Monday, 31 October 2011

Ladies!!!! lol

Enya May

Miss Ziva


Sunday, 30 October 2011

Moan of The Week

No Doubts He Stands Better With A Handler
I'm having a tearful day. With the loss of Emi I'm having a sad week so I guess I'm over sensitive at the moment, but today it does feel like it's get at me day.
The write up for Flint and Deeside appeared in the paper, it described Kai as a lovely, masculine dog who could have done better with a handler instead of the owner,going on to say that better handled he may have taken BOB... Well I guess that was me told! But let's face it with only 3 GSD kennels supporting the show there wasn't exactly a choice of handlers, so surely she could understand that dog's being handled by the owners will not be on "their toes" in the ring! But Surely the best dog on the day is still the best dog on the day!
Yesterday I put photo's of the pups on here and on facebook, whilst Jezi did get a couple of Comments, when I looked today no one had bothered to comment on Ziva. (with very few "likes") Oh yes I'm being over sensitive, I know that, but on a lower moment it really hurt.... these 2 are my babies and I love them both equally! But I think what's making me stew about it more than anything is that people/friends just don't bother to comment when I always make the effort to comment on their pics .. even if I don't care for the photo I try and see a positive and say something nice!
RAH .... I Could Only Dream
Last night a lot of my friends went to see George at the RAH. A few phoned and text, it was a lovely thought to keep me in the loop .... but I got upset about that too. More than anything I'd have loved to have been there sharing the magic with my mates last night, it was a very special "George" night and I missed it! Gutted!
Ok self indulgent moan over!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Life Goes On

Our First attempt at ring craft, I haven't quite got them right, but I tried.

Thanks to Linda for taking the photos, Sharon for attracting and Annie Bean for hanging on to puppy number 3!

Friday, 28 October 2011


Thanks Sue and Alex for getting this photo of Diesel to me. Really appreciate it. I was dead chuffed to see him on Tuesday and I'm glad things are going well.
Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has e.mailed or text over the last couple of days, it means a lot. At the moment I'm not able to reply to any e.mails, when I try the programme stops working and closes. I have tried to get hold of "The Man who Can," but at the moment he won't!!!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Emi 5/1996 - 27/10/11

Emi With Blade in 1996
Born into this house of Madness, Emi was Jasmin's only surviving kitten. Knowing what I know now she would never have been my God I'm glad I was just a little less knowledgeable back then. Having given her everything I could, Emi still grew up to be quite an aloof individual, often away from home for as long as 48 hrs in the Summer. With us Emi could also be very affectionate and loving, though she was always wary of strangers. Her "voice" in this house was unmistakable. She had the same deep meow as her mother had had previously, I guess she inherited the Persian cats cry.
To be honest, Emi never really cared for the dogs so rarely came into the living room, choosing instead to sleep alone or with Lux in the utility room in her igloo. But as soon as the Sun shone and she had her brekkie she was off on her travels.
Emi - Quite The Old Lady
I guess sometimes you don't see them getting older and until this year Emi lived her own life her own way. As long as she had a meal and a bed she was happy. But this year something did change. The first thing I noticed was that she stopped going out in the Winter... but I though "when Summer comes she'll be off!" But she didn't. Old age creeping up and the once wondering Emi became a house cat.
Over the last month Emi barely ate a thing. Following blood tests she had a dental, but it made no difference. At the beginning of this week she had steroids, antibiotics and Vit b12 injections, followed yesterday by oral b12 .... it made no difference, Emi refused to eat and was wasting away in front of our eyes. The vet reckoned there was something sinister going on and at her age we decided not to put her through the stress of further tests .....It was time to say goodbye and I hope Emi felt comfort from my arms around her as she fell asleep forever.
Emi bach bach ..... You Have Been Loved

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Another Updated photo - Thank's Ro for this lovely photo of TJ at 10 weeks

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Guess Who?

It was so great to see Diesel at dog club tonight. The little man looks well and was quite the star.  Damn shame I didn't remember to take the camera ..the quality of the photo's not good with the phone!
Steve and I took Danni and Enya to dog club. The coped well, and Enya took it all in her stride. Danni was initially a little bothered with the other dogs, but she soon got over it! Along with Diesel both girls did some socialising and a recall off the lead .... the magic of a sweetie box eh!

Thanks to Eric for the updated photos of Pepsi ... she's looking just lovely and growing well, I'm not suprised to hear she's still the biggest of the litter, weighing 8.2 kg at 10 weeks old.

Nicked this lovely photo of Harley from Matt's facebook page. The little man has had to spend a few hours on a drip at the vets after he ate more than the recommended dose of a Lilly plant! Luckily it's not poisonous just gave him sickness and diarrhea ... but Gardner's beware!

Just a few Snaps ...

 ... of the family in the field making the most of the sunshine

Asha supervising.
Enya following Finlay about, and Mike has Danni company.
Ziva and Jezi at the back - Gardening!

Tali with Danni and Enya, Asha off with her ball

Asha with Jezi ... Enya at the back

Monday, 24 October 2011

We Have Lift Off!!!

Sorry the quality's not great, but I had to catch the moment with my phone -

Enya May Stanley and Jezi Baba Witchy-Poo both with Stickie-up ears today!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Busy day

Enya, Jezi, Ziva and Danni
The "Ladies" after their trip out to Pets At Home today. It was a pretty successful day out showing us obvious differences in their personalities. In fairness it was a lot for them to deal with as they also had to wear a collar and lead for the first time and Enya, more than anyone hated that.
Jezi was very confident from the start. Almost like she's done it all before, she truly took the experience in her stride. Ziva and Danni were a little more apprehensive, but only of the initially situation and quickly grew to love all the attention they were getting. Enya wasn't bothered by the situation either .... just the lead. All in all, very proud of the girls and how they handled it all!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Please Don't Call Me ...

... Jessie Or Jess or Jessy, or Jessica .....
My name is Jezi Baba - but Jezi will do!
"Ježibaba is a mythological figure, appearing in operas such as Dvořák's Rusalka and in movies such as Miyazaki's Spirited Away. She is a forest witch and friend of the devil. A famous Witch from Eastern Europe, she has the appearance of a peasant women and travels through the air on a pestle and mortar with a fiery broom. She has teeth of stone or knives and lives in a house that moves on chicken legs. Her house is surrounded by a bone like fence with skulls on top which shine light through their sockets. The house is situated between this world and the Otherworld. Jezi Baba can be very cruel and those who visit her may die. Sometimes she manifests her mouth as a cave and devours travellers who wander in. She maintains good order and punishes those who misbehave. She is good to women and others who seek her help giving them useful items for their quests. She creates such items with her pestle and mortar and cauldron of body parts. To those who fear her house and objects appear gruesome but to others who understand her true function, such things are quite pleasant. The fire-breathing Dragon, Chudo-Yudo lives with her as her pet that guards the Water of Life and Death. In earlier stories she is the divinity of life and death and is surrounded by herds and horses where she holds the reins of the four seasons and controls harvests and rain flow."

Now don't blame me I didn't name her!!!!

Here We Are

Here to stay
Jezi above and Ziva Below

Still Waiting, Enya and Danni
 Now they've both got names we can live with, just incase! Danni is one of my favourite names for a female, but previously I've chosen not to use it as Seffe and Dexi's brother was called Danny and I thought it may cause confusion! I'm still hopeful that they will find the right home. Keeping them here long term would really not be wise or fair on them or us! Sometimes we all have to realise that someone else can give them more than we can ... I guess sensibly, less is more!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Someone's looking beautiful!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Little "Manik" At Blanik!!!!

Forget the TV .... come over and watch these!!!!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Just A Thought ...or two

As I lay there in bed last night thinking about the pups and their different personalities, it dawned on me that Baby Ziva was more like the "Blanik" bitches that have been before her than maybe her sisters. Seffe was the first bitch I kept out of the first litter I bred. I remember so well the frustration on trying to get her indoors, but with a 2 acre field to play in what hope did I have? I remember slamming the door and hiding indoors for minutes thinking, she's bound to panic and follow me in .... did she? Did she hell! Vet Gill Hubbard commented at the time that she was far too clever for her own good! As an adult Seffe was to become my very best friend.
           Krizzie and Jezi
In 2000 Seffe had a litter to Apollo Von Dakota, 3 girls, Snap, Crackle and Pop and 2 boys, Bill and Ben. From the beginning Snap was a handful and I felt  pity for her future owner. Over the weeks it became apparent that she had the best conformation, so she stayed, became Krizzie and the nightmare began. As a puppy her recall was non-existent and if she ever saw anyone else walking on the mountain she was off to introduce herself. I guess it was kind of funny,the dog trainer had a puppy who listen to Jack shit! When she was about 4 months she broke her leg, a week or so later as Steve was fixing the flat roof he looked down and saw her on the way up the ladder... plastered leg coming first! We truly believed we had the puppy from hell!!! But Krizzie grew into a beautiful adult bitch, loyal, obedient and fun loving. It broke our hearts to loose her so young .... she was only 7years old when she had a tumor on the liver, there was nothing they could do. Our lives had been richer for knowing and loving Krizzie, if you don't believe a dog has a sense of humor then you never met Krizzie!
Asha and Tali
In 2003 Krizzie had a litter to Jay,7 boys and 1 long coat girl at the time left me in a quandary, but my love for Louis and my reasons for keeping him have been well documented. Still I had no bitch to carry on my line so in 2005 Krizzie had her second litter, 8 boys and 1 girl... it felt like she was still taking the piss! Luckily, the only bitch, Tali was a standard coat and so, inevitably she stayed!
Louis had been easy, the perfect puppy, then as he does now, he loved the world, and his dog. So therefore Tali was indeed a culture shock! If Seffe and Krizzie had been clever, than Tali was a genius and that made living with the puppy bloody impossible. Why should she do as she's told? Why should she come when she's called? Why should she put her ears up in the ring? Not now she's busy! It took a long time for us to bond, and to be honest I guess we "really" bonded when she had her litter to Kai in 2008. If ever a bitch was destine to be a mum it was Tali, having a litter has made Tali a lovely bitch, I guess she's now complete!
Tali's daughter Asha has broken the pattern of awkward puppy bitches here. Asha was, and is a sweetie. Far more obedient and affectionate than her mum (yes even now) Though obviously we've had our moments, generally Asha has been easy. But, her sister Seren (Miss P) stayed here for a month when she was about 4 months old, with her without doubt the trend has continued. Not meaning to dismiss Asha, but Seren too like her mother has too much going on in her head for her own good!
So here we go ... possibly another difficult puppy ride ahead with Ziva. I'm almost certain Jezi will be easier, but time will tell. Anyway experience tells me that if I get 6-8 months of puppy hell I'll get a life time of love and dedication and believe you me I'll savour ever moment of it!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Lots Today

Been busy with the camera today ...
so there's a photo of ever Canine member of the family on record today.
Jezi - She kinds of blends in easily, nice personality,
still looks a little like Asha did at this stage.
My beautiful Ziva - What can I say??? Eye catching and glamorous,
 but she's trouble with a BIG T!
Always in trouble, or causing it! She reminds me so much of her grandmother Tali.
I can already feel a headache coming on!
Still waiting for their forever home.
 Tinie T and May (Front) I could have sold them twice over ... Maybe we are too fussy? Na, maybe not. They will get the best, even if they have to wait a while longer. Since they are getting older we are thinking of giving them names we can live with, so May will become Enya ... and Tinie T? I'm still thinking about it!

Kaiser's Out With His New Toy

As soon as I saw it, I knew that was a toy for Kai

Oh Yes, he's well Chuffed!

Posing with Kiri


Going, Going......Gone

Bad Asha!!!!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Pups At Play And Today Show

Today was Llandudno C.S show. Though Mikey stood alone in the breed class the judge thought him worthy of Best of Breed (They can and do withhold prizes) Anyway He later won a strong "Breeders" class and was shortlisted to the last 8 for Best In Show ... but it was not to be! I must admit I was very proud of the boy, as you can see there were dogs on all for sides of the ring, there must have been 25+ unbeaten dogs there challenging for BIS so to be shotlisted was an achievement in it's self!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Asha has her paws full with Baby Ziva

Ziva beating up Jezi
Now listen Kid, why is it always you?
 leave you sister alone!
And Don't answer me back
Oh No, now the others are at it!