Sunday, 30 October 2016

Last Nights Feed

Look at the size of these puppies!!!!

Kaiah and Kyle did really well with the Arden Grange yesterday afternoon, but young Kito was fast asleep and though I tried to wake him, he didn't have that much interest in it. It was role reversal last night with Kito doing well and Kyle too sleepy to bother. I think Kaiah likes her dinners ... and even "Sniffed out" her mothers supper last night!! I'm not too bothered how much they eat, lets face it there's still lots of milk to be had, all I want is for them to get the idea now! 
I'm quite amused with people on facebook who are picking their favourite pup, shit I can hardly tell them apart especially now as the whites toes have almost gone. I guess it's natural, they pick up on a photo they like and then just watch for more photos of that puppy. They really don't have personalities yet, but in a couple of weeks I guess we'll know who they are.  Steve wants me to put photos on without adding the names, or putting the names on the wrong puppy, I guess it could be quite amusing, but I won't. 

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Lin said...

Now don't be confusing me doing that lol but I love the three of them anyway x