Saturday, 30 October 2010

Come On...

For Sale - To A Good Home

I was born in the Summer a few years ago.
Quite why I was born, I'll never know.
Some folk who owned my mother, decided to breed.
No reason I know of except for their greed;
I know I was hungry, I know I was cold;
They sold me quite early at just five weeks old.

Owners number one seemed friendly at first,
And life was quite good till my bubble burst;
They started to argue, their marriage split up;
And in went the AD: "For Sale - 4 months old pup".
Some folk arrived, the next ones in line.
They treated me kind and life was just fine.
But Master dropped dead, and she couldn't cope.
So she sold me again (I'll soon give up hope).

I now had a new home right up in the sky;
We went up in the lift fourteen floors high!
The new folk were kind but they left me all day;
I was bursting to wee and had nowhere to play.
It was boredom, I think, when I chewed up the chair;
They agreed I should go as it just wasn't fair.

The next home was good and I thought "this is it"!
They started to show and I won....well, a bit.
Then somebody told them that I had no bone.
And in went the AD: "For a good home".

The next lot were dreadful, they wanted a guard;
But I didn't know how, although I tried hard.
One night they got burgled and I didn't bark;
Tied up in that shed and alone in the dark.
For four months I lay in that cold and dark shed;
With only an old paper sack for a bed.
A small dish of water all slimy and green;
The state I was in, well, it had to be seen!
I longed for destruction, and an end to the pain;
But some new people came and I went off again.

Well now I'm with Rescue and this home is good;
There's walks in the country and lots of good food;
There's kisses and cuddles to great me each day;
But I dread the time they will send me away.
But for now here I stand, skin and bone on all four;
PLEASE......don't let "ME" happen to any of yours!!

~~Author Unknown

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A Different Corner

Thank you so much for the kindness you showed me today. I'm deeply touched that you would give me so much thought and understand me well enough to provide me with such an appropriate and appreciated gift. The fact that it would have taken you time and effort to make this beautiful Collage makes it even more special. It is already taking pride of place on the kitchen wall. Even though you may not be a George fan you showed honest understanding of my passion in life. An understanding that I'm not use to seeing as most people prefer to not acknowledge or dismiss my love for "The Man." I guess it's easier to mock what you don't understand. Only at the week-end I was told that I would be getting a GSD calendar for Xmas and not a George one, as "I'm not buying you one with HIM on it!" When really and obviously, even to the other person, I would much prefer a George Michael Calendar. But her refusal to try and understand or even acknowledge my passion never changes, I sometimes think she shows a lack of compassion towards me and my choices in life. But hell, I guess I can still order my own Calendar!!!
I know your right, I shouldn't take notice of what people say but I'm over sensitive, always have been. It's frustrates me tremendously that I take things to heart, or cry, but try as I do I can't change, I just can't get harder!
Your sister is my friend, and I care for my friends, but no differently to the way she cares for me. I guess we are a good team, we bounce off each other and have grown very close. She shows kindness and compassion towards animals and people alike, a trait I love in her. She's a genuinely kind, caring person and I really hope that someday soon she will turn "A Different Corner" and find the happiness she deserves in her life.
Again, I sincerely thank you

Monday, 25 October 2010

Everything She Wants

Beautiful Blanik Georgette,
or Asha to her friends
very photogenic

Sunday, 24 October 2010

You Have Been Loved

Blanik Cai

My darling Tiny Tim, it was so hard for me to let you go in the first place, but at the time I honestly thought it was for the best. You were a special little man, the Megaesophagus problem meant you deserved one on one care, a care I felt then you would get better elsewhere. I hope I did right by you Timmy?
I loved the fight in you, I loved your cocky nature and your "look at me" attitude. I was privileged to live with you for only a very short while, but I was there when you came into the world and I was the one who fought for you. I knew you where not ready to go to Rainbow Bridge back then, I could see that in you eyes. You had the devil in you and a huge thirst for life.
I trusted you to a friend, and though I was never privileged enough to see you again, I know she was watching over you for me. I hope you had a happy life in the Derbyshire countryside. I hope you were a good lad, but I hope you never lost the spark that shone brightly in your naughty baby eyes. The day you left I remember so well putting you in the back of the car, and I remember you jumping straight back out to be by my side. How hard it was for me to put you back in the car a second time...but then you just lay there, as if resigned to your fate. I burst into tears as we said our last goodbyes....
Despite all odds my little man made it to double figures, despite all odds my naughty little man made it through life. Sleep tight My darling Timmy Tim Tim!

If You Were There

Some photos taken today in the Autumn Sunshine
Asha and Kai

Asha, Mikey and Tali

Kiri, Finlay and Louis

Friday, 22 October 2010

Learn To Say No

Must be a slow day for news in the UK. If this wasn't so funny it would be sad that the gutterpress consider it news worthy! Still now I'll sleep tonight knowing George ate custard creams and HobNobs in prison!!!

GEORGE Michael kept up appearances in prison by treating himself to whitening toothpaste, toenail clippers and anti-dandruff shampoo.
The 47-year-old Careless Whisper singer was determined to look his best for fellow lags as receipts from the prison store show.
But George’s beauty regime did not extend to his diet, as his shopping list reveals he splashed out on comfort-eating snacks to cheer himself up.
During his four-week sentence, George managed to munch his way through nine packets of biscuits – including custard creams, chocolate HobNobs and digestives.
He was allowed the same spending money as all the other lags.Yet two of his receipts are marked “insufficient funds” – but prison insiders say the pop millionaire’s money worries were quickly sorted out.
Receipts from Highpoint prison, near Newmarket, Suffolk, showing George’s real name, Georgios Panayiotou, detail his tuck shop purchases. He spent £57.79 on three trips to the store, picking up 15 packets of instant noodles during his visits. And the star also stayed true to his Greek roots by ordering packets of traditional snack pitta bread.
One lag said: “We all thought he would be full of himself but he was spot-on and chatted to everyone in here. Everyone knew who he was but he just got on with it.”
Psychologist Judy James said George’s eating habits in jail was “classic comfort eating”.
Judy said: “He would have clung to a custard cream or HobNob like a liferaft.”

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The First Time Ever...

"Change Of Name - German Shepherd Dog19-Oct-10
At its meeting on 12th October 2010, the General Committee of the Kennel Club agreed that the word ‘Alsatian’ would be removed from the Kennel Club's formal name for the breed with immediate effect.
This decision constitutes an amendment to Kennel Club B(A) Regulations and has arisen following a thorough consultation process with all German Shepherd Dog (GSD) clubs.
The Kennel Club wrote to all registered GSD breed clubs and breed-specific training clubs on June 14th, outlining a proposal to remove the word ‘Alsatian’ from the formal name and requesting that all responses be received by a closing date of 31st August. A press release was also issued advising of this consultation period.
Taking into account submissions received, the Kennel Club noted that 21 clubs had approved the proposal and that four were against. In addition there were two objections to the proposal received from individuals. A number of clubs failed to respond.
The results of the consultation were then considered by the General Committee, which concluded that the response indicated that a large majority of clubs who were interested in the issue supported the move.
The Kennel Club wishes to clarify that there is no requirement for any club to remove the word ‘Alsatian’ from its title unless it chooses to do so, in which case it should apply to the Kennel Club in the normal way.
The breed name will however be amended in due course on all Kennel Club documentation and within its online services and website, though this is expected to take a period of time to process fully. "

Monday, 18 October 2010


Would you like to be in the Gnooy club...and be just like me?
I'm A Gnoo, How do you do?
You could be too a little Gnoo....

Syncope in dogs is characterized by sudden collapse (fainting). Cardiovascular weakness and disorders, which decrease blood supply to the brain, are often the underlying causes, though low blood sugar is another possibility.....

If I told you that..

Unexpected, but kind words from Eamonn Holmes - Thank You
"George was back to his happy self.
He was like a new man, immediately ­seeking the help and therapy he needs to conquer his demons and ­addictions. A man who, if he grabs this opportunity with both hands, could enrich not only his life, but ours too. George, yours is a talent too good to destroy. You are too nice a man to sink without the adulation and recognition you deserve."

Sunday, 17 October 2010

You Have Been Loved


My thought of the day - Funny how quick a comment or a thought can change your mood for the day. I was feeling great, but then for no reason I started to think about you. God I miss you, my charming, funny, faithful little friend. You of all of them got to me so much, You were never a big show winner or top brood bitch.... you were simply my best friend. Years on and I still miss you so much it hurts....

Saturday, 16 October 2010

It Doesn't Really Matter

Mikey After Winning His BOB at Llandudno Today

Asha Won Her Class Too

After Judging - Fun and Frolic

WE got to the show on Saturday at 10am with plenty of time to spare before judging. Had a cuppa, text Steve to say we'd arrived safely, went to the loo and then got the dogs out of the van. Whilst standing nattering in the Leisure Centre, Mark was showing me pictures of his Rough Collie pups on his phone. I decided to show him pics of Kai...but couldn't find my phone. Linda rang it...nothing. I pulled everything out of the bags, emptied my coat...nothing. Since I had 2 dogs I could not retrace my steps so Linda went back to the toilets and Cafe, ringing it all the time....nothing. Then she retraced our steps back across the car park...though the phone was still ringing there was no sign of it! We reported it at the Leisure Centre reception and to the dog show secretary. (Though I have to admit she was very disinterested!)
It was then time for me to go in the ring, I went in with Mikey wearing Asha's number and had to go out to change it. Mikey won his class. I then went in with Asha, still wearing Mikey's number, by this time the ring steward was getting a bit pissed off with me so I told her why I was a little stressed! Anyway Asha won her class and both went to challenge against the Grad winner for Best of Breed. Mikey won it, but I still had Asha's number on which caused more stress.
After the judging I put the dogs away and retraced our steps again, ringing the phone constantly and looking everywhere. The phone was still ringing somewhere but at 1pm ish I gave up and rang Steve on Linda's mobile to say I'd lost my phone. I was tearful and gutted. Yes it's only a phone, but my life is in it...not to mention half naked photos of George!!!
As we went into the cafe Paula was talking on her phone and I heard her say...well talk to the woman who owns the phone! They had gone in for lunch before us and saw a crowd of kids playing with a phone. So she rang my number....and a woman answered it. The woman had found the phone in the car park. Now my phone is in a case with a German Shepherd on it, it was on the floor next to a van with a picture of a German Shepherd on it, in a car park of a venue where there was a dog show...but by now my phone was 30 mins away in her home. She said she had picked it up, gone to the jym and then gone home. She had chosen not to hand it in at reception or at the dog show as "you don't know who to trust do you!!!" I asked if she could bring it back, she said it was not convenient at the time as she had just got home, but would bring it back by 4pm.
I just can't get my head around it, why the bloody hell did she take it home? She said she was going to try and ring "home" on it, but couldn't work out how to use it! When I got the phone back it had 24 missed calls and 5 text messages on it, so George would have probably been singing non stop for most of the time that she had it!
Anyway I guess all's well that ends well and all I have it back...George's nake bottom and all!!!
As soon as I got it back I rang Steve and came face to face with the steward...who probably now thinks I'm a liar!!!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Crazyman Dance

Keep hiding from them handsome!!!

The fact is, the press are taking the piss out of him again...but they are the ones who can't find him, so I guess the laugh's on them. Some of them even thought it was Kenny who drove him away that night, others suggested it was a chauffer, so why is it obvious to us that it's David? Possibly wearing a similar scarf to Kenny's but it's still obviously David!
Stay safe and hidden until your ready to face the world dear Georgios.....

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Freeek (S)

"..... at 6.15am - the singer had been smuggled out the back way from Highpoint open prison in Suffolk after serving half of his two-month sentence.
His partner KENNY GOSS - plus FOUR minders - were with him when he arrived back at his house four hours later.
After an hour, Goss and the security men drove away.
Minutes later grinning George - clad in black jeans, a white linen shirt and sunglasses - suddenly emerged from the house.
The highly animated star - gesticulating wildly and sometimes appearing to slur his words - then made his speech, insisting: "I'm fine. The house is empty."
He remained tightlipped when asked what it was like for him in prison. Joking with cameramen, he asked them not to film him as he punched the buttons of the security keypad on his front gate.
Still refusing to answer questions, he headed back to his front door. But as he did so reporters were left bemused as he pointed to the cloudless blue sky. "

Well I've watched this interview over and over and over and...(I'm not ashamed to say!!) Not a slur to be heard, just an unprepared off the cuff speech from a very happy man who pointed at the sky and said he felt Fantastic on this Beautiful day.
Why?....Oh Why do the gutter press have to twist everything? Why do they have to lie? Why do they always have to try and destroy him? Why do they always want to try and make him look stupid? "Try" being the operative word because the live interview is now on line for any who cares to see it. Sadly there are those who read the Sun and it's like and think it's truthful, sadly there are always the "haters!"
Anyway, today who really cares what the think? Stay sane and happy dear George, and live your life the way you see fit.....I hope they give you the chance to enjoy your "Freedom!"

Where Or When

Sable Female German Shepherd (Age: Young Adult)
Found in South downs, PO19 area, (South East) on Wednesday, 6th October 2010
Left with some rubbish at the side of a road, 1/2 starved and very nervous
Man is coarse, Man is plain
Man is more or less insane
Man a ribald, Man's a rake
Man is nature's sole mistake!!

Monday, 11 October 2010


I won't let you down
I will not give you up
Gotta have some faith in the sound
It's the one good thing that I've got
I won't let you down
So please don't give me up
Because I would really, really love to stick around

I'm so happy to see him out and looking so so good. I can't write much about this today, I feel it will be too personal and maybe seem pathetic to those who can't or don't want to understand. Maybe I'm too vunerable, So I'll stay silent and happy. That won't give them the chance to piss on my parade, not today anyway!!!

Looks like I'm not the only one who's beaming!
I'll hold on to my freedom
May not be what you want from me
Just the way it's got to be
Lose the face now
I've got to live


Feels Good
To Be

"George Michael has been let out of his minimum security prison cell after serving just four weeks of his eight week long drug-driving sentence. Despite the vast number of homophobic jokes that were made at his expense while he was inside (prison) George has managed to come through the experience relatively unscathed and actually quite jovial."

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Feeling Good


A Beautiful day for a man to sit in the field with his banana!

Even if the sun does make you squint

Friday, 8 October 2010

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Too Funk

Mikey and Jamie crashed out
Well that was one hell of a birthday party!!!!
Jamie's guests
But I'm sure we did say No alcohol!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Heal The Pain

Last nights statement from Yog was a pleasant surprise really. But I guess yesterdays horrendously upsetting and conflicting press reports were just the final straw. I guess he felt the need to put people's minds at rest. I must say it was really needed by the GM community. Some people have been getting themselves in a terrible state and even making themselves ill with worry over what they have been reading. I guess, to keep myself safe, I buried my head in the sand and choose not to read most of it.Though when it's quoted in posts on forums it's sometimes hard to avoid.
By this morning an extra line has been added to the statement on some media's, maybe these are less reputable sites, but still the second half of this sentence was not online last night.
"I promise to repay their kindness with new music as soon as I possibly can, and as far as running around this place "naked" and "drunk" on "Hooch" with an inmate for a bodyguard, let's just say that the Sunday Mirror will be hearing from my lawyers very shortly. With Love always, George Michael."
Whether it's true or not after all the lies and miss-quotes printed in the gutterpress from the beginning of this case, all I can say is Go Yog Go!!!
I'm glad that George is coping, and that maybe reading through the thousands of letters of support are helping him get through the days. Though I wonder what type of person would send George mail whilst he's in prison? No comment!!! Anyway soon be all over and life can return to normal for the thousands of us affected by this to some degree or other, as well as our Man.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Jesus To A Child

Michael 'gets no special treatment'
Jailed pop star George Michael has insisted he had received "no special treatment of any kind" during his time behind bars.
The former Wham! star was handed an eight-week prison sentence last month after he crashed his Range Rover while high on cannabis.
The 47-year-old singer, whose real name is Georgios Panayiotou, said he felt compelled to dismiss "the usual rubbish" which had been reported while he was behind bars.
In a statement he said he had been "treated with kindness".
"Much as I would prefer to rise above the usual rubbish that I'm reading day after day about my time here in prison, I think it's only fair to my fans, family and friends to respond in some way even though I will be home soon," he said.
"So please believe me when I tell you that in the last three weeks, there have been no tears, no anxiety, no bullying - in fact, not so much as a sleepless night for me.
"On the contrary, I've been treated with kindness by fellow inmates and prison staff alike and, as far as I can tell, have received no special treatment of any kind whatsoever, unless, of course, some of the guys here are letting me win at the pool table.
"Most of my days have been spent reading thousands of letters and post cards of incredible support from people around the world. I promise to repay their kindness with new music as soon as I possibly can."
In an apparent message to his fans, the singer signed off the statement by saying: "With love, as always, George Michael."

Ain't Nobody

When Me was Dead ittle
Look at me now..a handome ilttle basket!

HI...Well when me arrived here on de 4th of de Xmas month I was dead ittle and didn't remember me birffday day so me got a Dedicated Happy De birffday day.....and Guess what? It was the 4th of Octimober. So tomorrow is my Happy De birffday day. Me shall be a hole one! Me is not proud, me likes pressies, sweeties, cakes, loads of food and even doggie chewie chewie bonny sticky things. You can buy me de loads of stwff, me don't mind.
What you like to be knowin bout me? Well me is a handsome ittle basket, or Me ffink that what Mummy Rhi say to me! Me lives with 6 alidistations and a white fluffy thingamejig. 4 other cats and a nasty Tia be hatin her big style! me like me mountain and and me like going for addiventures with the alidistations...even de Tali thing likes me really. She has funny feet...I can be makin her move off de sofa by biting them with me new teeth...
Me is getting very board righting dis ffing now, going to see if I can catch a few moffs or someffing...BYE


There's so much contradiction in the papers in the UK, it's sickening, sad and absurd. Can't they see they are playing with peoples emotions? Maybe they can, but do they care? I guess they care diddly-squat! This morning I'm not in a laughing mood; I blame Linda, she got me pissed again last night so I'm a little worse for wear...and now I'm angry. Which usually means the tears are not far behind! My head is still "cabbaged" too, too much going on and I feel like I'm 'gonna explode, or maybe just give up!
I over-heard someone talking about me yesterday, Thank God for a friend who managed to throw cold water over his flame and defuse the situation. But I heard most of it, and for fear of making a prat of myself I choose to walk away rather than fight my corner. Today I wish I hadn't, today I'm edging for that fight.
I understand that I'm probably a joke to some people, they don't get it so they laugh about it. Who gives a shit if my feelings get hurt in the process? After all if they get their laugh, well that's all that matters, isn't it!
So depending on which paper you care to read you know exactly what's going on with George, don't you!

Kenny "He stayed for 90 minutes and declared: "George is fine - he's just fine."

A visitor at the prison said: “The officers are at his beck and call every time he wants to go out of his cell because they want to avoid other prisoners hassling him. It is like a holiday camp for him.”

But another said: “It is a bit of a joke because nobody has been giving him a hard time. He is actually quite friendly and people like him.”

"The eccentric singer was a sobbing, quivering wreck when he was first imprisoned at London’s notorious Pentonville.
But he now feels safe enough to swagger around his new prison and mix with other prisoners drinking hooch.
On one occasion he got so drunk he stripped off and paraded around naked."

"Hardman Robert Bleach – took the terrified singer under his wing after he was targeted by other inmates.
Dreadlocked enforcer Bleach, 43, serving two-and-a-half years, is said to hate bullies and has warned violent inmates that they will have to deal with him if they threaten or attack the star."

"JAILED pop star George Michael is being escorted around by officers when he leaves his cell to stop him being “hassled” by other inmates.
The former Wham! star is getting the escort when he picks up his meals from the canteen in his wing at Highpoint prison in Stradishall, Suffolk.
He is then guarded as he takes his food back to his cell to eat alone instead of sitting in the prison’s good behaviour unit with other inmates"

Hmmmm....Good the gutter press aren't they!!!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Back To Life

Mikey Winning RBOB at Pwllheli today.
Asha is still in season, so still at home.
Louis - "When is it my go?"

"WoooHooo...Now, Now. Woohooo
Shall we dance, I think I'm Amazing, I think I'm Amazing!"

Friday, 1 October 2010

For The Love Of You

JAILED George Michael has received a hand-written letter from Sir Paul McCartney.
Macca wrote to the singer to lift his spirits while he serves time for his drug-fuelled car smash.
Pals said the Beatles legend, 68, "empathised" with the Wham! star's plight after he spent ten days in prison in Tokyo in 1980 after being caught with cannabis.
George, 47, has served two weeks of his eight-week sentence and could be out on licence in a fortnight from Category C jail Highpoint in Suffolk.
A source said: "He got the letter on Monday and was really chuffed. Sir Paul said he would see him soon and told George to keep his chin up.
"The letter was two pages long and George read it over and over again."