guy and bless him he directly me from the other side of the lake along the bank to where the toy was and watched as I nervously made my way down the steep bank. Loki started to follow me down the bank and with all the strength I could use without tipping over the edge I pushed Loki down into the water shouting in Welsh "Where is your toy?" Success, thank you sir whoever you are we could never have done it without you!
 The toy floating off to the centre of the lake and Loki's not going for it!
Yes I came down the steep bank through the gorse from the fence almost into the water,
all for half a bloody toy!
(You can see the toy floating in the water by Ross)

LLyn Cop

Just photos, but a funny tale to tell later! 

Ross' Family

This morning I was looking through 410 photos from the show at the weekend. I clicked on this photo, thinking, "She's nice!" My God it's Silkenwood Yasmin - Ross' litter sister. I swear I've never seen her before and this was her first show. Obviously black and tan unlike my boy .. but a far superior coat to Ross, looks a little shorted coupled than him with more moderate angles. Yes I like her very much! 
This is another photo of his dad Larro - a photo I'd never seen before - but WOW! 

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Bloody Parvo

The parvo cases are still the subject of conversation in the dog world. It's so hard not to over react. I've contacted 2 vets today and asked if it's safe to attend dog shows and training classes ... this is what I was told ..
Vet 1
No we haven't heard of anymore reports since our initial post. As long as your dogs vaccinations are up to date you should be safe to attend dog shows and classes. It is more unsafe for unvaccinated dogs to attend these types of events.
Vet 2
NOBIVAC DHP - for the active immunisation of dogs to reduce clinical signs of disease caused by canine distemper virus infection, to prevent clinical signs and viral excretion caused by canine parvovirus infection, onset of immunity one week after vaccination, duration of immunity three years, if dogs had complete vaccination, at least a minimum of 1 week since finishing the course, should be ok and adult dogs are up to date with boosters, no worrys.

Like most people I have not been giving my dogs boosters, the side affects of over immunisation are usually greater than the risks of the conditions. But Parvo is a nasty condition and currently we can't be too careful, but running out to vaccinate our dogs could well make matters worse as "DHP causes an immunosuppression, so if the pup is exposed to Parvo just after vaccination (not difficult being as Parvo is everywhere) and then developed Parvo, it is the multivalent vaccine which is to blame"..  Of course there is as much risk of you or I bringing it home by walking in town as there is of a dog picking it up at a show.
I was under the impression that these vaccinations lasted about 7 years, reading on line seems to confirm this. Here is just one post .."Even more exciting is the task force has acknowledged that in the case of the non-rabies core vaccines, immunity lasts at least 5 years for distemper and parvo, and at least 7 years for adenovirus. Hopefully these new guidelines will help more dog owners understand the long-lasting effect of those puppy shots!" This confirms 5 years, as I said other say 7.
On Saturday I have Ross and Loki entered at a show, they should both be fully covered .. strict hygiene when I get home should give me further peace of mind.  On Sunday I have Asha and Sammi entered, I may give this show a miss as obviously Asha hasn't had a vaccination in 10 years. I would hope her immunity would be pretty good, but I wouldn't like to take the chance!
At the moment I think I will go Saturday, but give Sunday a miss. Of course this is subject to change if there are anymore reported cases. In my years of showing I don't remember so many cases countrywide .. saying that the cases reported since mid January to date are about 10 .. and if it wasn't for social media would we really know it was all going on?

Feels Like Spring

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Walking And A Bit Of Fun

 I was going to zoom in and get a close up but they both buggered off! 
I blame Jezi - after all it could never be Nico, could it??
 My Lovely ladies at Auntie house - 
I've still not had any info about the name of the cottage
We went down to the bottom derelict cottage 
I regretted it - God it's a climb back up!

What can you see? so funny, after having words on Facebook it was just what I needed to cheer me up.
Thanks to the one who put Smurf where they knew I would find her

Following my post on Facebook about how delighted I was that the dogs had tested clear for SOD1 gene someone decided to give me a lecture about the complexes of DM.  I know that there are several other genes and causes which are still being researched. I know the condition is complex, I know they are only clear of SOD1 ... and that is only one gene responsible for DM .. I'm not stupid and when I need help and advice I'll go to Katrina who is a font of knowledge and experience and not to her.  I refuse to let her get all high and mighty with me. Ok, being fair I know she's a very knowledgeable woman and I have difficulties even remembering my own dogs immediate pedigree since, well you all know since when, but I won't let her speak down to me. I've been involved with this breed since 1991 and researched the breed a lot longer than that. I try and do my best by my dogs and my breeding, I may have to look read and do it again and again these days but I bloody do it in the interest of this breed that I love so much. 
Partly I wish I hadn't  posted  the DM results - but I copied/paste it exactly as it is on the results and she took offence at me using the word "Clear" and gave me a lecture on the post. But the word "Clear" is on the lab results and as I pointed out to her I had said they are clear of SOD1. Anyway she's deleted her posts now but I had ended my second comment pointing out to her that I was really pleased with these results, and having lived through DM at it's nastiest any hope is better than nothing. I told her she had completely ruined the moment for me now .. or words to that effect! 

Ross Tested n/n As Well

Another good result - Ross has also tested clear for SOD1 - one of the genes responsible for DM. 
As I said early here's hoping continued research into further causes and genes, and the testing of breeding stock will soon see this cruel condition to be a thing of the past!

Still Waiting For Results

When I put the laptop on yesterday morning Kaiah's DM results where already there, the e.mail sent at 8.03am - so I kind of hope Ross' results would be there today too, so far nothing. You can't help but worry when you've sent things off together and one comes back but not the other. I'm trying to be logical and think well they are probably working through them alphabetically .. so Blanik Jeevana would be well in front of Silkenwood Poldark Of Blanik. Hope it's not too long! 
Kaiah's results also give me peace of mind for Sammi, as Kaiah is clear for this gene then both her parents have passed on a clear gene meaning Sammi would probably be clear, or at worst a carrier.
Like I've said before, to my knowledge no Blanik bred dog has been affected by DM .. but sadly Blade was, thankfully he was never bred from.  As it's a condition that doesn't usually show it's self till 8 + years this test is a god send. It's no where near 100% successful as there are other genes considered to cause DM, but the reputable breeder is now hopefully on it's way to reducing, and even one day eradicating this crippling condition from their line.  
For anyone who is interested here is a little extra info about DM on the site that did the tests. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Kaiah's Results

Wow - Kaiah's results are in this morning. I'm over the moon ..
The results show her to be n/n - clear - Dog tested negative for the mutated SOD1 gene and will not pass on the defective gene to its offspring. What more can I ask. Perfect!
The coat length gene is also in .. L/l  Both the dominant and recessive alleles detected. The dog will have short hair and carries the gene responsible for long hair. The dog can pass on a copy of either allele to any offspring. I'm not changing my mind but some further thought on the stud dog is necessary!
Hopefully Ross' results for the DM test won't be too long as I'm on pins now!

Monday, 11 February 2019

The Class Clown

Put the volume on 
My god he sounds like Blade!!!!

An Extra Walk With The Boys

 Oh No!!!
He's so funny