Thursday, 20 October 2016


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Dead chuffed we got the first three choices of names. Jackie and I both agreed on Jackson for her boy, should one have show potential for her of course. (an alternative home is available if not) Ro's love of NCIS means her boy's registered and pet name will be Jethro. Where possible I don't want names that other people use.  I've never heard of a Jeevana in the show ring so I'm happy that my first choice of bitch name was also accepted. The female name is of Indian origin and means life! It appealed more to me of course because Sammi is Blanik Ivana and I have always loved that name.


Lin said...

Glad you got the names you wanted especially you for your mini angel Kaiah x

Ian Turner said...

so happy for you you got the 3 names you wanted there all nice names