Sunday, 31 January 2010

Happy Birthday Kiri

Nordau Kiri Of Blanik
Sexy Dexi's daughter!
D.O.B -1/2/99

Wiggly Biggly Kiri's fat
And Now She's eating Cat Shit
Wiggly Biggly, Biggly Wiggly
Kiri bach dew!!!!
(just don't ask!)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I've got a day off tomorrow and what I'm looking forward to the most is not hearing that bloody alarm at 6.45am. To wake-up slowly and naturally at a less ungodly hour is so comforting, especially on a cold dark Winters morning. Drifting between consciousness, sleep and that other "place" will sooth my mind for the day. "He" usually meets me there, in that safe, warm place where I can be anyone I choose to be, and he can be mine. The fantasy drifts along naturally and the warmth I feel gives me great comfort. As I wake I smile and I shiver, goose-bumps appear and the hair on my arms stand on end. I still feel his presence around me, as I will for the rest of the day; to be truthful as I do everyday of every week, and have done for years. Do I feel guilty? No, but in your eyes, should I? Well that's for you to decide as an individual, your perfectly entitled to your opinion, as am I to mine! But all I can say is that tomorrow, if all goes to plan, I will wake-up in a happy, balanced and sane place. Will You?

You hang around with people who are sure to make you cry
I can make you happy if only for a while
Little baby oh, oh little baby
I can give you all the lovin' that your heart desires
If you ain't got time for me I'll find another fantasy

Saturday, 23 January 2010


Jamie's first trip into the front garden...
and he LOVED IT!!!
I can see the whole wide world from here you think it can see me?
It Feels Good
To Be

Monday, 18 January 2010

Do You Really Want To Know..

Well hell, an apology may be called for for the content of yesterday's blog. I was a little drunk and spouting verbal diarrhoea..well, written diarrhoea anyway. Having a drink, or two or three helped my frame of mind at the time, but didn't help me get a solution to my issues. I guess one of my weaknesses is that I hate letting other people down at whatever cost to myself. I also hate confrontation and upset and I fear this will cause upset. Anyway I guess it will be short-lived as I know full well no one is indispensable.
Dear Webby, I apologise for bringing up the subject of your age...again. It was just well, a private conversation, a giggle and you shouldn't have been snooping!
Anyway, the last being in love with Yog..well the cats is truly out of the bag now..... I bet you never knew!!! lol

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Nothing Looks The Same In The Light

One bottle of Asti Martini and I'm anybody's ... Well not quite, but maybe. I feel a little hissed with a "P" My head is pickled anyway. Do I or don't I! Will would say.."I Think I Better Leave Right Now," but I'm not really bothered about Will...I wonder what The Greek God would say. I can hear his words in my head "do what you want darlin', life is too f**cking short." But dear Greek God..I don't know what I want! (except you of course!) And George, do you have to swear so much? It shocks me to hear you say such words. Live In London is truly amazing, closest place to heaven..just a lot of "F" words...oh yeah and twit..but with an "A." Though he was "A" twit, I agree. Your such a bad boy, and I love a bad boy. Sometimes I wish you'd let me go, let me grow up my mother would say, but you never do. Always there in my head. Remember when I first saw you, jeans, trainers and a waist coat, no shirt and my teenage hormones where in overdrive. You knew what you where doing, a million girls fell in love that night...with a man they could never have. But I had to rebel, Marc was what I needed for a while then, just to be different, to stand out in the crowd. But in my heart it was you, always you!
Oops, think I better not do the Freshfields blog tonight, may get the sack if I do.And I've had a REALLY naughty idea...Awww Lesley loves me really! But hell no I'll stay off that dashboard tonight. Where is the spell check button anyway? Haha who cares can't be what I'm not and I swear a lot, fantasies about a man I can't have and can't spell for toffee....Love me or leave me, see if I care? Well I will tomorrow...shit where is the delete button?
Anyway, back to topic as Webby would say. Oh he's not 10yrs old you know. He read that and told me off..haha, he told me he was Celtic, turns out he's bloody German, like my dogs. Best dogs come from Germany so Webby can't be that bad can he!
Topic..I'm leaving..soon, sad but that's the way it is!
Off now...what's the bet I'll have a headache tomorrow.

Oh yeah, One thing, I LOVE GEORGE MICHAEL with a passion ....just incase you didn't know!

Friday, 15 January 2010


What made me smile today...
....Dogs, Cats and George

Louis asleep with Jamie

Beautiful George
What more can this woman need?

The last two days haven't been great fun...I hate confrontation but I also hate what I believe to be injustice. A difference of opinion is health but this one had left me emotional and irritable. I'd been sad for days, I had to shake it and move on, so out came the DVD. I cried through "Waiting" - nothing new there I suppose. This was the beginning for me, a red light, a strong yet endearing voice and a closed door. My dream was behind the door, only to enter, filling the room with his huge presence following his echoing announcement, "Is it too late to try again-here I am."
Soon the tears had dried and the smile on my face was only a glimmer of the warmth in my heart. I was back there, in that room, with him. The place where nothing els matters, just him and me and what he gives me. I was under his spell again, and what a wonderful place it is for me to be. I found it hard to control my emotions through "You Have Been Loved," the video played on the screen behind him is just too much sometimes. That much sadness in one life, it puts my emotions right now into prospective I guess. Still I'm here for the emotional rollercostar ride and after the tears I'm immediately taken to another place. The smile returns and leaves me warm and happy. My emotions are now under control and I'm ready to face the world on a more even keel. I benefit from him and everyone around me must surely benefits from this too. I can only hope this makes me a better person, a stronger one at least. I pity the ones who have no place to go, who have no one to help them through the bad days. I pity the ones who sneer and laugh at my escapism, and at my love for a man I can not have...for something that gives me this much in life must be real to me. In the end surely they are the sad people, they are the ones who have nothing, they are the lonely and confused and not me.
My arm reaches out, Louis' warm nose nuzzles into me. Jamie is asleep between his front paws and Kiri lies snoring on the chair. I smile again, life is too short not too. Today I have just what I need in my life and if your not happy with that then it must be your problem and not mine!

Well there ain't no point in moving on
Until you've got somewhere to go
And the road that I have walked upon
Well it filled my pockets
And emptied out my soul

All those insecurities
That have held me down for so long
I can't say I've found a cure for these
But at least I know them
So they're not so strong

You look for your dreams in heaven
But what the hell are you supposed to do
When they come true?

Well there's one year of my life in these songs
And some of them are about you
Now I know there's no way I can write those wrongs
Believe me
I would not lie you've hurt my pride
And I guess there's a road without you

But you once said
There's a way back for every man
So here I am
Don't people change, here I am
Is it too late to try again
Here I am

Monday, 11 January 2010

If You Where There

I don't consider myself to be a breeder, I am an enthusiast of the German Shepherd Dog Breed and I occasionally breed a litter. So I'm very proud that in their respective years one of my last three litters have been in the top ten winning GSD puppy charts. Thanks to all my friends for their help and support in getting us there...

From the Blanik "G" litter -
Blanik Georgette
Kaiser Vom Conbhairean x Blanik Frankie
Joint 8th top winning GSD puppy bitch 2009
From the Blanik "F" litter
Blanik Frankie
Rangemore Arko x Blanik Deeanna
Joint 7th Top Winning puppy bitch 2005

From The Blanik "E" litter
Blanik Excentrik
Roaming Rover Of Blanik x Blanik Deeanna
Joint 7th Top Winning Puppy Dog of 2004

The Strangest Thing

No End To The Snow
But at least someone is still enjoying it....


Mikey in 1st place, Louis 2nd, Asha 3rd and suprise suprise fat boy bringing up the rear...
....and Tali???

She's not stupid enough to race!!!

Which way?

This way...

Kiri - look at this view

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Bad Boys

I'm Just showing off really...aren't they beautiful!!!



Saturday, 9 January 2010


So Lovely to see the Blanik kids enjoying the snow

Run Kids Run

Errrr....Breaks would be good!!!

We Love it here

Kiri-Even old ladies love the snow

Louis Gnooie

Kai and Asha-this way Daddy

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Happy Birthday Tali

Blanik Frankie
Rangemore Arko x Blanik Deeanna
D.O.B - 7/1/05

It's My Party Wooohooo
Beautiful Tali having the best birthday....ever!!!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy Birthday

Blanik Billi-Lee
Fabelhalf Arazi x Lledfegin Camri

D.O.B 6/1/97

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

It Doesn't Really Matter

Snow, Snow and lots more snow
Me And My Shadow

Come on Kaiser faster

ain't it funny ain't it just!

Mikey -What's wrong with Daddy?

Asha-Oh Noooo, I think there could be big trouble

Kai - Ok, who's got my banana?
I know I put it there...

Tali - No idea

Think I may be safe here

Louis - Just posing
Finlay - Me too

Monday, 4 January 2010


One month on ... And I'm still here...causing chaos

This is my friend Louis

And My Xmas Robin!!!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Mothers Pride

I can't explain just how much it means when people who have bought pups from us keep in touch and send pictures of the dogs as they grow and mature into beautful adults in their homes. So lovely to see Tali and Kai's kids doing well - Thank you





My Two
Mikey and Asha

Friday, 1 January 2010


New Year - 2010

Lovely Walk - Before Today's Snow!
Tali, Mikey, Finlay, Louis and Asha

Strange People On Our Mountain - No, It's Not Fred The Flour Man!

Beautiful Billi-Lee

Kai and Kiri