Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Weather And Showing Asha

 The wind and rain has moved on .. but it sure is nippy out there today. Though to be honest as we say .. all that's needed is the right clothes. I think my footwear was letting me down today and my feet are still cold. It was just too cold for wellies, back to boots and waterproof socks it is then.

It was my intention to only get one decent shot of everyone .. but I couldn't help but take some continuous shots of the girl.
I love the expression on Asha's face in these. Still happy and full of fun. I have her entered at Manchester Champ show and I'm really not sure what to do about taking her. I know she'd love to go, but I have been that woman looking into a veteran class and saying about some exhibits ... "Oh bless they should be at home by the fire." I would be mortified if anyone thought that of Asha and I hadn't see it for myself first. To me she hasn't changed much, though she is a little bony these days ... 
Oh what to do? .... What to do?  ... (Rhetorical Question!) 

Cat Flap!

The new cat flap came and Steve decided to fit it yesterday .. as you do! Still he was adamant that he wouldn't need to go out to do it and the other was hanging on by a thread. It was never the same after Mikey stuck his head through it and pulled it all off the door, frame and all to get back in. It's also survived a couple of brushes with Nico .. that is why we got the baby gate .. one of my better ideas.
The cats immediately realised something was different and I watched them investigate their new access to the big wide world. A good sniff all around before pushing it open a few times with their paws .. then head through, in again, through and gone. Luther had been interfering and pushing in and out whilst Steve was putting it in the door frame so he had no issues with it and was straight out, but now we have an issue with Luther. There are 2 buttons on this cat flap, one red, one green, tiny sliding buttons, but with a purpose. I bet you can see what's coming can't you. Well with these sliding buttons you can lock the cats from coming in or from going out - or you can lock it completely so the cats are shut in or out. I can't imagine I will ever need to lock them out but the option to lock them in is useful ... and the problem is? Of course Luther is playing with the buttons! Hopefully he won't master the art of sliding them across or we could have some very pissed of pussy cats!
The photo is of Luther and Perry waiting for Junior to leave them a crumb the other morning. Meals has to be supervised, Junior is a slow eater and these two shovel it down and then steal!

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Missing Mouse

Another rough day and bloody Luther brings a mouse in and looses it. As you can see he's making every effort to find it .. NOT!  At least Jezi let us know where it is!

Monday, 13 January 2020

Before Brendan

 Oops my flash was on!
 Make sure you are seen Kaiah 
Ross, Kaiah, Loki, Sammi 
A walk in Cwm Dulyn on route to Milfeddygon Deufor. 
Sadly Sammi still uncomfortable at walking with Kaiah but to be fair Kaiah wasn't devil dog today. 
The weather was pretty dramatic this morning - but now it's plain scary!

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Saturday, 11 January 2020

'Tis True

The puppy pushed me to my limits
The adult is sublime 

Talysarn Lake

With Gales set for the day the older crew had a quick whizz around the field, but I still braved the weather and took the youngsters out. Steve dropped us off at Talysarn lake and went to the Aquarium shop in Penygroes. We had a good 30 mins of fun and a very enjoyable walk, there were a couple of other people about but they were far enough away for us to enjoy our walk in peace. I feel so much better for going and now we have 14 more fish .. tiny little things, lets hope the big guy doesn't eat them. 
The new yellow coat has passed it's first test with flying colours, and with wellies on yes I too had to stand in the lake!

Friday, 10 January 2020

Running On The Hill

Sorry for going OTT with the photos on Facebook - I think I posted about 40. Horrors, someone will be pissed off. I enjoyed my time out and got great shots but again missed out on some that would have been amazing had I had the camera and it's optical zoom. 

Posing Today

 The Winter sunshine making the dogs look a tad orange

Ross standing on Titanic Two 
Another mountain range less familiar to me in the background, I know Moel Eilio is there and Snowdon wearing it's hat of snow, then of course Mynydd Mawr just in shot  - I need to know what these other peaks are called too now.  

The Mountains From Home

I've always preferred the mountains to the ocean, though of course I see the beauty of the beach but living here has given me a great love of these mountains on our patch of Snowdonia. The Ridge and Mynydd Mawr being my favourites. 
You'll need to click on the photos to enlarge them ... if you are interested of course. 
Mynydd Mawr which you see regularly in y photos is just out of shot. Mynydd Mawr is often referred to Elephant Mountain, which for some reason I don't like, no idea why just one of my idiosyncrasies. Craig Y Bera is the fist rocky edge on the side of my photo. Because the slate is based from a view from Nantlle lake a few of the mountains, including Snowdon are then hidden in my photo, that is until we come to Y Garn. Cwm Silyn we have visited and Garnedd Goch leads you on to Mynydd Craig Goch above Cwn Dulyn, now we know! 
 Cwm Dulyn - Garnedd coch and Mynydd Craig Goch
Mynydd Mawr, Craig Y Bera and Y Garn just in shot. 
Mikey a Loki in Cwm Silyn in 2016 - Craig Las Cwm Silyn Behind them 

Thursday, 9 January 2020

In The Fields

After shopping and family visits I find it mostly impossible to walk on Thursdays, that's when our 3 acres become invaluable. I mooch, they run. It would never work on a daily basis, but once a week I guess they find it acceptable. Ring Craft starts back tonight too so I need some energy left to go there, I guess the Xmas break has made me lazy as well as fatter, and with my funny head today I really don't want to go, but I'll give it my best shot! Time for a sleep now I think.

Are You Taking The Piss???

 There's always one isn't there .. Just not usually this one!
Take Two 
Sammi, Ross, Loki, Asha, Ziva, Kaiah 

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Xmas Cash

After my soaking in the Barbour coat, yesterday I decided to go to Idris Morris (Agricultural Merchant) and spend some of my Xmas money on buying a new yellow coat. (They are still only £27.) The other has served me well, is still warm and comfortable but after numerous washes it isn't quite waterproof and is looking worst for wear. I will be hanging on to it as a spare though. After looking at the wellies there yesterday I couldn't believe it when mine split today - I guess on a slate walking where I shouldn't be! For me at £50 + the prices of wellies in Idris Morris is out of my league, so I returned to shoe zone and got another basic black pair for £9.99. The last lot have lasted my years and the tread was still good, any welly I guess would rip on those slates. Will it stop me going? Will it hell. Some more of the Xmas cash went on Pj's and Steve got clothes and another fish tank .. long story!
I hope this yellow coat does as well as the other. I got the first after the vet suggested it would be beneficial for Tali with her nuclear sclerosis. As I said at the time yes it was great to know she could see me, but she had ignored me for years .. why would it change? It didn't! 

A Krizzie Memory

A lovely facebook memory this morning brightened up the day. Darling Deeanna - or Krizzie to her friends. The clown in the pack, mum called her "Crazy," which was quite apt, her enthusiasm for life could only be matched by her son from the "E" litter. I suppose Kaiah is similar in her OTT attitude. Krizzie was the last bitch here to have two litters. After presenting me with 7 boys and a L.C bitch in the "E" litter I had to try again to get my S.C bitch to continue my line. (Different times) Controlling Kriz on the walk meant I had control of all the pack - until this happened of course!
Enter Blanik Frankie - Tali
This photo was taken at 21.56pm on the 8th of January 2015 - Tali was born on the 7th of January at approx 3.50pm - so she about 30 hours old in this photo. I celebrated her life and birthday on Facebook yesterday with a collage of photos and these words "I remember the day they were born ...a howling gale outside and boy after boy after boy arrived.. and then she came. The only female in a litter of nine, our Tali ... Blanik's Fun-time Frankie! Headstrong, determined and awkward till her dying day ... but my god Tali we loved you!" To be fair her awkwardness was not her failure, as frustrating as it could be it was her strength, she had the strength of character to know her own mind. She need no guidance or support, she was very much her own person.  Like Krizzie,Tali was a fantastic mother, and they both supported and promoted their daughters within the pack. I'm not saying they did not play with and support their sons, but it was in their interest and the packs interest to promote their daughters .. and it was obvious within the interaction that they always had their backs, that idea sadly was lost with Asha who only gives support to Loki!!! (But maybe he needs it for different reasons?) 
I would call "Tali come" and Tali would say "In a minute I'm doing this now!" I would scream "Tali come, " and Tali would give me a look, a look that her friends knew so well, she simply said "Feck off!" Tali did as mostly Tali wanted! 
If you are counting the puppies in the photo, then yes I can only see 8 too. The time comes up as 6.02am so they should all be there - but maybe the time is wrong, or more likely one puppy is hidden. Cajun was a very late arrival not joining us until 3.50 am on the 8th .. the first pup had been born at 10.35am on the 7th of January- the 8th at 8.15pm - we really thought she had finished then and had I gone to bed young Cajun would not have made it - he took some effort to get going and by then obviously Kriz was knackered! 

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

A Sad Loss

What a wave of sadness has hit the GSD community to start a year. A couple decide that they no longer want their 10 year old bitch so they throw her in a river with a huge rock tied to her. Luckily a lady risked her life to save her. Bella is recovering, she was microchipped and both the owners have been arrested, they are safer in custody I think! God help their unborn baby, I hope they don't get bored of that!
Closer to home a dear friend has lost her precious boy to Torsion. Marco was only 3 years old last week. An amazing dog, a happy, bubbly larger than life character that you couldn't help but love. Such a shock, so devastating for the owner. I cried at the news yesterday but this is her grief, her loss and we need to be respectful and supportive in the way that she requests. Loosing is painful at anytime, but to loose so young leaves it very very difficult to move on. In time I hope she is able to smile at the memories because my god he sure gave us all a lot to smile about.
Someone has already wound me up by saying they know how she feels .. er no they don't! Even if you have lost in similar circumstances you can not begin to understand what someone is going through. In my opinion grief is personal and individual to the person and their loss. Sometimes we can accept it, sometimes we can't ... I've remained haunted by some of the younger losses whist others I've grown to accept. As much as we sympathise no one can really know the pain of grief experienced by an individual at their loss.
RIP Dear Marco - You certainly will never be forgotten, you have been loved.

Monday, 6 January 2020

Wet And Windy

But even today I wasn't the only idiot on the mountain. I saw Bull Terrier woman, a couple legging it back to their vehicle and a guy jogging with a Collie. Us dog owners are a hardy type aren't we. I had to scream at the Collie guy to stop to give me time to put them on their leads. At the time I was a little pissed off with him but  with hindsight I thought that maybe as he was running into the wind and rain that he was looking down and not ahead .. still we exchanged a pleasant smile before going our separate ways. Looking at Nico and Sammi's ears shows just how windy it was this morning. 
I must say it wasn't the best day to discover that your Barbour coat is absolute crap. On the last walk I felt cold but it never dawned on me that my top half was wet through. My faithful yellow coat is old, worn to death but still far better - I'm considering going to Idris Morris to get another with my Xmas Money. I'll just have to wear the barbour in cold dry weather only I guess. 😒

My Mantle Piece Ornaments

What do you think? I kind of like them myself! 

His Mothers Son

I just pinched this photo of Caleb off Facebook. He is Nico and Ziva's son, Sammi's brother. 
There is no doubts this guy has taken after his mother! 
 Daddy Nico 
Mummy Ziva