Thursday, 27 October 2016

A Change Ever 24 hrs

God the pups are changing daily now, they are up on their feet, be it a bit of a wobbly walk but they are getting about. They are starting to play and their front teeth are cutting through. We cut their sharp talons this morning, before they start ripping on Sammi's boobs. I haven't noticed that their ear canals are open yet, but no doubt they will be within the next 24 hrs. I still have the puppy socialisation sounds cd that someone lent me for Loki, so apart from a bit of George I'll play that daily for them now too. Tomorrow I'll have to pick up the dreaded first lot of worming paste, a necessary evil I'm afraid!
Sammi is doing well, her bottom is almost clear, but now she has a
sore ear. This has happened here with bitches before when they are with young litters. I blame the heat lamp and I've switched it off today and put a free standing oil filled radiator in the room. I will have to put it back on over night I think, but at least it gives her a break from it. I've tried bringing Sammi into the living room several times, she's thrilled to be here, but after about 10 mins she gets agitated and want to go back to her pups. Fair enough .. her call.
A couple more pics from today, as someone said on Facebook, Kito and Kaiah maybe laughing, but Kyle doesn't seam to get the joke! Funny yeah!!!

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Lin said...

Pups are looking wonderful and love seeing the pics of them as they grow. Glad all's ok with Sammi x