Tuesday, 30 June 2020


The rosettes from the online charity show came. Aren't they lovely!
Just managed to get a photo of Orin before he tried to eat it! 

Today's Posing Pics

Monday, 29 June 2020

The New Crates

 A month on and Kaiah's new crate is damaged. I know she's hard on crates but I really think this is piss poor. She's not distressed and doesn't scratch at the front, all she does is get over excited before the walks. Kaiah is always on the last and longest walk, I always let Steve know when I'm on my way back from the previous walk and he pops the young guns in their crates so the girls can come in and get dried before I set off again. This is the only time that Kaiah give her crate a hard time, and only as you try and open it to get her out .. basically she just can't contain her excitement. To be honest I don't think any crate should give up that easily!
 For the first time since the beginning of the lockdown we decide to go to Home Bargains ... it was raining so we decided to go this morning and see if the weather was better for walking when we got back. Sadly whilst we were out Orin's bed exploded!!! 
Despite him suggesting it was granddad Nico who did it because he sulked at not getting anything at the show - I think we know different!
The expression on his face here just made me laugh. 

Remember That Dream?

I'm knackered but I just can't sleep, lying there listening to the pounding rain my brain just won't switch off. I thought of kittens and happy days in the kitten room at the rescue centre. I hear the new kitten unit is almost complete now. They will have facilities that I could only dream of. I thought, if I had a kitten now what would I have? A boy of course, I went though colours and characters in my mind, even imagined myself sitting in the kitten room choosing. I would love a kitten, but what if it ended up like Luther? Haha  ... Yes I'd love that more! Seriously now is not the time, I've got one handful to look after as it is. Luckily for me Ross, Kaiah and Sammi have played pass the parcel with Orin this evening ... thankfully there's usually someone willing to entertain him!
I started thinking of Kaiah and how devastated I was last Winter when the puppies never came, and then I remembered that dream .. OMG the dream of a young male dog standing in the hall just outside the bathroom. I can still see him in my mind, so unable to sleep I got up to find the blog post and luckily I found it easily ...Dreaming
Click on the link should you wish to read it all but these are some of the words that I wrote on Dec 13th 2019, these are the words that came back to my mind. "As I dozed back off to sleep my thought went to the dog standing in the hall. He was without doubt not a dog I know but I can still see him clearly in my mind. A young dog, maybe just under 12 months old, quite red with a strong black saddle but not the dark mask that is my preference. Still a very handsome dog! I did dream of a puppy called Nico months before our teenage Nico joined our family ... I can't help but wonder if this dog is maybe one to come in the future. Not sure what my thoughts are on it .. can we dream of and see things that are to come? ... what do you think?"
Maybe if we believe in such things, maybe I was dreaming about Orin ... in the dream Kaiah had her puppies, but the young male was already there .. maybe this was the plan of life .. just maybe it's how it should be.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Two Day's Dog Showing

With Dog shows cancelled since March a lot of charities and stall holders are struggling. I've got fish that I usually buy at the shows from their online shop and I've supported a couple of virtual charity shows as well as a couple of fun club shows. Well in the first Orin was stone last and we both sulked! In the second all the dogs went "unplaced" in the breed classes but we had a couple of successes.
 We won First for our "Four Generation" Photo
Don't tell Perry and Jamie as they also entered but Luther got a second. 

Today was the German Shepherd Welfare Virtual show and as I got back from walking I got a message from Izzy to say that Bruce was third in his Long Coat male puppy class. Wow fantastic, well done Puppy Bruce - over 30 entries. 
I was really excited and went on to see how my guys had got on. Nico was unplaced in Veteran dog but OMG Asha won Veteran bitch .. and to top it all and make it a double celebration her daughter Lexi owned by Linda was third. 
None of the adults were placed and I went to look up Orin's class - not yet judged but 38 entries. Ah well. I nodded off on the sofa, turning the ringer off on the phone as I do. When I woke up there were congratulation messages from friends and from the show organisers. Baby Orin not only won his class but also got BPIS - Judge Steve Foran -a well respected breed judge! 
Hell I know it's a bit of fun and a dog can not be judged on a photo but it's still not wrong to be over the moon is it. His rosette will be posted to him this week, he won and didn't even have to raise a paw!
What it was all about - £1,882.74 for GSD Welfare

Walking In The Rain

What a week of contradicting weather. Something in the middle would be nice. I know I'm unpopular for saying it, but I much prefer today to Thursday. Yes we got wet, and it was windy but at least we could get out. All you need is wellies and a coat. Thursday's weather was just too much for doing anything ... yeuk!

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Love These

 Baby Orin - Growing beautifully 
 Kaiah looking wonderful - it would be a travesty not to have a Kaiah daughter
Beautiful Asha

Fun In The Fields

Kaiah And Orin

Over the Spring Kaiah didn't time things well and came into season on the 10th of April. Luckily for us the weather was good at the time so Loki and Ross got to spend time out in the kennels whilst the pups were in the front garden. Following season, during the time they are pregnant most bitches are often different, a little moody maybe, and Kaiah lack her usual spark and is more cuddly than normal. According to my records had she been mated then this weekend would have been the time of their arrival, and already things are changing. 
Kaiah relationship with Orin has been Ok, during a difficult time for her she has more than tolerated him. To be fair she's not put a foot wrong, but she had not really taken much notice of him either. Well last night she decided she may like to get to know her little brother. A short game which she instigated was a joy to see. Not that there are major changes with Kaiah after seasons but hormonaly now she will be normal until her next season in October ... watch out Orin you may have met your match! 

Friday, 26 June 2020


Steve and I have both observed a decrees in the puppy biting over  the last week. Those puppy teeth are just horrid and we've both been getting hell from them. It's not malice just puppies learning the lessons of life. He does still nibble with his front teeth but the full out chomping is definitely on the decline. Just as it get's better he'll start teething! 

A Visiting Friend

Gail came to visit today. We had a lovely walk with the Young Guns followed by a social distance cuppa and jaffa cakes in the yard. Orin was very unsure and did bark at first .. but as you can see he soon got over it and decided he loved auntie Gail. Of course the fact that she listening to me and ignored him also helped. Nothing worse than someone constantly calling them when all they need is time to get over it. It was hugely helpful that all the other dogs love her .. and of course Jamie does too.  Orin really needs to meet more people and more dogs but because of the virus I'm still uncomfortable about taking him into the high street, I'd feel so much better at dog club .. but that simply is not going to happen! 

Thank God For That!

Someone has turned the heating down!
The storm left us rattling last night, thunder, lightening and monsoon rain. What a time to find out there's something stuck in the guttering! 
Lovely walk today. happy Blaniks .. happy me!

My favourite photo today 
 Sadly the day was not without it's adventure. Ross stood on the edge of Twll Braich and dropped the Orange Kong. It rolled down the sheer edge, I grabbed him put him on the lead and dragged him away. Here's hoping amazon prime get the next one to him ASAP. Life is not worth living without an Orange Kong!

Thursday, 25 June 2020


We'll we've been talking about him a lot recently, for those of you who are new to the blog - this is Kyle .. Kaiah's brother - Sammi's son! 

Doctor John.

I now have less than 12kg of the Doctor John's puppy food left. I usually leave puppies on puppy food till they are about 5 months, but Dr. John recommend a change to Titanium at about 4 months, well that suits me fine. Leaving them on puppy food for too long can add to the risk of them growing too quickly and developing panosteitis. Titanium is 2% less protein than the puppy food and I'm really pleased at how my adults are doing on it so I'll definitely give the recommended change a go.
Over the years I've tried many different puppy foods, Royal Canine, Beta, Pedigree, Arden Grange and CSJ all come to mind .. some have been far more successful than others. Some I would use again, some I would not. In previous years if you have told me to feed my pups or dogs on any Doctor John's product then I would have told you no way, I would never feed my dogs on such rubbish. Times change and Doctor John's food sure have improved and come up the ranks. They still make the Silver and Gold Medal which I presume have also improved, but you know I really can not complain about the puppy food and the adults have been on Titanium now for months. I'm really pleased with their general condition. Sammi was fed on it during pregnancy and whelping and looked fantastic throughout. Ok she had 4 meals a day and one over night, but I did not have to help her with feeding the puppies at all. Of course we started weaning at 2 weeks, but we always do, just a little taste for them but her milk supply continued to flow beyond when it was needed. The only thing I'd like Gilpa to think about is the recommended allowance they suggested. "Feeding puppies to appetite up to 8 weeks" really isn't helpful, especially when you are using a product for the first time. Also I consider that the amount recommended for Orin now is far too generous, I don't think even he could eat that much! I know it is only a guide, but still it's way out for what I'm feeding him ....
I think we are all quick to criticise but I'd really like to thank the GSD folk who told me to give this food a go. I think I'd just like to say well done Gilpa on bringing Doctor John's food to such a high standard. I will continue to use Titanium and if luck is on our side I will definitely be using the puppy food again.
Not an official weigh in but my little man Orin is 15kg today, so putting on an average of 2kg a week. I'm not taking bets but under or over 20kg by the 19th of July?

Oh Ross!

Even in this heat, (approx 32 here now) the mouth from the south has his nutty head on. Orin watching and taking it all in but had more common sense than to try and get in with him. Bless him I did feel sorry for him there was hardly an inch of water left for him to paddle in .. and no I'm not refilling it again!

Too Hot

All we could do today was an early toddle around the field followed by sitting about in the shade. It's far too hot for me and them to walk. Thankfully the house is cool and all the watering holes are filled. Sadly Orin didn't get a change with the pool, Ross just empties it straight away. Actually no one else gets a go as he just stands in it throwing water in all directions. Maybe we should get another .. haha 

No Words

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

The Rain Stopped

I heard that most of the UK were having bright sunny weather over the last couple of days. I've been out in wellies, my waterproof coat and long socks .. now there's a picture! Seriously what I mean is I've been wearing Winter clothes to walk dogs. Then at lunch time today the rain stopped and we got to take Orin and Loki to Talysarn, we timed it well as wow now it's got hot! There's no pleasing me I guess, I'm dreading the heat forecast for the next couple of days. Looks like it'll be too hot for me and the dogs. 

Judgment Day?

So yesterday evening I measured the kitchen floor, from head to toe, the second fall of the year, I'm not looking forward to the third. Basically, rushing into the kitchen I didn't see and stood on a bone that was just off the edge of the vet bed. It skidded and took my foot with it across the floor, I ended up crashing down onto my right side. I'm stiff today but what is worse is the intermittent biting pain on my left side and the pain down my left leg.  I must have twisted as I went down, the pain is just where the sciatica pain starts and my god I'm afraid of that!
Now my friends all know how much I love social media, well Facebook. I'm honest in saying it has enriched my life. I love the good side of it, keeping in touch with friends, still being in contact with the George Michael "Lovelies" and sharing and looking at photos of dogs and cats. I do share my life on Facebook and I love it when others do the same. Mostly for me Facebook is a wonderful place for love, knowledge and education, but as I said it is what you make of it. I scrawl past the hate, I mark post that I do not want to see and I try not to get involved with campaigns, I mostly use it as escapism, a place of happiness. So why is there always someone who spoils things? The unnecessary but obvious digs are hurtful, especially when the dislike of me brings Orin into the equation as it did last night. The remarks are not just obvious to me, thankfully they are blatantly obvious to others some who messaged me last night and obviously see the person for who they are.
If the cap fits then this is my suggestion, if you don't like me unfriend me, if you don't like my dogs, unfriend me, if you don't like my photos .. don't look...or better still unfriend me. Don't forget I'm not the only one watching and judging!
Over the last couple of years I've thought over and over to the situation that caused this rift. No matter how I look at it I can not see what I could have done differently, I can not see I can be blame me for their own error. Maybe it's just easier to point the blame at someone else than accept they make a mistake?

Monday, 22 June 2020

Kaiah Thoughts

 As I said I'm thoughtful today .. the fecking virus really has put the kibosh on so many things. Looking at the big picture my dilemma is really insignificant, but for me it still needs thoughts and consideration.
Zalu lives in rural Suffolk, now that is a bloody long day trip, especially if you want to go twice. The other option is to stay over, but as things currently stand that is not possible. Kaiah is not due in season till the end of October, the situation with the virus may well have changed by then but maybe we'll still be under some restrictions by November when I envisage she will be ready to mate. My dream is of a Zalu x Kaiah sable daughter, a bit like Silkenwood Aria, but taking everything into consideration, well I may have to reconsider.
Of course it's far far too early to make plans, but having back up ideas, and mulling over thoughts is important. Taking everything into account if using Zalu is not possible this year then my first port of call is with his owner. I'd have to ask Helen if she would be happy for me to take Kaiah back at a later date, I can't imagine a problem with that but it's courteous to discuss it with her first.
Now Kaiah will be 4 in October and really she needs to have that first litter before she gets any older. So if it's a no go with Zalu then what do I do? Well my first thought was Sisco, after all the K kids are stunning. If it worked so well with Sammi then it should with Kaiah. Then there's another thought ... Chase, Sisco's son. A stunning young dog in his own right ... but I remember a top breeder saying to me years ago, "why use the monkey when you can use the organ grinder?" I get that and at the time I did use the organ grinder, but sometimes we do need to give the young boys a chance. Lots to think about, but plenty of time to think about it and change my mind too.
Kaiah is without doubt a stunning bitch, as I've said before in my opinion the best bitch I've bred in a long time. Of course I can't compare her to her half sisters from the "K" litter yet, but Sammi sure did me proud in producing Kaiah. Not having a litter from Kaiah and being able to go on through her would be a travesty ... Ok now through little Isla, Ginger and maybe Orin there are options should it come to it ... but really I do hope the way forward is through Kaiah.

Four In Rough Weather

I let the green eyed monster get to me again today. I'm feeling a little emotional today, tearful and thoughtful so a quick dig was all it took. I asked a friend if I was being over sensitive, she said yes but agreed she would have read it as I did and definitely agreed it was a dig. I feel like posting, as I have in the past, if you don't like my dogs it's simple ...stop looking at my photo, scrawl past simples! I've also thought of blocking her .. but lets be honest I'm too nosy for that! 😎 
 I didn't take photos on the first three walks, the weather was really off putting, but I couldn't help myself with Orin out with The Young Guns. You can see the van here in the above photo, it shows how far we go, we mooch more than walk I guess. Put it this way Loki got bored and sat down to eat his toy! Oh and Ross? Don't you just love his disappearing act here! Can you see him?
 Kaiah and Orin are half siblings, it will be interesting to see if they have any similar traits, at the moment his recall is as good as hers, so yeah pleased with that. 
As the months go on I haven't made up my mind which walk Orin will be on. At the moment it works to give him 10 mins with these at the end of a walk or to come back with the girls and pick him up for 10 mins with them. I guess a lot depends on Asha's health and Loki continuing to accept the situation. Sadly Loki is not coping with Orin any more than he does with Ross, but so far that is only an issue in the house! It would be good to keep them together, even if it's just for some of the walks.