Friday, 31 January 2020

Photos From The Show

Really pleased to get these photos through from last weekend's show. Loki on the podium for his photo for the Dog Press. I really wish I'd stood behind him, the older I get the more I look like a telly tubby! The second photo was taken by the judges husband after Loki was announced BOB. Chuffed with this as we only had a very blurry one. The boy looks good! 

One Man Dog?

Well that is what they always say about the breed isn't it. I wonder what other people's experiences are of the breed, and of individuals in the breed? Does your GSD, or GSD's obviously prefer one member of the house? Are there just subtle preferences? Do you maybe consider that they love you all equally?
Nico's post on Facebook was simply humor, but it did make me think. ... "Mrs S be not well, sounds like she has the kennel coughing. Mr S took me and Miss Jezi to the field to play but me was a bit worried and came home to give Mrs S cuddles. Mr S and Miss Jezi stayed out. Extra treats for me tonight!"
Though Nico was not a "Rescue" dog in the normal sense of the word, in his youth he has probably seen more hardship and cruelty than I care to imagine, but he's been here a long time now and he's a biddable happy dog. When I'm away at shows etc he is happy to go to the field with Steve but when I'm in the cottage why will he not go? It's our fields next to our cottage with a man he seems to totally love and trust. In the home he shows little preference between us, he's anybody's for a cuddle or a treat. On walks with me he's not clingy or insecure. I have said numerous times that on walks he seems to be more in the world of his own masculinity than any of the others .. scenting, marking and investigating are his priority, with just the occasional game with Jezi. He wonders far and wide following his nose, and I don't ever stress if he is a distance away, his obedience is great and I know he'd never choose to loose me. The conclusion of this for me is that therefore Nico does show slight preference for me.
A long time ago I lived with a dog and a man who obviously disliked each other. My first husband came into my life when Blade was 9 or 10 months old. It was destine not to work, his harshness towards my dog was something I could not tolerate, it caused friction and a bond never grew between them. In later years Blade would growl when the man walked into the room, I think on one occasion he would have bitten him had I not taken charge of him.
It was only 18 months after we split that I met Steve. He was told early on by a mutual friend that if our relationship was to be successful then he had to get on with and be accepted by Blade. Of course Steve didn't even have to try .. Blade knew straight away that this was a good man and there was never anything but trust and love between them. It proved to me that though Blade was always my dog he was not jealous of their being a man in my life, it just had to be the right man.
By then Seffe and Dexi were here too, oh and puppy Lia. Nikki and Pepsi who had lived with my first husband took to Steve instantly, as they would. Seffe seem to accept him too, but Dexi took a little longer to suss things out. Strangely over time Steve's bond with Dexi became the strongest and they adored each other. Seffe on the other hand back tracked, she became obviously solely my dog. When I was home she wouldn't walk with him, she would move away if he touched her and she even growled at him when he went near her young puppies. Of course when I was away she was a different dog, it was almost like she had to show her preference clearly when I was there. I guess Lia was too young to notice really ... and I never really noticed her show preference towards either of us.
With Blade, Nikki, Seffe, Dexi and Pepsi I understood that they had spent periods of time living with me alone, I can understand that maybe it was hard to accept another human getting in the way. Maybe they would show preference? But what about the others who have been born and bred here ... though they seem to love us both some of them have shown preference too.
The more I think about it the boys have certainly been more "My dogs,"  .. Blade, Simba, Jay, Louis, Kai, Mikey, Nico, Loki and Ross have been obviously mine, with Dexi sitting on the fence and Finlay .. well let's not go there. Captain belonged to my first husband and Robbie was his work dog so I did less with them really. . God do you remember a young Mikey wouldn't even let anyone else hold the lead without flipping?  He was proper baby, but with maturity his love for Steve grew too. Now the bond between Steve and Ross is strengthening. He found him difficult as a youngster but now I think his character has charmed him, Ross is a lot like a male version of Nikki, and that is a compliment. I would say some of the bitches do show me preference, Seffe was blatant, Ziva and Sammi do but are little less obvious, .. and Kaiah? Well she shows very obvious preference in her OTT greeting for me and her disinterest in Steve in the same situation. But my bond with Kaiah was always strong, from the day she arrived as a surprise package in this world I was smitten with her and though she can be a challenge at times, honestly I'm still smitten with her. .. It was similar with Sammi really, from 3 weeks old she stood out, she shone, she was and still is my Angel!
So I asked Steve the question .. Do you think any of these dogs show you preference over me? His instant reply was "No, they all show you preferance, they are all obviously your dogs" but then a hesitation from him.. "Maybe Jezi does!" Yes Ok, I guess I'd agree there. I questioned further .. "and Asha?"  "No" he replied "Asha is your dog too!" I hadn't really thought of that, I had thought that Asha doesn't really show obvious preference .. I guess maybe Asha, like her mother before her is sitting on the fence to see what is in it for her.

Thursday, 30 January 2020

On Guard

Asleep yes, but Asha is still looking after the Xmas present she got from Auntie Linda. I do love getting gifts for the dogs .. it gives me as much if not more pleasure than getting stuff for myself.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

James Blunt | Goodbye My Lover | Live Performance at Oxford Union

Just decided to make myself cry again and went to watch the video of this song, but then I found this live performance.
The posh boy still made me cry!

Oh Asha!

After months and months of leaving her sebaceous cyst alone Asha is really worrying it at the moment. She started last Friday, and yesterday and today she's had a fine old nibble again. I've washed it with hibiscrub and smothered it in antiseptic powder several times but it seems for some reason she's really having a go at it at the moment. I can only think that it itches... it must do otherwise she wouldn't think about it would she? I think we may have to cut the hair from the surrounding area again and now wait for the hole to close .. again! 
Photo taken before we did anything with it today. Yes it looks a mess - but I know from experience what to do and how to treat it. So providing we can get her to leave it alone we should be OK 

That's Not Enough

I'm not greedy, I just like a lot of snow! 

Monday, 27 January 2020

James Blunt - Monsters [Official Video]

So James Blunt does it to me again .. as if Goodbye My lover wasn't bad enough.

Be Brave and maybe you can watch it without tears .. I can't!

A Bit Of Fun

These three always make me smile. It is without doubt the most entertaining walk. 

Is There A Doctor In The House?

The cough has escalated to a full blown cold and yes I'm feeling sorry for myself. For coughing, spluttering and snoting  I didn't sleep last night, though I did find more comfort from the cool dark bedroom than this sauna of a living room. Today the carer needs care ... all together "ahhhhhh!"
To be fair Steve did take Nico and Jezi out for me yesterday, though it didn't go to plan as Nico kept coming home. Bless him he loves me and has only ever walked with me. The other 6 got some time out in the fields together, a little tension but distracting Kaiah with rewards usually defuses things!
The van is  back off to the garage this afternoon to get the injectors seen too. He said I may not have it back for a few days. Bless him our local one man band garage never rushes .. but he's fair in service and price. I swear it feels like this van has been to the garage more times in 6 months than the other did in six years. It's OK to look good but you've got to work as well too. To be fair it is a high mileage van so I guess bits will need replacing. I'm reluctant to spend on it at the moment. I was going to put side windows in as the kids love to sit up and see where we are heading, but I have been stalling on the idea of putting a "Blanik" design on it, kind of feel like I've done that twice so it's not necessary now .. and it cost money best spent elsewhere maybe?
Loki has been back with Sammi since yesterday, Ross a few days longer. It is nice to get everyone back together. Kaiah and Ross must have missed each other and are like a pair of naughty kids most of the time. Though I felt like not walking we did go .. to be honest I felt much better outside than in, though it was colder than I anticipated. The heat and artificial light really makes me feel dreadful!
I came home to good news that the GSD missing for days on Carnedd Llywelyn has been found safe and well today .. such a relief.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Oh Nico!

Everyone knows that I love this dog so much, but sometimes... sometimes I feel like buying him a one way ticket back to Scotland. Yes there had been treats in it .. but there was no more and all he got for his trouble were ring cards a tissue and the ring clip. Yes, I had just hung it on the wardrobe door. Luckily for me it has been shredded from the inside of the pocket, so with a bit of luck a new pocket can be rebuilt.... I'd only worn it twice.  Nico is not the only dog to eat pockets ... Dexi did a fair share too!

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Loki At Lichfield

First Open Show of the year and BOB for Loki at Lichfield CS. Having past experiences of the group judge we didn't stay, which we usually always do. I said years ago he would never have the pleasure of putting a hand on any of my dogs again, I will stick to that!  Anyway a great day with friends with the only upset being Kaiah almost rammed and run over by an uncaring, inconsiderate exhibitor wielding a large trolley. If we hadn't have turned around when we did I swear he'd have just run into her, we had to pull her quickly to the side. Maybe he couldn't see her over the crate I don't know .. but no excuse .. just slow down. I'm damned annoyed I wasn't quick enough to say something, it should not have been ignored.
Thanks Ian for handling Locus Pocus for me!

Perry You Are Not Funny

 Poor Jamie!
No of course he didn't move! 

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Winter Sunsets

The last few night there have been some amazing sunsets. 
 This was Sunday night, watching it all unfold as we drove home was a privileged, absolutely amazing 
This was last night, the sun just going down behind Mynydd Cilgwyn. The "Niwl" creeping up from the Nantlle Valley and into the village and the colours of the sky so pale yet stunning. Two very different but stunning sunsets - how lucky am I! 

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

In The Niwl

 Just love the expression on Asha's face
A very different day today, mild but damp with very limited visibility. 
Jezi's recalls were 100%, and the only issues I had was Sammi's air scenting and me unable to see if there was anyone about .. of course there was! 

Jezi Frustration

After traipsing up and down the A55 for days yesterday was a day to relax and walk dogs. I didn't have the energy to walk far but having been confined to the fields for days the guys needed to get out. Unlike us who can take ourselves off anywhere we like in our thoughts dogs are restricted to what they have and see around them in the moment. So for a healthy mind and body they need to see and be seen, even when we can't walk them sometimes a trip in the van and short run in a less familiar place will do the job just as well. Anyway I decided to walk up behind Plas Braich and go into the fields above Twll Braich, we don't go there often and it took them off the property and gave them different sights, smells and sounds.
On the first walk I was just going up behind Plas Braich when someone came towards me with a large Goldie on a retractable lead. I called both dogs but I immediately realised that Jezi was weighing up her options rather than returning. I called again, and again ... Nothing! The man continued towards me and I called out "Please can you stop!" I called her again, she came part way and then went off to the side. I screamed out in frustration "For Fucks sakes," I wanted to kill her, but dog training instincts kicked in and I went down onto my knees and found Kaiah's treats in my pocket. She came, I grabbed her collar and knowing it was the right thing to do I reluctantly praised her. I thanked the man who had waited and then I glance to see where Nico was, bless him, waiting patiently, as he does.
It's so hard not to get frustrated with Jezi, most of the time she is so bloody good. I ask very little of the dogs on walks. They have so much freedom, but they need to leave sheep alone, come when called and wait when told too. Mostly she does it, so why when there is real need for her to return, why does she the consider her options? Is it a reaction to my voice? Obviously I sound differently when I'm concerned with the situation, does that concern her? It's the only answer I have.
Of all the dogs here Jezi is the one I trust the least with other dogs, I do think the situation of her youth has not helped and I always try and be one step ahead of her. She should theoretically have never stayed, it was Danni and Ziva that we had plans to keep but we trusted Danni more and she was safer to rehome. The whole object of keeping Jezi was to keep her safe, I feared that in the wrong home she could have got herself in serious trouble. She'll be 9 in the Summer and between us and Nico so far we haven't done a bad job of looking after her ... I just wish she would always come when she's called like he does .. it's not much to ask is it!

Monday, 20 January 2020

Have You Missed These Walking Pics?

Old? Who's Old?

You show them Asha
Thank you so much for this Ian it mean the world to see her like this. 

'Tis Cold You Know!

Those young boys of mine getting as close as they can to the pipe without touching it! 
maybe we'll get our mantle piece back in the Spring! 

Saturday, 18 January 2020

The Italian Job Went Well


Great to catch up with friends at Manchester yeserday. Kaiah did me proud - 4th IN PGB ... Asha put in a great performance but was second of 2 in Veteran - Not afraid to admit I was a little disappointed as she deserved better. I was also offended to hear a comment of " he'll never put something that colour up!" I know she's a poor colour but she was sounder and freer in movement, and two years older ... Ah well she enjoyed her day and thanks to everyone who provided her with the nourishment she needed to get through the day!!!!! Haha

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Weather And Showing Asha

 The wind and rain has moved on .. but it sure is nippy out there today. Though to be honest as we say .. all that's needed is the right clothes. I think my footwear was letting me down today and my feet are still cold. It was just too cold for wellies, back to boots and waterproof socks it is then.

It was my intention to only get one decent shot of everyone .. but I couldn't help but take some continuous shots of the girl.
I love the expression on Asha's face in these. Still happy and full of fun. I have her entered at Manchester Champ show and I'm really not sure what to do about taking her. I know she'd love to go, but I have been that woman looking into a veteran class and saying about some exhibits ... "Oh bless they should be at home by the fire." I would be mortified if anyone thought that of Asha and I hadn't see it for myself first. To me she hasn't changed much, though she is a little bony these days ... 
Oh what to do? .... What to do?  ... (Rhetorical Question!) 

Cat Flap!

The new cat flap came and Steve decided to fit it yesterday .. as you do! Still he was adamant that he wouldn't need to go out to do it and the other was hanging on by a thread. It was never the same after Mikey stuck his head through it and pulled it all off the door, frame and all to get back in. It's also survived a couple of brushes with Nico .. that is why we got the baby gate .. one of my better ideas.
The cats immediately realised something was different and I watched them investigate their new access to the big wide world. A good sniff all around before pushing it open a few times with their paws .. then head through, in again, through and gone. Luther had been interfering and pushing in and out whilst Steve was putting it in the door frame so he had no issues with it and was straight out, but now we have an issue with Luther. There are 2 buttons on this cat flap, one red, one green, tiny sliding buttons, but with a purpose. I bet you can see what's coming can't you. Well with these sliding buttons you can lock the cats from coming in or from going out - or you can lock it completely so the cats are shut in or out. I can't imagine I will ever need to lock them out but the option to lock them in is useful ... and the problem is? Of course Luther is playing with the buttons! Hopefully he won't master the art of sliding them across or we could have some very pissed of pussy cats!
The photo is of Luther and Perry waiting for Junior to leave them a crumb the other morning. Meals has to be supervised, Junior is a slow eater and these two shovel it down and then steal!

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Missing Mouse

Another rough day and bloody Luther brings a mouse in and looses it. As you can see he's making every effort to find it .. NOT!  At least Jezi let us know where it is!

Monday, 13 January 2020

Before Brendan

 Oops my flash was on!
 Make sure you are seen Kaiah 
Ross, Kaiah, Loki, Sammi 
A walk in Cwm Dulyn on route to Milfeddygon Deufor. 
Sadly Sammi still uncomfortable at walking with Kaiah but to be fair Kaiah wasn't devil dog today. 
The weather was pretty dramatic this morning - but now it's plain scary!