Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tali's On The Weed!

Tali's IBS, though better, hasn't really settled after the antibiotics so I decided to look for alternative help for her. Where better to look than CSJ, my dog food manufacturer. Apart from the dog food I already buy "No Ake" from them as and when I need it and use their "Phantom Raspberry" for the bitches after their seasons. Some of the products have equally funny names ... "Stroppy Bitch" -Totally natural product to help bitches experiencing hormonal temperament problems. Anyway I found three that I though could help, but was really unsure which would be most beneficial...
"Turn Back Thyme" -This blend has been formulated with the older dog in mind  
.... It is also an aid for problems with the stomach and ulceration if present.
"Heal" - A herbal blend for the nutritional balance of the digestive system. Heal!'really helps to soothe the stomach and 'calm' any irritation, use 'Heal!' in conjunction with 'Resist!' to maintain dogs digestive systems in a high state of health.
"Resist" -We would call this our 'miracle' product as it has helped to solve so many problems. 'Resist!' is a totally natural herbal supplement that can help the dog's natural immune system. Ideal for dogs with skin problems, sensitivities, intolerances, dull coats, recovering from illness or surgery or those that are generally just feeling 'out of sorts' Perfect for getting dogs into show ring condition.
Dog Food for gundogs, sheepdogs, agility dogs, and show dogs. - Follow the link to "Products" - "Nutrition for dogs" - "Herbs and Supplements"
I really didn't know what to do, which to buy and sat on it for a few days hoping for inspiration. But in the end I bit the bullet and decided to go for Heal and Resist together ... watch this space!

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Lin said...

Hope this works for her and helps to ease her IBS x