Saturday, 30 April 2016


Nico's Crew
So I thought I'll get a shot of Mikey on this slate, fantastic view behind him. Turned round to take the photo .. and there's Loki stood there too .. nice pic though yeah! 
Now I need one of Sammi, takes a bit of effort to get her on the wall as every time I try and get her up there, Loki jumps up ... and there only room for one here! Finally I get her there  and convince him to piss off, (or so I thought) ... "click" ... and there he is! Funny yeah and not the first time he's done it .. remember this from last Summer?

Friday, 29 April 2016

We Went To See The Bluebells

Having seen bluebells along the banks on roadsides and seen photos from the Nursery in Tremadog I decided to go to Parc Dudley to see the show. Last year it was just fantastic .. so far this year we counted 4! Gutted ... wonder why they are so late there? Ah well good excuse to go back! 
 Loki and Sammi 
At least they had a great time!

One man standing! 

Naughty Nico

Last night Nico's daughters won BIS and RBIS, his son Loki also winning Open dog at a Club show! I was so proud of them ... and so proud of him for being the daddy!
This morning I'm not so proud of him!
Last night I got home with minutes to spare to see the last part of "In The Line Of Duty" threw my coat on the back of the sofa, grabbed a glass of wine, watched my program and went to bed! This morning I've found my coat shredded! Yes he did it, there were only three in the living room so I know he did it! Why would he do it? Well there were treats still in the pocket and we all know our Nico will do anything for a morsel of food! And mate you'll be laughing on the other side of your face when I raid your piggy bank for cash to buy a new coat!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Spring Show

Over The Moon As Sammi Wins BIS 
 Half Sister Bella Was RBIS - Bloody delighted! 
As is Ian - can't you tell! 
Asha (front) and Tali went unplaced in the veteran class
But they enjoyed themselves and we can't win them all can we!!!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Disturbed "The Sound Of Silence" 03/28/16

It's been a very very long time since I've been so influenced by a song. I think the last one that got under my skin like this was "Going to a Town" by George, itself a cover of the Rufus Wainwright original. I just can't stop listening to it, this live version and of course watching that haunting video. His voice is the best I've heard in years, amazing in every genre... he honestly gives me goosebumps with ever listen, and I'm listening 4 or 5 times a day!

I prefer this to the original ... it's just so much more powerful, really a different song. I think maybe fans of the original should consider it that way and listen with fresh ears, maybe not compare the two versions.. if that makes sense. Paul Simon loves it, I heard him talking about it on radio 2 where it is now record of the week,  must be a first for a heavy metal band, wonder how the feel about that??

Mikey And Loki Out With Lexi

 Messing About 
If Sammi see's you Loki you're in deep doodoo 

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Sunny Spring

but freezing cold with snow forecast for tomorrow! 

Fantastic Results

Absolutely over the moon to see that Barney, Sammi's brother, (Blanik Isko At Simonite) has been hip scored at 2+2 and elbows 0 ... That is the lowest scoring "Blanik" dog to date - Dexi previously holding the record at 2+3. 
Nico's really producing great hips with the highest being 14, itself a low score.
Yeah dead chuffed! 

Monday, 25 April 2016

Ole Trotting

Who Needs photos when we have these eh! 

Ole At Home

Meeting Ole

I mentioned briefly that after the show we had visited "Ole" at his home at the "Videx" kennel in Malvern .  We were made to feel most welcome and a warm cup of tea after the chili wind at the show was just what we needed. We were also greeted by "Ricky" the house dog ... Larath Riccardo and his cuddly teddy ... amazing to discover that his great grandmother was "Blanik Aria!" Small world! 
Ole has only been in the country for 4 weeks, but seems perfectly settled and happy in his new environment.  He was an extremely happy kind of guy and gave us a lovely welcome before fetching his ball! It was his owners request that we did not take any photos .. though he appreciated my integrity he is wary of people and their photoshopping skills. I do understand, people can let themselves down badly when they are jealous ... and people with those sort of attributes will be jealous of this dog!
Conformation wise it will take a keen eye to fault him. He is a medium size dog, (Nico size) has a super head and expression, with a dark mask and dark eye. His overline is clean and unexaggerated and his angles are correct without being over done. His movement is free and easy and top it all he has super colour. He has a super character and is fully health tested  .... What more can I want? 

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Day Care

Sammi's sister Luna sure does look happy with her friends in "Doggie Day Care!"
Wonder if it would work in this area! 

WELKS Champ Show

Yesterday we had a lovely day at WELKS champs show in a sunny but freezing cold Malvern. My kids did me proud. Loki at 19 months was 4th out of 8 in PGD, an extra special achievement as sadly there was no yearling class so he was in with the big boys!  Sammi Belle had also been moved up a class so that she didn't clash with Bella, she was a respectable 4th in Limit out of 13. Huge thanks to Julie for handling both so patiently. I was dead chuffed to see Ian and Bella achieve a 5th in PGB, the largest class of the day with 14 of the 19 entries present. I must also thank Ian who got some super photos of my two ..only wish I'd managed to get better ones of Bella, but I had my hands full looking after the Naughty Angel at the time! 
A big dampener to my day was a text from a work colleague to warn me that we may all now be unemployed ... seems likely the firm/business has gone bust! Gutted, love my job.
We then went on to visit Ole, thanks to David and Rhoda for the lovely welcome. WAW what a stunning boy with a fantastic character. He was everything I wished he'd been and more. Totally smitten .. he must be THE ONE! 

Go Sammi Go!

Loki in full stride 
Bella's fantastic free gait gaining her 5th place. 

Friday, 22 April 2016

Nico Back At The Vets

Today I had to take scabby ears back to the vets.  But really we still have no conclusion. The vets is almost certain it's nothing to worry about, not contagious or anything but it just won't go away. His ears are not itchy or don't appear sore, its just so odd as he has bald patches on both sides and his skin on the tip of the ear appears scaly.  So try the coartavance spray again and if no success then they will have to do scrapings or a hair follicle test or something ....   
Anyway the three of us had a sneaky extra little walk ...
 but don't tell the others!!

Whilst at the Cibyn I decided to have a chat with Rachel the vet about Finlay. I know she's not the vet treating him but I felt I needed some advice. The last 2 days Finlay has been a little more "flat" again and I'm struggling to get him to eat. I told her that he had bad days and better days. She suggested that possibly the tumor was bleeding a little causing him to become anemic, but that it was not happening too often yet and he was recovering giving him better days in between. She suggested I check his colour when I got home and yes sadly he is a little pale. So on her advice we'll see how the weekend goes and hope he'll get another good spell now. 

Sammi In Llyn Ffynhonnau

Just love this photo 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Everyone At Llyn Cop

Lots more photos on Facebook! 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


At the show on Saturday we spent a few minutes advising a new exhibitor, lent him a show lead and generally tried to make him feel welcome. As i went to put Loki in the Van he asked if he could take some pics .. well of course, I don't mind! 
Today a large brown envelop arrived with a disc of photos and 2 printed photos. You see it pays to be kind ... because now the kindness has been returned tenfold. 
Which do you prefer of the top three?
And these next two, well calling for captions 

Llandudno Critiques

GSD – G 1 Stanley’s Lokean Of Blanik, 18 months, classic head, dark eyes, good earset, good bone, level topline, good feet, excellent topline, moved soundly; 
PG 1 BOB, G1, RBIS, Stanley’s Blanik Ivana, 2 years bitch, really sound, well constructed, very nice head & expression with kind eyes, well made neck, good topline & bone, well bodied, good feet, nicely padded, well presented & in good coat condition, moved so well with extension, very nice bitch.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Everyone At Llyn Ffynhonnau

Yes I Went Three times!!!

 I never thought Finlay would make it to LLyn Ffynhonnau again ... but we took the van half way and it was well worth it to see the old man enjoying paddling in the lake!

Monday, 18 April 2016

This Photo ....

After posting this on Facebook yesterday I got quite upset and thought of taking it off, but after a chat with Steve I decided to leave it on. This is who Finlay is now ... a little old man, so why hide it? I guess the photo really shows his deteriorating condition, he is virtual skin on bone; but what it doesn't shows was that yesterday he was particularly perky on the walk and really did seem to have a nice time. So better late than never I'm off out now on today's walks! 

Panic Stations

On Thursday whilst brushing Mikey I found a lump on his back, just above his hip. The kind of lump you couldn't really miss for very long. Large, hard and not loose on the skin. Panic set in but out of character fot me I decided to stick my head in the sand for a few days and make a vet appointment for today. I can't help it I'm ever the pessimist when it comes to these things, and maybe selfishly I just wanted to get on with my Week End without having bad news!
Anyway this morning yet again I faced my fears and took Mikey to see the vet! Steve and I did not seem to think that it hurt him, but the vet obviously squeezed harder and he did seem to be very unhappy about it all. The vet is hopeful that it's a torn muscle, but obviously also had to point out the worst case scenario. If it is a tumor in the muscle, because of the location then they will not be able to operate. Mikey has meds for a week and he wants to see him again in three weeks!
I was quite shocked to discover that Mikey was 42kg, I knew he was a little overweight, but I didn't expect him to be that heavy. I did agree with the vet that he needs to be under 40kg! He asked several times if he was fit .. I guess he was wondering if his activity level had changed at all ... nope he's still my lovable knob head. I felt so sorry for him this morning as from his excitement he really did seem to think he was on the way to a show!
Anyway lets just hope this is something and nothing, maybe he did it on a style in Cwn Dulyn? He is quite clumsy there really. Keep thinking positive thoughts for my boy please ...

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Before I Fall Asleep For The Afternoon!

Some Other Lucky Shots! 
 Lots Of Fun
Loki, Sammi and Mikey
 PeePoo Ziva
 Lovely One Of Tali 
The Sweethearts!
Jezi and Nico