Monday, 28 March 2016

A Few More Snaps

 Loki and Sammi racing
 Ziva with the ball we lost down the quarry, 
Well Asha went down for it, Ziva stole it 
and now she's burst it! 
Our Jamie came for half the walk 
 The Race for home! 
Dirty Cofi! 

Today's Group Photos

 Dirty Dogs - Loki, Sammi and Mikey
 Ladies - Ziva, Asha and Tali
Before we lost Tali ... Little cow!
Finlay, Nico and Jezi
Old man look knackered, but whilst he still wants to come
I'm not stopping him!

Sunday, 27 March 2016

I Did Do Three Walks ..

 ..But the hail lashing into my face stopped me from taking a photo on walk 2. 
God it was rough at times, but I'm very very glad I went out, certainly blew away the cobwebs!
Last night was another of those nights when I was knackered but my brain wouldn't  go to sleep. I had a cuppa, biscuits, Facebook and a cuddle with Billy cat whilst the rest of the house slept  ....  returned to bed at silly O'clock, but still I lay there mulling of what has happened and what is to come. I was told in the Hospital that the events of last year where "Life Changing," this insomnia wasn't quite what I expected though!  


Thanks John for this latest photo of handsome Kai from the "G" litter.
Glad you found sunshine .. crap weather here!!!

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Today I Wrote A Letter

Betty at 7 weeks
Following reminiscing about the "F" litter last night, I started to think about the "G" litter. Asha and Mikey are still here with me, Maya I see regularly and I'm chuffed to get regular photos and updates of Kai. Sadly we lost poor Seren some months ago .. but what of Betty aka Georgie?
At first we kept in touch, regular photos and  calls and we were even invited to her home. A lovely place, with lovely people. But then Xmas cards and e.mails went unanswered .. the mobile phone became unavailable and I feared we had lost touch with little Betty. So I wrote and within days I received a lovely letter and I remember Brian's words ... "Georgie is lovelier than ever!" Seeing as they were experienced GSD people I was happy and relaxed,  and then time and life seem to pass us by, and I've heard nothing of Georgie!.
Georgie 2 years
But now as the "G" litter approach their 8th birthday, I've started thinking about Georgie again. She was an adorable puppy, the one I could easily have kept, but she was far too hairy for me! I made up a little song for her and she went so silly when I sang it too her .. I remember it now as I think of her! I need to know where she is, I need to know if she's ok, or not! I've googled and got nowhere, so today I sent a letter with some photos of her family ... She was a very special puppy and I I hope to get a reply from her owners. What ever the story I really do need to know!

Friday, 25 March 2016


 The "F" Litter 
Arni aka Kaiser  -  Bear aka Huggy
And Tali!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

An Angel and The Cofi

Today I've only managed the one walk .. yes of course I feel guilty but there is nothing I can do about it. Following "the" call from Walton Hospital on Tuesday I didn't sleep well at all on Tuesday night and then I had a seven hour shift at work on Wednesday. Fatigue hits like a fast moving train and today I'm piss useless! Anyway the call was from the consultant who had operated on me, he was checking up on me and told me I will get a call within a few days to organise another MRI ... I'm on the waiting list for the Stent operation (probably June) and have to have it done as the risk of a re-bleed due to the location and size of the aneurysm is too great. Honestly I'm terrified but as he tried to convince me this, though it does have risks, it's nothing in comparison to what I went through last year. He asked if I wanted to go in and and have a chat with him, but hell it'a 100 miles away so a phone call had to do!  
Anyway back to the walk, I must keep up my exercise but knew today that I could only do the one walk, so logically the youngsters got to go! I really did enjoy the walk and opted to get a little shelter from the elements by walking in Rhostryfan. Such a lovely walk and Sammi and Loki where faultless in their behaviour, sometimes I think they must know! 

The "F" Litter

The day after Susie asks for advice and help for Huggy as he's starting to drag his feet, I hear that poor Kasier has died. Kaiser was the big long coat in the "F" litter and I called him "Arni" and though I've sadly never seen him since he left Blanik in 2005 I've been in touch with Pauline throughout his life!
Kaiser - Centre 
 Huggy I called "Litter Bear" and through Facebook I've also seen photos of him throughout his life. His owners unfortunately missed out on a pup from my last litter and are now hoping for a Sammi baby, lets hope Huggy will be Ok to accept a puppy at the time!
Tali is still doing well, and has no mobility problems. Her only issue is her eye sight (Nuclear Sclerosis) and to be honest if you didn't know about it, you wouldn't notice! She is more affectionate than she's ever been but still as determined to do her own thing as she ever has been. She hasn't listened to me for over 11 years .. she reckons she's not going to fecking start doing it now!
Tali Looks Like She's been Tangoed these days!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Two Walks On Home Turf

Tali, Ziva and Asha watching something
What ever could it be??
Ah, Tia has come to join us! 

Finlay. Nico and Jezi
Finlay is doing well the last couple of days and did quite a decent walk today, 
be it a slow one! But that works ok, he and I plod along as the other two race around, though I felt Nico was getting a tad fed up of the pace at times! Can't you see him saying ... "Well come on!!"

Third Walk In Cwm Dulyn

The lake really lived up to it's name of "Dulyn" (black lake) today, and was as dark as I've ever seen it really. Without a breath of wind the silence there was deafening, broken only by me calling the kids to slow down or catch up as the case may be. This walk is sadly only accessible to the youngsters, the steep and high styles make it an impossible walk for the oldies, even Mikey struggles the odd time. Believe me there's not a lot more uncomfortable than being half way up and realising Sammi is right behind you! 
For me today paranoia took over. The three of them had gone over to one area and were very intrigued with something. I went over and discovered they where sniffing a dead bird, or the remains of it! Normally I would have told them off and sent them packing, but today panic set in. Last week a lovely friend lost an 8 yr old Goldie. He had eaten a small piece (and no more) of a dead fox whilst on a walk. Sadly for all the Fox had been poisoned. Within no time Bramble was violently ill and died at the vets that evening. How awful, to be walking your health happy dog at 1pm and be told at 11,30pm that he had died! For me today logic tried to take over, how many dead animals had we come across over the year? How many times had they eaten what they shouldn't? But still all I could do was worry all the way home! 

Monday, 21 March 2016

One Walk

Well I did do three but only took the camera on this one! 
It was one of those days when I craved company to walk and talk with me, but sadly there was no one about that could make it as far as I wanted to go! I'm mostly happy to walk alone but sometimes it is nice to have company, ah well the kids kept me entertained. 

Wife Number Two

Nico's second "wife" Kia has just been up to visit him. Kia had 7 puppies to Nico in July 2014 and the owners were so happy with the litter they have decided to repeat the mating. 
Kia is a sable long coat and in her last litter produced sables, black and tan's in long and standard coats. They really were a lovely litter and this will hopefully cheer us up after finding out that Summer has sadly reabsorbed her puppies. 
Summer was pregnant at 5 weeks, but sadly they were gone by the time she was 7 weeks pregnant. Sadly this is quite a common occurrence and no one has any really proof/evidence as to why it happens.  

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Llandudno C.S

I'm over the bloody moon ... 
Sammi - Best Of Breed, Pastoral Group 1 and Reserve Best In Show

Friday, 18 March 2016

Caernarfon Critiques

1 Stanley’s Lokean Of Blanik, presents, a good all round picture of bone & substance, well shaped head with good ear carriage, dark eyed & keen expression. Correct dentition, clean muscular neck without dewlap set onto shoulders. Nice depth of chest, & tuck-up. Is short coupled, has good angulations with nice turn of stifle. Maintains a firm topline on the move. Covers the ground strongly & with drive. In good coat & condition; RBOB
2 Stanley’s Banik Ivana, smaller type that is usual for a bitch. Feminine but still presents a powerful picture & fits the frame from head to tail with sound movement.
Ok nice critiques ... but does she mean that Sammi is "smaller type than/that is usual for a bitch?" as in she's smaller than the average bitches.  Or that she is "smaller type, that is usual for a bitch?" As in comparison to the male who beat her in the class. I'm really not sure, I can't work it out, but one thing is for sure she not smaller than the average bitch is she! 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Just Good Friends ... Honest!!!

Loki and Sammi
Doesn't he look a nasty little (Big) shit!
(click photo to enlarge - it's quite scary!!!)
But two can pull that face!
Always together!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Walking The Dogs

Well Finlay made it to the top, but let's not tell anyone we took the van half way. 
Anyone with a beady eye can spot in anyway! 
I'm trying to get him out and about as much as I can, stimulation for mind and body can only help!
Anyway all nine of my deformed dogs have been walked. 
Though god knows how these three got up there with their bent backs and weak hocks eh! 
Mikey, Loki and Sammi 
On Loki's bridge!!!!

Blackpool Video

Following all this horrendous press and the slander of a bitch and a whole breed based on 2 minutes of unfortunate footage I'm just at my wits end! IMHO both the dog and bitch moved well in their classes and in the challenge .. as this breed is show. There is no disputing the bitch had a total meltdown in the big ring and was not helped by the handler who did not adjust his method of handling to suite the environment. The horrendous photo of her with hunched back shows a bitch pushing backwards and a handler pushing her forward, where else could her back go except up? I was stood right next to the ring during open bitch, the bitch challenge and BOB .. the bitch moved freely and soundly, though to be honest I did feel she was a tad unsettled here too. There is a video on my Facebook page demonstrating her free movement. I'm also deeply saddened at the abuse her owner is suffering, this is her much loved pet .. not a kennel dog and she's even had to switch her phone off due to the evil calls she's receiving! Thank god I did not get BOB at Crufts! Suddenly everyone is an expert on the GSD and they critisise the bitch, indeed the whole breed on a few minutes of unfortunate footage. I've yet to see mention of a Peke that couldn't breath and a Chinese Crested that could not be assessed among other meltdowns in the big ring! But hell I know little about the breeds so I shall leave it to the breed experts to get their own house in order as we have been and are still trying to do. I know there is a way to go but we are trying, hip, elbow scores, Haemophilia A tests, Dna test, Ipo test, etc etc ...
Anyway I cam across the video of Sammi in Blackpool last year ... My deformed dog in the ring!!!!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Walking The Dogs

 Loki, Mikey and Sammi
 Tali, Asha and Ziva
The plan for walk three was simple. Finlay still wants to come but he can't do the distance that Nico and Jezi need. He still get's so excited that I haven't got the heart to go without him. So Steve came with me and when the "old boys" had had enough they went back. But these things never go as they should do do they and one old boy was struggling well  before the other! As I walked away with Nico and Jezi I could see Finlay pulling back towards us. He so wanted to come on the whole walk, and yeah he could have made it to the end, but then we have to go all the way back, and that simply would have been too much for him. I'm not afraid to deny that I cried as I saw him having to be pulled away, but it was for his own good, and safety! Anyway like I said, these things never go to plan because when I got back to the van I found that the other old boy had had a fall on the way back ... but of course I'm not suppose to tell anyone about that!! I think I need to think of another plan as that one really didn't seem to work!