Monday, 3 October 2016

Asha's Obsession

Asha is getting more and more obsessed with Loki. She has always loved him. Her eyes lit up the day she met him and she has washed him and mothered him since. But now it feels like she has other ideas in mind!
My Mikey 
Asha was eight in July and she's more playful than she has been in years. She never lived in Mikey's shadow but she was never the one to push herself forward like he did. If you wanted to brush anyone, Mikey was there, if you cuddled anyone, he was there, and god help you on a dog show day!!!!Bless him it was so endearing, he was just so loving, a wonderful wonderful dog. But Asha was always happy to sit back and let it all happen, well not anymore.
Beautiful Asha
Ok, Asha doesn't want to be brushed, and she's not really one for too many cuddles but she is so smitten with Loki and just pesters him to play with her. It get's a little chaotic when the door is closed and two large dogs are charging around the living room. Especially if Ziva or Sammi are getting jealous and Tali's getting cross! Having this young man around sure has put a glint back in her eye and a spring in her step, it really is wonderful to see her shine.


carrie said...

know just what u mean.15 months after we lost Tipzee, Ben become completely different dog, always at my side, watching me, lays by side of chair watching tv with me, barks for his dinner or drink of water, Bruno now washes Ben's face an ears, sleeps on my bed 'uninvited' hates being in kitchen when me out for more than an hour!! like two different dogs.Makes me feel a bit bad wondering if they felt neglected all that time?Asha simply using the changed situation as she sees it.So interesting how they react an take us by surprise.Really feel u can teach an old dog new tricks, or mayb they teaching me?!!!

Lin said...

It's lovely that Asha is pushing herself more but as we keep saying we'd love to say to them why !!!!!