Friday, 14 October 2016

Not Pixie And Dixie

Beautiful Sammi stealing the limelight again.
When she goes out after her dinner I'll try and get photos of the little fatties! 
Now I appreciate that Pixie and Dixie where male mice, but I really don't think they are suitable names for male GSD's. So I need 2 temporary male puppy names. I'm toying with calling her the name I have chosen for her as an adult...
Kaiah -In native american culture, Kaiah is only spelled this way. It means rare beauty.
The litter registration will be "J" and I have a page full of names to choose from. I'm in two minds on her name, it will either be an Angel or a name similar to Ivana as that is Sammi's registered name and I love it.
Jeevana: meaning  - Life, Feminine of jovian derived from jove who was the roman mythological jupiter and father of the Sky, One of 108 names of the Sun God
Jophiel: Angel of enlightenment
Jael - cherub who guards the ark of the covenant.
Jahoel - one of the angels of the presence and chief of the seraphim.
Jaoel - guardian angel who lives in the seventh heaven.
Jeduthun - angel whose name means "master of howling" or chanting to God.
Jefischa - ruling angel of the fourth hour of the night.
Jehudiel - archangel who rules the movements of the celestial spheres.
Jeremiel - archangel whose name means "mercy of God."

Of course these are just ideas and it needs careful thought, There's nothing more annoying than having to correct people on the pronunciation of your dogs names over and over again .. and to be honest I'm not sure how to pronounce some of these myself!
So is she staying? Well unless something goes drastically wrong then yes she is! Often as I imagined her she has been a long coat .. odd that yeah! Not excessively coated, a bit like Lexi and Maya. Those of you who know me may be a little shocked, but I have always admired them and
now with the coat variety recognised by the UK KC then I see no reason why not? Steve would love it and has promised to groom her should she be a L/C.
Ro wants a L/C and will call him "Jethro" but at the moment it's too early to tell on coats. So yeah I need two temporary male puppy names, nice and catchy, nothing too serious and nothing I've used before.

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