Monday, 31 December 2018


We came into 2018 with 9 dogs and 7 cats but sadly are going out of it three short.
Tali left us in January, a couple of weeks after her 13th birthday. Other than odds and ends she had been so well for so long. I guess her eyesight and deafness where the biggest issue in later days. She had nuclear sclerosis which meant dark colours/places could have been an issue for her, other than an uncertainty of jumping in the van nothing changed. The vet told me Tali viewed the world as if she was seeing it through frosted glass. But for Tali it was not an issue, she continued being headstrong and determine, Tali always did things her own way and as frustrating as it could be we wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I remember the vet told me to get a brightly coloured coat so she could see me and keep up on the walk. What the vet didn't realise was that Tali had spent all her days ignoring me on walks, things would not change because I had a yellow coat! Tali is greatly missed and even today I saw a streak of her obstinance in her granddaughter so I take comfort from the fact that Tali lives on in her progeny ....
The second to leave us was little Billy, or as we'd affectionately called him Billy Bob. He's acquired the name because his little head use to bob up and down as he walked, Steve use to say that from behind he looked like a pigeon. Billy had been a weak feral kitten when Steve found him in the grounds of Glynllifon in 2002. I guess he saved his life was a digestive biscuit and some cold tea. By the time I met him a few hours later he was a hissing spitting little firecracker, but he was so small that I just picked him up and laughed. The years sure did mellow the little man and the feral firecracker became the sweetest of chaps. Until this year Billy had never been ill, but really 2018 had a lot of ups and down for the boy. In June that decision that we dread so much had to be made. I'll never forget saying goodbye to Billy, at the vets he was quiet and calm, the snotty nosed, flea ridden feral kitten in him was long gone. It was all so peaceful and unexpectedly relaxed. As the vet did what he had to do, Billy just nuzzled his little head into my chest and purred away until he took his last breath. Through endless tears there was complete trust and seemingly an understanding of the situation. Quickly, quietly and peacefully our Billy was gone.
In contrast saying goodbye to Tia was never going to be easy and she was true to form till the end. Weak and old she fought her corner till the last, her body was failing her but the tortie spirit was still strong and she bit and scratched her way out of this world in the same way as she'd lived in it. Saying it politely Tia was spirited, saying it less politely she was a nasty bastard .. but as I had said in her defense throughout her life .. she was our nasty bastard. She bit and scratched us both numerous times and more fool any GSD who pushed their luck with her. She hated the other cats but had an affection for Nico, as she'd had previously with Louis. Tia wasn't a strange cat .. Tia was simply what her colour genetics made her .. a temperamental tortie! I doubt I'll ever be tempted to get another dark tortie, one has been an experience, but an experience I'm very glad we had.
"We don't need another cat" objected the husband. Of course we didn't. At the time we still had 6 cats .. but oh my aching heart. By the time I'd decided to have "him" he was reserved as was his brother. But seemingly it was suppose to be and the people due to collect his brother didn't turn up. So I didn't get him .. I got his brother. But I'd already christened him,and the name was still appropriate. I'd thought of that name on another of my sleepless nights. He was a blue/grey so Perry (as in Periwinkle) it had to be. It was a difficult first few weeks, he took longer to come round than the other feral kittens I'd brought home .. but time and patience and now little Perry is a huge character who's full of fun and mischief. He still finds 6 dogs too much, but 2 or 3 are quite acceptable. Hopefully one day soon he'll accept the madness of being with a large family of dogs.
I hope in 12 months time that I'm sitting here writing and that all my beautiful family are still here with me .. and the icing on the cake would be a litter of GSD's either in someones belly .. or maybe even by then in the kitchen!

New Years Eve Walks

Super walks with everyone to Llyn Cop. Even on a dull Winter's day the views where spectacular. As usual I got carried away with the camera - over 30 photos on the album on Facebook. It was a quiet peaceful day with only a few other walkers, all respectful and keeping a safe distance. Apart from Kaiah's naughty tricks all the dogs where faultless in their behaviour today and with Steve visiting his son I felt no need to rush home from the walks.
Someone asked  the other day if I get bored doing the same walk three times in one day. I don't always do that, but to be honest more often than not I do as I don't want anyone missing out. I don't usually go to the same place two days in a row as we all like a change, but I never get bored. To start off with look at the scenery I'm blessed to walk in, but really the big difference is the dogs. Every walk is different, to be honest the last is always the most entertaining. The three youngsters are just so much fun, as are the girls but I do feel a little sorry for Jezi who would love to play but generally, though not exclusively, Nico only has male dog things on his mind. Such a shame that Jezi doesn't like anyone else as I'm sure Loki or Ross would love to play with her! 

Two Years Apart ..

..Give a day or two. 
Miss Kaiah, still ridiculously pretty and ridiculously naughty!

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Girls In The Mist

I must learn to shut up when I'm recording. 
Asha now 10.5 years and doing so well. Ziva and Sammi bickering as usual. 
Believe it or not but they are so close. 

Will People Ever Learn?

 On a Long Coat GSD page a gentleman is complaining that the young adult he bought as a puppy has numerous health problems. The young dog has hip dysplasia, a problem with front right shoulder joint, a bad skin allergy and heart disorder which will shorten his life and tends to make him breathless. To be honest the dog looks badly bred, yes he resembles a GSD but I wouldn't have been shocked to discover it was a collie cross either! The moderators on the group are helpful and are giving him great advice, but he admits the dog was bought in haste without doing research. They saw an advert and went to buy a puppy. They thought being a KC register pup gave some guarantee of a healthy pup, how gullible? Sadly anyone can register a puppy with the KC .. it's up to the buyer to make sure they are buying from a responsible breeder and from health tested parents.
 You know I'm shocked that with all the availability of information at their fingertips through modern technology that people still go out and buy puppies from these back yard breeders. These people are breeding from neglected animals without doing any of the relevant breed specific health checks on their dogs. The people buying these puppies keep the need for these breeder to keep going, and they keep producing poor quality animals to face a life of pain and misery. There is no doubt it can go wrong for any of us, not even the best breeder can make a guarantee on a living creature, mother nature can and does play cruel tricks. But at least if you start by buying from a reputable breeder who's tries to do it right you've got a fair chance of sharing a long life with a health companion.
Recently a friend told me about a work mate of his who had just bought a GSD pup. He was over the moon, he'd got an absolute bargain, got the pup for £650. The parents are not health tested, but he wasn't bothered about that as he only wanted a pet .. and if he wanted the KC registration it was £200 more so he didn't bother with that either. WHAT? it cost less than £20 to register a pup. I hope he does not live to regret his decision to buy from parents who are not health tested .. I hope the puppy does not suffer from painful genetic conditions which could cost him thousands to treat ... but yeah more money in the pocket of an unscrupulous breeder ready for him to breed the next litter!
Photos are of my own dogs .. I wouldn't like to get in trouble by sharing photos which are not mine!

A Soaking On A Sunday

Thick mist and drizzle but no wind so in the right clothes not a bad walking day, though of course hampered by poor visibility. 
The hassle with the sheep is still ongoing, thanks to Scottish power! Though the wall is now fixed the sheep are just as determined to get in and to date they are winning the battles. This morning I was going out with the girls and four sheep ran out by the caravan. My girls where very excited at the pending walk, but bless them all three were very obedient and didn't even consider giving chase. It's so frustrating when you can't feel safe to let your dogs out on your own land. 
The three girls where delighted to get first dibs at Loki's new toy and shared it throughout the walk. Loki on the other hand did not like it and refused to have anything to do with it until the last few minutes of the walk. Here's hoping he takes to it as it's far more durable than the others and even looked luminous in today's thick mist.  

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Only Two Walks

I'm not feeling at my best today, but managed 2 walks in Cwm Dulyn. Steve was kind enough to exercise the others in the fields for me so everyone has been out. I'm now going under the blanket on the sofa to try an re-charge my batteries. Shhhh

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Boy George & Culture Club - Life

Probably my favourite song of 2018 by one of the first groups/people to influence my life. In the early 80ies Boy George opened my eyes to a new world and an understanding that expressing you're individuality was not something to hide from. He taught me to be sensitive to others and to never be judgmental. Yes even before George Michael I learned some lessons in life from a pop star!
This song is just perfect for me and Steve and from the first time I heard it I felt like it could be our anthem.
"We look for laughter in the madness
You give me hope And you give me life"

All The Blanik Dogs And Cats Today

 Jezi and Nico
 Asha, Ziva, Sammi
Ross, Loki, Kaiah
 Little Perry on the top
Jamie, Junior, Oliver and Choo
Beautiful Isla - not lowering herself to sitting with the riff-raff

Homeless At Christmas

Meet Hunter. His owner's decided on the 23rd of December that managing him and their children was just too much for them .. so he had to go! Thankfully his breeder is one of the good guys and was there for him. She collected Hunter and he's now getting the socialising and exercise a 5 month old puppy deserves. Early indications are that he is great with people but a little reactive with strange dogs, well he basically hasn't seen any so what do you expect? He is getting on well with the other dogs at the breeders home which is great news. Poor Hunter, people never cease to amaze and disappoint do they!

Wednesday, 26 December 2018


I thought I'd post this photo of the beautiful Kyle share by his besotted owner on Facebook today. 
Doesn't he look super.

Boxing Day Blaniks

 Two lovely photos in the quarry today. 
 and this last one is just a bit of fun - though I swear I left Kaiah with Ross!!!

Xmas 2018

Christmas day was mostly good at the Blanik household. Lunch was a success and after walking the dogs I still managed to get it plated up for 1pm. I'm not one for blowing my own trumpet, but I'm pretty good in a kitchen as long as you don't ask me to bake!
The dogs where good all day, though Loki's interest in Sammi is increasing ans she wants to rip his face off. Ross only managed to destruct 2 toys, one from his Auntie Linda's goodbag and one from Sarah's bag. Sarah has sent Loki a new toy too, but it's huge like the ones Mikey and Ziva had ... He'll get it when he's completely wrecked this one. Ross had one toy confiscated as he was determined to shred it but OMG he then played on my heart strings. He sat in front of me with sad eyes, a pitiful whinge and the odd sigh of sadness. He's one of these dogs that stares directly into your eyes, I sometimes thinks he looks straight into my soul. When he sits in front of me, as he often does I tell him how beautiful he is and how much I love him I swear he looks deep into my eyes and understands every single word I say. Not all dogs will make such direct eye contact will they. That frightfully naughty puppy sure has grown up into a loving faithful dog, maybe the harder the puppy the stronger the bond with the adult? Anyway one thing was for sure, last night he couldn't show me what he wanted any clearer than had he said it out loud and I ended giving it back to him but sitting on the floor with him removing each broken piece from his mouth before he swallowed it.
Last night in bed I watched the clock pass over from Xmas day to Boxing day and emotion took the better of me. Two years ago I'd lay here the same in an absolute state of shock after hearing of the death of George. I know I've been ridiculed over the years for my love of him, as I was about my upset of his death. When people don't understand something it's often easier to ridicule it than except people have difference ways and needs. It's still really hard to accept that there is no George ... No George, No Freddie, No Bowie, No Prince! Sadly the good guys, the talented men have died far too young! Thank God I still have Boy George and Marc Almond from my youth to remind me of the good times and Robbie continues to make me smile every time I see him. Maybe a live Robbie concert would be something to aim for sometime ...
A huge thank you to all for the wonderful gifts and cards from friends and family. We are truly overwhelmed with the kindness shown from you. Happy Xmas Holidays to all and I wish you a wonderful New Year and thank you for reading my blog and for the continued interest in the Blanik family.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Bloody People

Whilst on my second walk today the man I refer to as Bull Terrier man came to meet me on the track. I called the girls back and put them on the lead. As he approached he didn't put the Staffie on the lead and it came straight towards the girls. I called out to him "they are not nice." He grabbed the pup by the collar took her a few steps and let go so she came back. He grabbed her again walked a few steps and didn't say a word to me!  He didn't bother with a lead and she kept turning back and staring at the girls before eventually going on with him. What is it with these people who don't use leads .. are they just trying to be clever? Because they sure are not, they are only putting their dogs and others in danger.
I can't deny it, I was absolutely seething and felt like shouting out "a fucking merry xmas to you too!" What a twat. I try and respect all other dog walkers and always put mine on the lead and move them to the side where possible, all I ask is mutual respect. Steve says I shouldn't say my girls are "Not nice" as they are nice, they just don't like other dogs coming in their faces, but I find it's the statement that gets owners to react the quickest. Seriously though I don't want the pup bitten and I don't want mine feeling pushed into reacting aggressively, all it takes is a bit of respect and common sense. When I say pup by the way .. she's not a tiny baby, she must be going on for 12 months and she's a bloody big staffie or maybe even an American Bulldog cross Staff.
I have nothing but hassle with this couple on walks, his wife/partner is just as ignorant and difficult and I dread seeing their car park anywhere near where I want to go. In almost 25 years I've never had hassle with anyone else here, I avoid them when I can but that is not always possible .. like I said a little bit of mutual respect is all I ask.

Blanik Xmas Walks

Monday, 24 December 2018

This Beautiful Place

I'm over the moon that I have rediscovered these beautiful woods and lovely walk. I can't believe that I stayed away for probably 15 years. It's a 15 minute run in the van and you hardly see a soul, and with long stretches you can almost always see ahead anyway. Though the lights were not as good today I find myself taking more photos of the path than the dogs. I can't wait for seasonal changes now. 

Xmas Eve Out With The Guys

 Jezi and Nico
 Ziva, Asha, Sammi
 The people you see by Smurf bridge on Xmas Eve
Loki, Ross and Kaiah 

George Michael - December Song on The X Factor Final 2009

I'm starting to get emotional already - George made sure we would never forget his passing as we could never forget him in life.

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Heart Dogs

Now don't get me wrong I love all my dogs, as I have loved all the dogs I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with, but some do get to you more than others. Some are harder to love, some remain part of the family whilst some are able to worm their way further and further into your heart. It's not always the most obedient, it's not always the top show winner, it can't always be explained but some of them just become that tiny bit closer to you than the others.
It started with Blade - my first GSD. He opened my eyes to this magnificent breed and opened the door to a brand new world for me. Blade always gave of his best in the show and obedience ring and would without doubt have given his life for mine. He was a complex character who didn't always like everyone. I guess he was an astute individual and once he made up his mind about someone there was no going back. The people around me at the time will recall his indifference and later hatred of my X husband.
Another first was Seffe, she was the puppy I kept from my very first litter. She was not the puppy I'd had plans to keep, that was Aria. Aria was ripped from my clutches and left me distraught and devastated beyond words. Dexi, Seffe's brother came back at just under 6 months old and he become one of the top winners of the late 90ies. Constructionally he was superior to Seffe, but Seffe become my best friend.. Seffe was not a big show winner or a well known brood bitch. Seffe was my special friend, my comfort blanket, my charming, funny little friend, my shadow.  One thing is for sure the world has been a better place and my life has been richer for having known Seffe, but then when her grandson arrived my world was to be turned on it head again. 
Louis, what can I say that I haven't said before? A dog that dreams are made of, charming, funny, affectionate and sweet. Louis loved everyone and their dog, he lived his life to the full with enthusiasm and drive. I truly believe Louis has been "THE DOG" in my life time. To know him was to love him .. unless he came into the show ring to compete against you .. then I guess you resented his presence! 
Here we are in 2018 and my Angel (AKA Naughty Angel) is now 5 years old. The naughtiest, but most adorable of puppies, she had me pulling my hair out with frustration and welling up with pride, joy and adoration. Sammi is special beyond words ... the naughtiest puppy the most beautiful adult, but yeah with just a spark of puppy naughtiness shining through to make her even more endearing. 

Robbie Williams | Go Gentle | Official Music Video

I have to post it every year - Sammi's song.

Happy 5th Birthday

To Nico and Ziva's kids
The Amazing  Blanik "I" litter 
Sammi, Luna, Barney
Bonnie, Caleb, Stella

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Promising News

Jess the lovely L/c who was mated to Nico 5 weeks ago is pregnant. The scan indicates a small litter of 3 or 4 puppies, but her owner is delighted. Jess has been difficult to get pregnant and she has previously reabsorbed puppies. Here's hoping these make it to full term as this maybe her last chance. I'm so proud Nico mated her .. others have failed, but maybe that was down to the owners as much as the dogs. Nico is sensible and determined and he has full trust in me, he knows he will not get hurt! I learned that lesson with Dexi, he had his ear ripped during a mating, now I ask for most of the bitches to be muzzled my book the safety of my dog ALWAYS comes first.

Cwm Dulyn With The Guys

 Asha, Sammi, Ziva
 Nico and Jezi (No comment)
Kaiah, Loki, Ross

Friday, 21 December 2018

Winter Solstice Walks

Two dry walks but the "niwl" was so thick that I had to take extra care and keep the guys a little closer to me than normal. Everyone was very well behaved even with the Vizsla's out on their walk on the not too distance path. 

On the third walk we had a soaking, ah well that's life.
Never the wrong weather only the wrong clothes, and I had the right clothes on. Mind you I don't always agree with the statement, Summer heat is the wrong weather to walk dogs and high winds are too dangerous.  
The boys looking serious ..