Friday, 28 February 2014

I Did Say ...

Yes I did say we would soon be seeing Stella again, 
and here she is at the vets today :) 
Both girls where booked in at the vets for their second Vacs today and Sammi had her eyes looked at. Following an altercation with temperamental tortie Tia, Sammi had a runny eye. Thankfully no damage. It's great when your vet is an eye specialist but not so great when your puppy still hasn't taken heed.

Sammi ... Again.

I hope your not getting bored of pics of this pup ... 
Cause I'm not. 
Looking forward to getting help for more pics in stance now :)
Playing with her Mummy Ziva

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Still Sociolising

Another Day ... Another house to explore ....Another GSD's toys to pinch ....
Another hearth rug to piddle on...Ooops!!!  
Thank you Sandra and Misty.

Great First Night

After an evening of being entertained by adults, both human and canine, Sammi spend her first night locked in a crate. She was not sleeping alone and her bed has been set up in her parents' room ...(LOL) 
I can't tell you how chuffed I was, we put her to bed at 10.30pm  and she screamed the house down for no longer than about 30 seconds before settling. This morning Steve and I got up at 7am, there hadn't been a sound all night but we still expected a wet or even dirty crate .... nothing, spotlessly clean. What a little star! 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sammi without Stella

"Look what they do have in Granny's house!"

It must be a shock for all the pups as they move on to their new lives; but it can't go without some unrest for the pup left behind either, can it? Today life has changed for Sammi, there is now no longer a "puppy room," the temporary gate has been removed and she has to "join in" with the rest of her family. She now has no other little one to play with and will  have to sleep in a closed crate in a room with her parents ... and hopefully she will soon learn to go outside for a wee!
But it was quite a busy first day alone for her really; a trip out in Steve's car took her to Aldi and Tesco with Steve staying with her in the car ... boot open so she could see the world; and then for games and biscuits at my parents house in Tremadog! As ever nothing phased her!
 Eating Soil. Lovely!

Bye Bye Stella (Ivy)

Today was another of those days that we had been dreading, with heavy hearts we said goodbye to Stella. A great day for her, her life with her family starts now, but we will miss her tremendously. Steve was particularly smitten with her and struggled to say goodbye to his fluff ball. I'm so pleased she's not gone too far ... we will get to see her ... actually very soon .. watch this space!!!!
Good luck to David, Gwenda and Shon ... even if I say so myself you have a little cracker there!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Now Don't You Be Laughing ...

... at my hear!!! It be fashion with us younguns you know!!!!

Monday, 24 February 2014


With other commitments tomorrow I guess today was the last adventure for the three of us together. We've been somewhere everyday the last week and I've loved watching the girls exploring people's houses and gardens ... (Sammi even pooped in my mother's dining room ...Oops!)
Thanks to everyone who has put up with us .. Whilst Stella will now have new houses to explore I hope the two of  us will be welcome back in our family and  friends houses! 
(We didn't disgrace ourselves too badly did we??)
 Anyone else fancy a visit from a cheeky puppy?

One Week On - Fourth Update

Update on Cal (Nick) from Arthur
Cal sleeping with Ali the 15 year old Staffie
Cal is doing OK, he's a very clever little man and spends a lot of his time clocking all that's around him, I swear he's taking a lot in. He loves to play with the kids, but they do at times get a bit rough with him,I think they sometimes forget he's so young and they are used to Staffs, keeping an eye ye..Ali is showing him the ropes in using the garden as and we are so I'm impressed on how few  accidents have been in the house. I think he'll be as clean as she has been for us in the house when he gets a bit older.
He has settled to the crate which is a good thing as it's the only place in the house he can spend time resting with no interruptions from Ali and the kids so I'm glad I stuck to it...
When do I start to increase his food amounts????? He just never seems full on what he's eating,he is greedy though never seen a dog eat so fast in my life.
He's booked in to the vets on the 6th for his next injection.
Last night he went right through till 6am without howling the place up,so let's see how that goes.....

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Change Of Plans

Great news for Stella. Laden with toys her family came to see her today and said that their circumstances had changed earlier than expected. Stella will be going "home" on Wednesday.
Our hearts sank, (poor Steve) but this is the best news for Stella, she can now start her life with her family in her very own home. We do the best we can here, but there is nothing like the one to one she will now get "at home." Good luck little Princess!

Sammi and Stella

My Beautiful Sammi - Yes I'm smitten
Sammi, Ziva, Mikey anf Stella 
And no I haven't hoovered!!!
Sweet little Stella

One Week On - Third Update

                                           Great to hear from Lisa that Luna (Jingle) is doing well

"What a brilliant week we've had with Luna, it feels like she's been here forever! Though we knew she'd had the best possible start we've still been amazed at how well she's settled, everyone who has met her has commented on how well balanced she is. Izzy, a friends 6 year old GSD was not impressed with Luna's enthusiasm to play and tried her best to stay out of her way, even giving up her bed. The cat has yet to make friends but being barked at isn't helping that situation!
 Feeding, sleeping and toilet training has so far gone without any major hitches and Luna has taken ownership of Madison's bean bag as her favourite place to nap, when she's not in the strawberry planter!
 We can honestly say Luna has already changed our lives, Madison refers to her as 'her best friend' and we are so excited about the future with her."
Looks dead comfy!!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Do You Remember " Blanik Deeanna?"

Krizzie was Seffe's daughter and Louis and Tali's mother. She was the extrovert, the clown, the bright spark with a wicked sense of humor. Even before her birth Krizzie was at the forefront of life at "Blanik." First in the queue but too big to be delivered natural she got "stuck" causing distress to the whole litter and putting her mother at risk. A quick cesarean birth got them all to safety and the vet commented that the "big bitch" had been blocking the way! There was only 5 of them in the litter, three bitches ..Snap, Crackle and Pop and the 2 boys, Bill and Ben. Krizzie's very appropriate puppy name was "Snap!"
Krizzie, showing more show potential was my pick of the litter, but the fun was about to begin. She was a busy bitch with an intelligent level that until then I had never encountered. Though respectful of her mother Seffe and grandmother Nikki, she questioned everything, and as a pup did most things if there was something in it for her. When she was 4 months old she broke her leg. We never knew how she did it, she never told us. The vet commented on her "hardness" and how even at this age she didn't react to the pain ... a trait that stayed with her forever ... Krizzie never ever showed pain.
A week or so after breaking her leg Krizzie decided to climb a ladder! Steve was on the flat roof fixing a leak when he heard a noise. There she was, 4 month old Krizzie, half way up with plastered leg coming first....To this day I've no idea how he and she got down without breaking at least another bone between them.
The last few days we have thought and talked so much about Krizzie .... We had both individually and without discussion had the same thoughts. Our black faced, energetic, over confident snapping little crocodile called Sammi is so like Krizzie .... the best is yet to come!

One Week On - Second Update

Barney lives with a large family of GSD's and Tibetan Mastiffs. ...
 but obviously likes his little visitors too!
Claire tells me Barney (Noel) has settled in well at "The Mad House." " ....Absolutely brilliant he's really gutsy with the other dogs nothing fazes him lol. Potty training is going well, poo every time outside pees nearly every time outside. Sleeping well and eating well, loves everyone, so pleased with him. He's a bloody live wire and absolutely fantastic.  He's a little thief and legs it when he's pinched something, he has us in fits of laughter. He waits for me to take my slippers off and woosh he's got them.  Loves hunter wellies because of the buckles.  And NO he's not coming back I love him to bits.  Who would I chase after when I have had my slippers nicked lol."

One Week On - 1st Update ....

From Julie re Bonnie (Holly) 
"- she has settled in well and is sleeping peacefully at night in her crate. She has met two new doggie friends - Jess a black lab came over yesterday to play and they had lots of waggy tails and we visited flapjack a little terrier who yapped constantly until Bonnie bashed him on the nose with one of her big fluffy paws (very funny!). She likes her food and has discovered a love of anything that falls on the kitchen floor when we are preparing tea, and also drinking tea when Nigel left his cup on the floor by mistake. But mostly she likes to lie across Nigel's feet during the day whilst he is working at the kitchen table on his computer. She is already very much loved and spoilt! Thank you."

Friday, 21 February 2014

He's A Star

Just had to share these...the first of many similar moments I hope.
I've had cats all my adult life, but not like this one. 
Jamie you really are a star!
 Just Too cute eh!

Luna's Gardening ....

But I did think Lisa would have bought her a bed!
Oh she did ... several apparently,
 but there's nothing like a plant pot is there!!! lol

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Just Like This

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself ... today has been one of those days. Following yesterdays "episode" the worry is making me sick. I feel I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and I could just run away from it all. But then I realise I have to savour every moment, live for today, I realise just what I actually do have, and how lucky I am. Not many people get to love and be loved this way ...  I will never let him down.
And through the tears the little people still make me smile ....

George Michael to celebrate album release with photography exhibition

Music legend George Michael has announced details of a photographic exhibition that will celebrate the release of his brand new album, 'Symphonica'. He will host the event between March 4 and 7 at Hamiltons Gallery in Mayfair, London ahead of the release of the highly anticipated new record, which will drop on March 17 through Virgin EMI/Universal. The images that will make up the exhibition were taken during his sold-out world tour 'Symphonica', which saw him perform around the globe in stunning locations with a full orchestra. On the exhibition's opening night, Michael will hold an exclusive listening party for the album.............

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sammi With Her Family

 Chilling with Mummy Ziva
 Getting a bath from Asha
Play fighting with Tali

8 weeks yesterday ....


Sammi and Stella

Bye Bye Baby

Friday 14:2:14
In horrendous weather the little people where piled into the van and taken for their first trip out to the vets. All went well, 6 confident babies health tested, Microchipped and had their first Vaccs. Not a bit of fuss from anyone they happily chomped on their biscuits! 
Saturday 15:2:14
When I woke up on Saturday I said to Steve, “Maybe if I don’t get up, today won’t happen!”  “How childish,” was his remark, but the day I had been dreading had arrived far too soon.
Holly was the first to go. Nigel and Ed had stayed the night at Chester to break on their long journey. Holly greeted them with enthusiasm and her long journey South soon began. Though I cried I have no worries about her future, lovely family with super kids who will give her the life she truly deserves. Holly will now be Bonnie.
Loosing one a day is bad but Saturday was a double whammy, Claire and Simon arrived at lunch time to pick up my Noel. I will be seeing Noel at shows, but that was of little comfort as my special little man set off on a 4+ hour journey down to South Wales. As I watched from the window I saw the van drive out of Fron, I’ve never come so close to chasing after someone and demand to have my puppy back. The ache in my heart was just too much and I fell apart. No doubts, lovely people, great home …. But how I wished he could have been mine. Noel now has the far better name of Barney.
I so appreciated the text messages that were sent from both sets of people on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Your lovely words gave me great comfort.

Sunday 16:2:14
Sunday morning, and to be honest I was feeling better about it all. Jingle was off to Manchester and seeing young Madison’s face when she saw her puppy absolutely made my day. It was instant love and I hope the bond between them grows and thrives. I still failed to go out past the first gate as they left and toddled back into the house to lick my wounds! Jingle now christened Luna had a good first night sleeping in her crate in her young owners room. Again, thank you Lisa for the text!
Monday 17:2:14

Yesterday it was big Nick’s day to fly the nest. The boy was only travelling 20 mins to his new home and it was lovely to see Arthur as enthusiastic as he had been the day he first met the adult dogs. I’m sure Nick will be a fun kind of guy, he has always reminded me of Kai and if he’s half the dog then he’ll be a super star! Nick new name is Cal.
Little Ivy, now Stella is here for another 3 weeks. To be honest I’m glad, the house would be so empty without her… though getting Steve to give her up after another 3 weeks may be a hell of a job! Don’t worry David, I’ll make sure you get your puppy.
I feel I have been worse this time than ever before. I’ve enjoyed this litter so much, they have truly pulled at my heart strings. I didn’t want to let them go but know without any doubt that I have done the right thing by them. I have given them the best I could whilst they were here and I hope I have found them the best homes that I could. 

At Work

Sorry following the storm we still have no broadband or landline ... Updates soon I hope

Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Favourite Photo Of You Today

Sammi Belle

With the weather forecast for tomorrow being more wind and rain,  I guess today was probably our last time out in the garden together. I took loads of photos, most of which are on Facebook. We had great fun, memories I shall treasure. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Poor George

"The rising River Thames has almost destroyed the country manor of pop star George Michael. 
Heavy flooding: The rising River Thames has surrounded pop star George Michael's country manor (pictured)Floodwater can be seen surrounding the detached property - lapping against its front door and garden wall. 
However, it is yet to flow over the wall surrounding the manor in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire - with sandbags also positioned outside the property. 
Today, a woman - believed to be one of George's sisters - could be seen standing at one of the manor's windows
With a phone held against her ear, she looked downcast as she glanced out at the vast flooding. 
It is unknown whether George - who is due to release his new single, Let Her Down Easy, on March 17 - was at home when the floodwater struck" 

Now I know what people are thinking .. "well at least he has others homes, he can afford to restore it" ... But not everything can be replaced and when it comes down to this kind of loss sadly I guess most people are in the same boat! 

Mummy and Granny

Asha spent her time washing everyone
But as ever Ziva was more interested in the toys!

Then it was panic time .... in taking the puppies from the living room back into the Utility we lost Ivy. Now come on there only one room to go through, but she simply disappeared. We looked everywhere .... only to find her like a wet rag in the front garden, the little bugger had gone out through the cat flap! Well that's her first taste of torrential rain and gale forced winds, she seemed none the worse for wear ...but in this weather she could have blown away (lol) ... bet you she'll do it again now!