Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Twll Braich

Apart from the sheep one other thing you and your dogs have to accept as everyday life here are the quarry holes. They are everywhere! This, called "Twll Braich" is a stones throw away from our cottage and one on the largest. I appreciate the danger, divers die in it, but as yet I've never known anyone fall into it! Of course I watch the dogs when we do this walk, there is only fencing on one side, and we were not on that side yesterday! But lets give this intelligent breed credit for common sense, they are not going to jump, and they, like me approach the edge to look down with great care! Aware of the danger to Tali with her fading eyesight you can see she is on the lead here! 
Generations of "Blaniks" have walked around and through these quarrys. Before some where fenced off Seffe looked down ever hole, every day, it intrigued her. I often went to the edge to try and see what she was looking at, there was never anything there. You never say never, but living in danger of what could happen would confine you to your home. I take extra care of the old and the young but I rely on my intelligent dogs, who have grown up here to have an ounce of common sense and keep themselves safe!
Seffe, Blade, Dexi and Nikki in 1997
Louis, Finlay and Kiri 

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Lin said...

As you say your dogs have grown up there and are so used to it, loved seeing the older pics and remembering the pic of Jake on that slab of slate.