Friday, 31 July 2015

Last Night And Day Nine Of Nine!

Last night a beautiful extra walk at the Stunning Cwm Dulyn for Loki, Nico and Finlay with Tasha and Bella in tow. 
This Morning's Walks

Someone young was just a "tad" naughty!!!

Slightly orange dogs due to camera being on wrong setting,
Why didn't I notice???

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Vet Check-Ups

Well it was mixed results at the vets for the oldies. As we suspected Finlay has CDRM, which is a pain free, but degenerative and paralyzing condition of the nerve endings of the spine. The condition progresses at different speeds in different dogs, sometimes taking years, sometimes months to cause any real difficulty. Sadly I have come across it before, and watched Blade loose his mobility with it over his twilight years. Anyway Vet Jill stressed that we must carry on with the walking, she said do what your doing and then do a little more! Stopping is the worse thing you can do for CDRM, though the progression of the condition can not be stopped, it can be slowed down. Thankfully everything else is in good working order for his age so now we plod on and enjoy every day that we share together!
Following the strange incident with Tali at Cwm Dulyn a few weeks ago I made the appointment with the practice ophthalmologist and got a diagnosis similar to what I was half expecting.  Tali has dense nuclear sclerosis, so her eye sight is now pretty poor especially in poor light. (her eye sight is fuzzy, like looking through frosted glass - actually a condition that Kiri also had, but in a milder form) Tali also has mild back discomfort, that at the moment doesn't warrant any medication (She's getting a CSJ supplement with Devil's Claw in it) and she showed some abdominal discomfort which could be something and nothing, but something that we need to keep an eye on and report back if there are any other changes!

A Special Photo To Share

 Of a very special young lady!
The spark that lights up my life continues to play the fool! This Angle makes me smile every day ... in Sammi's world it sure is "good to be bad!"
But not at the moment, at the moment she's so good, so obedient and so loving. I guess her body is preparing for the puppies that will not be coming. I have 3-4 weeks to go, and then I imagine my Naughty Angel will be back with a vengeance. Currently I'm enjoying the sweetie young girl, but I can't get complacent. I can't think she's grown up into a different person, I feel she is luring me into a false sense of security. I have no doubts  ...
She'll be back!!!

Great To Be Wrong

I have always though Ricky Gervais was a twat, not in the same league as Lemon, Carr and Clarkson, but still a twat! Then a few months ago I saw one of his anti fox hunting posts on Facebook and I started taking an interest in him and his other posts! Well how wrong was I? This man is not the big headed idiot that seems comes over on the TV. This man is a compassionate person who's a passionate and dedicated animal lover. He's not afraid to put his neck on the line, to say it as he see's it, no matter how horrific he's not afraid to bring it to the public's eye. Now lets be honest because of him I'm seen thing that will haunt me forever, images, videos and statements going round in my head, things that keep me awake at night! Things I wish I'd never seen, but what is the point in burring your head in the sand? What is the point in pretending it doesn't go on? None what so ever! Because of him, and high profile people like him, who published photos and videos all over social media the world became aware on the Chinese Dog Meat festival, and due to a public out cry all over the world this festival and it's barbaric methods were cancelled, for this year anyway!
I know people who don't use facebook think it a silly bit of fun, a waste of time, but my god it's a way of getting information out there, there is some power in that site. Dogs are reunited with owners, animals are rehomed successful all over the country,(with a chain of homecheckers!) stolen goods become too hot to handle and the media realise that the majority of the UK really don't want a lift of the Fox Hunting Ban. And yeah, there are silly posts, idiots with no lives beyond a screen, but also lots of fun and support. At the moment it's plastered with photos of the idiot dentist who murdered one of the most majestic creatures in the world, all in the name of "sport!" I need say no more, moving on ....  Like most things in life Facebook really is what you make of it!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Day 7 Of My 9 Days Off

After a soaking on the first walk I came home and changed into my waterproofs, only to have sunshine and increasing temperatures on my second walk. So another quick change before the third walk and I found myself watching the blackening skies and low clouds which followed us. Luckily I was just arriving home as the next set of showers arrived!  I only had the small camera so the quality of photos are not half as good, I won't risk the big camera in this weather but I love having the photos so I can look back at treasured memories.
They say, don't they that "You live your life looking forward and understand it looking back." Whether I need to look back to understand it all or not, well that I don't know. I think we learn a lot as we go along, in the moment so to speak. Today I learned that going back for and sticking a lead on Tali and marching her away from next doors caravan is much more rewarding and much less frustrating that standing there calling her and being ignored! (Haha - but not at the time!) I guess each day, each event is individual and we do learn valuable lessons everyday of our lives, those who profess to know it all are very very arrogant, or more likely naive.
Anyway I just love to look back at these photos, remember the days, the events, treasured memories of my beautiful family .. even if some are playing the deaf old lady card!!! (Which she's not)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Despite The Weather ..

... well actually because of it I guess, we are still walking and walking and ...
I'm one of these (selfish as Steve calls it) people who doesn't like the heat, so this weather suits me just fine! Lots of walk, lots of ditches and great fun with my crew. 
Loki and Sammi Belle in Parc Dudley
There is no doubt that you do feel uncomfortable when walking in a secluded wood and your dog's hackles go up ... twice within a couple of minutes! Still Sammi and I saw/heard nothing so the boy got it wrong .. well maybe!!!
Edited to add a quote from a friend on Facebook - "Quarrymen from times past?? Ceri used to do that. Is scary.- " (Ceri was her lurcher!)

Mikey playing king of the castle -
 Asha, Ziva and Tali before we found the new track where all the ditches are!!!
Well what do you do when an old man refuses to face the same way as the others?
The best you can I guess!!!
Nico, Jezi and Finlay 

Monday, 27 July 2015

A Monthly Chart

Father And Son

Loki and Daddy Nico - Still getting on well
Though Mikey is Loki's mate, genetics are strong and Loki has a lot of similar behaviors and habits to his father! No not a bad thing at all! 
Loki and Mikey

Back On Home Ground

I decided to continue walking the dogs in groups of three today. Though there is no reason why they can't be together, but as I have oldies I feel I can walk further when I go three times. At the moment I'm struggling to get my weight back down so hope the extra exercise will only benefit me.
Even on a drab day the mountain is beyond beautiful, the colours are fantastic and much to the delight of the Blaniks the ditches are full. I did wish I'd taken my big camera .. but my poor PC is going to go into melt down with all the extra pics recently!
Last week we did some new walks on the other side of the village, places that in 20 years I'd never been. My heart is in this place, I love it so much here, without question Fron is my home. When I was a child my family use to say I'd end up being an old maid living on a mountain with a house full of dogs and cats .. well they almost got it right, but life could never have been complete without my Stevie, he's my best friend, my rock!
So Linda Lawton will be back later in the week, no doubt I'll get dragged up mountains and pushed through ditches again .. watch this space!!!

Happy Designated Birthday Day Finlay

Well my short term foster dog has been here for 8 years today, that makes him a minimum of 12 years old. He and Tali are going for their MOT on Thursday, something I always do with older dogs as I'm too scared of missing something ... but I feel for their age they are both doing quite well really!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Hard To Choose

Two lovely photos of Loki in stance today.
Huge thanks to Huw for taking the photo and to Ian for standing him. 
So which is the best photo? Well I think one has the edge, but only just. 
Whilst his back angles look perfect in the top photo, his head and front are better in the bottom pic. The second pic is taken at the ideal angle to show him off to his advantage, but he is slightly over stretch in his hind quarters ... so it's 6 of one and half a dozen of the other!
All in all I think for me the second pic may just had the edge, 
but I'm still not sure!!!!

Fun With Friends And Family

A great afternoon of training and walking. Loki and Nico got to go out with Bella and Tasha, so mum, dad and kids out together! 
Loki was dead happy that best mate Noya also came and he and Nico had great fun chasing about with the exuberant Charley. 
Can't get the photos level, which is going to irritate me - but for now I'll leave them be!!! 

Love These Group Pics

Finlay, Nico, Jezi
Asha, Ziva, Tali
And prize winner for best behaved - Sammi Belle!!!
Lexi. Mikey, Loki

Friday, 24 July 2015

Who Are You?????

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A Morning Of Walking

In this beautiful place we call home.