Monday, 30 January 2017

Vet Beds

I've decided to give up on hearth rugs, the constant traffic in and out of the house means they are constantly damp and get smelly, but a washable alternative was needed. So I went online to look and thought large vet beds would be a great idea. I found these and decided to give them a go. I would have preferred a darker grey (and of course have since found some) but I thought with these being cheaper if it doesn't work then they will be ideal as dog bedding. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. One week on and so far so good. I have one in front of the fire, one by the door and half behind Steve's chair covering the electric wires. That way I have two complete sets. Watch this space eh!!!
BAG 5 PIECES 1mt X 1.52mt 1.52MThermal £65

Has She Walked This Way Before?

Yesterday we took Kaiah to a small woodland in Caernarfon near were Ian lives. Ian will hopefully be helping me with handling the "Blaniks" and is enthusiastic about the future .. anyway Tish complete with healing dislocated shoulder was with me and she got him practicing standing Kaiah and she took some pictures.  Bearing in mind it's just friends having fun in the park I'm really chuffed with this and had I thought for one minute that we would have been so successful I'd have taken her red collar off and considered the length of the grass around her front feet! 

A couple of evening ago I decided that maybe I should consider teaching Kaiah some basic commands. She was already familiar with my everyday commands, she knows "Wait," "Gwely," (Bed) "Kaiah Come,"  and "Ahhh" (What I use instead of "NO!" as I find it more effective)  I don't often use sit with my dogs, but to get "down," which I do use, it is generally easier from "sit." So with a treat I showed Kaiah what I wanted and she sat, great, then I tried again, she sat. I couldn't believe it I showed her once and she'd got it! So then from another successful sit I showed her down, on the second attempt she tried it, her front went down but she raised her bottom, I showed her again ... she'd got it! I couldn't believe how quickly she'd picked up the positions; I left it 24 hrs before lesson two, OMG she remembered it all! 
Her obedience on the walks is unbelievable, she runs and plays and has a great time but never goes too far. I've never once thought OMG she's going too far. She comes back with great enthusiasm when she's called, even putting her on the lead is no problem. She jumps into the van at the beginning and end of the walk. Ok I know her age is an advantage and I know she hasn't yet got to 4 months, an age where they do like to start trying it on; and I do know who her mother is and how determined she was to get her own way during that 4 - 8 month old period. (Hence the sarcastic nickname of "Angel" which to be fair she's now grown into)  I would love this to be who Kaiah is, but of course it's best I don't become complacent, it's best I'm always prepared with a pocket full of treats when I have a puppy! How ever the next few months go I have never had such an easy time with a bitch puppy (Boys are so much easier!) and currently I can only imagine other than her jealous streak she will be an easy adult. Remind me of this when I'm pulling my hair out with her won't you!!!!!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Tali and Kaiah's Big Adventure

There's nothing as great as a new place to walk is there!

The Adults Out

 Loki, Asha, Ziva and Sammi
Jezi and Nico

The Morning Routine

Most mornings Kaiah lets us sleep till 8am. Actually it's usually Nico that gives the game away that we are waking and with one shake of his head manages to wake up the entire house.
Every morning hail, rain or shine the routine is the same. Everyone goes out into the yard for a wee and I prepare their breakfasts; their breakfasts are placed in their crates and everyone runs in, back to their own space to eat their own breakfast. Only Tali has to be watched as she occasionally takes a sly mouthful of Loki's breakfast on her way past. Seven out of eight eat like pigs and are finished in seconds, number eight is less enthusiastic and takes his time over everything. Dear Loki's not a breakfast person and he wonders off into the kitchen .. then goes to say "Hi" to Jezi and every morning I have to call him 2 or 3 times to his crate. I shut the door and walk away leaving him to consider when exactly he will eat! I then let Kaiah back out, in her enthusiasm for breakfast she occasionally forgets about going to the toilet.
Cats fed, poo cleaned and it's then time for a cuppa and some toast with Kaiah and Ziva for company. Ziva can break out of her crate and does so as soon as she hears the toast pop out of the toaster! But Kaiah just can't keep still, she runs out of the kitchen, then back in to see the toast. Runs out of the kitchen and again back in. She's really unsure where she wants to be, toast or Loki? Loki or toast? By now Jamie has finished eating and is helping himself to Loki's breakfast. With precision paw action he scoops it out in large quantities and there's always a morsel for a greedy puppy to catch. With 2 thieves outside his crate Loki now considers his options and slowly makes his way through his breakfast, lying down to eat of course. No stress. The other 2 camp outside until he's finished and then move on to find something else to do!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Friday, 27 January 2017


 I've now started a  discussion on the Brain Hemorrhage support group about Angiograms .. I thought it may help me to ask for peoples experiences. It's one thing the consultant telling you about it, it's quite another to talk to the people who've been there. Anyway not so sure I should have asked now!
 "It's a few years since I had mine but I remember being told to keep perfectly still. They cut a slit in the artery in your groin and then feed the tube up the artery. Throughout the procedure the Doctor doing it was talking to me and watching progress on a screen, so was I so I kept getting told to lie still When it got to travelling up my neck into my brain I got a strange taste in my mouth. Once the tube is in your brain they release the dye and that was quite a strange sensation, I thought a bit like a firework going off in you head...bright colours...I remember saying Wow and getting told AGAIN to lie still! Its not painful. Afterwards you have to lie down for a few hours as your artery has been cut. It's nothing to worry about and not painful at least I did not find it painful. Worst bit for me was having to lie flat for 6 hours afterwards."


Tali's vet visit went Ok, the vet agrees with the earlier diagnosis that Tali has IBS. Whatever she ate back in 2013 has caused irreparable damage to her digestive system. They are trying her now on steroids and b12 injections. Here's hoping for some improvement.
This afternoon I popped up to the Rescue Centre where I used to work, I had loads of old bedding and as ever they are short of stuff for the animals. It was nice to see everyone though not many of the felines around the place where familiar to me anymore.
I then went over to Cwm Dulyn with the youngster and had a short walk then some fun by the lake. Kaiah is so obedient, I just hope it's who she is and that she doesn't turn into a young version of her mother as she grows up. To be fair Sammi is now very obedient, but we certainly had some teething problems with her in her youth.
I enjoyed my walk but was extremely deflated to come and find my appointment for the angiogram at Walton had come through ... 16th of Feb and I need to be there for 7.45am. That could be difficult and I'm not afraid to admit that the thought of this procedure scares me. I really appreciate the after care I'm receiving, but I also want to move on and get on with my life.
That Bridge Again
We Three Young Ones Of Blanik
Come On Guys Loki Is Waiting
Kaiah, Sammi and Loki

Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Five Generations

 Tali, Asha, Sammi, Kaiah and Ziva

Bad Night For Tali

Poor Tali has had a really bad night. She had me up at 3.30am and again at 7.30am, sadly the second time I was just minutes too late. I do wish she'd shout instead of scratching as it is easier to hear. Thankfully Asha decided to shout which woke me up .. but as I say sadly too late.
I'm now trying to organise to see a vet with her, again! Sadly the vets I have most faith in have both retired and finding the right one maybe difficult. Tali is an old lady, I don't want her messed with I just want the best quality of life for the foreseeable future. She's had all the tests, there is nothing wrong other than damage to her digestive system from whatever that disgusting thing was that she ate in 2013. Knowing what it was back then may have helped at the time, but now I guess it would be too little too late! I don't care if she needs daily medication now, I just want a good quality of life, though to be honest she doesn't seem that affected by it. At Tali's age I just hope they can sort out today for us and we can worry about tomorrow when it comes!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Drafty Out There Today

 Tali, Kaiah and Loki - Kaiah's first walk without Kyle went well thanks to Uncle Loki 
 Ziva, Asha, Loki and Sammi 
Jezi and Nico

At Home

Little Kyle is settling in well with Iris and Den. He cried for about 20 mins at bed time last night, but with his crate on the landing and some reassuring words from Iris he soon settled. Apparently he slept till 8.20am. Kaiah woke us up at 7.45 am, 15 mins early for her but I think Jimmy was up to no good!  Of course she's a little lost, but with Loki and Sammi up for games she's easily distracted. 
Haha Kyle I have a space hopper now too!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


"He'll be fine" she said! I know he'll be fecking fine or he wouldn't be going. It's not him that won't be fine it's us, both of us. Unlike you I have a litter once every 2 to 3 years, not 2 to 3 litters every year. Unlike you I don't rehome my adults at the drop of a hat. It's a very different world we live in.
I know he'll be fine, he has a great adventure ahead of him, a new life, a lovely family, a woman I've know for 28 years, since she was 36 and I was just a kid! (Her words not mine - but I was 20)
Sammi will be fine, Kaiah will be fine .. though maybe a little confused short term. Long term everyone will be fecking fine .. but if he or his family are not fine with it all then he comes back .. Simple!

Monday, 23 January 2017

Kaiah and Kyle

Kyle is leaving us tomorrow and I've already started crying today!
He is leaving in the morning and then I have a long trip to Walton and another MRI to face!
It will be hard to come home and find he's not here! 
Such a great little guy - I wish him good luck and love in his life. 

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Yesterday Was The First Show Of The Year ..

.. and I think I'm just starting to warm up! 
Loki was a credible 4th in PGD - keeping up his record of being placed in the first 4 at every single Ch. show that he's attended. He gave a fair performance but was unable to show his great reaching stride as he was boxed in behind 2 slower moving animals, or was it the handlers? The class was set out numerically so there was nothing really that could be done. For me he should have been 3rd or even 2nd, but having never previously done well under this judge I guess I should be grateful.  

Asha had a great time scavenging food from everyone and even managed to get into my bag and ate half the treats! On paper I thought she would be third out of the 4 entered, but because of her excellent performance I was a little disappointed that she was third out of the three present in the ring. I'm the first to criticise my own but on this occasion I feel Asha out moved the other bitches in the class and for me her conformation was no less pleasing. But I'm not blinkered, Asha's colour will always go against her, such a shame, but I was so proud of her and how much effort she put into it all on the day.

Asha's noticed they are getting their butties out! Chance of a sandwich here then!

Friday, 20 January 2017

Training Went Well

Kaiah - Not bad for 14 weeks eh!

Kaiah At Club

My little madam was again less confident than I expected her to be last night at club. From coming out of the van I felt she was clingy and unsure. On going into the hall she was pretty nervous and barked at some dogs .. and indeed was a little unsure of some people. They key to Kaiah is food, so a quick "ahh" for the barking and distraction with food and within 10 mins or so she was quiet and settled. Puppies go through lots of different stages in growing up and the "fear period" affects puppies at different times of growth. So no I'm not worried about her, her recovery in 10 mins or so proves it's not really a big deal ... but because of who she is I am surprised! Anyway I guess another very important lesson learned ... with dogs, as with  most things, we continue to learn all our lives, so if we have two youngsters again then they must do more individually. Kaiah had always seemed to be the ring leader, the most confident of the two ... but it's no good being part of a duo, they must be individuals!
Her other behavioral trait is something that I have no idea what to do about. She is already obsessed with me. Someone asked me years ago, I guess with Mikey, "what do you do to make these dogs so obsessed with you?"  Hell I don't know. Is it a bad thing? Well mostly maybe not but it can be difficult when at a show and you need help with handling .. or even need the loo. Mikey use to throw a huge tantrum as soon as anyone else dare hold his lead. That lead was his attachment to me and soon as anyone else took hold of it he knew he would be taken away from me. Must admit Ziva was the same, but as I don't show her it was never really as issue! So is there anything I can now do with Kaiah to make her like me a little less, or at least be comfortable away from me? Well everyone can give her a biscuit and anyone who wants to can stand her and take her round, but the obsession surely stems from home life and I don't know what to do differently? I walk them, I feed them, play with them, cuddle them, sing to them (Yes I do!!!) but to me that's what any person does when they live with and love a dog ... singing maybe is optional! Some other GSD folk don't seem to have the problem to the same degree and one said to me last night, tongue in cheek of course that maybe her dogs don't don't like her as much as mine like me!
Anyway Ian is coming up today, we are going to put the ring in the field. Let the training begin!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Parc Eryri

I had a lovely walk in Parc Eryri with my friend Iris, Kaiah, Kyle and their Uncle Loki this morning. I've not been there for a while and have to admit the swans are now pretty daunting! They have evicted a female for the flock (is it a "flock of swans" one wonders?) and she is now living alone in the play area. Hopefully she will take off and find herself a new home!
The pups had a great time and so did their Uncle Loki ..
Iris was over the moon to meet Kyle and can't wait for him to move in with them next week.
I've warned her their will be tears!!
 Group Photo
 Are you coming pups?
 No they didn't go in!
Come on Kaiah, lets run...

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Kyle Will Be Kyle

Very mixed feelings here, my boy is going to Caernarfon next Tuesday. Part of me is over the moon, he couldn't get better but part of me will be heartbroken to let him go. It will certainly be an emotional few days.
Kyle will be keeping his name, they love it and feel changing it is unnecessary. I never meant it to be a permanent name for him, but I'm glad he's keeping it now really, not many GSD's called Kyle about are there!
Last night I took Kaiah to the new Ring Craft in Pentrefelin, she was OK, but definitely not as confident flying solo as she is as part of a duo. Without doubt it will do them both good to now develop individual personalities. Left with someone else whilst I had a turn with Loki last night she screamed .. ah well already keeping up family traditions then!!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

So Funny

So who's going to tell Kyle he's now too big to hide in Jimmy's tunnel?

The pups loved this tunnel and the three of them use to race through it and roll each other around in it. Great fun, but someone refuses to grow out of it!
Kaiah with a very "Tali like" expression chilling on the sofa.

To Quote Jamie Lawson

I Wasn't Expecting That ..
Within less than 24 hrs I have had three lots of people interested in Kyle. The first was a friend of a good friend, but through Facebook. She was looking for a dog for her daughter's boyfriends father. Ok he has no access to the internet I can accept that, but the situation already made things complicated and I decided to take it no further.
Then mid afternoon I had a brainwave and contacted a lady I'd know since I first started in the dog club in 1988. (She had Blade's first girlfriend - a GSD called Tara)  Her beloved Rici had died last Summer and they had considered one of the Pwllheli pups a few months later but felt it was too soon. I told her about Kyle and her reply had me in tears. She said that her heart is still broken and she misses Rici with all her being everyday, she also felt that the only way she could begin to heel was to have another to care for, but her husband is more reluctant. She asked me to give her a couple of days to talk to her husband before advertising him, as this would be a fantastic home I gave her my word that I would.
Then in the evening I had a call from John who owns Kai, Asha's brother. His son is looking for a pup and was very interested in Kyle. As I know and trust John I know this would be equally as fantastic a home and future for our precious Kyle. But having given my word to Iris that I will give her 2 days to talk to her husband I can not go back on my word. Both homes would be ideal and I'm hopeful now that wherever he goes he has the best of futures in front of him.
I really want Kyle to go, I really want him to get his perfect home ... but hell I don't want to give him up either. From choice I will not be doing this again, though I still believe it was worth a go this time, but hanging onto a puppy for this length of time makes it's just too painful to let go!

Monday, 16 January 2017

It's Time

Sadly Steve and I have come to the decision that we now need to find Kyle his forever home. We have discussed it with his prospective show home and they understand that now his needs come first. I cried last night and I'm crying this morning but we must put his needs first and hanging onto him any longer would simply not be fair. He needs to find his forever home and needs to start living his life.
Kyle is a great little guy, lots of fun and affectionate. I do everything with him that I do with Kaiah, he's been to places like Pets At Home and  Dog Club so he's pretty well socialised but obviously at his age he's still a work in progress and needs to go out and about as much as possible! He needs a home with someone who will exercise him in mind and body where he can thrive and grow into the stunning adult he's destine to be.
Kyle has had a vet check, is micochipped, vaccinated and is up to date on wormers. The only consideration when taking him on is that if the testicle doesn't come down he will need to be neutered at 12 - 18 months as there is a great risk of a tumour on the undecended testicle. Testicles are designed to be outside the body and temperature within the body in is too great for them to remain healthy.
So now I'm starting to put the feelers out as it where, he won't be going to just anywhere. Our boy needs an A1 home.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

In Ann's Field

 Nooo .. Don't teach them to sit ... Too Late
 Kaiah Watching Kyle
Kyle And Kaiah