Saturday, 31 December 2011

Friday, 30 December 2011

The First Xmas

Just trying to get a few picture of as many of the pups as I can over their first Xmas. I appreciate everyones circumstances are different and people are busy but it would be lovely to include them all here over the Xmas period.
I'm adding more photos of mine on to flicker... just click on the link if you would like to see them..
Enya, Ziva, Jezi and Danni
Harley at Home
TJ with Marley and the cat, Isidore, on holiday in Llandudno over Xmas
Boxing day and Lexi beat up Harley!!!
Decorated Diesel
Pepsi - out on her Xmas walk

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Remember Me?

To me you were "Little Bear"
(From the "F" litter of 2005)

Now your "Huggy Bear", a mature and very handome boy.
Thanks for the updates, means a lot

Monday, 26 December 2011

Today's Thoughts

Did we really know George was in such a bad way? I guess the management clamp down on information and the twitters from friends made that apparent to those of us who choose to read between the lines. Though I have to admit I didn't realise he was that bad for that long. I guess Fadi's tweet of "He Speaks" now makes sense.
As ever I found it easier to only talk about my feelings with other fans and Steve as some people including family members always take the piss, and as much as I preach they'll never get it or me!
As I said I'm not ashamed to admit I cried watching the interview .... The snippets on TV were bad enough, but the whole interview now online is heart wrenching to his lovelies! Anyway a twitter text to my mobile from George wishing me/us happy Xmas sure did make my day yesterday and his regular twitter texts to my phone today have left me beaming.
As much as I am now looking forward to the re-scheduled dates for Symphonica, I'll wait as long as it takes to get a healthy George back on stage.
Sadly the situation between Jezi and Ziva has not resolved itself. They have had several spats and it's still obvious to both of us that it would be a foolish and possibly a dangerous mistake to keep both together. Shame, I would love Jezi to be in the ring...but it looks like it's not to be. At the beginning of the year I will have to make a serious effort to find homes for Jezi and dear Enya, now giving her up is going to be heart breaking. Such a delightful young lady, a great character with so much to offer the world .... someone is going to be very lucky to share a life with her!
I have noticed a difference in Kiri the last few weeks .... she's become very old and I guess at almost 13 she's perfectly entitled too, so now without missing out on the enjoyment of living with her I'll start to prepare myself for the inevitable. Still you never know, it's strange that this time last year I didn't think Louis would be here this Xmas and to date my boy is doing well and looking good.
Ok I'm off for a little light relief with Edward Cullen now. A Sexy Vampire .... just what you need to help you through Boxing Day!


Gail, Kim Me and Sue
Just though I'd share these photos taken at work around 8am on Xmas Day. The three "horse staff" that came in had already finished and left before there was a glimmer of daylight to take their photo. Though honestly we would all have preferred to have stayed at home on Xmas Day, some let the side down and did just that!!! What they should consider is that we all have commitments in our lives but we  also have a huge commitment to the animals that we care for ...  anyway we had a giggle. What chance is there of not having a laugh with the huge personality that is "Kim" wondering around in her pink "baby-grow." (Sorry Kim ...loves you xx )
Kim, Gail, Lesley and Sue

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Xmas

From All At Blanik

Friday, 23 December 2011

The Man Is back ....

Shortly after a very emotional interview on TV... George twitters "Hey Everyone Your Favourite Homo is Home."  So pleased he still has his fantastic sense of humor. Not ashamed to say I cried watching the interview ... Love you loads Mr Michael

Thanks for all the texts, calls and messages from my lovely friends today xxx

Thursday, 22 December 2011

On A Shit day

On a day of great sadness in my friends lives and unnecessary deaths at work at least this evening something has managed to lift up my spirits. Though I feel rather guilty for having a smile on my face this evening, god knows I need the distraction. What I saw today was horrendous and I have images in my head that will probably haunt me for a very long time. Something that's far too graphic and hurtful for me to publish on here right now, or maybe even ever. So I hope that when I go to bed tonight I can forget those images and Maybe see "His" face instead!
Anyway we are currently still waiting for conformation that Our Man is on his way home, or even already there. Yeah it's looking promising that George will be home for Xmas ...

Monday, 19 December 2011

Xmas In Vienna???

Look on Ronnie's twitter profile for an interesting exchange of tweets regarding George being home for Xmas - he says that is not news and just an old story. A fan then refers to Fadi's tweets and asks if he can be trusted? Ronnie then says that what Fadi said was a wish and not a fact .... gutted for him!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

My Mr Cool

My beautiful Jamie on yet another dog walk!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Just A Taste

Well I guess it doesn't compare to last years snow but just a sprinkling caused great excitement with the pups.
Do I hope for more with all it's inconveniences ... Of course I do!
Chase Me!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

No News

We've still had no conformation regarding George's health. As far as it goes I guess he's still in hospital in Vienna, but I read anyway, improving by the day. I hope again for something more official than a tweet or a rumour but his management are keeping any information close to their chests. Dear George I'm still hopeful that you'll be home for Xmas ....

Almost there ...

Ziva's got one and three quarter ears today ...
Well she did this morning anyway!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

This Week

Linda with Lexi and me with Jezi and Ziva
Just thought I'd share this photo with you of Linda with Lexi and me with Jezi and Ziva taken on Monday. It was nice to catch up but Lin and I knew full well we should have been doing something better with someone far better looking!!!
I had another enquiry about the pups today, the 3rd this week. Nice man, with 2.5acres of land in a rural location. His dogs have the run of the property by day but sleep in kennels at night. Shame really, but I had to say no! These pups are so use to their home comforts I just couldn't do that to them... it just wouldn't be fair, would it?
We are also back in a dilemma, we can't make up our minds which of the pups are staying here long term. I guess my gut feelings about keeping litter sisters together have always been right, more often than not it just doesn't work. I've always preached that I would never sell sisters to anyone, In my opinion it's usually a recipe for disaster....and yes now I'm contemplating doing it myself.
Steve with Danni and Enya
To be honest I really doubt Ziva and Jezi will be able to live together long term, I guess they are too similar and both quite firey. We had quite a serious scrap between them the other night and it took the two of us to split them up. Neither would back down and Jezi ended up with a gash on her face. (Though I hasten to add ... she started it) Neither can I ignore the fact that Danni is Steve's baby, I think it would break his heart to give her up. I can't imagine someone telling me now that I'd have to give up Ziva, well simply I just wouldn't do it! So maybe I need to forget my second "show dog" concentrate on Ziva and let Danni stay at home with her Stevie and be a couch potato she seems to be. Her character is quite different, being more submissive I think there would be a better chance of her getting on with Ziva. Since I also still have my reservations about her legs selling her would be more difficult, here we would know that "if" there is going to be issues she'll get the best of everything we can give her. So my conclusion today is, logically maybe we should try and find a home for Enya and Jezi .... but being honest, being logical can be quite hard sometimes!!!!

"Home For Xmas"

Here's hoping "Fadi" Tweet is written for us.
Conformation from David or Ronnie would be great!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Ziva And Jezi In Stance

They are never perfect but we try.
The photographer doing a better job than the Handler!
Thanks Linda xxx


4 Months Old Today


Sunday, 11 December 2011

Back In The Basket

Danni was reminiscing about the day her and her brothers and sisters came into the world, they came back from the vets in the washing basket. All 9 of them blissfully content together ... she may have been very little and her little legs may have been bent back when she was just a Tinie T,  but now she's a big strong cuddle bum with bags of personality and charm. Anyway Danni would like you all to know she's pissed off with her sisters now cause there still here and she's even more pissed off that she can only just get her bottom into the washing basket these days!! Do you think they make them in a bigger size???


And remember the good times we had together.
Simba 10/1/96 - 8/12/08
"Watch out for the dark dog" .... I regularly screamed,
knowing that my life was always safe in your hands big man!
Be Good and don't fight with the other boys....

Krizzie 8/7/00 - 10/12/07
Though I can't deny it, now again I shed a tear for your loss. Krizzie you were, without doubt, taken away from us far too young. Always in my heart, I take comfort in the knowledge that your paw print is firmly laid on future generations of Blanik Bitches!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Don't Believe What You Read ...

Quote from Ronnie "Dear all Slow but steady improvement we are not talking to the press so anything they say does not come from us."

Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Glass Is Filling Up!

Thank God Enya is loads better today ... It'll be fish and rice for a few days and back to the vets if she shows any signs of a relapse. I've honestly never seen a puppy look so ill so quickly and then snap out of it so quickly. Coincidentally one of the volunteers at work is a Consultant anesthetist and he was telling me that though intussusception Is very rare it Sometimes does corrects itself, so I'm not ruling anything out. Still what ever it is/was I'm just glad that Enya May is on the mend!
Let the chaos recommence!!!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Little Enya

Enya vomited a couple of times late yesterday and again in the night. There was also diarrhea in the puppy enclosure this morning. Though she seemed Ok she didn't eat, not even a piece of toast. Mid morning Steve text me and said she was really flat and shivering. He'd wrapped her in a snuggie and she was asleep on the sofa, she was still there when I got home from work at 1pm..
We saw the vet early this afternoon. Enya was examined and the vet thought she could feel an abnormality in her intestine. She though it necessary to x.ray, but they were inconclusive. Enya had an anti sickness injection and we have to take her back in the morning as she is not yet sure what's going on, but worse case she think it could be intussusception....
(The term intussusception is used to describe a condition in which one segment of the intestine  telescopes or invaginates into the lumen of and adjacent segment of intestine) This would need surgery to correct.
I'm so worried about Enya, I honestly feel sick to the pit of my stomach. I can't help it, my glass is always half empty, that's just who I am. But I'm sure you can understand, seeing her like this is heartbreaking. Last night she was running around with her sisters causing mayhem and now she's flat out on the sofa wrapped up in a snuggie and looking really poorly.
Please pray for me that little Enya May is 'gonna be ok!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Girls Today


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Asha Said NO!

Ziva and Asha
"Please Mummy can we go to the trees?"
No Ziva

"Please, Please, Please Mummy, I be dead good I will and won't go in the ditchy thingy."
No Ziva
But Mummy Please
I said NO ZIVA!

"It's just not fair .... I so hate my life, you wait till I be big!"

Saturday, 3 December 2011

They Sleep ....

Sharing - Jezi and Ziva
Upsidedown - Danni
Enya - Well I guess it was too much to ask!!!