Saturday, 29 November 2014


Best I can do anyway ... and don't look too close!!!

Hell I Tried!!!

It was such a beautiful afternoon yesterday that I decided to mooch around in the top field .. camera in hand of course! I started to think, "a group photo" ... could I do it? Well I was being pretty optimistic but I decided to give it a go! I got the adults in place and called Sammi over, her recall and understanding of what I want is pretty good and I got her in place quickly. Loki mostly comes when called and I popped him next to Mikey .. with no understanding of "Wait" he was off. I called him back again, put him in place and slowly reversed backwards ... Before kneeling down or getting anyone's attention I took this photo ....Yes it's my reflection! As I moved further back and went to kneel down Loki swiftly followed by Sammi was off. Several other attempts failed miserably, with even Jamie come into the field to foil my plans! Ah well another day. Not the best photo but as the "first" this photo definitely needs to be documented here. 
Now I'm off to see if I'm at all capable of editing it ....

Thursday, 27 November 2014

How Can I Think Of Xmas ...

... when the sun is shining so brightly? 
Hell it's not even that cold, never got to the end of November without being in my thermals before. When I become Prime Minister I will make it illegal to do anything related to Xmas till the 1st of December. 24 days is more than enough time to organise one day. Though I have to admit I'm looking forward to my first Xmas off in about 10 years!!

All Grown Up

But she hasn't half kept us waiting, finally Sammi is in season. Over the last week or so we've know things were brewing, since about last Friday we'd noticed that she has been paying a bit more attention to herself. (so to speak!) Yesterday evening her behaviour was strange, she seemed nervous and unsettled, which is really out of character for her. To be honest at one point she wouldn't even come to me, I actually said to Steve that she was sulking with me for being away all day. (Humanising I know but from leaving at 7 am I didn't get home till almost 4pm :( )  I didn't make anything of it, it has never happened before and these things are best forgotten or they escalate. Anyway for the first time last night on his way to bed Nico stopped to "speak" to her and he was obviously flirty ... that was I guess when I really knew the season was imminent, and of course this morning there is no doubts.
Sammi has been quite late coming in, though she looks pretty mature for her age there had been no earlier signs of a season. I guess she's not the oldest I've had here, Lia and Asha were both 13 months but 8 to 9 months has been the "norm."  Anyway I can't complain, she couldn't have timed it any better ... no shows now till January!!!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Poorly Pooches

Well all our immediate plans will now have to go on hold .... 4 of the young dogs are coughing. Sammi and Loki were the first to start on Sunday with Jezi and Ziva joining in yesterday. Sammi symptoms are very something and nothing, though poor Loki is coughing quite badly. Poor Jezi is also suffering a little with the cough and Ziva is gagging up flem. None of the dogs seem bothered by their symptoms and life carries on as normal with just coughs and splutters in between the games. I have to say I feel so sorry for Loki who's coughing like a little horse, but the most revolting part for me has been the candles of snot flying out of Sammi's nose, I can cope with most things in life, but not Snot! (Excuse the turn of phrase!!!) At the moment I have no intention of going to the vets with any of them, but I will keep an extra eye on Loki as his immunity may not be quite fully developed. Kennel cough is often no more than a highly contagious common cold, it's rarely serious but an extra eye must be kept on the young and the old!
Tali has been to the vets today, she is having a similar spell to the one she had a year ago with reoccurring diarrhea. She's fine for about three weeks and then it happens again. I've wormed her, I've tried adding tree bark in live yogurt to her food and even acidophilus, but still things don't settle. She is back down to 27kg, so 3kg under her normal weight. Roger the vet couldn't find any abnormalities and felt due to the pattern it was not a pancreatic problem, more likely IBS, thank god. He suggest we change her food to a different source of protein and we also have a poo pot to make a collection if we need it! 

Little Guy's Big Trip Out
Loki has walked down the track on the lead just the once, but with trips out now cancelled we decided to go on a big adventure with Uncle Mikey. He loved hi walk across the back and was very well behaved. Now we walk this way everyday and have done for almost 20 years, well actually I go twice a day and I never see anyone, but today on Loki's first trip out what happens?  A dog comes over the wall and goes flying over to Loki, I grabbed Mikey by the collar but I swear had the dog attacked Loki I would have let go of Mikey! The dog sniffed Loki and turned to run away but Loki decided to chase him... all this time I was hanging on to a bouncing Mikey! Luckily it cleared the wall and went back were it came from. Yeah Ok, what could have been is scary, but it was really another "kind of Ok" experience for us, just hope the dog doesn't now start coughing!!

"Who Lives In a House Like This?"
"Ooops How Do I Get Out Of This Ditch?"

The new job is going well, it's a bit hectic with spot on time keeping being an important factor. So yeah something else that appeals to me. I'm always accused of clock watching and I love the challenge of working to a tight schedule and beating the clock.
On Sunday I'm running my last dog show for Freshfields ... I know there are a lot of dogs shows clashing but I do hope for support for my last of these charity events. Maybe there will tears again from Mrs S eh ... ah well ... onward and forward ... Yes, Yes ... I know!!!!!!!

Rangemore Arko

"Tali's Dad"
RIP big Man, We at "Blanik" loved you
22/12/01 - 23/11/14

Monday, 24 November 2014

Look Who's Been Spotted Out And About

The first sighting in almost 12 months. 
Fans researching the photo have come to the conclusion that it was taken in Swiss Restaurant on November the 9th!  

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Another Mile Stone In Young Lives

Today my stunning Sammi is 11 months old,
and Loki, the baby of the house is 12 weeks. 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Go Girl Go

Well out with a bang eh! Today was our last show of the year and Sammi finished her puppy classes with a bloody big bang! We had no breed classes at Wrexham today so the girls were entered in "Not Separately Classified" Classes. Sammi won NSC Puppy and then Pastoral Puppy Group 2 - bloody over the moon. I was also chuffed with Asha gaining a second in strong NSC Open class!
This was a new venue, and I do hope they find somewhere else for next year, Chaos comes to mind. Still we had a good day in the company of good friends xxx
Blanik Ivana - Photo by Debbie and beautifully stood by Mark
Loki having a go - Note Mark has to keep his tail still!!!

Friday, 21 November 2014

More Ring Craft ...

.. And the photo is of one knackered pup after he had the most wonderful time at The Nantlle Vale Dog Training Club ring craft last night. Yes he did his "thing" quite well, stood with no assistance other than a biscuit, move pretty well around the hall but he had the best time whilst waiting his turn. He bounced around, wagging his tail from almost his waist down (if you know what I mean).. He played with Noya and spent ages convincing his sister Bella that this was indeed a fun night out.
For Bella this was a new experience and she was pretty unsure of herself, but as the evening went on she did improve and they did play. She also stood well to be gone over and settled going around the hall. To be fair Loki has been doing this for weeks, we have been breaking the rules and going out before his second vacs, but I always think that careful socialising is worth it. Of course I wouldn't take him down a cycle track or through the high street, that would be asking for trouble; but I'm lucky there are always friends happy to oblige and sitting outside tesco in the car with the boot open gives pups an idea of the busy world.
Food is also a huge asset with Loki, he loves treats. He's still not great at finishing his meals but he's anybody's for a biscuit! After having my fingers chomped on badly on Monday I decided to use a denta-stick last night. It definitely helped but I still came home bleeding! lol
Loki and I also had a very important conversation last night. We are a little worried which cage Linda will be travelling in to the shows. Loki likes to travel where uncle Louis use to travel ... on the front seat, and now that he has his safety belt he has no intention of giving up his seat! Ah well onward and forward! (Upward .... I know!!!!)

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Girls Critiques From Pwllheli Show ...

Sammi, Jezi and Asha.
GSD – J (1) 1 Stanley’s Blanik Ivana, 9 month old bitch. Very feminine with the most beautiful head. Although she is slightly upright in her shoulder, I feel this will alter as she matures & relaxes. Her topline flowed, she had a good length of second thigh but it was on the move when she truly shone. She shows such strength & balance particularly in her side profile. Loved her. BOB, BP. PG (5,2) 1 Stanley’s Blanik Hettie, 3 year old bitch. A bit unsettled as looking for her mum! A classic type of dog. She won the class on her movement & she showed such power & drive. Good sloping shoulder, beautiful topline & no exaggerations at all; 2 Hughes’ Marinita Saskia; 3 Shotaan’s Claudia vom Kotikaana. O (4,2) 1 Stanley’s Blanik Georgette, 6 year old bitch who looked really good for her age. She moved really well & I loved her side profile when she did. Her coat was excellent & she was well toned all over; 2 George’s Kymara’s Chiaro Di Luna.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wind Assisted Ears...

Well it's been a month since Loki came to Blanik and he's grown so much in character and charm. He's also doubled in size being around 5 kg when he arrived, he's now well over 10kg. 
He's very much part of the family here and all the other dogs love him, particular Sammi ...
Talking of the Naught Angel, well with little feet about there's been less photos of her lately. But nothing changes, she continues to make me smile everyday. She warms up my heart, she truly is a wonderful girl ... I'm so blessed to have her in my life.
Junior's home - a little lighter and worse for wear I guess, but hopefully he'll soon be back to normal. He ate some chicken and has been standing with his feet in the water bowl ... no I've no ideas!!! 


This morning I've dropped my young man off at Cibyn vets for his Op. I was horrified to discover the admissions vet was "Him!" (You know the one who wanted to refer Sammi as the prognosis was poor.) Well I thought, nothing can go wrong when he's just admitting an animal ... can it? I decided to be polite and pleasant, after all, I doubt he'll remember our previous encounter (s). It started well, "waw what a big cat .. he's huge for six months!" Well, I said, he is a little older, he was born at the beginning of April. "Right he said, still a big cat!" He asked if everything was OK with Junior? I said great other than Junior was pissed at not having his breakfast. After examining him he put him on the scales and said 3.3 kg. So I jumped in ..."That's ok, isn't it." Maybe it was my attitude but he answered quite sharply ... "I didn't say he was fat ... just big!"  As I thought to myself, this guy really has an attitude problem he picked Junior up in his arms, told him how beautiful he was and discussed with him how disgusting it was that he hadn't had his breakfast. He chatted to him about how after sleep there should always be breakfast ... then he passed him over to me and told me to ring between 2 and 3pm. 
Now this is my dilema, I really don't like this guy. Maybe his sharpness and lack of tact is a language problem, I guess we can all express ourselves better in our mother tongue, sadly I don't speak his language! But he does seem to really have a lovely way with the animals, Junior was relaxed and happy in his arms, how many other vets would pick up the cat and chat to them, oblivious that the owner is listening?  I'll never forget either how lovely he was with a poorly Kai in his consultation, and how lovely he was with him at the end ... It's all so confusing, this guy really does have some very important good points. Would I see him again? If I had to, yes, but not from choice! 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Just Another Puppy Photo ...

Loki loving the Autumn sunshine 

Ring Craft In Porthmadog

And how amazing was my little guy last night! What a bloody star, happy, waggy tailed and full of himself. He loved Noya the the Malinois pup and coped well with Charley the very exuberant 6 month old Great Dane pup.
I just can't believe how confident and happy he was ... yes I'm over the moon!!!!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Loki And Some Of His Siblings - 11 Weeks

Yogi (Mr Green)
Will (Mr Red)
Zeus (Mr Light Blue)
Loki (Mr Orange)
 Bella - Who has stayed with her mother
There was also news today of Mr Purple, they are over the moon with him. A happy confident puppy.
 And his name?  Louis - How perfect! 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Bella Came To Visit Loki

 I think we can safely say that a great time was had by all ....... 

Loki's Web Page Is Updated

Click on the link below and let me know what you think ...

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Third Post Of The Day ....

Two very different photos of Loki in stance - 
Just Steve and I and a fat cat (Jamie) who wasn't doing a great job of attraction, but we had a go!!

Originally I preferred the second, now I think the first has the edge! 

Blanik Kids In Winter Sunshine

(Or is it still Autumn??) 
No introductions needed I'm sure. 
After all the rain, what a beautiful day. Warm and bright, I didn't even need a coat for walking. I swear it's warmer out there than in front of the fire!!

New Ears ???

Well I woke up to a different ear carriage this morning. I had noticed a lot of movement in them yesterday and the more he used them the stronger they got

Alas after a mid morning sleep they have collapsed again...bless him. 

Friday, 14 November 2014

The Old Boy's Not Well

Yesterday Finlay had diarrhea, believe you me there's not a lot worse than a white long coat with the shits. We had to clean him up several times, which in itself was highly unpleasant. Over night he had us up three times, though there was nothing of concern in the yard in the morning he was obviously uncomfortable. 
This morning I gave him fish with live yogurt for breakfast .. after starving yesterday he was pretty hungry. (Linda - did you ask for me?) He hasn't had to go to the loo again at all, but on the walk he was very flat, he seemed tired and paced a lot. (something he doesn't tend to do!) 
Just hoping it's an old man's off day and that's back to himself tomorrow!  

Dog Training Last night ...

.... shopping today

Loki sure is taking life in it's stride these days. Last night we popped over to the dog club hall for 10 mins. I opted to go before the class and let him have a run around on his own, next week he'll be meeting the other pups :)
Today we took a trip to Pets At Home, and he was a star. I can't help but smile as I remember Sammi's first ride in the trolley, I swear she was after go faster stripes, her front legs over the front as if she was riding a bike!!! Loki was calmer but equally happy. 
I wonder what adventure tomorrow will bring? 

George Michael "Through" Live Symphonica Album 2014

It's not a video, just the song. I've  been listening to it a lot lately.
Painful song, painful lyrics ... currently very apt! 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Through ....

Is that enough?
I think it's over See,
everything has changed
And all this hatred may just make me strong enough
To walk away

I posted these lyrics on Facebooks a few weeks ago ... maybe now some people will understand!

The Times They Are A Changing

After almost 12 years of working in Animal Rescue today I handed in my notice. Mixed emotions of course! I'm excited about the new venture/job ... but sad that I feel I had to leave my current job; truth is with the new regime I feel there is no room for me at the inn, I do feel pushed out, but hand on heart I don't want to stay there either! Times have changed and I'm going to be heartbroken to leave my friends, both four and two legged. I wish I could bring Scamp home with me, and I worry about his future, but he's not safe around cats and my cats have to be my priority. Of course I'll be running the dog show on the 30th ... I could never let Lesley down. She and the charity mean far too much to me for me to let them down in that way ....
Moving on ...
Loki went for his second jab today. I was delighted with his behaviour at the vets, his confidence is building up a treat. Rachel the vet gave him a thorough examination and weighed him ... he was 9.19kg with his toes stick out of the puppy scales...haha. (That's almost a KG heavier than Sammi was at the same age... not so weedy anymore!!!) Bless him he stood perfectly still on the table, tail wagging and chomping on my thumb as well as his biscuits! I guess his motto in life is "Anything for a biscuit!"
Whilst I was there I booked Junior in to be neutered, next Wednesday is "Ballsoff Day!!!" I've never been so nervous or hesitant about booking in a cat to be neutered, I've been putting it off because I just keep thinking about Riley. I guess next Wednesday is a big day all round then, ballsoff day and my last day at Freshfields.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Showing Off

Sammi's "Special" rosettes - Not bad for four and a half months in the ring is it! 
Here we have all her wins from Companion to Champ shows. 
Yesterday I made the very difficult decision to take Louis' rosettes down off the display board, they will now be packed away safely! It's almost two years since I lost him and I never stop thinking about him, he was my world but it's now time to display the current "stars" wins. It doesn't change anything.  He will always be in my heart, he will always be the most precious boy. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

His Name Is ..

Quite a few people are asking me how to pronounce "Loki." Some people have been pronouncing it with a short "o."  I gather the correct Norse pronunciation (and our chosen pronunciation) is "L oh k ee" rather than "L ock ee. " ... hope that makes sense.
Today as we were close we took a chance and called in on Ann and Tony. Loki was much happier there today, pretty relaxed really and he had a lovely run around the huge garden (Well maybe it's a field!) 

Caleb Yesterday

My God if Sammi is her father's daughter, then Cal is his mother's son! 
Fascinating isn't it that one should take after one parent and the other the other parent. 
What even more fascinating is that we saw Luna at the week end, she doesn't look like either of her parents ... she looks like a young Tali!!