Friday, 31 May 2013

Tali's Critique From The National

Stanley's - Blanik Frankie -
at 8½ years still holding her own; still ticks all the boxes. Just a
fraction overweight but pleased to see her move out well on side gait. Well done.

I Had A Dream

Last night I had a very weird George Michael dream. Upstairs in the old cinema in Porthmadog I watched Robbie Williams from my seat half way up the venue. Though I was enjoying the concert, even in my dream I was very excited knowing that George was due on next. I was also looking forward to my mum actually seeing him, I remember thinking ... "now she'll understand what it's all about!" ..(As if eh!)  and then there he was, "he" was on stage.  ...  I left my mum in her seat, got up and legged it right to the front. I was so close, he was so perfect. I remember feeling like I did at Liverpool, totally in ore of the man in front of me on the stage. George was singing Praying For Time and was about half way through when he started coughing and couldn't stop. He got up and went off the stage, we waited and waited, but nothing. Then the credit came up to Club Tropicana and everyone was saying, "the concerts over." I remember how gutted I was. I woke up and felt sick to my stomach with sadness and worry. Today I couldn't stop thinking about George, I was even distracted at work ...
Dreams strange things eh ... and not a lot more boring than other people's dreams!!! Sorry.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Crufts 2013 GSD yearling dog

Sorry to post again ..... But I've been able to post this straight through without going through favourites. Anyway I enjoyed watching it again!!! :)

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

No Camera ....

But it was quite a pleasant day on the mountain. Sadly the photos with the phone are not great, but hey-ho at least I got a couple of snaps. Both walks in their normal groups but on opposite sides of the mountain..

I'll Have More to Say Later But .....

"We can confirm that George Michael has been discharged from hospital and continues to rest and recuperate. He is well and thanks everyone for all the messages of support."

Can't Leave It Alone

Same photo but
I've been photoshopping again. Looks Ok yeah?

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Every So Sightly Photoshopped

My new facebook cover photo, using the same profile picture. I'm sure you know which dog has been added

Oh Asha!!!

You've left me speechless!!!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

At Home ....

A Pile Of GSD's
Tali, Asha, Jezi, Finlay, Ziva and Mikey
Making More Effort!
Jezi. Asha. Nico, Finlay, Tali

Billy No Mates Went To A Show

Today was Welsh Northern Counties C.S show at Colwyn Bay. I had Mikey and Ziva entered and decided to take Nico to continue the socialising and getting him out and about as much as I can.
With George being ill I blasted the stereo with some Robbie on the way there and got there in time to park in the far corner so my noisy dogs don't hopefully disturb the whippet lady!!!!
Sadly there was only 4 GSD's entered, 2 of English breeding and my 2 of German breeding/type. Ziva stood alone in her class and for the first time in ages she was unsettled in the ring. The judge spoke to her to try and settle her, but that made things worse I guess! Anyway she's been 10 times worse and I need to forget it and move on.
Mikey won his class and I think I'd have given up all hope had he not! The chaos for best of breed had me slightly embarrassed as both dogs wanted each other ... and wanted me at the same time. poor Mark was left to cope with a stroppy mummy's girl! Mikey rightfully won BOB ... though I must admit had Ziva performed she did look better than him today!
So a decision was made ... Ziva and Mikey will no longer be going to shows together, they are both too obsessed with me and each other. Ziva can go with Asha, and Jezi can go with Mikey ... or that's the plan of action anyway!
Nico came in to meet everyone, tail wagging of course. John and Joyce gave an opinion with the only negative comment being his feet and nails ... yes I need to brave the storm and cut them again! Tracy was smitten with him, which surprised me as I didn't think he was her type of dog. I guess he's just so unexaggerated that he appeals to many. Margaret and I talked for ages, she's breaking her heart to get back to Wales to live and I will be glad if she manages to sell up and move back. As she is judging in a championship show in 18 months she abstained from making a comment on Nico ... but made me promise not to re-home him ... as if!!!!!
Having already been referred to as Mark's wife earlier in the day I guess the tongues will be wagging as we had lunch together ... only joking I think people are use to seeing us together and mostly know better.
After lunch I sat alone in the leisure centre and suddenly decided I didn't want to be there anymore. In a room full of people I suddenly felt so alone! It dawned on me that though Id chatted and laughed all morning I really missed my "friends," so Billy No Mates decided not to stay for Best In Show. She got in her yellow van and came home!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Do You Believe What You Read?

I'm the first to say - don't believe what you read, and I for one NEVER thought that George had tried to commit suicide, it honestly never even crossed my mind..... in my mind he simply wouldn't endanger others in that way. Anyway I would like to believe this article and for once I would like to believe in the "Friend"  so often talked of in the press!
George before his accident

George Michael did not hurl himself from his Range Rover on purpose, a pal insisted last night.
The singer was airlifted to hospital with a serious head injury after tumbling from his car at 70mph on the M1 last week.
There were suggestions the 49-year-old, who has battled drugs and depression, may have jumped from the vehicle.
But now a friend has claimed it was merely a freak accident, saying: “There is no mystery – he was just trying to shut the door. George has been perfectly happy and is in a great place. To insinuate that he threw himself out of the car is absurd.”
The source added that the star had been happily immersed in his music, explaining: “George has been writing a new album and is really pleased with what he’s done so far.
“It was an accident and he is the first person to put his hand up and say, ‘I’m sorry’. He deserves more sympathy.”
George remains in hospital under observation for head injuries. His publicist claimed he suffered “some bumps and cuts”.
The incident involving the former Wham! front-man happened near St Albans, Herts, and sources said the case is “far from cut and dried”. Police officers will speak to George as well as the driver and the passenger in the car.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Little Miss Photogenic

Isla- enjoying the sun last week-end

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Confusion And Conflicting Information

I don't know what to say ... or think really. And as ever Mr. Michael's PR is crap! The only official statement was made on Friday and really says shit all. "George Michael was a passenger in a vehicle involved in a traffic accident yesterday evening, no third party was involved. He is being treated for superficial cuts and bruises but is fine. We have no further comment at this time."
But now 6 days later there is still no further "Official" statement just a bunch of conflicting rumours going from the sublime to the plain ridiculous. But as often the truth is more ridiculous than fiction, we can only sit and wait for news. To be honest after last time I'm not sure I even believe the more official sources; and we were certainly led up the garden path by some of George's friends, who we had put so much of our trust in at the time. I will give them the benefit of the doubts; but In late November 2011 when George was in the hospital and we now know near death, Shirley Kemp tweeted, "George is doing well, been rather poorly but on the mend x".
Martin Kemp tweeted "Just heard Gorge is comfortable and doing well..... Get well soon mate X ..."
So either they as his friends are not always given accurate information by George's "people" or they choose to not always pass accurate information along to George's fans. Therefore I'm not comforted by Shirley's tweet that George is doing well!
I have to confess, daft as it may seem to some I feel sick to my stomach at the thought of how serious this "could" be. I know plenty of my friends are also worried sick about George's physical as well as his mental health, and there is a lot of speculation that he may be back on drugs. But we "know" absolutely nothing, and I guess therefore unwillingly we let our imaginations run riot. All I ask is that someone who is really "in the know" makes an official statement ... and this time how about telling us the truth?

Monday, 20 May 2013

Tali's Dad

So chuffed to see this photo on Facebook. It's the stunning Rangemore Arko. Now at 11 years old only some grey belies his age. Stunning dog who had a wonderful show career and was the sire of the Blanik "F" litter. Your looking wonderful dear Arko.

... And then "They" made me smile ....

No posing pictures  of the dogs from yesterday
They had lots of fun as we explored areas on the mountain that is unbelievably still unfamiliar to us;
 and then a detour past the lake on the way home made it a doubly special walk.
We've got so much more exploring to do!
Great shot on the first walk
Three's company - Jezi, Finlay and Nico
Tali - finally deciding to join the rest of us.
She still the most determined, headstrong lady in the pack! 
Mikey - enjoying a paddle

My beautiful Asha, looking as stunning as ever
Ziva and her precious toy .... she's so funny

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Mr Riley

Mostly we just carry on don't we? Day in day out, we think about them and smile ... but sometimes it gets you. Some days you cry and can't stop. It's the injustice of it. He was just a baby ... he was my baby and I feel so damn cheated of the time we should have had together, well today is that day. Today I'm crying, I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm bitter and I miss my sweet little man so much it hurts. Why? Just Why?

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Abi Over The Years

1997-Abi (front) with her sweetie sister Gail and foundation bitch Nikki
(Lledfegin Camri)
2006- with my beautiful Krizzie (Blanik Deeanna)

Two old ladies in 2010 -Abi and Kiri (Nordau Kiri of Blanik)

2013 - 6 generations later-18 yr old Abi, with baby Ziva (Blanik Hippy)

Friday, 17 May 2013

George Michael Injured In Motorway Car Crash

"The singer is left with cuts and bruises after a car in which he was travelling crashes on the M1 motorway."

"The singer was a passenger in a car which crashed at 5.50pm on Thursday, and he suffered cuts and bruises.
Ambulance crews, as well as the air ambulance, were called to the incident near the junction for the M25.
A spokesman for the 49-year-old entertainer said: 'George Michael was a passenger in a vehicle involved in a traffic accident on Thursday evening, no third party was involved.
 He is being treated for superficial cuts and bruises but is fine. We have no further comment at this time.'
Another man was flown by air ambulance to a specialist trauma centre in London.
Ambulance spokesman Gary Sanderson said: "A man who we believe to be in his 40s sustained a head injury and following treatment, stabilisation and immobilisation by land and air ambulance crews, he was flown to hospital for further care."

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Pepsi (baby Sukie)


Over the moon to receive these photos and e.mail today ...
"Sorry I haven't been in touch.- Pressure of work!
Pepsi is fine and a really lovely dog - I'll forward some pics shortly.
She and Oyski are good friends, They both had a first time experience in kennels for a long weekend in February, as my daughter is a somewhat unreliable dog sitter.
Pepsi ate the arm off the chesterfield last time we went away, never done it before or since.
Hope you are all well.


Monday, 13 May 2013

Nordau Krystal (1/2/99-13/5/13)

 Sad news from Ron Russell, Nordau Krystal left us today. RIP baby Krystal, we at Blanik were so proud of your achievements ... run free with sister Kiri, daddy Dexi and mummy Zarah

Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Funny Kind Of Show Day....

Nico with Sarah
The Back Ground
Having entered, and done well, under Mr V at a local show a few years ago, in 2010 we traveled all the way to Peterborough where he was judging a championship show. It was a wonderful day with Mikey winning his class and Asha coming second in  very strong company. The write ups for both were wonderful.
In 2012 Mr V was judging at Manchester Champ show, again I took the two and had high hopes that he would still consider them worthy of top honors. It was to be a sadly disappointing day. Mikey was unplaced in his class and Asha was 4th in limit bitch. He commented that Asha was "a tad overweight,and in strong competition that had lost her a place or two." Fair enough I thought, it was her first Ch. Show since her litter, I could see that!
Yesterday Mr V was judging at The National Ch show. I thought long and hard before entering, I found the inconsistency with Mikey from show to show a little hard to swallow, Oh hell I'd give it a go and I'd leave Mikey at home!
The Day
With males first in the ring, Nico from my family was first in. OMG what a performance he gave. I had been so disappointed with him at Builth when he really hadn't settled, but yesterday he was faultless and looked a picture in stance. In the opinion of many, including me he out moved the competition and I could see him winning the class, or at least being second. But it was not to be and we had to settle for third. Yes I was disappointed, my boy looked amazing and gave, in my opinion, his best performance yet!
Little Jezi
During the judging J.T started chatting to me, we discussed people who were mutual friends and no longer attend the shows.  At the time Nico was in the ring. J.T then realised I had a dog in the ring.. And said "that's a bit nice for one of yours," (no offence meant or taken - he handled Dexi and Nikki to top honors)  "where did you get that from?" His mate said it's a Conbhairean dog. I was watching Nico but heard him say it's got to be Freddie's brother. (which he's not!)  I saw them look through the catalogue to see who he was and he then turned to me and said, "How the Fuck did you get that, you won the fucking lotto or something?" LOL. I just smiled at him and said Nice isn't he!
Jezi was to be next in the ring. Even on paper she was out of her depth in the class. She was stone last, but I was Ok with that and quite agreed. I know the limitations of my dogs and had already decided (and told handler Sarah) that this would be her last CH. show. She is very limited in her angles and her colour at this level of competition will always go against her. With entry prices at Ch shows being ao high I really can't afford to go paying out knowing my bitch will be in the last half of the class. I will continue to campaign her at open shows, she's good enough to run the arse off most of the dogs competing at that level!!! (so to speak!)
Though Asha is not quite in full coat in my eye she looks wonderful. She is caring less weight than she had done in the past and like Nico she gave a faultless performance. I watched the class with "Open Eye" and knew she would not win, but to me she deserved to be in the first four. Sadly MR V did not agree. Like her daughter before her Asha was last, but this time I did not agree!!! He could not blame her weight, and there was no way he could blame her performance ... so why??? I guess we'll never really know, but it has been suggested that he has become "Colour prejudiced!" I know Asha hasn't got the best of colours but the standard does say Colour is of "secondary importance." Therefore in my opinion it should only be considered when splitting hairs between bitches. Yesterday he placed bitches above Asha who he had in previous shows placed behind her; so in my opinion with Asha's condition and performance yesterday, MR V again shows inconsistency in his judging!
Tali - having a Great day!
Lastly, after a long break from CH. Shows Tali yesterday returned to the ring. She is looking well, if not a little "Too" well for Mr V!!! I know Tali would not win, the Champion bitch in her class was just too much competition for her ... but hell she was second and has now qualified for next years Crufts. Yes I was delighted with her achievement  but far more delighted to see her having such a great day. She was full of fun and mischief and 5 mins before her class even stole a slab of chocolate cake off Gail's plate! Though We have photos of her in stance in the ring I love the photo of her being patted by Sarah at the end of the class ... happy smiling Tali. Sarah has been handling Tali for almost 8 years. She handled her to BPIB at her first champ show, City Of  Birmingham in 2005 and it was lovely to still see the rapport between both of them yesterday.
Yes I had a good day, great friends, great food (thanks for organising it Suzie) and great great dogs! My only complaint and disappointment would have to be the judges inconsistency's over the years. Will I enter under him again? Hmmm, I'd think long and hard, maybe Nico, maybe Ziva, maybe Tali??? We'll see, time can only tell!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

In The Woods


 After the show yesterday we took advantage of the lovely weather and took Asha and Nico into the small woodland behind the venue. Going a little further than we had before we came across a lake and had to retreat very quickly before Asha joined the ducks and geese in the water!Love the photo of Asha and though we had stunning photos of Nico, this one with head tilt makes me smile ...

Monday, 6 May 2013

Congrats Maya

Huge congratulations to Mark and Sharon on Maya's Reserve Best In Show at Nefyn Agricultural show today. Fantastic result, I'm dead chuffed for you and very very proud.

North West Canine Society

Today Asha took her third BOB in four years at the show ... (and we didn't go last year as Danni was leaving for her new home on the day.) I must admit following her diet Asha is looking better than she has in a while. Though she was a tad fidgety for Mark in stance she moved like a dream.
Nico and I went into the ring together, and though it wasn't the ideal situation I guess we did OK. The waggly tail as ever never stopped, bless him, he does make me smile!
As it's a school day tomorrow I decided not to stay for the group. Having stayed twice before I know just how later this show can run. With judging at 9am today we had an early start and the thought of a late drive home was just too much sorry Asha no group but you've already got your group points anyway.

My Two In The Challenge
 Getting The Giggles As I Try And Keep The Tail Still

Sunday, 5 May 2013

I've Been Photoshopping Ziva!

But Only to take the handler out ...
What do you Think?

We took dozens but this is my preferred photo,
 there's not a lot I'd like to change about this photo, except the front angle isn't quite correct.


This photo is my second pick, and this one "shows off her beautiful assembly better."
Not my words, thanks Margaret Crispin, I do agree!

Apart from carrying a tad too much weight (she takes after her mum) I'm so chuffed with how Ziva has turned out. She's no way near perfect and I'm well aware of her faults, but all in all she's a cracking little bitch with super movement and a happy, bubbly (if some what spoilt) Character.
After a very bumpy start I never thought she would be so comfortable in the show ring, and these days she's easy outside the ring with all the other dogs around her. One thing is for sure I will never take her back to that dog training hall, that place only seemed to exacerbate her problems, keeping away proved to be the best thing for Ziva. The only difficulty now is her obsession with me, yesterday she even objected to having her lead held by another person. She was kicking and screaming, and scrabbling all over me, (I guess in anticipation of being taken away) pretty much like Mikey Mikey really ... but due to the determination of friends she didn't get to win and this is now a work in progress.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Anglesey C.S

 Mikey in the ring with other the class winners before his BOB,
Zeta from PG and our Ziva from SY
Mikey in the group ... sadly no point again today