Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mikey Making The Most Of It!!!

Another great day in the ring for Mikey. He won Non-Sporting and was Reserve Best In Show today at a Companion show on Wern Farm near Pentraeth. He was pipped to the post for Best In Show by the graceful Pharaoh Hound, pictured below. Also pictured is the judge Mr Darryl Hughes and the Best Puppy, Romayne's Australian Silky Terrier.

Word of Advice ....Make the most of  it Mikey...Asha (and maybe her kids) will soon be back in the ring and keeping you on your toes!!!!

Look What I Did Get ...

...For My Happy Birthday Day , which is today, my Happy Birthday Day. I Love it lots cos is all orange and squeaky...well it was, but now it's gone quiet and I dunno why cos I only squeezed it a bit, well a lot and quite hard!
I'm waiting for Aunty Shaz to come see me today .... cos It's My Happy Birthday Day today...incase you didn't know yeah!!!
I be 6 today and I gonna be a grand grandaddy soon, I'm so bloody excited, think of all the pressies I get on My Happy Birthday Day next time then!
Oh yeah...Aunty Lin... You forgot again, but sweeties on Monday will do!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Another BOB for Mikey

Mikey in the group ring after his BOB this morning,
was also really chuffed with his Pastoral Group 4

Poor Tali, beaten by her son to BOB....Again!!!
But is she bovered? Somehow I don't think so!

Friday, 29 July 2011

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Happy Designated Birthday Day!!!

Hard to believe It's 4 years now since this bit of Sunshine walked into my life. I guess I failed as a Fosterer!!!
So today is Finlay 8th Happy Designated Birthday Day

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Handsome Chap

Thanks to John for this lovely photo of Kai  (Asha and Mikey's brother) - looking good me ffinks!!!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Mr Amazing's Birthday Pressie

Louis' so chuffed with his birthday pressie...nothing better than a new squeaky purple hippo for your 8th birthday is there!!!

Happy Birthday Blanik "E" litter

Krizzie's kids
The Boys
Louis, Arko, Jake, Max, Klaus, Gelert
And the Girl
Also in my thought today is Nat who is sadly no longer with us.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Who's Opening The Door?

I Am Not Amused!!!!

At 4.50am today I woke up to hear a terrible banging on the back door. It sounded as if someone was trying to break in, but the dogs were not barking! Anyway it only took me a couple of mins to realise that a piss wet through and very pissed off Jamie had been shut out on a rainy and windy night. Bless him he was not impressed, and yes I did get up to let him in..... I guess I'll have to get him his own key!!!


Asha - May11
Hoping that I'm not opening my gob too soon and that I won't get proved wrong and look a Pratt...(What again I hear you mumble!!) I'm hopeful that Asha is pregnant. She was mated to Tirgram Robbi 5 weeks ago. (I guess you may have sussed it as I posted his picture on here in June) He's a Xaro D'Ulmantal son out of Tirgram Diva Von Haus Dexel (Who's Tirgram Tim's dam)
I was very impressed with this dog, he was a true gentleman with a confident, kind character. As a youngster he was shown in this country and later in Germany gaining 2 SG gradings in youth classes. He also completed his AD and BH over there. Due to his owners work commitments, (they run the Rafaye breeding and boarding Kennel for Joe Summerhill) Robbi hasn't really been shown in adult classes...a shame I think!
Anyway, watch this space and pray that I'm right! I've never had a bitch scanned unless there was a problem, I guess I think otherwise it's for our benefit and not theirs...I'm just so excited, it's been over 3 years since we last had Blanik babies and I pray that Baby "Ziva" and her siblings will soon be join my lovely Blanik family!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Seffe 10/1/96 - 15/7/07

I will see you in the morning,
Just inside heavens door.
I will see you in the sun rise,
Over on a brighter shore.

I still see you in the darkness
When I close my eyes to rest
I still see you in the distance
Running round amongst the best

I will see you when it's over
And my light does shine no more
I will see you inside heaven
It is truly what I pray for.

Until then I dream about you
Sweet memories heal my pain
I live with the comfort of knowing
That one day...I will see you the again.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Every Other Lover In The World

Don't you just love a Bad Boy?
 Well I'm Embracing and loving his naughtiness.....
"Capital City of C**K!"
I ask you?
As Mr S would say...Profanities Mr Michael Profanities!!!
But God he makes me smile!!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

K And K Today!

A couple of photos of Kai and Kiri from the lake today. Fantastic weather for a walk to our favourite place. Just makes my day to see them having a great time. Kiri is now flat out and snoring away on the sofa!

Monday, 11 July 2011

'Tiss Really Not A Secret

Just because I don't care to announce every detail of what's going on in my life doesn't mean I'm keeping secrets....I haven't lied to anyone, Just not volunteered the information! Well actually that's not officially right, I posted it on GMF!!! (an Internet forum, how more public could you get?)
I have already chosen to tell my nearest and dearest exactly what's going on, others will have to wait till I know for sure myself. Please don't be offended if I haven't told you personally, just maybe wasn't the right time!!! It's my choice to keep mum, to protect myself from all the questions, but anyone who has asked me straight out has had an honest answer...bloody hell if you read this blog regularly most of you will have worked it out by now about making a mountain out of a mole hill ... but watch this space!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Days Off

On our Mountain - with "Our" lake in the distance
Mikey, Asha, Tali, Finlay and Louis in the front
Out With Friends - Louis and Mikey with Linda and Jake.
At Home -Mikey, Steve with Jamie, Tali and Asha
Visiting Sharon and Mark- The Awesome Kaiser
Out and about - Kai and Kiri with Kai's daughter Maya and his new best mate Cellie
I love spending my days off with my kids, my friends and my Stevie. I love the special walks as much if not more as the show days. Now we have a house full of content, quiet dogs ... well till Asha realises it's tea time anyway!!!

Friday, 8 July 2011


He's long held a dim view of the paper - and George Michael celebrated the demise of the News Of The World last night with an impromptu party.
The 48-year-old star was spotted out last night on the streets of London's Soho carousing with friends and a bottle of Grey Goose vodka.
Looking smart and fit in an all-black outfit, the Careless Whisper star had been at Diu nightclub but left with friends to go to another man's flat in Old Compton Street
He posted on his Twitter this morning: 'hey everyone, had to go out and celebrate in Old Compton St . had a blast, but (don't) worry, had two glasses of wine, danced my arse off...
'But was sensible enough to be home by 2.30! it started to be a bit like a gay benny hill skit, had to make a dash for it!!'

Monday, 4 July 2011


LLedfegin Camri 9/6/93 - 4/7/05

And now she lives in heaven
But I know they let her out
To take care of me
There's a strange kind of light
Caressing me tonight
Pray silence my fears she is near
Bringing heaven down here
The next time that we meet
I will bow at her feet
And say wasn't life sweet
Then we'll prepare
to take heaven down there

Sunday, 3 July 2011

"G" litter on their birthday

Happy Birthday To Tali and Kai's pup's. 3 years old today...
Where does the time go?



Happy 3rd Birthday

Mikey and Asha's Happy Birthday Photo with Mummy Tali (in the middle). Asha isn't as big as she appears in the photo, the photo was taken on a slope!!! (Photographer's error!)
 I hope to put some other of them and their siblings on before the end of the day!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

In It To Win It!

Mikey BOB at Vale Of Clwyd
Strange old day really, we knew we were only going to support the show as winning was inevitable...unless the prize was withheld I suppose. New Venue, gorgeous sunny day, great dogs, great friends, lovely food but the day almost ruined by someone who took a nasty fall and decided to blame it on Mikey! Well I'm honest, Mikey did get in the way, but she shouldn't have been running behind us...and so close! All Mikey did was cross over behind me and sadly she went flying. I'm truly sorry she fell and hurt her hand, but let's face it she shouldn't have been running outside the ring, isn't it against K.C rules?
Tali, looking for her son!!!
Anyway I apologised to her several times, feeling awful that she had fallen over my dog. I guess I thought it was over until I heard the story being repeated, apparently Mikey had "lunged" out at her dog!!  ER...NO...Mikey simply got in the bloody way! By late morning the story amongst Border Collie enthusiasts was that he had barked at the other dog as well...BLOODY HELL..... NO!!! Poor Mikey simply moved into the wrong place at the wrong time, and was actually lucky not to get hurt himself!!! I can't believe how a small incident was exaggerated like that, just completely blown out of proportion. There's now more than one person a little hurt because actually I'm devastated that some people who didn't see the incident will believe that Mikey actually did lunge out and bark at the other dog, when simply like I said all he did was get in the bloody way!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Miss Stitches out and Mr No Eat!

Are we going to a show-Summer 2010
Sorry no new photos and the only news is about these two again! Kiri bravely, er yum I mean fidgeted her way through having her stitches out on Thursday. Without meaning to humanise too much I guess she must have been worried she was staying there again. Still our super old lady lives to fight and splash on!
Louis is causing me more heartache, he was in obvious discomfort for some hours last night, and his refusal to eat for a 24 hr period is very worrying. To be honest last night I think I got myself in a worse state than he was in himself. I see no end to this, no conclusion to his illness and my heartache. Just when I think we are getting somewhere, that it may be over, bang and we seem to be back to square one!
Freedom - Nov 08
I make no bones about it, I never have, he is the light of my life, my very special friend. He oozes personality and charm and his exuberance is second to none. His love of life is obvious to anyone who meets him and he honestly hasn't got a nasty bone in his body. It's so hard to see him like this, such a young dog to look so awful. I really do hope we can get through this, I hope to soon be reporting that he's fighting fit again as this is truly breaking my heart!