Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Sammi's In Season

After keeping us waiting weeks, as she does, Sammi is now in season. It'll be a noisy Xmas and New Year then! The weather has changed to be a little more seasonal I guess, a little colder and a nip to the breeze today, but still decent walking weather. I gather a few cold days are to come, thermals it is then! 

Website Down?

Today I've been thinking again, I really don't think it's good for me .. do you? No seriously I'm really thinking of removing my website next year. (I'm paid up till the Spring I think) With Facebook, Champ dogs and this blog I just don't see any need to pay for it to stay online, to be honest I've not updated it for years and I'm now not sure if I remember how too. I'm sure I'd get the hang of it again, but it does seem pointless paying for something that's not used.
There are some disadvantages I guess, 20% of recent traffic to this blog came from the website, closing it down would loose some new readers. Not sure I'm too bothered, I'm happy with what I've got. Page views for November where 2,809 .. obviously a lot of returning reader (well ..Friends) but maybe the odd one just finding their way here too?
Then there's the name of the blog .. Blanik is not included anywhere, that would need changing if the blog is to be found in association with my dogs. Maybe including it in the description may help, but I'm not changing the name of Tali's Tails. Not only is Tali in memory of my lovely girl but it was also my user name on all the George Michael sites. At concerts I even got used to being called "Tali!" And what of George Michael?  There really is nothing to say these days, he's seems to have gone out of my life, and now I never seek him for comfort or reassurance. Maybe his loss made me move on?  I'll never ever forget what he gave me. Magical nights. wonderful friends and light at the end of some very dark tunnels. He really was my sanity in some seriously heartbreaking situations, but for me, he's not there now! With time that may change? But it may not! So do I remove his photo from the cover? Do I remove his name from the description? Hell I don't know!
I've just looked the Website was last updated om the 6.11.2014. So I either pull my finger out and update it .. or remove it. Decisions decisions!!!

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

More Walking And Thinking

Another quite day on the mountain, and thankfully no one about today. Yesterday's peacefully weather had drawn people on to the mountain .. when we are walking we don't like people or their dogs! 
A flying veteran - Jezi and Nico in a rush to get away before the blue people hear them, they are sleeping now till the first bluebells of Spring flower!
My ladies on the top path towards Rhosgadfan. From here you can see Anglesey, The Menai straights and Cofi land including the castle (Caernarfon to non locals!)
The Young Guns in a place Steve and I christened "Auntie's cottage" probably 20 years ago. One of my favourite photos today, along with a Kaiah photo on top of what I can only think was the outside loo!  I remember getting in a right panic here when I lost Blade for a few mins, felt like an eternity. I love going down here, the view from the cottage is magnificent and lots would have loved and lived here over the generations. I hope it was a happy home. Now the cottage is just a shell with a boundary wall .. I don't even know what it was called ... Now that I guess would be bordering on impossible to find out! 

Monday, 10 December 2018

Thinking And Walking

Today was one of those days that was kind of a nothing day .. no sun, no wind, no rain, no mist, no snow frost or ice .. just a day. Still pleasant enough I guess to walk, not that cold either really. I had thought of not bothering with photos, but as ever with a camera in my pocket the temptation got the better of me!
Today I was alone with my thoughts, Brexit .. OMG yes even I think of the disaster possibly pending. The ridiculousness of it all is just beyond belief. Why Cameron ever thought it was a good idea I'll never know? He split the country in half, and now he's leaving others to clear up the disaster that he and his minions created. I'm not a Mrs May fan .. but at least she had the "balls" to try and take on the job!
So 2 years on and now more people are aware of the implications. Would they vote differently? I sure hope they would! Brexit was sold to the UK on lies and racism, well a hatred for immigrants anyway. Little Johnny with his tattoos and no qualifications is pissed because Khalid the neurosurgeon stole his job ... laughable!  In my opinion going ahead with no deal would be suicide for this country and the future generations. Actually wasn't it mostly the "older generation" who voted out anyway, it was always better in their day! Well where the hell will they get their medication and their goods from without a deal? (and the showing and breeding of dogs abroad will become extremely complicated - a minor detail in the big picture) No to be fair, even my parents in their mid 70ies did some research and for the sake of their grand children realised staying in was the safer option. Oh God .. moving on ... lets look at dog photos on a nothing day and smile.

Also .. Also ... what I was thinking about today was Xmas. I needed to get presents to post for a friend. I planned what I was going to get and thought the postage will be more than the bloody pressies. But I love her dearly so it's well worth it. I then thought about the recycling of gifts. Come on be truthful there must be plenty of us that do it? As long as you don't give it back to the person who gave it to you, it's OK, isn't it? Ooops just me then? Haha. No seriously I'd sooner pass something on than waste it, as long as it's unopened, clean and new then there can't be any harm in it, can there? Better than wasting something nice that's just not for me. Mind you I'm that greedy that I like almost everything I get  ... but a rather horrendous shower cap does come to mind. Carrie .. remember? Oh God ..  How could we forget? 

Oliver's News

"Just to let you all know my tail is back to almost full working order ... I wouldn't stick it up for the photo, but you can see it's swishing to the side, PS I hate the flashy thing!!!" 

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Cwm Dulyn Today

But we didn't go to the lakes, plenty of places to walk without getting soaked for a change!

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Bwlch Derwin Woods Again

 I took very few photos on the first two walks as I was worried about my camera in the drizzly rain. Luckily it dried out beautifully for the third walk and as well as posing pictures I got quite a few photos of the Young Guns enjoying their walk. Ian came with me on the third walk and it was great to natter. Mostly I like walking alone, but other times it's great to have company. After this walk I left him to it to walk his girls. 

Friday, 7 December 2018

Here We Go Again

 She just brightens up my day -  how could you not chuckle
Just the ears giving the game away!
But Ross has seen you Kaiah!

Fed Up Of Cat Photos???

Amazing walks today - changing lights and skies - just amazing 

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Home At Last

Perry's had a late lunch and is now ready to take on the world .. well as soon as he can walk in a straight line anyway! 

Neutering Days

God I hate these days. I dropped little Perry off this morning. I was lucky to see Malan the vet, who is lovely and asked about Ross and Oliver. Perry was checked over and weighed .. bless him he's only 2.5kg .. compare that with his sparing partner Jamie at 6.7kg .. Ooops a bit of an unfair fight!
I'm so tense; I know it's a routine op and I know it has to be done, the risks of not doing it are too great but I hate these days. I hate leaving them there and I worry throughout the day. I know that there is only a small chance of it going wrong, but that small chance always escalates in your mind when it's one of your own. It's not just that I don't want him to be responsible for adding to the over population of cats, FIV (feline aids) is so prevalent in rural feral cats that I could never consider keep an entire cat unless they were confined within the home or a pen, and that is not what I want for my cats. This place is a cat heaven ... I want them to live life to the full and enjoy everything rural Snowdonia has on offer for them.
Now it's the waiting game ... Hopefully I'll be updating when he's home and shouting for food!

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Do They Look Alike?

Junior and Choo
I can't see that they do myself. Facially they are all very different, but Choo and Jamie have similar blotched tabby markings. Junior's colour and markings are very different with fine lines and spots through a lighter back ground. Both Choo and Junior are tall and much more athletic looking than Jamie but with such different body markings they really do not resemble each other. Jamie is .. how can I say it? Stockier is possibly a nice word? 
Jamie and Junior sat outside. You can compare Jamie's large blotch tabby markings and Juniors thin stripes and spots from these two photos. Junior is a mackerel tabby with a few spots thrown in for good measure I guess. A mackerel tabby cat has narrow stripes that run in parallel lines down their sides. The Classic Tabby, (Jamie and Choo) also known as "Blotched" or "Marbled" tabby tends to have a pattern of dark browns, ochres and black but also occurs in grey.
Isla is also a tabby.  A smoke tabby - but some would call her a black smoke, others would say black smoke tabby .. that safeguards you on all grounds I guess! You can see the tabby marking on her in some lights, especially on her posh tail! 
And Perry - Honestly, I've no idea? Grey tabby and white, Blue Tabby and white? Someone must know! 
Interesting article about Smokes here ..

The Boys

Oilver and Choo  -  Jamie 
 Junior, Choo, Perry
Choo and Junior

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Naughty But Funny

It's funny you post something on Facebook because you love it, hate it or find it amusing. But because you do it doesn't mean other will find it so does it. Kaiah was so funny again on today's walks. This hiding game of hers can be so irritating at times, but to be honest mostly it's just funny. I posted these two photos as a separate post on Facebook, they really amused me and I thought others would find them funny too, maybe not then? Maybe you have to know her to "get it?" Maybe Facebook folk just appreciate beautiful photos of photogenic dogs posing in lovely countryside eh?
 The boys have seen her, but can you?
Zooming in - Little cow! 
This today reminded me of the last time I was at Cwm Dulyn. Kaiah went flying over the style that's over the wall like a squirrel .. as she would. Ross ran to the top of the style but stopped, seeing as he's clumsy I thought I'd give him time to go down, but he stood there. Loki lost his patience and ran up the style, but fell backwards as Ross was blocking the top, Loki tried again but when he got to the top he stopped too. Neither would move and I was stuck the other side. I decided to push up and see what the delay was, I could just get far enough to see Kaiah laying on the other side daring them to come down. Anyone who knows her will know exactly the expression I'm talking about. That naughty devilish twinkle in her dark eye can stop two 40 kg males in their tracks. I had to push Loki over .. what else could I do? We'd have been stuck there all week otherwise, and no way could I push Ross off because he'd have probably landed on his head or broken something! 

Morning Out Walking

Jamie Day

I never forget the date - well Facebook doesn't let me forget now anyway. If you can have a dog in a life time then why not a cat .. this would be my cat in a life time. Such a character!

Monday, 3 December 2018

Three Had Two Walks

... but Sshhh .. don't tell the others!
 Nico and Jezi
 Asha, Ziva, Loki, Sammi
Second walk for Kaiah, Loki, Ross

Vets And Gyrn Goch

 This morning I had to take Ross and Oliver to the vets. Ross still has a sore rash around his bottom, and nothing we were doing seemed to clear it. Just as we thought it was clearing it would return. I was certain that there was nothing untoward going on with his bottom but with this rash not clearing I was getting concerned. Anyway as we thought, there is nothing to worry about and his anal glands are fine, it's just a sweat rash. As it's not clearing and sore he's been given antibiotics to shift it and we've been told to continue washing and careful drying him with Hibi Scrub. Funny isn't it, I don't have a problem washing my dogs bottom ... just don't ask me to do yours!!!!!!!
Oliver seems to have damaged his tail. On Saturday morning his tail was hanging limply and he was walking strangely, a bit like John Wayne! He did seem to have a bit of discomfort around the base of his tail but he was eating normally so I felt it was not a Saturday morning emergency vet visit. Though I felt today that Oliver was better I didn't want to leave it unchecked, he's an old man now and extra care is needed. The vet concluded that there was pain and a click at the base of the tail and that the tip of his tail was numb. There was no obvious spinal arthritis and the reflex in the rest of his tail where OK. She has given Oliver some anti-inflammatorys but at a low dose as he's elderly and kidney problems are so common in old cats and these medications are known to cause reactions in kidneys in some animals. I discussed Oliver's weight with her, she agreed he was a little thin but reassured me that for an old cat he was looking OK and told me there was really no cause for concern. Anyway hopefully there is an improvement in the week or I'll have to take him for Xray's.
On the way home we stopped at Gyrn Goch. Ir was so lovely there. Made me think of rain forest. Kaiah went looking for Dingo Dollars so she could find Kev's Kiosk, Ross on the other hand was happy with his stick! I know he shouldn't be doing it, but what can I do? I've no idea, except move before he knocks me over with it!

The Winter Break Begins

Yesterday was our last show of the year. No breed classes so a NSC class for Loki only. Maybe I'm wrong to be disappointed, but only with the result and not the performance of my dog who as ever in my opinion owned the ring. Third out of any entry of eight, ah well ... best we don't always win or we may become complacent! Now a couple of month break from the show ring for us all, we'll all miss it I think, the dogs love to go as much as I do!

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Loki Update

I'm almost scared to jinx things by putting it in print .. it's now 2 weeks since Loki had diarrhea. Touch wood things are on the up for him now. I appreciate he won't put weight on whilst he's coating but he certainly has not lost any more. For the time being I'll continue giving him live yogurt and tree barks powder in every meal .. maybe if things are still going well in another 2 weeks I'll reduce it to once a day.
Providing all is well and good it'll be our last show of the year tomorrow ....