Monday, 3 October 2016

Showing Some Of The Dogs

1997 - Blade Freestanding
Dexi - as usual with a paid handler
The better you did, the more you paid!
Louis, was nosy enough to just stand there and use his ears
or I'd throw food into the middle of the ring.
Did hit a few judges!
Mikey was always reluctant to use his ears - I helped! 
Ziva attracted with food - Jezi standing behind with a handler
 Sammi with me
and below looking for me being stood by a handler!


Lin said...

Loved looking at these pics x

Ian Turner said...

not been funny but I think your doing a better job handling them your self they look better with you

Tali said...

Dog on the day, I could never have done justice to Dexi myself ... and I feel Sammi looks so much better with Sarah