Saturday, 19 January 2019

Talysarn To Tanyrallt

With Trouble and Strife

Ross was thinking he could bring this home
Yes Kaiah we are coming

Two Walk On Home Ground

Friday, 18 January 2019

More Confusion

But only in my head. I see today that Ross' sister has been hip and elbow scored .. Her hips are 3/3 and her elbows are 0. Fantastic scores. That gets  my poor brain going round and round again. What do I do? If only money was no object!
Of course just because she has excellent scores it doesn't mean that Ross would be the same .. but again should the elbow be poor it would make you more inclined to think it was the injury than a genetic abnormality.

A Bit Wintry Today

With wet snow and wind I decided to protect my camera and take the old camera out today, I regretted it. Most of the photo where too blurred to use! Ah well, lesson learned. 

Thursday, 17 January 2019


 Lovely to see the dogs all lined up ringside waiting - they made a real picture and it was a good advert for the breed.
Junior (2) 1. Stanley & Bibby's Silkenwood Poldark of Blanik. Super temperament on this sable male of seventeen months. Strongly built lad with a masculine head. Correct topline running into a well moulded croup of good length, well angulated behind, moved well, just needs time to fill his frame. 2. Finnegan's Reyakosa Brando. Seventeen month old black and gold male, nicely proportioned but preferred the topline of (1).
Open (8, 3) 1. Stanley's Blanik Jeevana. Two year old black and tan bitch, strong but feminine head, used her ears well, good reach of neck into excellent topline and correct croup, stands on very good feet, well angulated and moved very well in this indoor ring. Best of Breed and Group 4. 2. Turner's Tuna Com Mit Tasella ShCM. Four year old black and tan bitch, stronger built bitch than (1), good front and rear angulation, decent topline, moved well but had left her coat at home. 3. George's Marinita Briana Of Kymara.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Loki, Kaiah and Ross 
Kaiah practicing her "Wait .. Wait ... fecking wait there or I'll get a big shitty stick to beat you with exercise." She's doing OK today
Ok I confess I'm practicing with the camera too 
I've thrown the kong and they are off
 Go Ross baby go
looks like Loki was last and I didn't get run over!
Yes I'm sat on my butt on the floor, but waterproof trousers are all that's needed. 
The "Continuous shots" are never quite as crystal clear and I got 5 or 6 on the camera from that rock down, the phone would probably have taken 50. Far too many for me to be bothered with. 
For me doing these kind of exercises again bring in the importance of my days as an Obedience instructor and using Stay and Wait as two different commands. Stay means Stay ... your life depends on you staying there. Wait is a more flexible command .. wait until I call you or until I give you the next command. It really is important to have both commands and the dog quickly learns the difference. The trouble with Kaiah is she'll wait until she decides she has something better to do! The bright ones are always a handful. 

As The Weather Man Said

This morning was damp and drizzly, this afternoon got better and better. 

Boys Not Well

This morning my stomach dropped .. Loki has got diarrhea again. He was a bit off on Sunday but was OK Monday and Tuesday. I'm worried sick the previous pattern is returning and if it is what the hell do we do now? Anyway as it's been weeks (actually almost 2 months) I'm going to try and treat it as a one off and hope for the best.
The rash on Ross' face is also threatening to flare up. I've put an advocate on him and I'm spraying his face with the wound and skin spray, his ears also seem affected this time.
I'm really quite upset about it and to be told not to "buy in" males again as they are always more trouble health wise really doesn't help the situation!!

Bont Fechan

An overgrown footpath through a carpet of snowdrops along  a river bank; one I'd passed by but never even seen before led me to a small clearing and there was this ...
It must have meaning, someone must know. 
I'd wish I'd taken more photos of the bench and the clearing but all I thought of was "get the writing or you'll forget by the time you get home!" 
Anyway it's an excuse to go back now

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Bont Fechan And Big Rock Walks

Needing to pick up medication from the vets I decide to walk in Bont Fechan on my way back. Other than Asha throwing a deaf one and going to visit a couple with a Rottie it all went well. I'm really not use to her being disobedient but experience proves that with age comes defiance. Thankfully no harm done, a nice couple, a lovely Rottie and Ziva and Sammi remembered the meaning of recall. I can imagine the conversation .. "Hi I'm Asha, have you got any food? Anything? Biscuit will do? No? Never mind ... bye then!" 
 The Girls In The Snow Drops 
Jezi and Nico By The River 
Nope not the big rock!
Kaiah of course found it first!

Jess Has Babies

Three chunky little guys are doing well. The owner is not sure if there is any more. Jess was scanned for 3 or 4 but apparently she was "Huge!" Having had the last at about 3.30am I doubt there will be more, but it can and does happen. Tali's brother Cajun made a late and rather lifeless appearance but with me sleeping with Krizzie and her newborns between us we managed to get him going. Of course we all know that size can be misleading as Ziva looked like she was having a bakers dozen, but ended up with 6 and a lot of fluid making their transition into this world so easy for everyone.
Scans are fantastic and give a good indication of the size of the litter, but they can never be 100% accurate with puppies hiding behind others .. eh Kaiah!
Hopefully we'll get updates on Jess' 2 boys and one girl ... with Nico getting older I'm just over the moon these guys have made it to the world.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Critiques From WNC

German Shepherd Dog Super temperaments on all exhibits, a real pleasure to judge all these dogs in the breed today.
 Junior Dog 1st, Stanley’s Silkenwood Poldark of Blanik, 17 month old young male, strong head, tall ears, well padded, medium dark eye, correct muzzle and stop, strong neck and topline, correct front, good feet, well angulated and let down hocks. Good depth of chest and body, moved with ease and handled well.
 Open. 2nd Stanley’s Lokean Of Blanik ShCM, 4 year old male, strong powerful male, well angulated, flat and long footed, good chest, well proportioned, moved and handled well.

Cwm Dulyn With Everyone

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Walking With Friends

I said I wanted to come back here soon, I wasn't expecting it to be this soon though ..
Ross, Kaiah, Loki, Gracie and Cadi
Cadi, Diesel the kong thief, Gracie, Loki, Kaiah and Ross looking for his kong
My Young Guns
Ross and Diesel - Who's kong is it anyway? 
They were happy to share. 
A pile of pooches .. and give or take the odd crocodile impression from Gracie it all went very very well. The boys never let the side down but to be fair Kaiah's behaviour was impeccable, I think she just thought Gracie was a joke. To be fair Gracie is just scared and snaps at anything that goes near her .. making them of course far more interested in going near her! No posing pics just a lot of fun!   

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Ross Dear Ross

I just don't know what to do with this dog. God I love him so much, but the question is do I really want to breed from him? Is he what I want as the sire of my next litter? Am I just better off going for Zalu? If I do, Ian I'm telling you now you have to come with me! The reasons for using Zalu would be that he's already producing lovely pups with great health test results. He has great colour, he's a Long Coat so should produce good coats to Kaiah and he's not a big dog. His sire is also Milano, who was my second choice for Sammi.
Ross' health test are not done and that is something I really need to decide on, do I do them or not? Obviously if I don't do them, nothing changes, Ross continues living his life here to the full .. just without being the sire of the "K" litter, and he would not be available at stud to anyone. It's not just the health tests that worry me, he continually has issues, if it's not his bottom it's his ears or his face. Maybe non of them are genetic issues, but what if they are? He also doesn't carry a great coat and that is genetic, it's enough, but only just and I really don't want to loose the coat quality of my bitch line.
Honestly I don't know if I'm coming or going with this, I change my mind from day to day. If it wasn't so expensive I'd just do the health test and then decide .. but the cost is two thirds of a stud fee! Maybe I should mate Kaiah to Zalu and see if puppies come if there will be any funds left over to health test Ross then? There 10 months for me to mull this over , and as we know a lot can happen and change in that time.

Bwlch Derwin Forest

Wonderful place to walk, I love this second section to the left more than the first half of the walk. 
Looking forward to going back now - maybe next weekend. 

Walks Three On The Mountain Cancelled

 Jezi and Nico
Asha, Ziva, Sammi
With one of the parking areas full and people popping up and down everywhere I decided not to go back on Moel Tryfan and headed for the woods with the youngsters. I'm not moaning, training for search  and rescue is invaluable - good on them!

Friday, 11 January 2019

Cat weigh in's

I was sure Jamie had lost weight so today I decided to weigh him. 6.3kg - well it's not very much weight loss but I guess it is a little bit better than the previous weight of 6.7kg.
Perry was 2.5kg when he was neutered, today he was bang on 3kg so now only a kg behind Junior who 4kg. I haven't weighed Isla - that would be interesting, there is a lot of hair but a chunky young lady under it too!

Llyn Ffynhonnau Walks Today


Lovely to see Kai in Derby doing so well. Kai is Asha's brother so out of our Kai to Tali. 
Thanks John for sharing this video from your walk. 
(Click on the square at the bottom right to make the video full screen)

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Straight Backed At The Shows

Already disappointed about missing Manchester Ch. Show I was really gutted to discover the judge for Cheshire Show was not someone I would give an entry to. She is very much on the other side of the fence! My friend Mal says he may go to prove a point .. it's too expensive for me to go to prove a point and I will not put my dogs in a position of not winning before they go in the ring .. if you know what I mean! So now the tin hat on it .. the judge for NWGSD in April has handled Loki and Kaiah last May. The chairman of the show told me not to worry that no one will remember last May .. of course they will!!!!! Especially if the jealousy of last year continues into this year, I have to watch my back don't I. So that's three shows that I can't enter or can't take a full team to already this year! Fuck, yeah I'm disappointed! 
The bent back v straight back saga continues on social media. It does amuse me that people are saying they want want puppies from straight backed parents only. They just don't get it do they ... showline GSD's are only "bent backed" when they are put in a show stance. To prove my point .. again ... two photos of Ross, one as a bent backed show dog the other naked and natural ... haha

Did Someone Say Chicken?

No sorry guys not cooking chicken today! 
All the cats "assisting" in the kitchen last night.
Not often we get them all in one photo is it!
Isla and Oliver Blue on the left. Junior and Perry on the stool. 
Choo under the stool and Jamie at the front. Great bunch really, all so individual. 

Up To No Good?

Yesterday afternoon was a glorious afternoon and Steve and I were messing about and had the doors open. We both came to a stop as we heard a chilling scream from a cat which seemed to come from higher up than the cottage. I ran around checking all the cats, Perry was in the front garden, Oliver, Isla and Jamie asleep, Choo was in the living room, there was just Junior missing, I called him but there was no sign of him.
About 10 mins later the most horrendous cat fighting noise came from next door, I ran up the field calling "Junior ... Junior,"  my stomach was churning over I was so worried he'd been attacked by a dog or something. (Poor Gail was killed by a stray dog not far from home) I called again to see him confidently running from next door, hackles up and tail fluffed. He ran over to me and rubbed affectionately against me, Junior was fine.
My conclusion .. he was the trouble maker, he was where he shouldn't have been .. I do hope next doors cats are OK! Cats will be cats, but naughty Junior!