Friday, 27 February 2015

Sammi's Critique From "Group Judge" At Leigh

"Pastoral Group 2, GSD, Stanley's Blank Ivana, pretty bitch with typical alert expression. Well proportioned & clean cut lines. Particularly liked the back line into gently sloping croup. No excessive angles. Well muscled. Good markings. Moved soundly & very balanced.Well turned out. Would prefer a calmer less vocal outlook when stood. Susan Wardle"

Have to use this photo again as it's currently my favourite.
Lovely critique and have to confess our Sammi was a tad gobby towards the end of the group judging, maybe my fault as she saw me too early!

Hungry Puppy

"Will you get up off that sofa and get me my dinner!!!"

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Walk Number Two

If you're going to keep lots of dogs - where better to live?
Ok one of the down sides - wet dirty dogs!
Light was poor, but a nice group pic 
Ziva, Mikey, Asha, Tali, Sammi and Loki in front

Walk Number One

May I suggest you move, NOW Jezi!!!! 
Beautiful photo of Finlay, Jezi and Nico
But ....
You only get one chance with Jezi - Good Boys!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Loki and Sammi playing at Annie Bean's

They went round and round and round, but he didn't have a hope in hell of catching her up ... so he stopped! Game over Sammi! 

Who's Your Bloody Mother???

A Pair Of Thiefs
Asha and Jezi 
Last night as I walked into the living with my dinner in hand I was greeted by Jezi stood on the sofa with her front legs on the arm of the sofa. Before I had a chance to do anything .. or even think anything she leaned forward and stole my Cheese- chilli bread off the plate. Obviously knowing her crime she legged it across the room and chewed and swallowed as quickly as she could. What a cow!
Bigger Thief - Kai
No, it's not the first time, the last time it was a whole hot sausage, swallowed whole I hasten to add! (and vomited up about 30 mins later, only to be chewed and swallowed again before I got my bum off the sofa!)
Darling Deeanna - Krizzie
 So where does she get this behaviour from, is it learned or hereditary?  ... which ever I blame her bloody mother! Asha is the worst thief out and has been know to steal and eat the contents of peoples bags around the show ring. To make matters worse another "big" thief here was Kai, Asha's dad ... and Krizzie, lets not forget Krizzie who even stole and ate a salad off the work top!
Am I cross? Well at the time I was pissed off and hoped the chilli was enough to burn her mouth, which I guess it wasn't. But of course today I look back at it with amusement ... another preciously funny moment to add to the collection of living with the "Blanik!"

Monday, 23 February 2015

Brother And Sister

Beautiful Asha and Mikey Mikey

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Dirty Wet Sunday

All but the young are settled and happy to stay out of the wind and rain. 
But I have to admit I'm bored too ... so what better to do than fiddle with photo programs. 
Looks better doesn't it! 

Hard To Pick ..

the best photos from yesterday .... but love them all! 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Look What Google's Done Today ...

It says - "This animation was created from a burst of 2 or more photos!"
I must say it's a tad odd and fast moving! 

St. Helen + District Canine Society

After the journey from hell we arrived at the venue with just enough time for a wee and a stretch of legs before we were due in the ring. With only one in GSD puppy time was indeed limited! There was no GSD Junior class scheduled and Sammi was competing in her first PG class - she won! Mark took Asha into open for me - she won! My lovely girls just never let me down. I was over the moon that Sammi won Best Of Breed. I guess I've come to term with the fact that due to Sammi's wins Asha will not now gain her ShCM. Ah well ... the younger generations take over eh!
Sammi proved me right again in the big ring for having so much faith in her from such a young age. Under a different judge she was shortlisted to the final 7, at 14 months to be in with the big boys and do so well is quite an achievement.  How many times can I say it .... I'm so proud!
The hall is awful for quality of photo so we took a couple outside .. hence the mixture of photos ....
Stunning Sammi
Baby Boy Loki 
Asha being nosy! 
Sammi in the ring

Friday, 20 February 2015

Love This Timehop App Thingy ...

A few weeks ago I downloaded an application to my mobile phone called "Timehop."  I now get daily reminder of what I've posted on Facebook over the last 5 years. 
Honestly it's been wonderful looking at photos of last years "I" litter popping up on a daily basis ... above Sammi's first "Selfie!" 
3 years ago my status read .. "she hurt me again!" and 5 years ago .. "tried to get to work, got stuck and cried!!! What a wimp!" 
This was taken 5 years ago so I think my reason for getting stuck is self explanatory.
And three years ago - physio on my knee - Oops I stopped going!  

Reminiscing Again!

To be honest I was just looking for some photos to e.mail to a friend and I came across these taken in February 2012. Hard to believe that by the end of the year we had lost three of these dogs.  
Baby Jezi with Kai and Kiri
Finlay and Louis

Two beautiful photos of Louis, I wonder why I'd never really noticed these before?

Thursday, 19 February 2015

He Ate .....

A meal and a half of puppy food!!!
Who? Well seriously who do you think .. our Jamie of course!!!
In the morning I measure out Loki's food to be split into three meals for the day. 
I give him his breakfast and put the remaining in a sealed tupperware type carton. 
We came home to find the carton on the floor, the clip on the lid broken and less than one meal of Royal Canine Maxi Junior (At £54 a bag) scattered on the floor. 
The dogs had not had access to this room, all the other cats came for their tea and "Mr Twmffatyn Tew" lay like a fat blob on the sofa! I swear he looked like he was about to burst. 
Was he ill? Was he hell!
Anyway rare pic of the boy cats trying to get as close as possible to the fire.
Billy, Junior, Oliver and Jamie

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Our House

Looking really nice - such a good job. 
From over the valley at Cwm Dulyn on Sunday

Socialising And Having A Good Time

The two Blanik babies would like to thank Auntie Carrier so much for having them over. They had a wonderful time running around the garden, jumping all over the furniture and generally causing chaos. Thanks also for their new toys - Very lucky Sammi and Loki! 

Monday, 16 February 2015

E.mail From Lisa ...

... and it's made me quite emotional .. Thank you so much for your kind words Lisa, and thank you all for loving Luna. 
Hi Rhian
Have been doing lots of reminiscing this weekend as no doubt have you! Here's a little something I pulled together, hope it's ok x
They say things are meant to be and finding Rhian and her wonderful Blanik babies definitely was! After months of consideration, in November 2013 we were finally able to say we were getting a dog!
We took nothing but reassurance from our correspondence with Rhian and knew we'd found someone who really cared about who and where her future puppies would be going, this just what we wanted. Suddenly The excitement about christmas was all about the new arrivals and checking Rhian's blog for updates and how the beautiful pregnant Ziva was progressing. On Christmas Eve we were delighted the pups were safely here and of course there were four bitches in the litter so knowing we'd have ours sent excitement levels through the roof. We'd named her Luna before she was even conceived so in reality had began to emotionally attach to a dog that wasn't even ours yet but for now her name was Jingle! 
What followed were the most wonderful pictures, videos and updates of the Blanik 'I' litter and the countdown to picking up day, oh and a visit from 'the dog inspector' aka Linda Lawton, I've never been so prepared for anything in my whole life but so nervous! 
We made the exciting journey to Fron on Sunday 16th February 2014 and meet Luna for the first time. And how special to not only meet the remaining litter but also her mummy and daddy. 
There were so many emotions when we left, suddenly we had responsibility for such a vulnerable and fully dependent young thing but made easier knowing Rhian would be with us whenever we needed her every step of the way. 
Luna settled in wonderfully, we've had so much fun with her around, some things were a challenge but we were enjoying the journey and her firsts of everything with us. The past year has passed so quickly and we've done so many things that have totally enriched all our lives. She is truly loved. 
And all this leads to a big thank you to Rhian for allowing us to discover that a home without a dog is not a home! X
And some photos I took yesterday.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Cwm Dulyn Today

Beautiful Day To Pose On A Rock
Jezi and Nico
We Found A Smaller Rock For Finlay! 
I knew we had visitors this afternoon, and whilst walking in Cwm Dulyn I thought that maybe Ian and Tracy would like to bring Bella to meet up with Loki over there. I think we were all pleased that they did. What a fun time they had! 

Tis A Year ...

...Since my Blanik "I" babies left home ....

 Cal, Bonnie, Stella
Luna, Barney
or as they were then
Nick, Holly, Ivy,
Jingle and Noel
And of course the one who stayed .... 
Sammi "Belle" Stanley!