Friday, 14 October 2016

Sammi's Babies

It's now 3.22am .. I've been keeping some strange hours for the last few days, over the next 2 weeks at least I guess they'll be even stranger. The sofa is reasonably comfortable, but never the same as your bed. I settled to sleep at about 11.30pm, but was soon woken up by a naughty kitten chomping on my leg .. Jimmy Choo you have been evicted! I guess it was about midnight when I dozed off, and then I was up at 2.20am checking on Sammi and the little guys. All was well, I gave her a drink and came back to try and sleep. No can do! I'll try again in a bit, but Steve is getting up around 6.30am and I'll then go to bed for a few hours.
Sammi was fantastic yesterday, hell I never thought she'd get the first one out and she moaned and groaned more than a pregnant actress on Holby City. I'm not surprised though, at 1.35 pm he made his way into the world weighing a whopping 1lb 8oz!
We had taken Sammi to the vets mid morning yesterday, I'd seen some blood coloured discharge that had worried me. (Though I didn't feel the urgency of Asha's mad dash to the vet with a green discharge) The vet assured me that as it was so minimal it was of little concern . Did I over react? Hell yes, but I felt the journey for peace of mind was well worth it. Anyway they gave us an injection of Oxytocin to bring back with us for use should we need it. I kept them up to date and was advised to use it had puppy number 2 not arrived by 4pm ... he arrived at 3pm and was even bigger than the first at 1lb 9oz.
(Ok ... now it's time to try and sleep  ... I'll finish this post later! )
10.30am - Got to bed at 7am .. so didn't do too bad.
After boy number 1 was born as Sammi was mooching round in the box and I came to the conclusion there was still 2 puppies too come, her abdomen was equal on both sides, I was scared to believe it .. but did ring Linda to tell her my thoughts. Within no time the pint size angel made her way into the world! (3.40 pm and weighing 1b 6oz)
These are big puppies, all of them, only equaled by Seffe's "D" litter .. and she had to have a cesarean. Just to give some idea, Sammi's sister Stella (little Ivy) was 1lb 8oz at 1 week old. Boy no 2 was heavier than that at birth!  Sammi has done me proud ... I'm happy with quality not quantity.


carrie said...

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. So well done Sammi, an amazed at how immediately she has taken to being a mother. Just brilliant. so happy for her, an u an Steve.Cxxx

Lin said...

It's just wonderful and it was lovely to see proud Mum Sammi in her garden today, but I'll have to put up with pics of her beautiful pics for now x