Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Exploring With The Girls

 Back on the other side of the valley but walking towards Nantlle not Llanllyfni
Yes I can see home!
 Sammi, Asha and Ziva loving a new place 
 Posing for me - Talysarn behind them
We had a cracking time and as usual they were so good
We found a derelict house hidden in the trees - Ziva went to look
Camera on full zoom and mapping the route from home

Walk One And Two

 Ross, Loki and Kaiah
Jezi and Nico 
Love this one 

Walking Before A Vet Check

Note to self .. don't walk the dogs and go directly to the vets. #sorryforsoggyblaniksatvets. Loki had his personal problem checked .. all sorted so he's a happy chappy. The lump on Kaiah's leg is full of a bloody fluid so as suspected she's had a knock or possibly "someone" who constantly grabs her by the hocks has hurt her. Logically it was obviously something and nothing but having lost Mikey 4 months after finding a lump fear takes over from logic and for peace of mind I had to have it checked! Got the three weighed as we were there. Loki - 40.7kg, Ross 36.4kg. Kaiah 28.6kg. Happy with that.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Videos From Saturday

Little Ross placed 3rd out of 4 .. 
but nice to see he did nothing wrong and went well.
All the male class winners challenging for the CC in class order.
The Veteran, The Open Dog, The Limit Dog (Loki with Ann in green) down to the Minor puppy on the end. Thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments about him on the day .. I've never had so much praise for him. Thanks Ian for this video .. I got to see that as ever he stood full of attitude and confidence and moved fantastically well. I now understand why so many people thought it should have been his day! 
Proud of the boy 

Lumps And Bumps

The lump on Kaiah's hock is still there. It isn't any larger or smaller and still feels soft and fluidy (no such word?) She's bouncing around the place like an idiot and it's not restricting her at all. We've poked and prodded it and it's not painful at all. So what is it? Hopefully jumping about as she does she's probably just landed on it and knocked it and this has come up like a protective fluid cushion. From what I've read if this is the case it may never go away. I can cope with that, just as long as it's nothing more serious. Of course I worry, having lost Mikey within 4 months of his lump first appearing I can't help but worry, but being logical this has a very different texture/feel to it than Mikey's lump which was solid and attached to him. I won't post a picture of Mikey with his lump .. I try and remember him without it!
Krizzie also had a lump, it was half way down her rear pastern. It first appeared when she was about six months old and grew to the size of a golf ball. The vet refused to remove it, said it was cosmetic .. but it was pretty ugly really. A different vet removed it for me when she was spayed as an older bitch .. sadly she didn't live long after that. Krizzie was the 4th of our family to die in the devastating year of 2007, the year when our lives were completely ripped to apart.

Monday, 23 April 2018

More Photos Today

Lovely views and beautiful Blaniks
Ross and Kaiah got to the water in Cwm Dulyn before we did!
Ross and Kaiah messing about
Loki on his way back and the girls at the edge of the lake
Nico and Jezi on the bottom path to Llyn Cop

Lovely Walks

 The first 6 at Cwm Dulyn 

Jezi and Nico with the Nantlle lake behind them

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Just The Boys At WPBW

 Lovely pics of my DIY time in the ring with Ross
I think he looks pretty OK - Pleased with those

Just the one photo of Loki
But still a fantastic memory to have.
I'm so pleased we took the photos of Kaiah outside now, at least there is a photo of everyone on the day. 

Saturday, 21 April 2018


Lovely Lovely run down to Builth for WPBW. It's a beautiful route anytime, but today was just perfect. Blue skies and stunning scenery. We saw Red Kites and bluebells .. I love bluebells. Great to catch up with everyone. Loki showed his sock off to win Limit, thank you so much to Ann who handled him. I just hope my handling didn't let the youngsters down but I really enjoyed a "DIY" day. Ross was third in Puppy Dog and Kaiah was 4th in SYB .. sadly due to her exuberance outside the ring I hadn't realised she had a swelling on her hock and sadly it showed in her movement today. Now I'll be worried sick about that! I really enjoyed taking Ian's Bella into her class, she went well for me and won PGB.
We have no photos at all from from the classes but I think someone who posts on Facebook was taking some .. Here's hoping he has some of my kids.
I had the opportunity to show Kaiah to someone who use to handle for me in days gone by. John handle Nikki and Dexi for me in the 90ies. I don't see him often now but as he's been involved with the breed for years I appreciated his opinion. He said he thought Kaiah was the best bitch I've ever had .. he said she's even better than Camri (Nikki) He went on to say "I'd buy that!" LOL I'm not selling, so he said "well keep it then!" lol 
I do agree with him and have said so many a time. She has the best conformation we've had here in a long time, super coat and colour and as her construction would suggest she has lovely movement. Onward and forward .. I hope!

Friday, 20 April 2018

Ross Getting Dirty And Cleaning Off

Finally Figured It Out!

From the walk I did on the other side  of the valley on Sunday I could see Fron clearly, so clear that on full zoom the camera could actually pick out the cottage. But from home I had no idea where I'd been. When I went back on Monday I tried to take photos of landmarks around me, but again at home with the binoculars and the camera I had no ideas. 
I was sure I would see these derelict buildings from home but failed miserably. 
On Wednesday I tried out another walk .. from there I could clearly see the walk I'd done on the previous days, walking past the derelict quarry building in the above photo. I thought when I got home that this would help me. Wrong!
Today as I walked the dogs I looked down into the valley and realised I could see a housing estate called Bro Silyn. (Marked by the arrow) On the Monday I had driven past this estate and parked behind it before climbing up towards the quarry. So out came the camera again .. Bingo .. On full Zoom I got it!
The next photo is taken from the same spot in our bottom field as above but with the camera on full zoom. I've marked the walk with a narrow white line. The derelict buildings can be seen clearly, and the house I saw on the top of the brow is also just within shot at the top of the photo. I could have done a full circle but opted not to as it would have meant walking along Lon Ddwr (A single track road), I preferred to go back the same way and give the dogs their freedom.
I'm happy now 
If your interested click on the photos to enlarge 

Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Stress Of It All

Haggis (yes Haggis) the Butt Terrier, Ross and a new Blanik team member
at club tonight! 
Last night I went to print my passes for WPBW. I have two accounts with them with two different usernames and passwords. One is in my name only and has all my home-bred "Blanik" GSD's registered on it. The other is with Co-Owner of Silkenwood Poldark of Blanik - Mrs H Bibby and he is the only one registered on that account. Anyway I downloaded my passes and saw that Blanik Jeevana and Lokean Of Blanik seem to be entered in both names, they shouldn't be and never have been! I've checked my dogs listed on the site and everything is correct but I take it now they will be incorrectly entered in the catalouge as well. I have checked WELKS and other shows entered, the dogs are correctly listed on those passes. This morning I contacted Fossdata and they said that this is how the dogs were entered online. But how is that possible with 2 different accounts, 2 different user names and 2 different passwords? I'm really confused and they can't explain it either. I always log out of one account and then log into the other to enter the dogs, the accounts are never open together. Fossdata don't know how it's could have happened and I now have to see the secretary first thing on Saturday morning.
I then decided to contact the show via their social media page, they answered within minutes and told me .. "As advised by fossdata come to see us at the secretary's office first thing so we can write the amendments and pass this to the ring steward and fossdata to correct. The details will also get passed to the kennel club who will make the discussions on any awards you may achieve. Hope this helps" Yes it did help, but the line " make the discussions on any awards you may achieve," worried me as I know the K.C disqualifies dogs who are incorrectly entered at shows. A friend then suggested I contact the K.C for advice, they again were helpful and told me to hang onto all correspondence and make screenshots of all the info online which I did.
My post on Facebook drew some attention with no one able to explain how it happened, after all two separate accounts, 2 user names and 2 passwords. It seemed impossible that the owners of one dog could be listed as the owners of dogs that were nothing to do with them. One person suggested that the website must have been still in the memory cache for the web address of one account when i logged into the other, the software fault, it must have transferred my "remembered" name from the previous entry. This would be possible if I entered Ross and then did the entry for the other dogs on my Blanik account. Reading this I decided to check the conformation e.mail to see who I'd entered first, Loki and Kaiah's entries went through 5 mins before Ross' entry, so again that was not the solution. But and it's a HUGE but I then read my conformation e.mail and saw that was correct, the dogs were in my name only. I was straight back in touch with Fossdata sending them a copy of the e.mail and this was the reply .. "Oh! I am just as baffled as you are on this one. I am sorry but I have no explanation for this one, very odd. If you just take this to the society on the day, they will make sure it is correct in the results for you. Once again, very sorry regarding this, it had not happened before." Thank god I never delete my e.mails I now have proof that I had entered the show correctly and that somehow their software/website had muddled things up.
I still need to report in early tomorrow but now I know that any wins we may achieve will be ours to keep .. bet you we get feck all now

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Exploring Again

But a little disappointed as it was quite a short walk, there was an alternative path but through fields of sheep. Though Nico is bomb proof and I would have put Jezi on the lead I did feel it was better to keep out. Still curiosity will get the better of me and no doubt I'll go back one day ... 

Another day another bridge!
I can see exactly where I was Sunday and Monday - Can you see the derelict buildings? Icame to them from Llanllyfni side on Sunday and from Bro Silyn on Monday.
Now where can I go tomorrow?

Two Walks On Home Ground

 Asha, Sammi, Ziva and Loki
 Kaiah and Ross
Ross - Nothing Anyone Can Say!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The Four Youngsters Out Together

 That Bridge Again
 And Don't Forget The Rock
Poor Sammi had hell from her naughty daughter. 
I'm not really sure she wanted to be there really. Such a shame that Kaiah spoils it for her.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Exploring With The Birthday Boy

 A New Walk To Explore - And We Loved It

My Handsome Hunk On His Birthday 

She's Back

Those of you following on Facebook will know about the sheep. She's been here for weeks, only in the top field so she's not really a problem. She gets in by climbing on the wall which is lower on the outside and then jumping over the fence which runs inside the wall, the only problem is she can't get out on her own again. Steve has thrown her out dozens of times, but in less than 24 hrs she's back!
On Friday I saw the farmer in town and I told him about her. I stressed she was no real problem and not in danger from the dogs but he said he would be round to collect her over the weekend. Sure thing by 8am on Saturday she was gone. I did ponder about what he'd done with her .. but now I've worked it out. He must have put her in his 4 x 4 and taken her a distance away and dropped her off. Well not far enough obviously as this morning Miss Sheep is back!

The Second Big Birthday

Happy Birthday darling Nico. (Conbhairean Danko OfBlanik) I can't believe you're 7 already. Such a wonderful, kind affectionate dog, beautiful inside and out. You've brought so much joy to our lives I'll never ever understand how anyone could not love you, their loss was my gain ... Special walk planned today my mate

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Exploring With The Kids

Anyone know where we are?

Saturday, 14 April 2018

More Limping Dogs

A phone call from a friend has left me saddened for her. Like Ross her young dog had been limping on and off since he was 4 months old. She'd been on exactly the same route as I had, though I must admit that when I saw him as a youngster I was very concerned about his stiffness and inability to get up from lying down, something I've not seen with Ross. Anyway she's seen vets, had Xrays and had them looked at by an orthopedic specialist. The conclusion was very much like Ross .. most likely to be Pano but could be something more serious which will need a CT Scan to diagnose .. make an appointment if the lameness continues.
Now at 18 months Merlin is still lame on and off and his owner took him for the £1300 CT Scan. She now has the answers and for her they are worst case scenario. Merlin has OCD in both shoulders. (The term osteochondrosis refers is an abnormal development of the cartilage on the end of a bone in the joint Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD or OD) is an inflammatory condition that occurs when the diseased cartilage separates from the underlying bone.) She has been given options ranging from do nothing now and treat with pain killers until he deteriorates to a referal to Fitzpatrick now. Hard decisions for her .. such a lot to take in and deal with and I'm so sorry for her and Merlin.
I've only limited experience of this condition. Sultan my Rottie had it and had been operated on, but I know very little about it as it was prior to me knowing him. Treatments have improved tremendously I'm sure as it was probably 25 years ago that Sultan was treated and he was still lame in his older years.